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  1. latex diaper cover

    They are hot and sticky but fun to wear. Shame they are not more available in the US.
  2. How much do you wear diapers in front of significant others?

    My wife will run hot and cold on diaper acceptance. I would like to be diaper all weekend but she has her limits and it best to respect the limits. On the other hand as Davein said above, "I love my diapers and won't give them up'
  3. Diaper compost

    I actually had the planting instructions for a tree say to use a clean disposable diaper under the root ball to help with watering needs. I have a compost bin in the yard but it is strictly organic and includes lots of coffee grounds from the office. Paper from the shredder works well too along with grass and leaves.
  4. My experience with stents

    Other that it has not happen to me once in four years I guess the retrieval line doing the intended job.
  5. My experience with stents

    I'm not a big fan of the formed hard plastic stent design. I gave it a try, never really got comfortable. To each their own I say. I have however used the attached with great success. Easy to make low cost, after use I wash in soap and hot water allow to dry and then soak in alcohol for twenty minutes before wrapping in a fresh paper towel. The balloon has 1 cc +/- of fluid inserted. To plug the cut end I use a piece of weed wacker line reduced in size to suite. Now that I have been using this design roughly four years now I have no discomfort at all when wearing. My longest continuous use time is only four days but that is due to family life.
  6. My experience with stents

    NO WAY, don't try this with the suction cups. If you do manage to get this in place you will likely end up in the ER. If you are having troubles fashioning a working stent consider using a Foley inflated with 1 CC of fluids, cut short around 5.5". There should still be some photos around this board if not under my profile on Fetlife.com there are some . After one trip to the ER to have failed stent project removed I have devolved my stent to be completely unnoticeable to me when in use. Unnoticeable to me except for the continuous need to change into a fresh dry diaper. Please don't end up n the ER. Play safe and yield to the advise of the elders on this board. We learned our lessons the hard way, some very expensive too.
  7. My experience with stents

    So your saying you left a stent in place for five months? Did you have any problems other than needing to wear diapers 24/7. When you had it removed was it fished out the why it entered or was it thru surgery? Afterwards did things return to normal or did the incontinence continue?
  8. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Could you post the details that go along with the pic? Or maybe a link to the site? Some interesting stuff going on in this pic, I would like to know more.
  9. My experience with stents

    WELL SAID! You don't start out putting a stent in without being an experienced catheter user. Get to know yourself, what to expect and when to stop. And most importantly how to be clean / safe.
  10. My experience with stents

    Have you done any catheter play in the past? While Cathdiap is undoubtedly the expert here his design takes some time adjusting for your body. Making a stent from a 16FR Foley is much softer and easier for the first time users. But I don't recommend stent play until one has mastered cath play. As for measuring where to place your stent. next time you have a Foley in place mark the catheter at the point where it exits your penis. Once you remove the Foley trasfer the distance to whatever you are using as a pusher too,
  11. Cath and Diaper tips?

    Very normal. Keep it lubricated with some KY Jelly .
  12. penis chastity devices

    Mark, congrats on being put in to chastity. I wear this model among others from time to time. Be sure to ad some lube to keep things from getting stuck and pinching. Baby oil does well when using a metal device. Not sure how baby oil would do with this model? OLD PA, I tried a similarly device to induce incontinence. Worked as expected but it was not comfortable for me at all. All, any time you have an open path to the bladder you are at risk for UTI. The risk is less when you drink lots of fluids and the bladder is continuously draining but once the bladder is drained you have a greater UTI risk. Them little germs can work their way upstream when the flow is slow. The exception to this seams to be the stents discussed on this board. Apparently with the stent being further upstream the germs are not able to make their way that far. And with the slower continuous dripping the UTI risk is greatly reduced. Play safe and stay wet!
  13. Cath backflow prevention valve?

    When I was using caths I would often use a paperclip over the end to restrict the flow therefor adding a back presser in the cath. I thought was as long as there was a outward presser nothing could swim upstream. Not sure it was good idea. A safer one way valve can be purchased online. You can also cut up a external drain bag to get to the back flow valve.
  14. Catheter issues

    Well, when you are ready there is lot of good information on this board to help guild you and we all add something so when you are ready ask away.
  15. getting older

    The really cool thing about the compression stocking is the wife tells me to go put them on when she see me hurting. And she encourages me to wear to bed even while making love. Oh and being in the north with all the cold weather they help to keep you warm. So sexy or not they do help!