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  1. Spanky


    I love the crinkle sound when I'm home by myself. If I go out in public with a diaper on, I don't want any crinkle sound at all.
  2. I play with trains for a living so I can't get high. I will drink on my weekends. Beer leads to lots of wet diapers.
  3. I'm in just my diaper right now. T-shirt and a diaper is always awesome too.
  4. In a wet Rearz Daydreamer diaper right now. Pretty gassy, so the condition of my diaper may be changing in the near future.
  5. Probably pretty soon. I'm pretty gassy right now. Maybe a cup of coffee will help.
  6. Maybe an hour or so ago. Kind of a late poop for me today, but got it done in my diaper. I've been in this diaper, a Rearz Daydreamer diaper, for about 8 hours now, but I didn't use the potty since before I went to bed last night. So, it's got about 17 hours of pee in it and it feels amazing right now, soaked and messy. Got up this morning and put the diaper on and flooded it right away with all the pee that built up in my bladder overnight. After I pooped, I sat down at my reloading bench on a hard wooden stool. It really made my mess squish in my diaper. All over my butt cheeks, up my butt crack and up between my legs to my nut sack. I've been sitting here reloading shotgun shells and doing some laundry. Every time I sit down on this stool, I get to feel the poop squish around some more. Time to go put another load of wash in the washer. Hopefully I'll get another load in my diaper before I have to change.
  7. A wet Rearz Daydreamer diaper right now. Been in it over 6 hours now, but there is over 15 hours of pee in it. Woke up this morning and flooded it with all my overnight pee. Then I went back to sleep for a while. Feels like I'll be pooping in it soon. Normally, I drink a lot of fluids to wet a lot. Today, I'm just going to drink a minimal amount and see how long I can make this diaper last.
  8. Spanky

    DL to AB

    I'm mostly a DL, but have moved a little bit more towards an AB. Probably could call me an AT (adult toddler). I'm not into pacifiers, bottles (other than beer bottles) or cribs. I have moved from all white diapers to a lot of printed diapers.
  9. I do like to get spanked while in a messy diaper. A good paddling with a thinner diaper on can still sting. The padding does break down with each swat and each swat becomes more effective to a naughty bottom. Just takes a lot more swats to get a point across.
  10. Changed out of my wet and messy Adventure Puffs diaper that I was in for over 6 hours into an ABU Alpha GatorZ diaper. Think that this is my last GatorZ diaper and last ABU diaper. Down to Rearz, Adventure Puffs, Crinklz Astronaut and Northshorecare diapers in my stash right now. This GatorZ diaper is already wet 😃
  11. Nice. Would be better with more than just one little pee.
  12. Anyone ever go to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas? I guess if you don't finish your food, you get a spanking. I guess I'll have to try it and not finish my food.
  13. So many reasons for me. Like others have said, it's about getting my money's worth out of the diaper. I also just plain love the feeling of a soaked, sagging diaper. The feeling is just amazing to me. A full load in the back makes it even better for me. Also, for me, I have a thing for diaper punishment, or diaper discipline. Along with spanking, if I'm bad, I'd be left in my diapers for extended periods of time. Good behavior would earn diaper changes. Bad behavior earns long periods of time with no diaper change.
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