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  1. dlsafrica

    Do you think using diapers is healthier than holding it?

    Oh thanks -- well then no
  2. @Mark84 I agree -- I've gone I think 4 years at maximum, but the same goes. I spent hours in diaper aisles in stores wondering if I could afford it in a particular month etc. I finally caved and got a new pacifier last December. It's not the same as diapers but it brings out the baby (helplessness, unable to talk to communicate, unable to voluntarily control dribbling etc) so...
  3. dlsafrica

    Spouse Question

    I see lots of results turned up on Google searches, and even in forums like these, about husbands trying to get / hoping their wives would accept their wearing diapers. But I wondered (I'm sure it must happen; it just seems an almost unspoken issue) if it happens the other way round too. Are there female adult babies who feel the same kind of dread of telling husbands and fearing their subsequent response? I'm sure it must happen. It just seems almost unmentioned... anywhere... almost like it's a taboo topic.
  4. dlsafrica

    Ten months

    That's what always used to bother me with pacifiers -- they bothered my teeth. So I never used them. Then one day I was in the supermarket and I just got the drive to buy a pacifier. I got one for 0-6 months old. It sits neatly in front of my teeth so doesn't affect them at all.
  5. I haven't worn diapers in about five years, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to. The only thing stopping me at the moment are budget concerns and finding an appropriate diaper
  6. dlsafrica

    Adult Sized Pacifier

    I just updated my profile page since I see that one's age doesn't automatically switch over. I also changed diaper lover to adult baby since a) I have identified a so-called play age that I feel, and b) I have been sleeping with a pacifier now for just over ten months. I am quite happy with my 0-6 months pacifier though. It is the only one that has never hurt my teeth, and I actually got up this morning and didn't take it out of my mouth. It just feels like it belongs there now. Pacifiers are heavenly. They teach one that sometimes it's best to just keep quiet even if you want to say something. I hope the pacifier works for you
  7. dlsafrica

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    I don't remember anything about a cat in Star Trek, but that's a nice gesture. Gosh -- the cat must have been hungry if alone for so long.
  8. dlsafrica

    Do you think using diapers is healthier than holding it?

    I replied I don't know, because my desired option wasn't exactly there. When I am in diapers I wait until my bladder is bursting and then just flood my diaper. I don't know where that would fit into the scale of the question.
  9. Gosh - I see this forum topic isn't used much. But I have a question. I am thinking of creating something I have never done before in terms of a story -- a choose your own adventure type story. Is it possible to hyperlink a page to a chosen response / story alternative?
  10. dlsafrica

    Ten months

    Well, yes it forces certain airways to stay open. I use a pacifier for age 0-6 months. It works fine for me, because previously my biggest problem with pacifiers was that they hurt my teeth.
  11. dlsafrica

    Anyone read Chinese?

    I wanted to study Mandarin at university in 2000. I decided against it
  12. dlsafrica

    Making Episode Edit Music Videos

    And here's my one for Salvation Only one song was going to fit this show
  13. dlsafrica

    Story questions about this site

    Oh - because the page says to send it to an email address -- but I'll write the thing first and then see -- thanks
  14. On an old popular AB?DL site I once submitted a story. The site is no more, but I thought today of maybe writing another story and submitting it for the stories section on this site. How does one go about submitting a story? There are guidelines elsewhere on this site, but the page also has a comment that people have struggled to submit stories. And is it possible to comment on story posts? I read a multiple chapter story today and really enjoyed it.
  15. dlsafrica

    Writers: Send stories to Mikey!

    Is the email provided still the way to submit stories? I dabbled a bit with submitting a couple of stories back in the day when the [That site] site had stories. I might want to write another.