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  1. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Shaver is not the only one to have a stent or a modified catheter get lost in their bladder. And for the record I was lucky in that it was fished our using the same pathway that it got in there. My mistake was using a small O ring that was while sleeping pulled in to my bladder. Overall it cost me a day in the ER (very embarrassing ) and about $2100. USD in co-pays that medical insurance did not pay. One might thing I would of placed this hobby on the list of 'don't do that again' but shorty after recovery I was back at it but this time with a much larger O ring, one that slides over my shaft. Oh and the line I use now is a 10Lb test braided fishing line. No more dental floss for me, at least not down there. And for the record them rat baster's in the ER kept my stent too. It must be hanging the hall of fame under 'look what stupid did now'. Play safe and remember to tie off tightly.
  2. My experience with stents

    Actually with this catheter stent or the homemade airline stents when laying down you will likely stop leaking but when you stand the flood gates open. More that once after raising from a nap I have run to the bathroom knowing my diaper was about to burst!
  3. My experience with stents

    WOW, I don't get to read a bunch on this board but I had no idea we had a crash. What a shame we had acclimated a wealth of information. I noticed some folks are having issues getting there stent in to place. While I can work my stent up my shaft and in to place without tools I made what I call a pusher tube that gets my stent in the right spot every time. You will noticed two marks on the tube. these are for the two different stent lengths that I work with. As most of the stents I have seen on this board they all have a hole in one end. In to the hole or opening in the end of the stent goes the end of the pusher tube, As long as I keep a forward push on the stent/pusher tube the pin on the end of the pusher tube stay in place. Once I reach the bladder using the mark indicated on my pusher tube I know the stent is seated. Of course if I have full bladder there is a sudden rush of urine To make this I use a solid piece of plastic tube (end of a hobby paint brush) cut to a 1" length. Placing the 1" piece in my drill and spinning while holding sandpaper on the short end enough materials were removed so the short end fits in to my stent. Of course the other end fits nicely in a 12" section of vinyl airline. The positioning marks were my by marking the exposed end of Folly when inserted and inflated to full volume. This gives me the distance to the inside of my bladder to the outside of my penis.
  4. getting older

    Yea, tell me about it. being told I have RA this year was a highlight. You either take pills that will cause other problems or you deal with the pain. The only bright side is I get less rejection from the wife now when I diaper. Oh and compression thigh-highs are your friend and look kind of sexy with your diaper.
  5. My experience with stents

    Squeeek, I use a 30CC balloon and inflate with 1-maybe just under 2 CC of fluid. Using a silicone cath I have no issues with lumping on one side.
  6. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Squeeek, if you are already in to catheter play suggest you try making your first stent using a modified catheter. You know fill the balloon with 1 CC of fluid plug the fill line. Tie off with some 10Lb bradded line and you have instance incontinence. . A more complete set of instructions are here on DD somewhere or here on Fetlife.com
  7. My experience with stents

    PuppyZ the one thing I have discovered is we are not all the same. At least not when it comes to stent making and inserting. That is to say I had tried using a stent made with pre bent sections plastic tubing and found it not to work well for me. Uncomfortable and slipped out despite following the online information to the Tee. I have experienced great success with both a modified silicone 16FR catheter cut to 4.5" and also using Teflon airline with brass ferrules slide inside the airline to make a retaining ridge that slides in my bladder and stays in place with zero discomfort. Diaper Pro, I'm not saying don't give 24/7 a try, but I find it to be expensive to be diaper dependent not to mention trash day with curbside pick up and weighing a ton. I'm talking using three separate cans in order to subdivide the weight of the wet disposables. Maybe I should dig the cloth diapers out of the back of the closet when using my stent?
  8. pain in the ass

    I just replaced the fill valve in my 20+ year old May Tag washer. Tens years ago I did the transmission on the same washer. No reason to buy new here.
  9. Besides the comments above, why would you want to waste your hard earned cash on phony trips to the doctors hell every time I go I shell out a $35.00 cop pay just to say aha. .
  10. My experience with stents

    Na, I really enjoy it and that's the great thing about using stents , when you get tired of diaper wearing remove the stent. Depending on the amount of time you had used the stent you will return to normal right away or in some cases a few hours.
  11. My experience with stents

    I have worked with all three of the designs discussed here. I prefer a silicon catheter using 16FR with a 30 ml balloon stent but recently found my stent made from the blue silicon airline to be very comfortable. Over time my body has come to accept the stent to point that it is not noticeable to me at all. But the consistence dripping and the need to wear sure is!
  12. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Both will allow a direct path to the bladder so not a good idea. With the modified catheter or using a home made stent the open bladder is several inches upstream from the bacteria growing in your diaper. The constant dripping works to flush the path preventing bacteria from reaching your bladder. BTY, I have used the first model and found it uncomfortable.
  13. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    For the record I'm not in to messing as I have IBS and have enough accidents with out adding a tunnel plug. But if you will allow me to add a comment that the plug shown above is great. A bit difficult to get in but a wonderful full feeling. Now for me with IBS I can wear this plug about an hour maybe two and I have to go. If I don't remove it I will just leak around it. As for boring a hole thru the center I think when you cut thru the outer finish the inside will not hold together like you would hope as its not finished on the inside.
  14. My First mattress protector

    Yep, you have to have a mattress protector. This has saved my ass more than a few times.
  15. Pubic Hair Removal

    I use an epilator to. At first it was scary and painful. Over time the discomfort became less of an issue. Its like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. I have also noticed the hair is slower to return and thinner so my guess is in time there will be no hair in the region. The smooth skin is nice and clean up is much easier .