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    • this is a great story. One question, what is a skylo? is it similiar to thise funnel cakes or some other confectionary?
    • Bowel incontinence would ruin my life, this too excites me but I wouldn't cope with the daily accidents.
    • Catherine filmed the entire spanking on her phone, and then Kayla kissing Suzanne. "Those were the cutest kisses I've ever seen. I hope you learned your lesson, babygirl. You must understand, that you are no longer an adult. You are a babygirl  now and anyone adult, even a toddler over three-years-old, will be an adult for you. Do you understand? And now you can Let's go have some fun while I grab something to eat." - Catherine said. Suzanne was delighted with Kayla's humiliation... And how she kissed her. "Okay, apology accepted. I saw a playground nearby, shall we go?" Suzanne said, put a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and, taking her by the hand, leads her to where the playground is located; there were a lot of childrens of different ages there. “Don’t be shy, they won’t hurt you, even though they’re all older than you. Let’s start with this,” Suzanne teased and leads Kayla to the horses on springs. "Get on the horse. Feel like a cowgirl. I'll help you," Suzanne coos and helps Kayla onto the horse.
    • Chapter 4 Ashton woke up confused and frightened, he was surrounded by pink bars, and was wearing a  T-shirt that said “Vote for Pedro,” that was way too big for him.  He felt the now familiar sensation of a swollen Goodnite between his legs and saw much to his embarrassment it was on full display. It only got worse when he sat up in the bed and saw that he was in a baby's room.  There was a crib, a changing table, a big pink plastic playhouse set.  Slowly the memories from the last night came back, meeting Stacey, having an accident on the plane, losing his luggage and wearing his sisters clothes, and everyone thinking he was a girl.   He had vague memories of coming into the house, but that was it.   Ashton saw that the low pink rails had an opening in the center of the bed and rolled himself up.  Folded up neatly on a shelf near the bed was his Sister’s clothes that he wore last night, but there was no underwear or a dry goodnite, so he put on the shortalls and strapped them over the oversized T-shirt.  There was a body length mirror on the wall and Ashton took a moment to check himself out, he realized that the rear pockets on the shortalls were decorated with pretty stitched flowers. His hair was still braided and he looked like a girl.   Some strange feelings hit Ashton, he was tempted to put his Sister’s blue top with ruffled sleeves back on, it was much prettier than the T-shirt, but he forced those stupid thoughts out of his mind.  Looking around he saw that his baby cousin Lisa was asleep in the crib, peacefully sucking a pacifier.  Overcome by curiosity Ashton walked across the nursery stepping around toys and a giant stuffed bunny towards the crib and the nearby changing table.  He looked over his shoulder, the door was open but no one was there so he returned his attention to the changing table and the nearby stack of diapers.  On the floor was a box of Pampers size 6 diapers.  Driven by a curiosity he couldn’t explain Ashton reached out to touch the diaper on top of the stack. “Good morning sleepyhead,” he heard and quickly spun around seeing his Mom standing in the doorway.  “I see you’re up and looking around,” she said as she walked over and took a look at the sleeping girl in the crib.  “Did Lisa cry or anything last night?”    “I guess not,” Ashton answered. “Nope she is a very good sleeper now, but she didn’t used to be,” Jennie said as she entered the nursery.  “There’s breakfast waiting for you Ash,”  Jennie said and then woke Lisa up and lifted her,  “Oh, we’re just soaked aren’t we,” she said as she tickled the girl who stretched and spit out her pacifier. “Ashton, would you like to change your cousin’s diaper?”  Jennie asked.   Ashton froze, he found the idea of changing Lisa very interesting, but he also thought that as an 11 year old boy that diapers and baby stuff should not interest him,  “No way that’s gross,” Ashton said. “Ahh she’s not gross, at least not now, she’s just wet, not stinky,” Jennie said and tickled her daughter’s belly. “Umm speaking of changing?” Ashton’s Mom said, giving him a questioning look.  He turned beat red and nodded. “Oh hey Ash, bring your wet Pull-up back in here and I’ll show you how to put it in the diaper pail,” Jennie said.  Ashton turned an even bright shade of red and nodded then walked to the bathroom.   “Mom that was so embarrassing,” he said as she handed him a Princess Goodnite from the stack she held.   “You’re in a house full of women and girls Ash, three of which wet the bed, it's not that big of a deal so get over yourself,” Lori said.  Ashton was confused until he realized she was talking about him, his sister and his baby cousin, then he was even more embarrassed that his Mom included him in the list of “girls'' that wet the bed, but before he could complain she opened a cabinet in the bathroom that had a maxi pads, tampons, and a half used package of goodnites.  “Jennie said we can keep you and your Sister’s Goodnites in here.  When you get up just come in here and change, then take your wet one back to the Nursery.”   “Wait, why do I have to put on one now?” Ashton asked. “You don’t have any underwear, and if you have another accident in your sister's shortalls you’re going to have to wear her jean shorts with butterflies and rainbows, or one of her skirts,” Lori said with a laugh.  Ashton grumbled and undressed, taking off the wet pull-up and sliding a new one adorned with the Little Mermaid up his legs.  After getting his clothes back on, he carried the swollen Goodnite back to the nursery, trying to keep it hidden from everyone else who were down the hallway in the kitchen.  He found Jennie in the nursery just finishing changing and dressing Lisa. Jennie took the wet pull-up from Ashton,  “We tried pull-ups with Lisa for a while, but she’s just not interested in potty training yet,” she said absentmindedly.  “Anyway, tear the sides and then roll it up and tie it like this then push it through this hole, make sure to push it way down before closing the lid” showing Ashton how the diaper genie worked.  Ashton nodded.  “Hey pal, I know it's embarrassing, but it's not that big of deal, your Mom wet the bed, did she tell you that?”  Ashton laughed.  “Anyway if you don’t want to carry your wet pull-up from the bathroom just take it off in here.  Put some spare Pull-ups in a drawer in our dresser.   You can change clothes here if you want, I mean Lisa’s only 3 so that’s no problem, but in general Elizabeth and I are not big believers in modesty.  Everyone’s got a body there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.”  Ashton wasn’t sure what to make of that and didn’t reply.  “Well anyway, I bet you’ll stop bed wetting in no time,” Jennie said. 15 minutes later Ashton found himself in a busy kitchen surrounded by girls eating breakfast on a busy Monday morning.  His Mom was over the stove frying eggs,  Jennie was bringing a plate of eggs and toast to Lisa who was in her high chair, Elizabeth was dressed in pants suit reading a newspaper and drinking coffee, while the other girls were all in their nightgowns eating.  “Those overalls look really cute on you,” his oldest cousin Sable said.  She was 13 now, but to Ashton she had changed so much from the girl he remembered on their last visit that she might as well be an adult.   “Ash, we're going to go do some shopping today and get you some clothes, OK?”  His Mom said.  Still stinging from his cousin’s joke Ashton just nodded in silence.  After breakfast he realized that getting into the bathroom wasn’t going to be easy in a house with 3 women and 4 girls.  The house had two bathrooms but after finding them both locked a couple times Ashton gave up and went back to the nursery to play pokemon on his DS. Eventually his Mom came in, “Hey Ashton, umm, do you want to put your Sister blue shirt back on and go to Wal-Mart with me?” she asked. “Umm, not really,” he said. “Well that shirt is way too big to wear out,” she said. “Do I have to go,” Ashton asked. “Well no, but if you don’t go I’ll pick out some clothes for you,” she said.  Knowing that his Mom would likely pick out the dorkiest clothes possible Ashton put down his Nintendo and agreed to go.  Jennie had given Lori some money and given her a list of  things they needed, there was some left over to buy food for her family and some clothes for Ashton as well. As he followed his Mom through the giant Wal-Mart Ashton tried his best not to draw attention to himself, but people kept smiling at him. He realized he needed to use the bathroom, but he couldn’t go in the boys’ bathroom looking like a girl, and he couldn’t go in the girls’ so he just decided to hold it.   After shopping for some food they went to the boys clothes section,  “Look at how cool this shirt is,” Lori said, showing him a T-shirt with an over the top skater graphic that was on clearance. “Mom, there’s a reason why that shirt is on clearance, it’s lame,” Ashton said.  He picked out a Pokemon T-shirt.  His mom found a pair of jean shorts on clearance that Ashton found acceptable. “You should get your suitcase tomorrow or Wednesday so I think one outfit will be enough, just one more thing to get,” Lori said as she steered them to the baby aisle.  “Are we getting something for Lisa?” Ashton asked. “No, but I thought you might want to get some boy’s Goodnites,” his Mom said. Ashton felt his heart sink a bit, for whatever stupid reason he couldn’t explain he liked the girly princess Goodnites, but he knew that he shouldn’t.  Plus he didn’t want everyone in line to think he needed bedwetting pants.  Maybe he could weasel his way out of this. ‘Do you have enough money?” Ashton asked. “Yeah we can afford a package,” Lori said. “But don’t you have like a ton of the ones I’ve been wearing?” Ashton asked. “Well yeah, I brought like 20, and your Sister didn’t wet hers last night, but don’t you want to wear something less girly?”   “Sure, but I know money is tight, and what if you buy them and I don’t need them, I hate to be wasteful.  Don’t you have boxes of them coming with the moving van?” Ashton asked.  Lori raised her eyebrow, this didn’t really sound like Ashton.  It wasn’t that he was selfish, but he’d been complaining about wearing the girls pants for 2 weeks and now it was no big dea?l  She almost asked him if he liked the girls Goodnites now but decided that would be rude.  She just nodded and returned the boys Goodnites to the shelf, happy to save 10 bucks.  In the checkout line Ashton started to freak out, he needed to poop, it was way worse than he thought.  The people in front of them had a big order and it was taking forever, and then Ashton felt a stomach cramp, and tried to clamp down, but without warning he pooped.  As if things weren’t bad enough he wet himself, he tried to stop it and was successful for a bit but then it hurt and he let it go again.  He looked down to see a wet spot form on his shortalls and felt a small stream of wetness going down his legs and collecting on his sock. Luckily the Goodnite absorbed most of it. Ashton could see the restrooms in the front of the store and there was no lockable family room here, he just froze up and stood there scared to move.  “Hey Ash, Earth to Ashton,” his Mom chuckled.   “Huh what?” Ashton said.   “We’re done, it's time to go.  You look lost, is something wrong?” Lori asked.  Ashton just shook his head. When his Mom got everything loaded in Jennie’s minivan Ashton stopped her from getting in, “Mom I had another accident,” he said. “Wait, what?” Lori said then looked down at the front of her son’s shortalls and saw the wet spot on the crouch.  “Ashton, please tell me it’s just pee,”  she said. “No,” Ashton said as he felt himself turn red.  Lori spun him around and checked his rear. “OK I don’t think you’ve had a blow out.”  She looked around the back of the van and found a jacket, then used it to cover 8 year old Trish’s booster seat.  “Sit down really slowly OK,” Lori said.  Ashton sat down and felt the mesh in his pull-up squish and started crying.  His mom buckled the 4 point harness over him and got in the driver’s seat.  “You should have rode in that car seat on the way here anyway, you’re not really big enough for the front seat,” she said.  Lori sat down in the driver seat and turned back to her son,  “Ashton, wipe your eyes, its not that big of a deal,” she said. “Your not mad?” he asked. “Well, did you mess yourself on purpose?”  she asked. “No Mom, of course not,” he said. “Then I’m not mad, but we’ll have to find out why you’re doing this, bedwetting is one thing, but 11 year olds don’t poop their pants, especially not 2 days in a row,” she explained.  On the drive home the poopy smell grew so Lori drove with the window down.  When they arrived home she unbuckled her son and helped him out, “Now go straight to the nursery and wait for me.”  Ashton did as he was told and waited several minutes standing in the room while his Mom brought stuff in.  Jennie walked in holding Lisa and sat her in the crib. “Ashton, what are you doing in here,”  his aunt asked. “Umm, waiting for my Mom,” he said. “OK,” she said and sniffed the room.  She went back to the crib and sniffed then back towards Ashton who was fidgeting in a messy pull-up that was quickly becoming uncomfortable.  Jennie saw the wet spot on one side of Ashton’s crotch and asked,  “Ashton, did you have another accident?”  Unable to speak and feeling his face turn red Ashton just nodded, then Lori came in the room and shut the door behind her.  “Hey Jennie, um, this is kind of weird, but I need to change Ash, do you have a changing pad?” Lori asked. “You could go use the shower? Jennie said. Lisa stood up in crib and shouted,  “He’s got a stinky diapy.” then giggled.  “I thought about that, but I thought it might be kind of gross, to get poop in your shower.”  Lisa said.  Jennie nodded and pulled a folded up changing pad from a diaper bag hanging on hook by Lisa’s crib.   “So has he ever had an accident like this before?” Jennie asked as Lori spread the pad on Ashton’s pink bed and started undressing him.   “No, not I mean, yeah when he was like 4 I guess, and he wet the bed for awhile when he was 5, but this is new.” Jennie answered. “Mom, I’m like right here,” Ashton said. “Step,” Lori said, ignoring her son’s comment as she slid the shortalls down Ashton’s legs revealing a very full pull-up.   “Here’s some baby wipes.  I’ve already done my share of diaper changes today, so I’ll leave you to it,” Jennie said and left the room.  Ashton was directed to sit on the pad while his Mom tore off the Pull-up and wiped his bottom.  “Mom, I can do this myself,” Ashton said and squirmed. Lori gave his leg a light smack, “Settle down, it’s just much easier if I do it.”  Ashton was even more surprised and complained when she rubbed baby powder all over his bottom. “This will help you feel better, and keep you from getting a rash.”  Ashton couldn’t understand it, he knew deep down that he wanted to be treated like a baby so he knew this should make him happy, but he felt horrible that his Mom was treating him this way.   Once he was in a new Goodnite, Lori handed him his new clothes and he quickly put them on.  “Ash, bedwetting is one thing, but if you have another accident then I’m going to have to take you to the doctor, because that’s really not normal,” his Mom said.  Ashton nodded and his Mom hugged him. After having a sandwich for Lunch Ashton went back to the nursery and played his DS for awhile on the bed.  He was interrupted when his Mom and Aunt came in and dumped out a trashbag full of Sable’s old clothes  from a few years ago that they were going to donate.  She knew there were Pajamas that Ashton could wear, and maybe some other clothes.  His oldest cousin was 13 now and dressed in a more mature, almost Goth style, but apparently a few years ago she had been dressing like a girly girl.  Everything in the bag was cute.  Ella came in and looked through all the clothes and took a dress.  “Here are some Pajamas you can wear until yours show up,” his Mom said, handing him a set of light purple PJs with little stars and Moons.   Ashton felt torn again looking through the clothes, he felt excited and wanted to try on some of the outfits, but at the same time ashamed and humiliated to be in this situation so he tried to act uninterested as he looked through the clothes. “OK Ash, I don’t think there is much else here for you, so I’ll just take this back to the shed,” Jennie said.   “You could just leave here in the closet, just in case, I guess?”  Ashton said. “In case what?” Lori said with a chuckle. “Well… Like what if my suitcase doesn’t show up, or what if Ella needs some more clothes?”  Ashton said. “So if your suitcase doesn’t show up you’ll wear this stuff?” Lori asked. “Well I can’t go naked can I Mom?”  Ashton said.   “There’s plenty of room in the closet, and I need to take that bag of clothes to donate, that is if Ashton doesn’t find something in there he wants to keep” Jennie said and chuckled.  The Nursery had two closets, on one side there was a smaller closet for Lisa, and on the other was a much larger storage closet that wasn’t seeing much use so they bagged up the clothes and placed the bag in the closet.  Ashton eyed the bag, excited that it was staying in his closet for now.    
    • I release, but I don't push. So it comes out at a natural rate, which is slow. 
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