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  1. Post when messy.

    Any luck hunting????
  2. Post when messy.

    Came home from work and could barely hold it in. Put a diaper on and let loose. Had chilli for dinner last night. Now I'm sitting in a nice, wet n messy diaper.
  3. Every regret not messing?

    Yes, I do. I fantasize about extreme diaper discipline, being in diapers for long periods of time and diaper rash as punishment. Well anyway, one time I stayed in a wet, messy diaper for 36 hours and I had a pretty good/bad diaper rash, depending on how you looked at it. I got up early in the morning, got cleaned up, put a fresh diaper on and went out hunting. The area was about two hours away. My plan was to mess my diaper during the hunt, then have to sit in it for the two hour trip home. I wet my diaper a few times, but I chickened out messing. The rash did hurt and I wasn't sure how much more it would hurt with a fresh mess, sitting in it for the two hour drive home.
  4. strict diaper change time

    I've read about strict changing times with diaper discipline. The times could be extended if the person in the diaper asks to be changed or for misbehaving.
  5. punished girl

    You should have thought about your sore bottom before taking the money and misbehaving in Church. I definitely think that it's fair to get another spanking.
  6. How can i get the best diaper mess

    Like others have said, lots of prunes
  7. Post when messy.

    Hot wings for dinner last night, hot butt this morning. I'm going to just sit here and enjoy it for a while.
  8. Need paddled

    I've been bad. I just pooped a big load into my diaper. I know I'm in trouble. Who's going to paddle my bottom?
  9. Who was spanked for bedwetting

    I was spanked for a lot of things when I was growing up, but don't remember ever getting spanked for wetting the bed. I didn't have a bed wetting problem, and really don't remember wetting the bed, although I'm sure I probably did a few times. I do remember having a few accidents in my pants, during the day, both wetting and messing accidents. I remember thinking that I was going to get a whoopin, but didn't. Mom or Dad just cleaned me up.
  10. I also prefer a real mess. I've never tried a substitute. There are Nullo tablets that you can take with meals that greatly reduce the oder of your poo. If I want a huge load, I eat stuff that will make me go.
  11. Fastest laxative

    I'll definitely have to try that. The prunes that I always recommend make you cramp up to. You do feel good later, all cleaned out, plus you have a really full diaper on.
  12. Post when messy.

    Woke up today with a little bit of an urge to poop, so I grabbed a diaper, inserted a suppository and diapered up. Had a few beers, did some chores around the house and let the pressure builds up until I couldn't hold it any longer. Oh, what a wonderfully warm, soft, squishy mess. Now I'm just sitting here in a nice wet and messy diaper
  13. That is an awesome feeling. I like to take an enema, usually a quart and diaper up. Then I'll go lay in bed for a while. I'll roll side to side, both to ease the pressure and to let the enema work it's way in as far as it can. When the pressure builds to the point where I can barely hold it any longer, I'll get up and walk around the house, doing chores or whatever. I'll try to hold it, but I can't. A little bit leaks out, then a little bit more, and some more. Going down the steps to the basement really seems to let it come out into my diaper. Sooner or later, I give in and let it all go into my diaper.
  14. Post when messy.

    Just came home from work this morning, diapered up and filled it up. Sitting now in a nice, big, squishy load.
  15. I admit it

    I consider myself a DL also. I have thought about getting a baby bottle, though. Thought about going to a farm supply and getting a bottle made for farm animals, bigger than a baby bottle. I really like some of the new "Adult baby" diapers coming out, like the Lil Paws.