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  1. Post when messy.

    Hot wings for dinner last night, hot butt this morning. I'm going to just sit here and enjoy it for a while.
  2. Need paddled

    I've been bad. I just pooped a big load into my diaper. I know I'm in trouble. Who's going to paddle my bottom?
  3. Who was spanked for bedwetting

    I was spanked for a lot of things when I was growing up, but don't remember ever getting spanked for wetting the bed. I didn't have a bed wetting problem, and really don't remember wetting the bed, although I'm sure I probably did a few times. I do remember having a few accidents in my pants, during the day, both wetting and messing accidents. I remember thinking that I was going to get a whoopin, but didn't. Mom or Dad just cleaned me up.
  4. I also prefer a real mess. I've never tried a substitute. There are Nullo tablets that you can take with meals that greatly reduce the oder of your poo. If I want a huge load, I eat stuff that will make me go.
  5. Fastest laxative

    I'll definitely have to try that. The prunes that I always recommend make you cramp up to. You do feel good later, all cleaned out, plus you have a really full diaper on.
  6. Post when messy.

    Woke up today with a little bit of an urge to poop, so I grabbed a diaper, inserted a suppository and diapered up. Had a few beers, did some chores around the house and let the pressure builds up until I couldn't hold it any longer. Oh, what a wonderfully warm, soft, squishy mess. Now I'm just sitting here in a nice wet and messy diaper
  7. That is an awesome feeling. I like to take an enema, usually a quart and diaper up. Then I'll go lay in bed for a while. I'll roll side to side, both to ease the pressure and to let the enema work it's way in as far as it can. When the pressure builds to the point where I can barely hold it any longer, I'll get up and walk around the house, doing chores or whatever. I'll try to hold it, but I can't. A little bit leaks out, then a little bit more, and some more. Going down the steps to the basement really seems to let it come out into my diaper. Sooner or later, I give in and let it all go into my diaper.
  8. Post when messy.

    Just came home from work this morning, diapered up and filled it up. Sitting now in a nice, big, squishy load.
  9. I admit it

    I consider myself a DL also. I have thought about getting a baby bottle, though. Thought about going to a farm supply and getting a bottle made for farm animals, bigger than a baby bottle. I really like some of the new "Adult baby" diapers coming out, like the Lil Paws.
  10. The Spanking Future

    Awesome story.
  11. My worst punishment

    Mr. Jones came running out of the house. He ran over and shut off the tractor. Is everyone ok, he asked in a concerned voice??? Everyone was just stunned, looking at me in disbelief, wondering what the hell I had just done. Mr. Jones turned to me, What the hell are you doing Edward???? What the hell is wrong with you????? I didn't know what to say. I just sat there, in disbelief of what I had just done. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I started to panic, knowing the trouble that I was now in. I looked at the crinkled hood of Mr Jones' new lawn tractor. I looked at my friends, staring at me. I felt my pull-ups getting wet, my bladder was uncontrollably voiding. I looked up at Mr. Jones and tried to stutter something. He cut me off and told me to save my story for my father. With that, He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off of the tractor. He walk me over to my bicycle, grabbed that and began walking me back to my house. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I pleaded I'm sorry, I'm sorry Mr. Jones. I knew that it wouldn't help, but I pleaded anyway. I began to sweat profusely, with the anticipation of what was surely to come. With each step, my mind went crazy, wondering what my punishment would be. My butt was still tender from the paddling that I had received the night before. Come along Edward, quit dragging. Mr. Jones grip tightened on my arm as he walked me back to my house. We arrived at my house and my Dad was washing his truck. What's up Bill? My Dad asked. Then he realized that Mr. Jones had walked me home, wheeling my bicycle alongside. What's the matter Bill, Edward, what did you do???? My Dad asked. Mr. Jones proceeded to explain to Dad that I had crashed his new tractor into the garage. What do you have to say for yourself???? Well????? What was going through your head?????? You're lucky that you didn't hurt someone!!!!! My Dad said. I just hung my head n cried. I didn't know want to say. I could feel myself wetting again. I could feel my pull-ups getting wetter. Well??? Say something!!!! My Dad demanded. I stuttered I'm sorry. My Dad took my bike and set it in the garage then grabbed my arm and took me into the house. I'm sorry Dad. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything. My Dad took me into the kitchen and Mr Jones followed. Dad felt the seat of my pants then pulled back the top of my pull-up. Well, it looks like you're wet, but clean. If you have to go to the bathroom, you had better do it now son. But Dad, please, I'm sorry. Please, no. I was balling my eyes out now. I'm sorry Mr Jones. I'll fix it. My Dad replied, too late, you should have thought about that before you got on that tractor. Then he headed upstairs. I knew for what. He returned a minute later with my paddle and some bath towels. Noooo, please noooo. I'm so so sorry. Please no. Dad grabbed my arm and said, come on Bill, let's go into the living room. Dad pulled me into the living room and Mr. Jones followed. This was so embarrassing, not only was I going to get paddled, Dad was going to do it in front of Mr. Jones. It got more embarrassing. Dad said, make sure your bladder is empty, pee your diaper, make sure you are empty. Dad! I said He said, just do it. No back talk, you're already in enough trouble. Dad laid the towels over the arm of the couch I tried, but can't pee any more. Please, I'm so sorry. Then it got even more embarrassing, Dad handed the paddle to Mr. Jones. Here Bill, he wrecked your tractor, you should paddle him. I felt my face turning beet red.tears were pouring down my face. Okay Edward, pull down your pants, bare your bottom and assume the position. Please,. Please don't. I'm so sorry. Do it, my Dad said. I knew it was a losing battle. I slowly unfastened my shorts and eased them down. Then I slowly slide down my, now fairly wet, pull-up diaper, exposing my bare bottom for the paddle. Alright son, now spread your legs and bend over the arm of the couch. I positioned myself next to the couch, spread my feet out a little and bent over the arm, laying in the seat cushions. Mr. Jones got into position. I felt the paddle on my bottom. It slid back and forth as Mr. Jones lined it up. My butt cheeks tensed up in anticipation. A few quick taps, then WACK!!!! The first seat landed right on the sweet spot. Pain traveled trough my whole body. It stung so bad. My buttocks were damp from my wet pull-up, plus sweat, plus still tender from last night's paddling. I let out a loud cry, then the second one landed. WACK!!!!! A split second after the first. Just as hard, Just as painful as the first. In the same spot as the first. WACK!!!!!!! The third landed a split second after the second, again as hard and in the same spot. I couldn't take it. The pain was incredible. My hands instinctively reached back to cover my butt. I begged, please, no more, I'm so sorry, please. WACK!!!!!! The forth swat landed below my hands, on the backs of my thighs. That hurt just as much as the ones on my butt. Dad said Move your hands, son. Move your hands. I slowly pulled my hands away from my buttocks. WACK!!!!!! As soon as my hands were clear, the forth swat to my butt found it's mark, in the same spot as the first three. My hands instantly returned to covering my butt. My buttocks were hot and I could feel the welts swelling. WACK!!!!!!! A sixth swat landed, this time back on my thighs. My Dad grabbed my arms and held them up and out of the way. I continued to beg, please, no more. No more. It hurts so much. Please, I'm so sorry WACK!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!! Three more swats, in rapid succession. My butt was on fire. I couldn't stand another. I bent my legs up, blocking any more swats with my feet. The pain was just incredible. Mr. Jones set the paddle down on the coffee table. My Dad released his grip of my hands. Now don't rub you butt son. Thinking that I was finally finished, I started to stand back up. My Dad pushed me back down onto the sofa, Stay there son. Could there be more??? My butt already hurt so soooo bad. Next thing I knew, I felt my Dad doing something with my shoes. It took a moment, then I realized what was happening. My Dad had tied my shoe laces to the legs of the couch. Please, no more. I learned my lesson. I pleaded and begged. Please Dad picked up the paddle and asked Mr Jones to hold my hands. Mr. Jones sat down on the couch in front of me and grabbed ahold of my arms. I was now totally helpless, no way to protect my butt from more paddling. My Dad positioned himself and again I felt the paddle in my buttocks, as Dad lined up to administer his licks. WACK!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!! Three swats landed, with several seconds delay between each one. You know, son, what you did today was really stupid, the dumbest thing that you have ever done. WACK!!!!! WACK!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!!!!! You could have really hurt yourself or someone else. WACK!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!!!!!!! You had better never, Ever do anything like this again. WACK!!!!!!!!!! Now you're done. Stand up, pull up your diaper and go up to your room and sit in the corner. Rub your butt or get off of your seat before you're told and I'll repaddle your butt. Understand????? Ye-yeyeeees sir. My butt hurt like it's never hurt before. 17 total swats on my bare butt and 2 more on the backs of my legs. Mr. Jones let go of my hands and I slowly stood up. The skin on my butt was so tight and welted, it hurt just to stand up. Then I squatted to pull up my diaper. The wet diaper had cooled a little while it was down and was quite soothing as I slowly eased it up into place. Dad untied my shoes and took them off and took my shorts the rest of the way off. I apologized one more time to Mr. Jones then headed upstairs to my bedroom, in just my shirt and wet pull-up.
  12. I am going to ask the people

    There's a first for everything. Bare your bottom and bend over. The longer you wait, the worse it'll be. Added swats, harder swats, paddled until your bottom is black and blue. You may as well get it over with.
  13. Being spanked on a pooey nappy

    I love every time this topic comes back up, as it's a huge Fantasy of mine. I have self spanked my diapered bottom with a very large wooden spoon and it does work. Depending on the diaper and how many swats, the diaper padding will break down, then it's basically just the inner lining and plastic backing between your bottom and the wooden spoon. Almost bare bottom. A heavier hair brush or a thicker, narrower paddle would work too. Not sure about cloth diapers, as they wouldn't break down.
  14. I am going to ask the people

    Paddled long and hard on your bare bottom then put in a thick diaper and sent to bed.
  15. I really like to have a diaper on the day after eating hot, spicy food. I love filling my diaper with a nice, big, hot n spicy load. Then I'll sit down and squish it all around. It feels so good!!!