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  1. dlsafrica

    Laughing at how difficult it is to write this

    Until a couple of years ago, I felt awkward posting anything here
  2. dlsafrica

    Promoting a book?

    I finished my book in June 2017 (although I made a couple of amendment editions and the final format was in September 2017. I submitted the idea to some online publishers. One asked me to forward it to them. I don't think I ever got round to that. I made a number of copies and sold them myself. I think I only officially sold 14 copies, but a handful of others were gifted to people or given to libraries.
  3. I know that, in terms of regular discipline in child rearing, diaper punishment does occur in some cases (case in point - it's not a punishment if the person involved enjoys it), but I was just thinking now, as I played an online game and caught myself cursing... would pacifiers be considered an acceptable punishment alternative to, for example, washing someone's mouth with soap, for swearing? Trust me. It is a lot more difficult to curse with a pacifier in one's mouth. (I speak from experience).
  4. dlsafrica

    The cold from Hell!

    I had that once -- in 2014 -- got sniffles on the Tuesday evening, figured right away it was making me drowsy and went to bed at 8PM, slept through Wednesday except for waking up to get a bite and get fresh air outside around 1PM, watched Days Of Our Lives at 5PM, hosted a church group at 7.30, and then slept right through Thursday. I didn't even go to a hospital appointment on the Friday morning, but by 1PM on Friday I had enough energy to do things.
  5. dlsafrica


    Is it possible to upload a picture on this site from a phone, and how would one go about that?
  6. dlsafrica

    Astronomy History

    Does anyone follow astronomy news? I have been interested in astronomy for 38 years. I followed the New Horizons flyby of Pluto and now Ultima Thule with great interest. The colour images of the object are amazing. Has anyone seen them?
  7. dlsafrica

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    There's no saying if any of this affected it, but... I had a motor car accident at age 8. I was unconscious for 11 weeks I think, and obviously diapered during that time. Whether that subconsciously drove a desire in me is debatable, but when I was back home, there were always diapers in my cupboard that I would play with sometimes. I never drew the line between diapers and the fact that I used to enjoy wetting my underpants through, but I guess that's where it started.
  8. dlsafrica

    Pictures here

    Thanks. I actually went to the store yesterday to get diapers, but as always, budget made it impossible -- the photo is of me with a pacifier, which is the way I have slept for over a year now -- I'll post it sometime maybe -- I still wonder how secure it is, but will worry about that at a later stage
  9. dlsafrica

    Pictures here

    How secure are pictures here? I took one picture that I am actually thinking of sharing, but nobody other than my ex knows about this side of me, so I don't want to risk it falling on eyes that might not understand.
  10. dlsafrica

    Bad Jokes

    This actually happened -- at a midweek church group meeting -- welcome question: "If you could make a universe out of anything what would it be?" My answer was 'cat purrs'... someone thought I said cat piss
  11. dlsafrica

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    oh my gosh! I haven't heard Rancid since 1995 when a touring English cricket team came here... The last song I listened to was Chasing Down My Dreams by Hanson. It's on their new String Theory album
  12. dlsafrica


    I was given hidings as a child. But they were excessive (the lowest amount of hits I recall were 3 and 10) and with a kudu leather belt. Nowadays here at least, that would be labelled abuse.
  13. dlsafrica

    Ten months

    Tonight marks one year of restful sleep with a pacifier
  14. dlsafrica


    What did you do, if anything? Here, Hallowe'en is not big, but my best friend got me into it a little. Still, me getting into the spirit is like... but I try... Sadly though, my ideas were dashed because my only idea involved taking some decorations to our church group, an idea which wasn't supported by the group because of the intended activities for the evening. In fact, that was the first "clash of heads" I had with a lady friend I get along really well with. Anyhow, I got home and watched Haunter and Maggie, two Abigail Breslin movies in the horror genre (Haunter is kind of haunted house meets Groundhog Day, and Maggie is an unexpected zombie apocolyse virus movie. Horror is Abigail's best genre, in my opinion.
  15. dlsafrica

    Do you think using diapers is healthier than holding it?

    Oh thanks -- well then no