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  1. I don't think there is any problem with it. What it does do is put the fact that this lifestyle exists, out there. When I was young, long before the Internet existed, I can't tell you how much I questioned whether it was normal; how bad I felt about it etc. But there is an over-riding principle in this... if somebody doesn't want to watch a video, all they need to do is not click on it.
  2. ... if they asked if they could diaper you, you would happily let them? For me it would be my sister. She's six years younger than me, but at our stage of life that's just a number. When I rest there I very often hug a fluffy animal. One day she said to me "Maybe you need something for your mouth..." - it didn't go any further, because I didn't respond. But I was thinking if only she knew...
  3. Opposite gender; platonic I think, but that might just be because I can't see myself dating anyone in the next 500 years or so
  4. On being asked if he had a criminal record, Sam pointed to his Fun Loving Criminals collection
  5. I peed the bed once intentionally. I won't again... it just didn't feel comfortable
  6. There was a show here in 1980 / 81 called G-Force. Gummi Bears is my fourth favourite programme of all time
  7. It depends on you. I used to just get diapers, but once I got a pacifier and bottle too.
  8. When I had a motor car accident at age 8, I was unconscious for 11 weeks, and so was in diapers. After I returned home, diapers were kept in my cupboard, and I guess that's where the fascination started... but to answer the question from a psychosexual and psychosocial point of view (I have respect for Freud and Erikson in terms of psychoanalysis), the primary areas of psychosexual satisfaction are oral and anal... in terms of psychosocial theory, one may find oneself wanting to return to a time or stage conducive to dependance for whatever reason personal to that individual. Personally, I view psychology from a holistic point of view, which means that these two theories work independently of each other concurrently, but they effect each other -- which makes saying that any one thing results in a person's desire for diapers, a little dubious. For me,sometimes I regress when I feel overwhelmed... ie when I feel I need someone to take care of me and make everything all right.
  9. Gosh! I forgot how refreshed I felt when I woke up after sleeping in diapers. It puts my mind into such a state of rest
  10. I have found a diaper that doesn't leak; that I can happily just flood with a full bladder. It is so relaxing and comforting that I can just go on doing what I'm doing. The longest I spent like that was I think 24 hours. That was still when I was I was with my now ex.
  11. Hello how old are u


  12. Tulsa is one place I actually want to get to some year, even though it'll probably only be for about five days in mid May
  13. At the University of Cape Town, there is a gender-neutral bathroom which anyone can use regardless of how they identify. I realised in 2005 when I saw a bunch of Oprah shows, that what had been happening to me since 1985 was completely normal, and that if I think of myself as feminine there is no issue with it. Not so much the attitude from others though - the church I was at kicked me out of the Lifegroup (the one I am involved with now have totally embraced me and thanked me for being vulnerable). The trans hate is ridiculous!! It all stems out of the fact that it's not popularised in media. People are scared of what they don't know, or know about. Out of that stems the only reaction they know - hate. It's ridiculous. There are anti-discrimination laws here in South Africa --- but then again, I haven't been brave enough to flaunt diapers in public...