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  1. I just woke up in the middle of pooping my Seni Quatro diaper. I will change later because I think there is more poop coming and I am really tired and about to fall back asleep.
  2. I have been sitting in bed for about an hour and my intestines started rumbling about 10 minutes ago. About 3 minutes ago, a load of soft poop slid into my diaper. I think this is the start of another diarrhea flare up so this diaper will stay on until I am finished pooping. This one might take a while.
  3. I frequently go camping and I am always diapered due to total bladder and bowel incontinence from a ruptured disc in my lower back. All of my camping is done with my quad or truck so hauling the used diapers back home is not a problem. I used to go backpacking and camping but those days are over because of my bad back.
  4. Try using a glycerin enema. Fleets makes them. Wait until you have to poop and squirt the glycerin enema in your bottom and diaper up very quickly because within a minute you will be uncontrollably filling your diaper with poop. Your body will be pushing the poop out weather you want to or not.
  5. I always put my diaper on while laying down. I get the best fit while laying down. The only time I put a diaper on while standing up is when I have to change out of a poopy diaper when I am away from home.
  6. At night, I wear a Seni Quatro diaper with a terry lined Babykins diaper cover in the summertime and a Dry 24/7 diaper with the terry lined Babykins diaper cover in the wintertime. During the day, I wear a Seni Super Plus diaper with a Gary Active Wear diaper cover year round.
  7. I woke up about 10 minutes ago because I was starting to fill my diaper with a good size poop. As I got out of bed, the poop was unstoppable. I squatted slightly and pushed a little to help it out. Right after the poop stopped, a flood of pee started. Now I am sitting on a change pad in the living room watching tv. I will wait a while before I change because there is always a second wave of poop coming in about 30 minutes.
  8. I normally mess my diaper once per day unless I have a diarrhea flare up. When that happens, 4 or 5 messy diapers is common.
  9. I regularly buy 1 case of Seni Super Plus diapers and 1 case of Seni Quatro diapers every month. I also have several cases of each in my basement just in case any unexpected bills pop up during the year so I can go for a few months without ordering more diapers. I wear my diapers 24/7 so I always keep a good supply on hand.
  10. I just finished filling my Seni Super Plus diaper with a good size poop. I am sitting on a change pad in the living room watching tv. I am not sure if I am finished pooping yet and there is still a lot of wetting capacity left in this diaper so I won't be changing for a while.
  11. I just woke up because I was starting to pee and as I sat up in bed, that is when I figured out there was a massive load of poop in the back of my diaper. I didn't know I pooped myself until i sat up in bed and felt the poop squish up between my legs and the smell came out of the diaper cover. I don't know how I would be able to live without the good quality adult diapers that are available today. I don't know when the pooping accident happened, but it must have happened within the last 3 hours because I don't feel any diaper rash starting yet. I will be changing shortly into a nice clean diap
  12. I woke up 4 hours ago in a fully loaded Dry 24/7 diaper. Changed into a Seni Super Plus diaper and just a few minutes ago loaded it with another pretty big mess. Going to change shortly. Hopefully I can stay clean for the rest of the night.
  13. I just changed out of a very well soaked and very messy Dry 24/7 diaper. Now I am sitting in a nice clean and dry Dry 24/7 diaper.
  14. All that goes through my mind whenever I pee or poop myself is I am really glad they make high quality adult diapers today. I honestly don't know how I could live a relatively normal life without the protection that my diapers provide for the accidents I have every day.
  15. My diapers only get filled with the real thing. Poop and pee. Normally 3 diapers are filled with pee each day and 1 diaper is filled with poop and pee every day.
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