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  1. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I haven't worn for about five years I think. It's not that I don't want to. I dream every birthday of going to bed and waking up in diapers on my birthday. But finances get in the way like never before. One day I'll be able to again, I hope... even if it's just temporary.
  2. Christmas -- it just takes a bit of initiative

    Both me and my brother were adopted, from different families, and five years apart. But my best friend was staying with me since the first week of November. She might have been here still - her authorisation papers for Norway came through and she left two weeks ago. She is going to Norway to marry my sister --- fine, the closest thing in the world I will ever have to a sister -- she loves me like only a sister could.And I've wanted a sister my whole life, so you can imagine my commitment to her. Besides, the three of us are the strongest unit in the world. Had my friend still been here we would have spent it together. I made contact with one half of my biological family ten years ago next April. I'm sure I could have probably asked them, but I don't like imposing -- the exact reason I just walked home in silence after the church service last year, even though two people asked me if something was wrong. This year my aunt (biological) will probably ask again why I'm not with my mom (adoptive) and I will just say that there were only three bedrooms and my brother and his family were down so there wasn't room for me.
  3. goodbye all

    I am sorry for the circumstances. I tried to quit before, and actually have I think gone five years without wearing now, but I promise myself each year that I want to wake up diapered on my birthday. This interest doesn't go away. It can be suppressed, but it's almost like lying to oneself. I heard of someone who was forced to burn a music collection or lose a guy once. I bet she now doesn't have the guy either. I tend to keep this quiet. I once wore in the presence of someone who was just visiting (i wasn't prepared for the visit). I don't know how to bring this up in general conversation.
  4. So given the fact that last year I wasn't welcome to spend Christmas Day with my mom because my brother's family was down and there wasn't room for me to sleep the night (what I was told, although paraphrased), this year I made my own plans. For two years in a row now my Christmas lunch has been a piece of toast. Last year I actually had something to put on it (my money comes through on the 26th, so I never have money on 25th). Anyway, so ten days ago I posted a whatsapp in our church group and said "please, I would really like to not spend Christmas Day alone again". Thankfully they know what it is like, since a ot of the church leadership is American (it's an American church plant) so they are also away from family although the situation is a little different. So I have been invited somewhere for Christmas Day this year at least. It was a good thing I did that because my mom phoned me yesterday and asked if I have plans for Christmas. I told her yes, and she said it was good because my brother and his family would be down again and even though there are three bedrooms now, they will all be taken again. I guess the most bothersome part of this for me is that my mom didn't even make any effort to say that it would have been nice if I could have been there. I mean... the only thing I really miss is the trifle which only got made at Christmas. Okay - thought for the day finished. I mentioned this elsewhere and have received the comment from a friend that she can't believe the way I am treated; that there must be a space on the floor somewhere to sleep, or that there must be room around a table to sit. But I actually don't expect anything anymore -- that's actually what I posted in my church group -- that I didn't want to come across as expecting anything so I didn't mention it before. I mean, it's possible that I will develop a certain relationship over the next couple of years and might have a girlfriend... so maybe I won't have to worry about being alone then. She's already the only lady I would consider marrying. Anyway that's a different soap episode and shall be told at another time. Sorry this is long. Thanks for listening. Oh sorry - I thought this was the general banter thread group -- if an admin wants to move it in the right category please do.
  5. Movie Marathons

    I have a very... should we call it eclectic... range of things I pour my everything into ... Gummy Bears, Barbie, MacGyver, Harry Potter, anything with Abigail Breslin, anything with Jean Claude van Damme... and Hanson
  6. What's your favorate cartoon?

    No, the Barbie DVDs are full length movies. The full length real life feature film should be out next year
  7. Movie Marathons

    I am very much a genre type person, so movies like Batman, Lord Of The Rings etc are detestable to me. But me, my sister and my best friend try to do a Harry Potter marathon each year. Lately, we tend to do it over a weekend (we started yesterday with the first three) but this was the first time we did it long distance. They are in Norway now. Our record, when it was just my best friend and me, was 23 hours and 15 minutes. The movie series total is 19 hours 15 minutes.
  8. What's your favorate cartoon?

    I don't know if this thread is distinguishing between cartoons and animation, but I grew up loving the Gummy Bears and own the entire two series sets on DVD. I also LOVE Barbie, but my collection lacks the latest two of the 36 DVDs. (I almost got one of the ones I am missing a few days ago, but there was a Miley Cyrus movie (LOL) in stock so... As to why... Barbie is filled with such human stories. Gummy Bears is just plain fun.
  9. What Profession Are You In?

    Unemployed... or does the fact that I've written one book and sold seven copies of it make me an author?
  10. Rock n Roll Baby - what bands you into??

    Hanson -- straight up rock n roll other than Hanson I only really listen to Brazilian bands like Victor e Leo. My second language is Portugues, but I am far from fluent.
  11. someone tell you to put on a diaper

    Once in one of our classes at high school (many many years ago) I think I remember a teacher suggested it to the whole class as a possible consequence of behaviour but even the memory is fuzzy
  12. Christmas Day

    I spent the last two Christmas Days alone. Two years ago I had just got a cat and wanted him to feel comfortable, so I didn't want to leave him. But last year I wasn't welcome to share a meal with my mom because my brother and his family were down, and there wasn't room for me to sleep the night. What that has to do with eating a meal I will never know. The last two Christmas lunches for me have been a piece of toast. I am going to make my own plans this year because I don't want to be alone.
  13. ABDL People in South Africa

  14. Bad Jokes

    For years mankind wanted to be like birds and fly ---- in 2006 we learnt to tweet
  15. I have a kitty!

    I LOVE cats! Shadow is next to me now. He's 12 and although he has those tinkle balls to play with they are more like landmines waiting for me to trip on so they stay in the drawer