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  1. https://www.northshorecare.com/adult-diapers/adult-diapers-with-tabs/northshore-supreme-tab-style-briefs Mix & Match: Order 4 or bags in total for automatic 5% savings! Same as White Supreme Briefs. Now also available in Blue, Green or Purple. Same colors/design as the LITES, now in Supreme absorbency!
  2. Very sorry about the quality issues for sure. The Supremes are such a dense product that sometimes the compression can lead to stiffness in the core. Most of the time, leaving them open or fluffing them before use will solve this problem. However, there are always random times when the stiffness will limit the comfort and performance of the product. We're happy to replace any defective diapers. We cn also suggest trying MegaMax which is made differently and not as likely to have the stiffness occur.
  3. The blue MegaMax in sizes Small, Medium and Large are a little different than original MegaMax, but the feedback on them is generally very positive. There was one batch of white made in May 2019 which most of the complaints were from. We're almost through with them and then white will be the same as blue until both go back to old design completely in April timeframe.
  4. XL of both colors were not affected.
  5. Agreed. We decided not to change the leak guards this time, but just to test a few different variations on the leak guards at the end of the production run to really test the new designs and see if they will hold up and perform better. Merry X-mas to all!
  6. All 3 colors are on order for Supreme. Best guess is they will arrive in February.
  7. ConfiDry 24/7 Small are back in stock at NorthShore at northshorecare.com/4887
  8. Thanks again for everyones patience on this process. MegaMax was our first attempt to test Chinese manufacturing and we learned our lesson. The company I've hired in China to babysit the factory going forward is very well respected and is meeting with the owner of the factory on a regular basis and able to talk in his local language which is key. We are assured they will be back to the same style as what Idzy calls Gen2. There will be a little extra SAP polymers added in key locations to attempt to improve wicking even better. Additionally, we are trying to get the factory to make the leak guards stand up more at the front and back then before. They are testing this change now before the production run. It's a balance as with the extreme weight this diaper holds, we don't want the leak guards to pull off so they weld them down quite a lot which reduces the amount they stand up. I think we'll be able to improve it, just can't guarantee it will all be tested and agreed by the next run in January.
  9. The labels on the front of the bags have been updated to new design so it will be easy to tell when you get new one. Additionally, the date code on the bag will have a 2020 production date. Please note, that there have been no issues on size XL as those are still the original batch and will remain with existing design which has had no complaints.
  10. What if they were exactly the same as before...but with a slight improvement in absorbency & wicking? Perhaps we could label them "New & Improved" or "Old but Improved"?
  11. Thanks for your comments. We have worked this all out with the factory and they are now well aware of the problems caused by making changes without notice. We have hired an agent in China to babysit production from now on and test quality control as products come off the line to avoid this problem in the future. Thanks very much for your patience.
  12. We are evaluating options for better distribution in Canada for all our products. Expect to have some decisions in 2020. Thanks very much for your interest!
  13. The blue are not the same as earlier batches of white. They are good and better than the May 2019 lot of white for sure, but the leg shape and a few other things are slightly different. We hope to move both white and blue back to original design but it looks like it will be a few months until they arrive, unfortunately.
  14. Hoping to have Small Confidry 24/7 back in mid December. Still working out details with factory. Thanks for your patience!