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  1. Discipline fetish

    The diaper should contain everything during the spankings. If there's any worries that the diaper may break open, plastic pants can be used. I did have an Attends diaper "pop" years ago while spanking myself with a big wooden spoon. Fortunately, the diaper was clean and the padding was dry. The fluff from the diaper did make a little bit of a mess.
  2. Potty Training

    I can vaguely remember a few potty training moments. The cotton terry cloth training pants and the little potty chair. I can remember using the potty chair a few times, but that's it. My Mom told me that She used both cloth and disposables on me. Disposables were just coming out at the time. I can't remember being diapered or any diaper changes.
  3. Chlorophyll and odour reduction?

    You have to take the Nullo with every meal, also. It does substantially reduce the smell. Turns your poop green, also.
  4. Had a strong urge to poop this morning. So I put a couple suppositories in and diapered up. I held it in until I couldn't hold it any longer. Now I've been sitting here for a few hours in a really messy diaper. It feels soooooo gooood!!!!
  5. Favorite poopy

    I also like sitting in poopy the day after eating hot n spicy food. Pooping in my diaper the day after eating hot wings is an incredible feeling.
  6. Discipline fetish

    My fetish / fantasy is strict, severe discipline. Diaper discipline and spankings. Whenever I. Behave myself, I earn myself diaper changes and even some diaper cream. If I misbehave, I'd be punished with diaper discipline and spankings. The more I misbehaved, the more I'd get paddled and the longer I'd be left in my wet messy diaper. Spankings on my wet and messy diaper and then sit in the corner in my messy diaper and then sent to bed in my wet and messy diaper. Bad behavior would mean no cream for my diaper rashed bottom, just more diaper time. Really bad behavior would result in bare bottom spankings or paddlings and then put back into my wet messy diaper.
  7. Pants pooping?

    I've pooped and peed in my pants from time to time. I really love the feeling of being naughty. I'd really love to poop my pants and have my butt paddled for pooping my pants and then sit in the corner in my poopy pants. After a long time in the corner, they'd clean me up, give me a good bare bottom spanking and put me in a thick diaper. I've self spanked myself for pooping my pants, but I'd really love to get a really good spanking from someone, much more than I can do to myself.
  8. Favorite poopy

    I prefer large, really soft loads in my diaper. My favorite is having an enema or a suppository then diapering up. Then I'll hold it in until I can't hold it anymore. I'll walk around the house, trying to hold it, up and down the stairs as it eventually starts forcing it's way out, filling my diaper with a nice, warm, squishy load.
  9. Bigger, bulkier but soft messes?

    Eat a whole lot of prunes. It works for me in about 3 hours
  10. About an hour ago. I got some free time today, so I diapered up and took a nap. I got up and wet then did some chores around the house. I got the urge to poop, so I loaded up my diaper. Finished what I was doing, then sat down and paid some bills. The poop is nice and soft, so it squished all over my butt and feels really good. I'm going to sit in it a few more hours and enjoy it as long as I can.
  11. PeekABU from ABU

    I agree. I've seen some tests on other sites where they add 100 ml of water to the front of a diaper at a time then sit down on a hard chair and see if it leaks. They end the test when the diaper leaks. I think the ABU Space/Little Paws held about 2300 ml. I think they are rated around 4000. So maybe this new diaper will hold around 3 litres???? Still sounds awesome. That's a lot of beer before I need to change. LOL
  12. PeekABU from ABU

    6 Litres, wow, that would be absolutely amazing. That could last all day and night, maybe longer. I can't imagine walking around with a diaper that wet on. I need to get me some.
  13. Thinking back, were your spankings fair?

    I agree with Mike, spanking was a lot more common than it is to. I believe that my spankings we're fair. I deserved them. They ranged from just a wack on the butt with a hand for minor things to bare bottom with the belt for really bad misbehavior. Like Mike said, you usually knew when you were going to get it. One of my worst, most memorable spankings was when I was probably about 7. What I did was really bad and did deserve a spanking. My Mom sent me to my room to wait for my Dad to get home from work. That was torture, because I knew what was to come. When my Dad got home, my Mom told him what I had done. It wasn't long before he came up to my bedroom. He sat down and talked about what I had done and how bad it was. I agreed. It kinda gave me some relief, thinking that maybe I wouldn't get spanked. Then when we were done talking, he told me to get up. I did. He put my pillows in the middle of the bed. He said ok, pull down your pants and lay on the pillows. Your underwear too, as he took off his belt, a heavy, leather work belt. I laid down on the pillows, which put my bare butt up in the air a little bit. I remember him telling me to take it like a man, then gave me a good butt whooping. I don't remember how many licks I got, but it was quite a few. He had to tell me to move my hands a few times as I tried to block the wacks. The sting lasted several hours, it was a whooping that I didn't soon forget. That was the only time that I can remember being spanked in that position.
  14. There's actually several articles about this, if you Google it. One article was about a whole family from Boston, all in diapers. One article mentions $9.99 for 17 diapers. I really don't think those diapers would last the 18-20+ hours people waited. Even with minimal fluid intake. Wonder how many ended up having to go #2 and couldn't hold it. LOL I wonder if it was their first experience with diapers?? If it was their first experience wearing them, could it spark an interest in diapers????