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  1. I woke up several hours ago in a wet and messy Seni Quatro. The mess happened sometime during my sleep. This is a frequent issue lately my bladder and bowel incontinence from a ruptured disc in my lower back.
  2. My diaper stash has been slowly growing since last fall. Each payday, I buy a box of Seni Quatro diapers and a box of Seni Super Plus diapers. I go through a lot of diapers each month so I have been stocking up. I think I currently have a stockpile of just over 2000 diapers. That sounds like overkill, but they will all be used in about 17 months at a rate of 4 diapers per day.
  3. Just woke up in my Seni Quatro. It's totally soaked.
  4. Just woke up in a soaked Seni Quatro with a massive load of poop in it. Going to wait a few minutes to see if there is more to come out before I change.
  5. I live in the country and take my vacation time in the area where I live. There is so much outdoor activity where I live that I have no reason to go anywhere else on vacation. I wear diapers 24/7 due to bladder and bowel incontinence and really don't want the hassle of going through TSA to get on a plane while wearing a diaper. If I do travel anywhere, it won't be far from home and I will drive there.
  6. I only get that type of poop when I go camping and don't poop for 3 days. I always come home and poop out about a 20 inch solid poop that hurts like hell to push out. I don't get those camping poops any more since I became incontinent last summer.
  7. Due to my bladder and bowel incontinence, I frequently wet and mess myself while walking. Peeing myself in public doesn't bother me but pooping myself in public is really embarrassing. Either way I wear premium diapers all the time to keep my accidents contained and as discrete as possible. Obviously a pooping accident is much harder to hide simply because of the smell.
  8. Try a glycerine enema. It is a little tiny bulb that will make you push uncontrollably weather you want to or not. If there is anything inside of you, it will be I. Your diaper within 90 seconds. And you will still keep pushing for about 3 minutes.
  9. Just woke up in a soaked Seni Quatro. What woke me up was I started filling my diaper with another load of poop. I just stayed laying in bed as my diaper slowly filled with a load of very soft runny diarrhea. All I can say is incontinence and IBS are a bad combo. Not sure if I will get up and change or just go back to sleep. I typically have more than 1 accident when I have an IBS flare up. I will most likely just go back to sleep and not waste another diaper. This one has room for a second load that will be coming out in the next 2 hours.
  10. I am currently sitting in my chair in a completely diarrhea filled MegaMax diaper. Going to wait a few more minutes to see if there's another wave coming before I change.
  11. Just woke up again in the process of pooping my diaper. This time it is pretty runny. Luckily, I am wearing a NorthShore MegaMax and a Babykins diaper cover because this diaper is very full and I am pretty sure it will leak. I think this is the start of another IBS flare up and there will be several more messy diapers today.
  12. I don't get your response. I am simply stating fact that a diaper cover cannot contain the smell of a poopy diaper. I am bladder and bowel incintinent and I can tell you for a fact the only way to eliminate the smell of a poopy diaper is to remove the smell from the poop.
  13. There are no diaper covers that will eliminate the smell from a poopy diaper. They can only contain it for a very limited time. And by that, I mean only a few seconds so you can leave the area where you pooped and go change. The only way to truly eliminate the smell of a poopy diaper is to use Nullo pills to remove the smell from the poop itself.
  14. I use the Seni Super Plus as my primary daytime diaper because it is easily concealable. The Seni Quatro is my warm weather overnight diaper because it is cooler in the summer than the plastic backed Dry 24/7 because all Seni diapers are cloth backed they tend to be cooler. I wear a Gary Active Wear diaper cover over my daytime diaper and a Babykins terry lined PUL diaper over my nighttime diapers just in case I have a major leak. I would highly recommend you try seni diapers and you should notice a difference in how they are cooler because of the cloth backing. They are the best cloth backed on the market and very reasonably priced. The Seni diapers don't stretch or feel damp on the outside when you wet them like most other cloth backed diapers on the market.