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  1. Just woke up again in another wet and messy diaper. Had an IBS diarrhea flair up today and this is my seventh messy diaper today. Hopefully this is the last of the diarrhea because my butt is getting a really bad diaper rash.
  2. fillemup

    Post when messy.

    Just woke up in a wet and messy NorthShore Mega Max. This is my first Mega Max and it is getting a thorough test drive. If I like it's performance, I will need to order a case of them next week.
  3. fillemup

    Nullo To Take or Not To Take?

    Nullo will turn your load a very dark green and is available on Amazon.
  4. fillemup

    Sleeping While Messy

    I woke up twice yesterday in the process of pooping my diaper. The first time was about 4 hours into my sleep and it smelled so bad that I got up and changed and put on a clean diaper and went back to bed. I woke up about 5 hours later while in the process of pooping my diaper again. This is bringing my incontinence to a whole new level.
  5. fillemup

    Sleeping While Messy

    I woke up earlier today with a very wet and very messy Dry 24/7 diaper. I am really glad they mage good quality diapers for those of us that are incontinent. I can't imagine the mess I would have in my bed if I wore a cheap diaper.
  6. I am going to owe the government money this year. Maybe I should pay them with diapers from my stash. Of course, I would pay them with my used diapers.
  7. fillemup

    Rash cream

    That butt paste works very well at clearing up diaper rash and works very well at preventing diaper rash when used at every diaper change.
  8. fillemup

    Where will you NOT wear a diaper?

    I wear my diapers everywhere I go because of my incontinence.
  9. You are so cool. I wish I had a girlfriend like you.
  10. fillemup

    Post when messy.

    Sitting at my desk about an hour ago I had that gurgling intestinal pain that alerted me that I was about to have a diarrhea accident. Like always, as I stood up to go use the bathroom, everything came out and completely filled my diaper. Went straight into the shower to get cleaned up and put on a clean diaper. I am now expecting several more messy diapers during the day today as a result of the diarrhea. Intermittent IBS and incontinence make for a lot of messy diapers some days.
  11. fillemup

    Medically incontinent. It's official.

    Are you only bladder incontinent or also bowel incontinent? I am both because of an L5-S1 ruptured disc.
  12. fillemup

    Poo in a swimming pool

    Don't do it. You give all DL's a bad reputation if you do something so stupid. It is one thing to hav an accident in a pool if you are incontinent like many of the people on this forum, myself included. I do not swim in public pools because I am incontinent and the chance of me having an accident is very real and I think it is absolutely wrong to expose anyone to my poop. How would you like it If someone you don't know came into your own pool and took a dump while you are swimming in your pool? I don't think you would like it at all.
  13. fillemup

    Post when messy.

    Woke up again today to another wet and messy Dry 24/7 diaper. From the rash I have now, the mess happened several hours before I woke up. Going to need to wear butt paste for the next few days to clear up the rash. Just another one of the many joys of incontinence.
  14. fillemup

    preference on thickness

    I wear thinner diapers while I am out and about to keep them very concealed. I really don't want the whole world to know that I am wearing a diaper. At home, I wear a thicker diaper because I am not concerned about someone noticing I am wearing because I live alone.
  15. Everyone I know knows I have a really bad back. I would just tell them the truth that I became bladder and bowel last summer as a result of over stressing my back and rupturing the bottom disc causing incontinence.