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  1. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Good write up, Have you considered going on to using as stent? Much less hanging out and you will feel every drop. As for getting out of the shower you can buy or make a clamp that will temporary stop the dripping.
  2. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    NICE JOB. Doesn't look much different that we all came up on our own
  3. Loveable_guy

    I made myself loose

    Always wonder if that could / would happen I enjoy a good cleaning but have always limited to every now and then. Same goes for large toy play back there, Feels great but always worried about permanent damage. Now we know.
  4. Loveable_guy

    What You Have To Deal With Wearing 24/7

    Great subject this post has evolved in to. Leaks are enviable.They will happen and normally at the most inopportune time. I have had the worse luck sleeping while using my stent. While the sleeping is great when eliminating the nightly bathroom trip(s) I have experienced two major leaks resulting major bet wetting. While I know some embrace bed wetting its not so cool when your not so understanding spouse in the same bed. Bath towels do a great job wicking the fluids from the sheets and mattress but do nothing for the staining and stink. The new mattress has a WP cover. I will normally cut back on the fluids before bed now too and use a WP pad. As for diaper fluffing I will twist and slap the diaper on the counter top to fluff the stuffing. Its helps a lot.
  5. Could not agree more with slow wetting extends diaper life. When using a catheter or a stent discussed elsewhere on this board even the cheapest diaper will hold more. Mainly because the fluids have more of a chance to dispurice thru entire diaper. How many of us will lay on your back just to see if you can fill the back diaper, I know I do. I hate throwing away half used diapers just because the front it full to capacity.
  6. Loveable_guy

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    Count me in as ready for the warmer weather and some saddle time on my Wing. I have some maintenance planed but still cold for the garage.
  7. Loveable_guy

    Male Chastity and Diapers

    Nice collection. On occasion I will wear my pink cage while sporting a diaper. What do you use the Magnum's for in chastity?
  8. Loveable_guy

    Second Test run of the week

    Nice write up. The North Shore Suprimes are a great product. With a stent in place and drinking a lot of fluids I can still go 6-8 hours. I always enjoy and feel like I got my money's worth when I can complete fill front to back, Only issue is trash day and the weight of the can. We have curbside pick up. Sometimes I need to use two cans just to limit the weight per can.
  9. Loveable_guy

    Curious of different applications

    We keep some in the night stand next to the bed. Great for clean up after making love. Its the only time I get to see my wife laying on a diaper.
  10. Loveable_guy

    My sphincter part 1

    Flowmax is still by prescription but Tamsulosin is OTC. Be careful playing around with medication. Good rule of thumb is take only only what you absolutely must to cure you and even then take with caution. A catheter or stent when used with care will give you better results with much less risk or side effects.
  11. Loveable_guy

    latex diaper cover

    They are hot and sticky but fun to wear. Shame they are not more available in the US.
  12. Loveable_guy

    How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    My wife will run hot and cold on diaper acceptance. I would like to be diaper all weekend but she has her limits and it best to respect the limits. On the other hand as Davein said above, "I love my diapers and won't give them up'
  13. Loveable_guy

    Diaper compost

    I actually had the planting instructions for a tree say to use a clean disposable diaper under the root ball to help with watering needs. I have a compost bin in the yard but it is strictly organic and includes lots of coffee grounds from the office. Paper from the shredder works well too along with grass and leaves.
  14. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Other that it has not happen to me once in four years I guess the retrieval line doing the intended job.
  15. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    I'm not a big fan of the formed hard plastic stent design. I gave it a try, never really got comfortable. To each their own I say. I have however used the attached with great success. Easy to make low cost, after use I wash in soap and hot water allow to dry and then soak in alcohol for twenty minutes before wrapping in a fresh paper towel. The balloon has 1 cc +/- of fluid inserted. To plug the cut end I use a piece of weed wacker line reduced in size to suite. Now that I have been using this design roughly four years now I have no discomfort at all when wearing. My longest continuous use time is only four days but that is due to family life.