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  1. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Squeeek, if you are already in to catheter play suggest you try making your first stent using a modified catheter. You know fill the balloon with 1 CC of fluid plug the fill line. Tie off with some 10Lb bradded line and you have instance incontinence. . A more complete set of instructions are here on DD somewhere or here on Fetlife.com
  2. My experience with stents

    PuppyZ the one thing I have discovered is we are not all the same. At least not when it comes to stent making and inserting. That is to say I had tried using a stent made with pre bent sections plastic tubing and found it not to work well for me. Uncomfortable and slipped out despite following the online information to the Tee. I have experienced great success with both a modified silicone 16FR catheter cut to 4.5" and also using Teflon airline with brass ferrules slide inside the airline to make a retaining ridge that slides in my bladder and stays in place with zero discomfort. Diaper Pro, I'm not saying don't give 24/7 a try, but I find it to be expensive to be diaper dependent not to mention trash day with curbside pick up and weighing a ton. I'm talking using three separate cans in order to subdivide the weight of the wet disposables. Maybe I should dig the cloth diapers out of the back of the closet when using my stent?
  3. pain in the ass

    I just replaced the fill valve in my 20+ year old May Tag washer. Tens years ago I did the transmission on the same washer. No reason to buy new here.
  4. Besides the comments above, why would you want to waste your hard earned cash on phony trips to the doctors hell every time I go I shell out a $35.00 cop pay just to say aha. .
  5. My experience with stents

    Na, I really enjoy it and that's the great thing about using stents , when you get tired of diaper wearing remove the stent. Depending on the amount of time you had used the stent you will return to normal right away or in some cases a few hours.
  6. My experience with stents

    I have worked with all three of the designs discussed here. I prefer a silicon catheter using 16FR with a 30 ml balloon stent but recently found my stent made from the blue silicon airline to be very comfortable. Over time my body has come to accept the stent to point that it is not noticeable to me at all. But the consistence dripping and the need to wear sure is!
  7. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Both will allow a direct path to the bladder so not a good idea. With the modified catheter or using a home made stent the open bladder is several inches upstream from the bacteria growing in your diaper. The constant dripping works to flush the path preventing bacteria from reaching your bladder. BTY, I have used the first model and found it uncomfortable.
  8. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    For the record I'm not in to messing as I have IBS and have enough accidents with out adding a tunnel plug. But if you will allow me to add a comment that the plug shown above is great. A bit difficult to get in but a wonderful full feeling. Now for me with IBS I can wear this plug about an hour maybe two and I have to go. If I don't remove it I will just leak around it. As for boring a hole thru the center I think when you cut thru the outer finish the inside will not hold together like you would hope as its not finished on the inside.
  9. My First mattress protector

    Yep, you have to have a mattress protector. This has saved my ass more than a few times.
  10. Pubic Hair Removal

    I use an epilator to. At first it was scary and painful. Over time the discomfort became less of an issue. Its like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. I have also noticed the hair is slower to return and thinner so my guess is in time there will be no hair in the region. The smooth skin is nice and clean up is much easier .
  11. Wow! Thickness!

    Nice wrap of the diaper you have there Christine. Yes cloth can add up quickly be nice and fluffy when dry.
  12. The big brown truck came!

    Is the skull and cross bones and indication of what may lay inside that diaper?
  13. Extreme Sports & Diapers?

    I ride MC also and find it very difficult to wet while seated in my saddle. May have something to with the saddle shape? The few times I have rode padded I would be dry until I stood a red light and then wet like all get out. This of course leads to leaks, at least I dry fast while ridding. As for being concerned about getting scraped off the highway while wearing, yea I have the same concern. Reading I found some Iron Butt riders will go with a catheter and drip line down the leg so they don't have to stop. Of concourse these are the same guys that add additional fuel tanks and are knocking off 1000 mile days.
  14. Better place to get diaper

    With Amazon you can archive your order. This removes the order from view but will allow you to search and find later. I'm pretty sure you can also make your wish list private. There is no way I want someone I know to see what I'm thinking of, this would dangerous. Of course on the other hand maybe they are in the same stuff and I just don't know it?
  15. when I retire...

    You have to think that when you retire your medical needs may increase. We have gotten around the islands and the thing we find speaking with the locals is that for real medical care they normally head back to Florida. So well I think it would be great being a beach bum on a tropical island I think I will stay in the US focusing on the Carolinas. Oh and taxes in PA are less but Delaware has the lowest tax base that I know of. I had folks in DE and more than once I filled the PU truck with a DE purchase to save the sales tax. As long as its not a motor vehicle your good to run. And that includes booze. Hell the local booze store just around the PA / DE line if filled with PA tagged vehicles. And no the police do not follow you to the border.