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  1. ozyadel

    Vintage Attends 1990

    Attends from the mid 1990's were (at one point) the actual youth diapers I wore for bed wetting.
  2. ozyadel

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    The urge came back to try diapers when I was around 19 so I started with depends diapers , It wasn't the first time I ever wore diapers but just wanted to wear them again, before that I was a bed wetter growing up, had anxiety and other behavioural issues, my parents got tired of the nightly bed wetting routine so they bought me pullup's to begin with which sort of helped to some degree but still would leak a lot, I ended up wearing tape on youth diapers when I was about 9, after the initial shock and the embarrassment I actually grew very fond of them and I actually liked wearing them to bed each night.
  3. pics on my profile on "about me" tab

    1. Idzy


      Hey mate,

      Nice pics. Looks comfy :)

      Just wondering what diapers you're wearing in those photos?

    2. ozyadel


      old vintage attends 

    3. Idzy


      Well, enjoy them while they last,

      Just like all the mainstream commercial manufacturers, the saying "they don't make them like they used to" couldn't apply more.

  4. Thanks for following me

    1. ozyadel


      You're very welcome