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  1. Spanky

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    The Megamax diapers are pretty good, after wearing my first one. I weighed one and then put it on. The Megamax is actually lighter in weight than some other my other diapers. The fit for me is good and the diaper is comfortable. I had a good fit, but decided to adjust the tapes to see how well they hold up. As others have said, it takes some effort to untape these tapes. I wet the diaper and I could barely feel the first wetting, other than the warmth. I consumed some fluids and had a couple more wettings without issues. Then I went to bed. I woke up with an urge to pee, so I let it out and the diaper continued to swell. I let out moderate wettings, nothing that I would consider a flood. The diaper was still very snug. I got up and walked around the house and sat down in a wooden dining room chair. No leakage and the front of the diaper was pretty swollen. Not much moisture in the seat of the diaper. Even though the fit was still good, I decided to adjust the tapes again, several times. One time, I even untapped all four tapes and reapplied the diaper. A few more smaller wettings, followed by sitting in the chair for a few minutes. Sitting down seemed to put stress on the tapes, as it felt even tighter than when standing, but the tapes held. When I noticed a small leak, I stopped wetting the diaper, but continued to move around and even re fastened the tapes again. The tapes are incredible on these diapers. I had the diaper taped on very tight and they never failed. When I finally took the diaper off and rolled it up, I was a little bit disappointed. Even though the diaper had swollen up huge in the front and groin area, when I rolled up the used diaper, it didn't seem much different than other diapers that I've used. The wet diaper weighed 3 pounds, 9 1/4 oz. The diaper weighed a little bit over 7 oz. dry before I put it on, so we'll call it a 3lb 2oz. change in weight. Doing the math, it works out to 48 fluid oz. of capacity. That is what Northshorecare rates the Megamax large diaper capacity at. I was thinking, or hoping that they were under estimating the capacity, but it was dead on, at least for this one test. The Megamax does have some crinkle noise as I walked around the house, in just the diaper. Putting on a pair of jeans and walking around the house, I couldn't hear the sound anymore. The diaper is somewhat concealable when dry, but swells up quite a bit when wet. The tapes are really what make this diaper stand out, I think.
  2. Spanky

    Megamax have arrived

    Santa Claus came early. He came down from the Northshore. I finally broke down and ordered some Northshore Megamax diapers and they have arrived. I just put one on and am pleased with it so far. I'm like a little kid at Christmas. Super excited about trying these new diapers out.
  3. Spanky

    What's in your diaper stock?

    The Megamax diapers have arrived. I'm sitting here in one now
  4. Spanky

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    Finally broke down and got a package of the Megamax diapers. Just put my first one on. One wetting and it doesn't even seem like I've wet it. The tapes seem really good so far. I had a good fit when I put it on, but adjusted the tapes for the heck of it, they're actually a little hard to unfasten. I can't wait to put this diaper through the paces.
  5. Spanky

    Wear diapers, win car

    Maybe the contest created some new DL's?
  6. Spanky

    Attends vs. Abena vs. Crinklz

    I would think that you could find somewhere that would be able to ship them to you by the end of this week if you ordered them yesterday when you posted. Maybe not your regular store, but someone would be close enough to ship.
  7. Spanky

    What Is Ur Drink Of Choice?

    IPA's, Stouts, Porters, Craft beers, Home Brews.
  8. Spanky

    Would you

    Heck yeah!!! We all go, why not enjoy the go!!!!
  9. Spanky

    What's in your diaper stock?

    Soon to have some Megamax diapers in my stash
  10. Spanky

    Diapered shopping day

    LOL, that's how my wife shops.
  11. Spanky

    Attends vs. Abena vs. Crinklz

    If you are happy with your Crinklz, get some Better Dry diapers. They're the same diaper as the Crinklz, just plain white.
  12. Spanky

    Northshore's new Mega Max diapers a review:

    Thanks for the review
  13. Spanky

    Diapered shopping day

    Wow, that's a great shopping experience. Do you take Nullo or some other oder control? That's amazing to mess your diaper in a store and no one noticed. So did the mess just come out, while you were around others in the store, or did you go over to a part of the store where nobody was to load your diaper.
  14. Spanky


    It's a a difficult question for us to answer without any information. What kind of incontinence? Dribble, urge, lite, heavy,bladder/bowel. For lite bladder leakage, some kind of pull-up/disposable underwear may be best for you. For heavy bladder and or bowel incontinence, a brief/diaper would be best. Pull-ups would allow easy use of the toilet. Tape on briefs/diapers are a lot harder to slide down to use the toilet. You just have to try different products and see what works best for you. Everyone is different, what I think is a good product may not work so well for you. Sorry couldn't be more helpful.