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  1. Bad Jokes

    For years mankind wanted to be like birds and fly ---- in 2006 we learnt to tweet
  2. I have a kitty!

    I LOVE cats! Shadow is next to me now. He's 12 and although he has those tinkle balls to play with they are more like landmines waiting for me to trip on so they stay in the drawer
  3. Self published my book

    I go to a print place a few hundred meters from my house. They print whatever - documents, flyers, books etc... and I'm on a serious budget because I have a fixed disability income.
  4. Self published my book

    I put an early edit of it online -- people can just read it -- but the completed book was only finished 6 June, and it went to printers that day --- I neeed to correct one paragraph but I only print five copies at once so it's easy to ---- I got my fourth sale this week; post it off today - yesterday I posted one to England
  5. Self published my book

    So I was wondering whether or not to talk here about this, and I figured why not? I spent seven months writing my book and yesterday secured my fourth sale. I know it's not much, but it's something I have actually created that people want -- and since I haven't been employed since 1998 (except for selected one day jobs), this gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have always been best at writing - but who would have thought that my most successful writings would be in the form of biographies? I left a HUGE biography project half finished after three and a half years before. Maybe I should try to finish it.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Mais vezes -- Victor e Leo por exemplo "Sem Limites Pra Sonhar"
  7. Magic: The Gathering

    I used to play up at the university here in about 2000. I enjoyed it, but it affected me spiritually so I gave it up. I had a couple of favourite deck types. I just need to remember them now. I hated playing green decks. I think my strongest ever deck was a blue and white artifact and enchantment desctruction deck. * artefact
  8. How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    The worst nightmare of my life was when I was four. I remember certain dreams. I remember some primary school teachers (went to visit a couple a few years back)
  9. Wetting, messing or both?

    I used to only wet for years. But now I almost feel the diaper isn't used for it's purpose unless I've messed too... That said, wearing a wet diaper for hours (I've gone 24 hours in a fully wet one) because, well, when one is a baby one doesn't get to decide when a diaper has been used to capacity, is awesome. I managed to find a brand here that doesn't cause any rashing.
  10. Girlfriend issues......

    I just wet myself once when my ex was out of the room. She came back, looked a bit surprised, and then just went with it.
  11. Is There Anyone Who...

    Commenting here because something my sister said last night made me think of this thread. This is removed from context, but she said to me "Maybe I should be your mother." -- Basically I was just saying to her that when she says stuff to me it makes sense and I do it. Anyway... as you were...
  12. how can i play with lego at 25?

    Isaac Hanson said if he weren't a musician he would be a professional lego builder -- just saying -- random fact of the day; oh by the way - Happy Hanson Day. It's 20 years since a little orange CD changed lives, and Frank Keating, governor of Oklahoma pronounced 6 May 1997 as Hanson Day
  13. Bad Jokes

    Street vendors can make people feel like stickers --- ripped off
  14. I made this music video as a fan gift