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  1. Sitting in a nice wet and really messy diaper right now. Came home from work and really had to go. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to hold it until I got a diaper on. I did hold it and got a diaper on and really filled it up. It was a big load. Poop covers most of my butt cheeks and it feels sooo good. I'm going to sit here, have a few beers and enjoy this messy diaper. We all go, why not enjoy the go, so I am.
  2. Electrician.
  3. I'm six and refuse to be potty trained. Mommy said that she would paddle my butt black and blue if I don't start using the potty. Well, I just pooped and peed my pants again.
  4. My skin is pretty tough. Personally, I can stay in a wet and messy diaper for hours and hours without a problem. I not incontinent and don't have to wear 24/7 either, so if a rash does start to develop, it heals very quickly. Thanks for reading.
  5. bedwetter

    Great story so far.
  6. I filled out the ear tag and tagged my buck. Then Dad and I dressed out the deer. By the time we had the deer all gutted out, some of the excitement of the day was wearing off and I was starting to realize that all day in a messy diaper took it's toll. I was really getting a nasty diaper rash. Dad and I pulled the buck out of the woods and down to the truck. It took a while. Every step I took moved the mess in my diaper around and seemed to work on my rash. We got the buck loaded into Dad's truck, loaded all the gear into the truck. I eased into the passenger seat. My butt was really tingling and burning with diaper rash. I was thirsty so I grabbed a bottle of water and drank it down. I limited my fluids all day so that the diaper would last all day. The water was so refreshing. It seemed to take forever to get to the butcher. I stayed in the truck while Dad told the butcher how to cut the deer. While I was waiting for Dad, I felt myself peeing again. The diaper was swelling up even more, somewhat forcing my legs apart a little. Dad finally got back into the truck and we headed back to his house. When we got there, he asked me it I wanted to change. I said no, I'd just head back home to Mom's house and get cleaned up there. Dad said okay. Head on home, I'll take care of unloading everything. Drive safe, watch your speed. Okay Dad, I learned my lesson for that. We hugged and I headed home. I made it home and headed inside, intent on getting out of that messy diaper. As I walked in the door, Mom greated me and said perfect timing, dinner is ready. I made your favorite, spaghetti and meatballs. I really needed to get out of that diaper, but didn't want to disappoint Mom. I washed my hands and sat down at the kitchen table. How was your hunt, she asked. Great, I replied. I shot a big ten pointer. An awesome buck. Wow! She said. That's great. I'm glad you had such a good time today. I squirmed a little bit, shifting side to side, trying to get comfortable as I sat there eating my dinner. My diaper rash was really getting bad. I finished my supper headed up to my bedroom. I got undressed, all except for my diaper. It really held up good, all day long. It didn't leak, it held everything in. I grabbed a fresh, overnight cloth diaper and headed to the bathroom to get a shower. I was so happy to finally get the dirty diaper off and start to clean up. I jumped in the shower and started to wash up. My butt cheeks were raw and it really burned to wash. I had to get cleaned up though. As I washed, I could still feel the welts left from yesterday's paddling, a reminder not to speed. After my shower, I laid out my fresh diaper on the bathroom floor. Then I spread a heavy layer of diaper cream on my poor butt cheeks and between my legs. I sat down on my fresh diaper, pulled the front up between my legs and pinned it on nice and snug. I pulled on some plastic pants, washed my hands and headed to bed.
  7. It started out like any other day. I woke up and waddled downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast. My thick, overnight cloth diaper was soaked. I had a bowl of cereal then headed back up to my bedroom. Mom followed and she changed me out of my diaper and into a Goodnight pull up. It was a Saturday at the end of July and I was ten. My parents put me in Goodnights during the day, still hoping that I would someday be potty trained. Sometimes I would use the bathroom. I'd have a lot of accidents in my pants too. Then there were times when I was out playing and had to go and just decided to use my pull ups because it was much more convenient than stopping and going to use the bathroom. I got dressed, jumped on my bicycle and went over to my friend Billy's house. Billy was already out in his yard along with a couple other neighborhood boys. They all know about me needing diapers and were cool with it. We headed back into the woods behind Billy's house. We had a tree fort and rope swings back there. There was a small creek back there. We'd spend hours back there every day, just being boys. It was really hot and humid that day. We played until about noon then headed back to Billy's house. Back at Billy's, we shot some hoops. We were planning Around the world and Billy's neighbor, Jenny came over. Jenny also happened to be my baby sitter. Jenny would usually come over and shoot hoops with us. Jenny also liked to check my diaper. It was kind of embarrassing, but she was really pretty, so I kind of enjoyed it. Sure enough, she came up behind me. "Well Ed, let's check you". Everyone kind of snickered. They kind of made a game out of it, whether or not I'd be messy. I felt her lift up my shirt and two of her fingers slid down between my butt and my Goodnights then she pulled it back. I could feel myself blushing in front of my friends. "Wow!" "Two days in a row" "You're clean again today." "Good job Edy." Then I felt Jenny pull back a little more. "Were you bad again?" "Looks like you got your butt spanked." I really blushed. My friends snickered again. I didn't say anything. I was sassing my Mom the night before so my Dad paddled my butt. We went back to playing hoops. Billy's Dad came out and said that Billy's Mom had some lunch ready for us and that we should head in while he cut the grass.
  8. How long you can go without peeing depends on your bladder and how much you drink. I've driven six hours without stopping. Didn't have a diaper on either. Just limit fluid intake before the trip. My eyeballs were floating when I got to my destination. LOL.
  9. LOL! I wonder what kind they were wearing? If they were just Depend, or store brands, their protest wouldn't last too long.
  10. Thanks. Sorry it took so long. I want to add one more update to this story and I have a few more stories floating around in my head. Just hard to find time to write them out.
  11. Incredible story. It must have felt absolutely incredible having that much mess in your diaper. Several years ago, I ate a whole container of Prunes and diapered up. I had a fitted cloth diaper on and wore Molicares over top. About three hours later, the cramps came and I filled my diaper, pretty much explosively with lots and lots of really soft poop. The poop spread everywhere in the diaper. It Squished up past my balls, part way up to front of the diaper. No where near 12 lbs, but still a lot. I stayed in that diaper for about 36 hours, changing the Molicare when it was wet but leaving the cloth diaper on. It was an amazing feeling. I did end up with a pretty good diaper rash, which was my goal. I was single when I did that. Now that I'm married, I'll probably never be able to do anything that extreme again.
  12. Just saw a new commercial for Depends Underwear. A fireman in a firehouse pulling up his pants over his Depends Underwear then leaving for a call. I've always thought that maybe some fire response people wore protection in case they were on a long call. Now this commercial. Hmmmmm
  13. Awesome story. I should be sent to Judge Longabaugh's court.
  14. I started to get a little chilled, so I grabbed my pack and got out my thermos of hot chocolate and poured a cup. It really hit the spot. Then I had a candy bar and some crackers. I was feeling better now that I had a snack. Letting that big dump out helped a lot too. It was kinda slow in the woods. I had only seen those few doe this morning. I heard some shots close by, but only saw a few. Of course, a bunch of squirrel and Chipmunks. I heard something behind me, so I slowly turned to look and saw a flock of Turkey behind me. Scratching trough the leaves getting something to eat. I still had some gas. Nothing like earlier, but every now and then, a fart slipped out. It felt weird as the bubbles slowly creeped through all that soft poo. Sometimes I felt the bubbles work their way up my butt cheeks and out the back. Other times, they'd slip up between my legs and out the front. I could really feel when I was wetting myself, with the poo squished up to the front of the diaper, it made it feel really wet and sloppy in the groin area. Dad called around 12:30 to see how I was doing. OK I guess, not seeing too many deer I said. That's good. I was hoping that you were OK. That chili from yesterday did a number on my stomach. I had to take a dump behind a tree. I was hoping that it didn't bother you. I guess that wasn't a good menu choice for the day before hunting. It took it's toll on me to, but I'll be OK. We'll just hunt until we get something or till dark. Are you sure son? You have school tomorrow. I don't want you to get a diaper rash. I'll be okay. I want to stay and hunt. OK then. If you are ok. If I don't see anything, I'll start to push for you later. Hopefully I can bump a buck out to you. With that, we exchanged good lucks and good byes and hung up. I reached back into my pack and grabbed a PB&J sandwich and another cup of hot chocolate. My butt cheeks were really starting to tingle and burn a little bit by now. I was getting more gas again and started to feel the urge to poop again. I thought to myself, why even try to fight it. I finished my sandwich and put the cap back on the thermos. I stood up and squatted a little bit and pushed one more noisy, gassy load out into my diaper. Some more pee came too. I pushed a few more times and got a few more spirts and farts to come out. It felt good to get it out of my system. The fresh, warm mess kinda warmed me up a little as the earlier mess and diaper had cooled down. It also itched, tingled and burned and reminded me that I was going to probably have a pretty good rash by the end of the day. I sat back down in my squishy, wet mess and wondered if the diaper was going to hold it all or not A few more hours passed and nothing. Then, around 4, I noticed some movement off in the distance. One doe, two doe, three, four five. A whole herd of deer coming through. I slowly grabbed the 30-06 and got ready. There's a buck in the back, he looks nice. I tested the forend of the rifle on the shooting rail and found the buck in the scope. He's really nice, a ten pointer. He stopped so I carefully clicked off the safety, centered the cross hairs just behind his front shoulder and squeezed of the shot. I racked another round into the chamber as I got the scope back down on the deer. I didn't need it, the deer was down for the count. Dead in his tracks. I quickly unloaded the rifle then lowered it and my back pack out of the tree and climbed down. Dad showed up just as I got to the ground. Well? Where is it? How big? Ten pointer I said. Over here as I grabbed the rifle and pack and started walking towards the deer. We got to the deer and Dad was impressed. Nice shot Son. Really nice shot. He looked back at the tree stand and at the deer and back at the tree stand again. That has to be close to a 200 hundred yard shot. Awesome job son. Now the work begins, getting this monster out to the pickup truck.
  15. Dad nocked on the door. Time to get up Eddy. I've got breakfast ready. I looked at the clock and it was 4 AM already. I don't want time that I finally fell asleep, but didn't seem like I slept that long. I rolled out of bed and headed down to the kitchen. All the pop I drank yesterday kicked in, my diaper swelled up quite a bit, but really didn't feel that wet. I kinda plopped down on kitchen chair and was quickly reminded of the paddling I had yesterday. My butt was still somewhat tender. Dad had made us some scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. I had a little bit of OJ and a cup of coffee to try and wake up. After breakfast, I took my Nullo tablets went back up to my room to get ready. I grabbed a Paws diaper and booster pad from my diaper drawer. I made my bed and peed my Space diaper one more time, grabbed the fresh diaper and headed to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and then I took off my wet, night time diaper and sat on the toilet. I tried and tried to go potty, but no luck. There's no changing table in the woods. Some gas came out, but I wasn't able to poop. A little more pee, but no poo. Dad yelled up, come on, the deer are waiting for us. OK, OK. I laid out my diaper and sat down on it. I put the booster pad between my legs and stuck it to the inside of the diaper then fastened up the tape tabs nice and tight. I walked back to my bedroom and finished getting ready. I put on a onesie t-shirt to hold up the diaper, as it was going to be on all day. Then the cold gear long underwear and layers of clothes to keep warm. I got all ready and headed down stairs. I've got your lunch and snacks ready, you ready? Let's go, Dad said. We hopped in Dad's truck and we're on our way to the farm. It's about a 45 minute drive to the farm. The coffee had kicked in already and I felt myself wetting before we even got to the farm. I was starting to have more gas too. I jumped out of the truck when we got to the farm, eager to get to our stands. We grabbed our guns, back packs, and outerwear and started hiking up the hill to our tree stands. We carry out heavy coats and overalls in so that we don't get sweaty walking in. This thick disposable diaper, booster pad and layers of clothes on, I'm sure I walked with a noticeable waddle. It took about 20 minutes to walk up to the first tree stand. It's a double stand that Dad and I have hunted out of for years together. This is the first year that I can hunt by myself. I got my bib overalls and coat on then my safety harness on. Then hooked up my pack and the 30-06 to the pull cord. Looks like you're all ready son. Yes Dad, and I climbed up the ladder. Dad waited until I got myself strapped to the tree an pulled the rifle and back pack up. Good luck son. Be safe. You too Dad. With that, Dad headed over to his stand. I sat in my tree, in the darkness, a million stars in the sky, the woods silent. The sky was starting to brighten over the horizon. It wouldn't be long now, and the sun will rise. As I sat there, high in my tree, I noticed that I was starting to have more and more gas. Then my stomach started to churn and grumble. I tried to concentrate on hunting. The woods were starting to brighten up and coming to life. The birds were starting to chirp. The morning is a magical time to be in the woods as everything awakens. Soon the sun will peek over the horizon. I could see a few deer off in the distance but it was still a little bit too dark to tell if they were bucks or does. I let some more gas squeek out. It felt hot, slipping through my but cheeks. More churning in my gut. I don't know if it was the coffee this morning, or the bacon or the hike up to the tree stand, something really got my stomach stirred up. The only thing I can do is hope it subsides. The sun just peeked over the hillside and the woods were really coming to life. The deer that I had seen early were doe. I watched them and scanned the area for other deer, trying to keep my mind off of what was going on down below. Then it happened. I passed some more gas, but it wasn't gas this time. I clenched my butt cheeks together, as tight as I could. I could feel the hot, wet stickiness that had slipped out squish between my butt cheeks. This can't be happening. My butt's still welted and sore from yesterday's paddling and my diaper rash hasn't fully healed from Friday. The sun hasn't even fully come up yet. I'm stuck in this diaper all day and really have to poop bad. I continued to scan the woods, looking for a buck to harvest, just to be able to get out of the woods and get changed. I did my best best to hold it in, but it was a loosing battle. The pressure was building. I moved and squirmed, trying to get comfortable and hold in the mess, but more and more was leaking out into my diaper. It was probably around 9 in the morning, I gave up. I couldn't hold it in or take the discomfort anymore. I bent over and stood up a little bit, lifting my butt off of the seat and let loose. An enormous, wet, sloppy, gassy load spread throughout the seat of my diaper. Farts popped and made all kinds of noises as they escaped through the mess. I could feel myself peeing at the same time. It was such an awesome releaf. I stood up for a moment then squatted a little bit, gave a push and another big, noisy load came out. I stayed stand in the tree stand for maybe ten minutes or so. Every so often, I'd get another urge and push out another small load. I reached around and felt the back of my diaper. I definitely had a big load back there. And it felt hot on my butt. It wasn't a warm mess like usual, it felt hot. That when it dawned on me, the chilli. I ate those two big bowls of chili yesterday for supper. That's why all the gas and farting. Oh, no, and the all of the salsa and chips. This was going to be a long, long day in this tree stand. I finally sat down, gently. I felt the mess spread everywhere. There was so much of it. It Squished up between my legs, up past my privates. It's not often poop makes it to the front of the diaper. I could feel my manhood submerged in the squishy mess. I debated calling Dad, but I really wanted to hunt. I've been messy for long periods of time before. I'll be okay.