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  1. Spanky

    Enema recipes

    Black coffee. Brew a pot of coffee, let it cool to body temperature, pour into the enema bag and enjoy
  2. Spanky

    1st time

    Suppositories can take a little while to work. Enemas work pretty fast. A lot depends on how big the enema is. A big, 1 or 2 quart one will be hard to hold in and will want to come right back out. I really like to try to hold it in as long as I can. Then it starts to leak out into my diaper, it's like loosing control and having an accident in my diaper. Hope you enjoy your experience
  3. Spanky

    Questions about diet...

    Chocolate makes my pop sticky. Eating corn will leave corn in your pool, some people find that disgusting.
  4. Spanky

    Preparation for a newbie?

    If that's what you want, go for it. I've only ever self spanked. I'd really like to have someone give me a true punishment spanking, paddling, actually, but I've never worked up the courage. I did make a paddle with a clay target thrower. Replaced the thrower arm with a paddle and mounted it to my work bench. Cock it, bend over in front of it and pull the trigger cord. Those swats stung like hell. Not sure how it would compare to a pro. Be sure to have a safe word. Discuss what you expect out of it. What kind of implements to use. Do you only want your butt warmed up or do you want it to be hard to sit the next day. Let us know how it works out.
  5. Today. I came home and really had to go. I almost didn't make it. I thought about putting a diaper on and really loading it up, but I've got too much stuff to do today.
  6. Spanky

    Diaper dares?

    You could eat a whole box of prunes and drink some prune juice. You'll be cleaned out in about three hours and have a really full diaper. Then sit in your messy diaper for several hours. Eat some hot and spicy food the day before, mess your diaper and sit in it all day. Get a big, heavy wooden spoon and give yourself a good bare bottom spanking. Give yourself a big enema and put a nice thick diaper on. Hold it in until you can't hold it any longer and it starts to leak out and fill your diaper. It's a wonderful feeling to lose control and poop yourself. Just a few ideas.
  7. Spanky

    What feels better?

    I voted messy. I, to would have liked the wet and messy option.
  8. Spanky

    Odd diaper fantasies you have

    My diaper fantasy is to be disciplined with diapers, forced to wear them, wet and messy, for long periods of time. The more I misbehave, the longer I'd have to stay in the diaper. I'd be double diapered to handle leaks and only the outside diaper changed when needed.
  9. Spanky

    Punish me

    Me to. I'd love to have my butt paddled black and blue for messing my diaper then forced to sit in the corner, still in the loaded diaper.
  10. Spanky

    Preferred spanking method

    I've only ever self spanked myself. I would love to get spanked by someone, both on my bare bottom and with a messy diaper on. My favorite implement would be a paddle or a giant wooden spoon, especially if I'm still in a diaper. Probably bent over, grabbing my ankles would be my position or bent over a desk. Maybe the diaper position with the wooden spoon.
  11. All the time. I like really big, soft loads. So when I drop a huge load in the toilet, I think of how good it would have felt sitting in my diaper.
  12. When I want a huge load, I'll eat a whole bunch of prunes. They're really high in fiber and they work for me in about 3-4 hours after eating them. Warning, they can cause some cramping, then your bowels will be explosive. Your diaper will be full.
  13. Spanky

    Naughty little girl (open)

    If you are bad, I'll lift up your skirt, pull down your diaper and spank your bare bottom black and blue with a heavy wooden spoon. After your spanking, I'll give you an enema and put you in a fresh diaper then sit you in the corner to think about what you have done After a long period in the corner, I'll march you to your bedroom and put you to bed
  14. Spanky

    Discipline fetish

    The diaper should contain everything during the spankings. If there's any worries that the diaper may break open, plastic pants can be used. I did have an Attends diaper "pop" years ago while spanking myself with a big wooden spoon. Fortunately, the diaper was clean and the padding was dry. The fluff from the diaper did make a little bit of a mess.
  15. Spanky

    Potty Training

    I can vaguely remember a few potty training moments. The cotton terry cloth training pants and the little potty chair. I can remember using the potty chair a few times, but that's it. My Mom told me that She used both cloth and disposables on me. Disposables were just coming out at the time. I can't remember being diapered or any diaper changes.