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  1. Can't find it --- anyway... Did you hear about the musical about the catholic church that was age restricted for sects and violins?

    Talking about it is important but don't force the conversation. Remember that if people get defensive about something, they are likely to be less open... and you don't want the situation to development into a tense situation or at worst, an argument. That betrays the point of the discussion in the first place. Allow each other the time to come forward and say things. Sometimes one has to wait for the right time to say something. Gosh knows... I've been waiting for ten years to say something to my mom that will finally make a certain point clear
  3. Favorites - what are they?

    Pizza topping: spinach and feta Ice cream flavor: rum and raisin Movie: Nowhere To Run / Nim's Island TV show: MacGyver (old and new combined) Actor: Jean Claude van Damme Actress: Abigail Breslin Band: Hanson Drink: Coffee / Vanilla Milkshake Place: I wish I could be in Norway to be with my sister and best friend Cheese: probably Gouda -- the make is Kerrygold but I don't know the exact cheese type Fiction book: Graduation Summer - We Can't Wait (Mary Kate and Ashley series) Non-fiction book: I don't read much, so... maybe one of the eight Formula One encyclopedias I read Hobby (other than kink): I wrote songs until 2015; right now -- maybe listening to (Brazilian) Portugues and Norwegian music
  4. Things about you

    My hair is wavy and I wish I could grow it long. I tried about four years ago -- didn't cut my hair for a year... but it was a mess
  5. Non-DL girlfriend

    If she is accepting of the diapers, then it sounds like the only issue will be her child, and how she feels about him knowing or finding out too. Personally I don't think there should ever be a problem and that people should just understand that diapers might be socially taboo but that some people just like them. I'm sorry - I tried to phrase what I was thinking and I don't know if it came out right. The thing is also that I think people don't understand childrens' minds. There is a TV ad here that starts with a baby and the words "I have no prejudices... yet". The thing is that children are taught by society what is taboo, what is acceptable, and ultimately to love or to hate. This is just a personal opinion of course, but if your girlfriend is comfortable with it (and it might take a bit of communication), sharing with the child that some people need certain things (not necessarily specifying what) and that some people just like certain things, might be a way to approach it. I am a firm believer that adults do not give children enough credit for knowing what's going on and being able to mentally process things. I'm going to digress a moment to make my point, but people who aren't told that they are adopted, for example, have had extreme reactions later in life... while people who are told, grow up with it as a part of their lives. Using the same principle, it might help remove the taboo.
  6. Yesterday At Church

    Our church is relatively small. It only started up with a venue three years ago here, although it is an established church in America (this was an international church plant). There is a toddler who is part of the congregation who walks around all the time with a pacifier in her mouth, and I was thinking yesterday ... I don't know what I was thinking actually. It was a sense of peace and identification with the peace and comfort she must have been feeling. I thought about this this morning when I woke up because as much as I LOVE pacifiers, I do need one while I sleep. It's not just a comfort thing anymore (although I get the most restful sleep when I do). It is now perfectly evident to me how pivotal it is to restful sleep for me. I have communicated before that it stops my palate from closing while I sleep and keeps my airway open so I can breathe. That almost happened this morning again, but I managed to wake myself up in time. The concept of being pacifier dependent is a comforting one. I am just so thankful that I am not in the same position as I was with diapers for so many years, ie feeling guilty.
  7. How is Comfrey?

    I'm going to try this again, because last time I didn't get an answer that gave me any information. I tried Pampers once but found it leaked. What is Comfrey like? How do they fit? How absorbent are they etc? That is one brand that is freely available here in both supermarkets and pharmacies.
  8. How much guilt have you felt over your diaper life?

    I think until I discovered the [That site] site back about twenty or something years ago, I felt much shame. Then I found out that I was not the only one. Fourteen years is a long time to feel awkward.
  9. Do You Keep Your Pacifier In Your Mouth All Night?

    Mine stays in place until removed upon waking
  10. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  11. High School Reunion

    So today marks the start of our "class of 1993" 25th year reunion. Given the hell I was put through at school, maybe I shouldn't be interested at all. But I'm going to go today to the school tour and take a copy of my book to the school library. I'll pop my head in to the family social on Sunday too. You know, people do change I guess, but memories linger... and when one was suicidal for most of senior year because of the way one was treated...
  12. ... to "baby me" and opposed to 'diaper me'... I'll share my thoughts later, since I seem to get yelled at a lot... or maybe I'm just over sensitive
  13. Rant Post- Stupid Shit Men say to Lesbians....

    Yes. It's absolute rubbish! I have total respect for the LGBTI community. In fact, my best friend and sister are getting married in just over a month. There are no two people alive who belong together more. I really can't stand that attitude. I mean, people have a right to an opinion, but they also have a responsibility to choose whether to say something and what to say. Otherwise it comes off as disrespectful.
  14. enjoying sucking on a pacifier

    For me the BEST thing about a pacifier is that I don't get oxygen starvation and sleep paralysis while sleeping. It is the worst - not being able to breathe but your mind is awake, trying to get one to open one's eyes or move something. Other than that, it's comforting and relaxing.
  15. My best friend is marrying my sister... 5 April