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  1. dlsafrica

    DL wanting to try AB

    For me a pacifier brings it out of me. I specifically purchased a pacifier for 0-6 months because it was the cheapest, but it was the best option for me. i don't what it is about a pacifier but it makes my mind go totally limp... I feel my tongue resting against it and there is absolutely no thought that the tongue is a muscle with any power. On the odd occasion that I have dribbled, it has a further effect of being helpless to stop it from happening. I generally sleep with a pacifier so it could take up to a quarter of any given day in my mouth.
  2. dlsafrica


    Sure, but you miss your crossover flight because you were sleeping on the plane, and you wind up landing in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. I wish I could go to a Hanson concert... (ps you can pretty much say anything here because as much as I would follow them around the world I can't get anywhere other than in my country due to travel expenses)
  3. dlsafrica

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    and Elfy --- thankyou for clarifying. I am a little sensitive because I have been shouted at for sharing certain things and opinions here before.
  4. dlsafrica

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    In reference to the one comment, is the implication that I'm a crazy? I was simply sharing a news item.. In retrospect, maybe the title of the topic should have been "Consent to Change"?
  5. dlsafrica

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    A sexuality expert in Australia made news by suggesting that newborn babies should 'give' consent before a diaper change in order to cultivate a culture of consent. The article is here: http://www.bravotv.com/personal-space/should-ask-your-baby-for-consent-before-changing-their-diapers
  6. dlsafrica

    Hmm.. what to get mommy for mother's day?

    Here in South Africa it's May 13 too. It is interesting but not uncommon to see different customs and traditions being celebrated on different days in different parts of the world. For example, Brazil doesn't make a big deal necessarily about 14 February as Valentine's Day because their day is Dia dos Namarados on 13 (I think) June
  7. dlsafrica

    Fight against incontinence?

    Around three years ago, I experimented with just relaxing my muscles at all times and not practising controlling release. It made me feel very awkward and self-conscious and I didn't like it at all. Maybe it comes down to how strongly you personally feel about it.
  8. dlsafrica

    I Almost Wake Up Wanting More

    It has now been five months of going to sleep with a pacifier in my mouth and having restful sleep without the worry of my palate closing involuntarily, or the subsequent oxygen starvation or sleep paralysis. Only twice has my pacifier fallen out of my mouth during the course of the night. Anyway, I sometimes wake up feeling like I want more... a few times for example I have woken up needing to pee and... so... just in case I do take that step (not having actually worn a diaper in seven years mainly for cost reasons, although I keep telling myself how nice it would be to wake up on my birthday diapered... I'm blabbing... sorry... What diaper is recommended for absorbency? I have always liked holding it in and just flooding a diaper, but for leakage reasons I have always been shy. I know I posted here about a diaper I used to use that gave absolute security, but I don't know if I would find it now in the store. So, what is recommended? As a bit of a guide to my question, when all I knew about were infant diapers, the only ones that worked for me were Huggies.
  9. dlsafrica

    Soap Operas

    Yes. The number of episodes total is 13340 or so, but the thing is I wasn't alive in 1965. I've seen about half the episodes. It's strange how it becomes part of one's life.
  10. dlsafrica

    Soap Operas

    My brother first delved into soap operas back in the late 1980's. There was an earthquake story on Santa Barbara I think. I started with Santa Barbara in probably 1991 or so, and started Days Of Our Lives in 1994 (although here we were seeing episodes from 1992 then). Now, after having gone through a phase where I was watching eight a day, I am only left with Days Of Our Lives, of which I think I have missed maybe twenty or so episodes in 26 years of story. The characters become like family after a while. It shakes me a little when I realise I have seen upwards of 6600 episodes of Days.
  11. dlsafrica

    What feels better?

    Wow! The voting on this is pretty close!! I like the feeling of being soaked for hours. Once I went 24 hours with a full diaper I think, but that was years ago when my ex was still with me.
  12. dlsafrica

    Making Episode Edit Music Videos

    And here's my video for MacGyver season two. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilhz04LY5sA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilhz04LY5sA don't know why thAT didn't link like before -- it's to Marilyn Manson's "Running To The Edge Of The World"
  13. dlsafrica

    New Sub: Littles of Faih

    When I was new to the whole diapers thing (and this probably tormented me for a few years) I wondered if wearing diapers would exclude someone from the Kingdom of God, and the answer I now know, is a simple no. Nowhere in the Bible does it say "thou shalt not wear diapers"; nor would it preclude someone from forgiveness if it did. Sadly, societal stigmas bring these things to the fore. But one's choice of undergarment has nothing to do with one's soul and belief. In the interest of opening this forum, however, and making it inclusive to all, it might be an idea to change the title of the section from specifying Christian, to something inclusive of all religions. I too, am Christian, but have a great interest in comparative religion. That makes me sensitive to how others might feel.
  14. dlsafrica

    Children's television and movies

    Mostly the tried and tested -- eg MacGyver has been brought back and it's great as always. But if we're talking kids shows --- Gummi Bears always. I can't watch current stuff
  15. dlsafrica

    Stuffed animals~!

    Hey!! I love dolls! They are not uniquely girl. On another note... maybe I should start another thread for this ... how long DOES it take to get to London to attend a hobbit convention?