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  1. I am going to ask the people

    Paddled long and hard on your bare bottom then put in a thick diaper and sent to bed.
  2. I really like to have a diaper on the day after eating hot, spicy food. I love filling my diaper with a nice, big, hot n spicy load. Then I'll sit down and squish it all around. It feels so good!!!
  3. That would be absolutely incredible I think. I've always wanted to go horseback riding in a very messy diaper. I'm betting that riding on a motorcross bike would be great also. I can imagine a long ride in a messy diaper could give new meaning to saddle sores, LOL.
  4. Super Score

    Wow! That's awesome.
  5. Enemas And Suppositories

    I really enjoy enemas. I will try to hold it in as long as I possibly can. The feeling of it starting to leak out when I can no longer hold it in really makes me feel like a little kid having an accident in my diaper.
  6. I will stay in a dirty/messy diaper as long as I can. I really love the feeling of a very messy and soaking wet diaper. When I get a chance, I'll eat a bunch of prunes before getting my diaper on. This will cause me to really fill my diaper in about 3 hours. My skin is pretty tough, so I can stay wet and messy for several hours without a problem. One time, I diapered up and ate my prunes and stayed in my wet / messy diaper for 36 hours. No cream or powder. I had a contoured cloth diaper on covered with a Molycare and plastic pants. I changed the Molycare when it was soaked, but stayed in the cloth diaper the whole 36 hours. I ended up getting a pretty good diaper rash, which was my goal. I have a thing for diaper discipline and diaper rash.
  7. Fastest laxative

    Eating a bunch of prunes works for me in about 3 hours
  8. I had a chance to be diapered today. I was doing some chores around the house and had wet a few times. Then I went down the basement. I felt the urge to fart, so I did. Well, it was a lot more than a fart. A little bit mess slipped out. I figured, oh well, and continued to poop. Really runny and felt really good. Then I went back to my chores.
  9. My worst punishment

    Billy's mom had some pizza for us for lunch. I grabbed a few pieces and a big glass of iced tea. We were all really thirsty after playing out in the hot summer sun. As we ate, I watched Billy's dad going around and around the back yard on his new lawn tractor mowing the grass. I was fascinated by his new mower and wished that I could ride it. I got one more piece of pizza and another glass of tea. My attention remained focused on Mr. Jones mowing while we finished lunch. After lunch, I felt the urge to pee, so I went and to the bathroom. We all thanked Mrs. Jones for lunch and headed back outside. We went back to shooting hoops, but I was still focused on Mr. Jones and his new mower. Mr. Jones pulled up by the garage and shut the mower deck off, but left the engine running. He got off of the tractor and mentioned how hot it was. I need something to drink and headed into the house. I didn't know why, but I decided to get on the tractor. I was fascinated by it and just wanted to sit on it. It was an awesome machine and felt great sitting up on it. I looked down at the pedals. I knew that I shouldn't, but I decided to step on the forward pedal. I thought that I'd just move it a little bit. I pushed down on the pedal and the tractor really took off. I panicked and didn't know what to do. The tractor took off and it ran right into the side of the garage.
  10. What's brewin?

    Homebrewing is fun and the beer turns out great. Like others have said, make sure to sanitize everything.
  11. Sitting in a nice wet and really messy diaper right now. Came home from work and really had to go. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to hold it until I got a diaper on. I did hold it and got a diaper on and really filled it up. It was a big load. Poop covers most of my butt cheeks and it feels sooo good. I'm going to sit here, have a few beers and enjoy this messy diaper. We all go, why not enjoy the go, so I am.
  12. What Profession Are You In?

  13. Mommy's spanking office

    I'm six and refuse to be potty trained. Mommy said that she would paddle my butt black and blue if I don't start using the potty. Well, I just pooped and peed my pants again.
  14. Opening Day

    My skin is pretty tough. Personally, I can stay in a wet and messy diaper for hours and hours without a problem. I not incontinent and don't have to wear 24/7 either, so if a rash does start to develop, it heals very quickly. Thanks for reading.
  15. Curing a constipated bedwetter

    Great story so far.