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  1. You have to think that when you retire your medical needs may increase. We have gotten around the islands and the thing we find speaking with the locals is that for real medical care they normally head back to Florida. So well I think it would be great being a beach bum on a tropical island I think I will stay in the US focusing on the Carolinas. Oh and taxes in PA are less but Delaware has the lowest tax base that I know of. I had folks in DE and more than once I filled the PU truck with a DE purchase to save the sales tax. As long as its not a motor vehicle your good to run. And that includes booze. Hell the local booze store just around the PA / DE line if filled with PA tagged vehicles. And no the police do not follow you to the border.
  2. Sounds a lot like my wife. I once turned the clocks ahead to get us somewhere on time. It was breakfast meeting of the MC group we belong to. When we got there, she said why are we early? I don't know was all I could say. She caught on and this quickly became a onetime trick. Oh and the can't get of the house until 11AM or the cleaning is more important crap boils me. Its gets to the point that I will map out a schedule the night before and say if you want to join me I'm leaving at X time. It helps but she will still be 10 minutes late. Its as if being late is acceptable, maybe for some but its not me.
  3. Very cool, I would like to know more about this design too. Could you post your construction notes?
  4. These look interesting. shame its a prescription only product in the US. As for the Coloplast product if you don't mind the packaging labeled with the contents you can order on EBay from overseas sellers. Pricing is much better that the US based firms.
  5. I can't disagree with the posted findings but on the other had it sure works for me. Also when I cut way back on my fluid intake and my urine gets stinky a glass or too will improve that stink in a day or less. Take care of your self and play safe.
  6. Ferix, you did not mention that you had gone to the docs? A UTI can be risky business and most on here will urge you to get the docs unless you have strong antibodies on hand. Now if you are going to go with the home remedy I suggest you drink plenty of Cranberry juice for the next few days The acid in the juice helps to flush the bladder. Signed, The voice of experience,
  7. Check EBay guys for peristeen plugs, Just be aware your postal inspector and the mail delivery person may notice the package is from Russia and customs declaration on the outside of the box states the contents. Yep is says anal tampon or maybe it did say plug. Either way I have IBS and did not think they worked that great for me.
  8. This is the biggest thing any new user needs to understand. Regardless of your stent design its trial and error. In my case there were several failures and one trip to the ER. Now that I have it figured out its an easy install that fits great. Stay wet my friends and play safe.
  9. Cathdiap, I would be concerned they would wait until you were out for surgery and then place a Foley in you. The results could be disastrous. I have woken up with a Foley and was very surprised. Funny thing is when I insert a Foley nothing hurts, in the hospital it hurt like all get out. Best of luck on your elective surgery.
  10. Cathdiap, very glad things have returned to normal. I'm sure you were not looking forward to that conversation at the doctors? Ferix have you considering using a Foley to make your stent? While I was successful copying and making stents such as discussed here I found using a silicon Foley inflated with 1 CC of fluids to work best for myself. The hollow silicone plugs look interesting but keep in mind the value of using a stent is the safe distance between our bladder the diaper area. With the silicone plugs you are creating a pathway that could allow germs to migrate in to our bladder making for a nasty UTI.
  11. I would check your diets guys. I found something simple like Winter Green Life Savers to be like taking a laxative for me. When I figured it out and did the research on the product it was an eye opener. At the time of discovery I was averaging 8 to 10 Life savers a day. Of course stopping the stent use is an easy way to check too. Oh and going to the doctors is not a bad idea either although I have not do that myself. They have a test for everything and they are more than willing to spend your money having you go for testing.
  12. The shortest I have worked with was 4". I still leaked uncontrollable. As for retrieval line strength I use a braided 10lb test that is not noticeable after the first few hours of use. As IND says tying the knots good and tight is important. I normally work with longer length line. Making the knots by using tools to pull tight. Once everything is tight I trim close
  13. I was put under and a scope of some sort was used. No cutting but there was bleeding for the next 12 hours. For the record they kept my stent too, them dirty rat basters. I was way to embarrassed to ask for it.
  14. Cleanliness is rule #1 in this game. In the beginning six or seven years back I had two UTI months apart. Both I contribute to poor housekeeping on my part One of the errors I made two years back was using a small O ring while using one of the earlier stent designs. The O ring was on the end of the retrieval line. While enjoying a nighttime erection the stent was pulled in the bladder. The O ring followed and I spent the next twelve hours in the ER. Now a days I use an O ring that slips over and behind the helmet. I noticed over the weekend while once again enjoying a wonderful erection the stent was pulled hard in to the bladder. The larger O ring made the save. My guess is the contractions were pulling the stent inward? Anyone else notice this?
  15. Sign me for the old version of Depends. They were great for a short time use plastic diaper.