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  1. By way of example, a case of North Shore Megamax cost US$86.99. After trying these I simply can't go back to anything else for overnight. Even using a shipping agent that my business does high volumes with, it costs me roughly US$140.00 in shipping fees to get it to Australia. If they could possibly ship direct (or if dreams could come true and they could Drop Ship from China), it could cut out a lot of the cost of shipping and handling of goods going backwards and forwards across the globe (hint hint) and if possible when their production issues are solved, I may be able to buy in bulk and ship by sea, but we'll see if they let me. For now, I'm just glad they let me buy their products as they have been life-changing.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to give them away, and nobody local seems to be interested. Even if someone is shy and non participatory, this may be their first introduction to the joys of wearing a decent diaper. Although your point about size is kinda important. PS: Looking to take advantage of others for free stuff generates negative karma. Even if you feel hard-done-by, ripping someone else off doesn't make you smarter than them, and will only yield negative dividends in the long run.
  3. What size are you. If you're a Large, you're probably in luck. I've got an extensive collection that my wife desperately wants to reduce the size of to make room for our nursery build. Domestic shipping within Australia is cheap enough that it'd be worth your while, and I've got a pack of just about every ABDL nappy ever released. Hit me up if you're interested, however you'll need to pay the transport cost (which we'll give you original receipts for), or you can arrange postage yourself.
  4. Terry1996: If you really want me to, I can get back to you with exact pricing, however in my experience, shipping from the US to Australia always costs me more than the value of the actual diapers themselves if sent by traditional couriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, even USPS). So I imagine it would be the same going in the opposite direction I hope I was clear when I mentioned Melbourne, Australia, not Melbourne in Florida. If sent by sea, it'd be worth you looking through my entire surplus inventory (provided you're my size) to make sure you're getting the best value for money, as sea shipping is geared towards higher volumes. I have a background in logistics and can arrange for sea shipment to your door at a price that may make these "free" diapers better value than simply purchasing them locally, however it will take 6 to 9 weeks door to door. My advice would be to simply purchase them locally. Whilst I do have a large stockpile, it isn't enough to really warrant a sea shipment and will most likely cost you the same as buying them locally, but be a major headache for me to organize. I'm sorry my friend, I really wish I could help you.
  5. IIRC: We were both in nappies on our wedding day. It's long day, with lots of fluids, and too many distractions. Makes perfect sense. Whoa, be nice... Maybe like us they both wanted the security on one of the most nerve wracking days of their lives. I wish them well into the future
  6. Just hope this fad doesn't spread too far, or all our SAPs will become illegal drug precursors.
  7. OK, i tried this before, and i guess I picked a time too close to Christmas / New Years. Does anyone want to support me in organizing a meetup? I'll put the bulk of the work in, but I'd just like to gauge the interest. Please post here rather than PM, obviously personal details should be kept private. But if there are enough of us who want it, we'll make it happen.
  8. Hey guys, I've got an obscenely large collection of ABDL diapers, and my wife is putting pressure on me to reduce the amount of storage space these take up. So it is with great disappointment that I'll initially offer 2 Packs (sealed and unopened) of Crinklz (large) and a single pack of L/XL Bambinos dinosaurs (again, sealed and unopened), completely free of charge for pick-up in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. You'd also be free to rummage around in the rest of my collection and take whatever I don't desperately want to hold on to. If you're not in this area, we can ship them to you at cost. These are great nappies, however we're literally running out of space to store them. This is a trial run to see how much interest we get, but there are a LOT more where they came from. All have been stored in ideal conditions, and to be honest it's sad to see them go. I just hope they make someone happy In addition to this, I have 3 commercial grade Ozone generators which will completely disinfect and purify the air and surfaces in the stinkiest of places. (WARNING: These devices are extremely hazardous to use without proper precautions, however when used correctly, will remove any malodorous remnants of wet or dirty nappies in 20 minutes). They are used by professional cleaning companies to decontaminate murder scenes, night-club owners to remove the smell of stale vomit, beer and urine, and in scientific clean rooms to maintain aseptic conditions. So if you've got a musty room, a stinky diaper pail, or a bed that's been wet a few too many times, these will do wonders with a single treatment, however they aren't toys and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly. Full safety instructions provided (in English).
  9. I'll need to look more closely, but I haven't noticed this problem. I shower every day an haven't noticed any residue on my skin, plus I wear a thin white onesie over them in the daytime to hide the waistband, and again, have not noticed any staining or ink residue there. The climate where I live is fairly dry, and I spend most of my time both at work and at home in an air-conditioned environment, so perhaps just haven't been exposed to the humidity you have. I suffered a severe Thoraco-lumbar injury affecting my T10-L2 vertebrae, and am lucky to be able to walk, however have no feeling whatsoever below my lower back As such, I too suffer from incontinence, and like the balance that Tykables have struck between something a little fun, and something that those who may see my disposed diapers in the trash (always within a sealed bag, but still) would notice as overtly "babyish". At night I am an extremely heavy wetter (between 4 to 6 liters a night), as my body doesn't produce ADH - Anti Diuretic Hormone, but thus far having experienced no leaks can't say that this has played a part. For the most part I still wear MegaMax at night, as these are the only diapers I really "trust" for such volumes without extra covers and plastic pants (which I now find almost unbearable after having gotten used to nights without them). Thanks for the heads up. Now that you've mentioned it, I'll probably notice it 😟, but so far haven't had any problems.
  10. To be fair, they haven't made a big deal about it, except here. Their commercial website includes no such mention, nor should it. It's great that Adam is transparent and open enough to explain the details to the community, and I can't in my wildest dreams imagine that it's a publicity stunt. Chinese contract manufacturers are a law unto themselves, and you often don't know there is a manufacturing issue until it's too late. The supply chain for anything made in the PRC is long and drawn out, with a good dose of deception thrown in, with assurances like "nothing has changed" and "everything is the same as before". I'm kinda dependent on these, as I've not found a diaper like it, but have samples of all 4: Gen1 - darker "North Shore" logo - The original MegaMax, well built, absorbent in a way that no other diaper is! Gen2 - Lighter "North Shore" logo, but same mechanical properties as Gen1- As amazing as the first. Gen3 - Thinner outer shell, substantially less SAP and less "bulk" in the crotch, plus a slightly different different cut, likely made using a cheaper, higher volume process GenBlue - Similar thickness and SAP distribution to Gen1 and Gen2, but still a similar cut to Gen3. I have the utmost faith in North Shore that they'll restore the MegaMax to their original glory, and urge anyone who is critical of North Shore to consider any other manufacturer who has been as transparent and honest with the community than North Shore have been. This would be excellent!
  11. Hey all, In the past I haven't had much luck with Tykables diapers (their clothing is great), not that there is anything particularly bad about them, just they have never really been a great fit for my body. In the interests of curiosity, I figured I'd give their latest ones a go. Honestly, I was really surprised, they fit really well, are super comfy, absorbent and have hook and loop tabs. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first night, was really impressed. With a booster, these work very well even for side-sleepers, and though they are printed, they're not so obvious as an ABDL diaper that you can't pass them off as medical product if needed. Really impressed guys, great that you've finally made a diaper that fits bigger guys Anyone else had experience with these?
  12. OK. This bit of advice is a little bit shifty, but as an employer myself, I've been fooled by this tactic on more than one occasion. Find a company which has recently filed for bankruptcy / been liquidated / closed down and claim to have worked for them until you were one day out of a job when the company unexpectedly went belly up. Not only will this fill in gaps in your resume, but it will engender a sense of loyalty, that you "went down with the ship." It's next to impossible to disprove, and provided you work hard in your new position, it will do your new employer no harm.
  13. I had a housemate like this for 4 years. Aside from the obvious feeling of injustice you have as you wake up on a Monday morning, only to find him just heading off to bed, it is not healthy for him, nor a healthy situation for your mental health. Unfortunately, my housemate said that he "wanted to work, but couldn't get his foot in the door". I called in favors from everyone I knew, and got him 4 or 5 jobs, all of which he was terminated from within a week. One of those jobs was with my Brother, who ultimately had to terminate him. Eventually, I did muster the courage to evict him, however one of my parting questions was "did you ever get fired on purpose" to which he answered "always, I don't want to work, welfare pays well enough". The sad thing about this is that I put my reputation on the line for this guy, with colleagues, friends and family, only to find out that he was working to an intentionally poor standard and engaging in conduct with the objective of being fired. There is no helping some people, and it took me over a year to recover psychologically from the stress he caused me, and I would shudder to even tally the financial cost. Whilst he is your brother, the best thing you could do for both yourself and him would most likely be to send him back to live with his father (I know this places additional stress on your father, but he is probably the only one who can discipline him). Also, he will be able to see first hand where his money is going, and hopefully talk some sense into the man before he kills himself, and brings you down with him. P.S. Please bear in mind that "cold turkey" alcohol withdrawal for an individual who is physically dependent is medically dangerous, and unless undertaken in a hospital or detox center can be fatal, due to all kinds of CNS irregularities including seizures, cardiac arrhythmia and suffocation. Please don't throw him to the wolves in this regard, and ensure he is under medical supervision during his acute detoxification.
  14. These days, this may be the best course of action. Any soft-skills, such as written and verbal communication, networking, and just general maturity and common sense will play a big part in how rapidly you progress in a new field or career. Unfortunately, it seems that automation and technology is supplanting so many previously "stable" jobs and careers that there doesn't need to be a "robot uprising" to greatly affect the quality of life for much of humanity, and not in a good way. I wish you all the best in your search for gainful employment, and salute you for your persistence in the face of hardship, in that you're not giving up, nor giving up hope. You will find something, but don't rule out a change of career, even if it means setting a lifetime's worth of experience aside and starting afresh. Even if it's just temporary whilst you still look for work in your field of expertise, any income is better than no income.
  15. As someone who now works in the financial services industry, credit card debt is an awful thing, as is PayPal (who somehow established themselves as "Not a Bank™"), without any regulatory body caring. Having PayPal as your primary source of revenue, unless you do extremely high volumes and can take the odd whack is extremely risky, as PayPal will almost universally resolve all disputes in the purchaser's favor, with sometimes devastating consequences to the seller. So expect this, and ensure that you positively never screw anything up, OR charge a premium for PayPal over direct credit card payments via a merchant service. (Their terms and conditions prohibit this, however it is unenforceable if done transparently at the time the payment method is selected) On my other point, the interest rates charged on credit cards should be criminal, however it is based based on an an unsecured loan that could be lost at any second. They make up for this with extortionate interest rates, fully expecting a certain percentage of defaults. It's just a mathematical formula to them. If you happen to be in serious credit card debt, see a debt consolidation advisor immediately, this will often reduce the interest rate by over 50%, however you will lose the freedom to make new purchases on borrowed money. Work out if you can afford this practically before doing such a thing. Credit cards have seen a lot of people through tough times, and can be repaid once your life is back on track. There is nothing inherently wrong, or evil about them, they are what they are, and you know what you're signing up for. They're a tool, and you can use them properly or improperly. Let me also assure you that there are no "get rich quick" schemes offered to the general public, the only person who may "get rich quick" is the person or people who invented the scheme, so please save yourself the heartache of finding that out the hard way. Collections of commodity items (such as cards - regardless of how "rare" they are) generally don't appreciate in value at all, and if so, do not do so sufficiently quickly so as to make a substantial profit in one's lifetime for it to be a worthwhile investment. If you're looking for an investment, simply buy the Dow Jones index, which has shown consistent average growth over the long term. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for hard and smart work. Always look for a position which maximizes your remuneration, and try to save. Even it's a simple regime of $20 per week, this will add up quickly, and give you a buffer against hard times, and a sense of financial security and control. I know this may sound obvious, but always pay off the debt which attracts the highest rate of interest first, and proactively negotiate payment plans with larger entities such as the IRS or Medical Providers. My final piece of advice is, do NOT try to start your own business when in this position. Starting a new business is risky enough on it's own, requires capital and an extremely comprehensive knowledge of a particular market. Find the best job you can, and work hard, but work smart. Take the best remuneration you can, and exercise some self-denial in terms of consumer goods for a while. You can and will beat this, and when you do, you'll come out of it with so much more confidence and self-respect.