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  1. Loveable_guy

    Last Beg Post for Fund Raiser

    $25.00 sent for the board thru Paypal. I sent you a PM as the user ID on PP is not the same as on this board.
  2. Loveable_guy

    Last Beg Post for Fund Raiser

    SO perhaps I missed a few pages but Paypal is no longer an option to donate?
  3. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    A classification of NEWBORN in this society is no big deal, LOL. Very honorable of Bettypooh to offer this.
  4. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Wetknight, Long detailed post are a good thing. And yes we had a board crash several months back and lost some content. I see the board has listed the above as your first post but you joined April 2014? Regardless welcome. There are several designs, some work well for some and not so well for others. I think Cathdiap is the originator of the bent stent design while I have had great success working with a 5.5" length 16 FR Foley. One of my more recent post describing the construction that works great for me is here Folley Stent Jump to May 24th post.
  5. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Welcome back Cathdiap. Its not an easy fetish to escape and for me not a fetish I want to escape from. May your stent fit well and your diaper always be wet.
  6. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    For me when I have my stent installed I can barely feel the cap behind the ball sack between my legs. I found the prefect length to be 5 1/2". Depending on the catheter you are using this could differ? Play around with length, see what works for you.
  7. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Its trial and error until you find what works for you, more fluid maybe? For me about 1 CC maybe 1 1/2 and it stays in for days
  8. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Not that I want this but are you having this done as a necessary medical procedure or have you found a kink doc to work with?
  9. Loveable_guy

    My experience with stents

    Nope, the cap has a hold punched in to allow the retrieval line and fluids to pass thru.
  10. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    If you buy the right size cap and there are several the cap fits tightly over the catheter. If it should come lose the retrieval line is passing thru the hole in the cap so its not going anywhere.
  11. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I have on occasion had received a PM asking how make a stent or what works for me. In consideration of the board crash and knowing that answering a PM will not benefit the community from which I learned I will repost what works for me. I have tried the ridged PVC tubing heating and making bends, worked OK for me. I later worked with blue silicone airline available on Amazon, very soft. Some on here have managed to roll the ends, not me. What I did do was to add two brass ferrules inside the airline. One about ¾” of an inch from the end and second at 1 ½”. The ferrules were placed on a tapered pair of forceps. The airline heated in boiling water and in the ferrules went worked in to the airline. The idea of the two ferrules was one would slip inside my bladder while the other would hold the stent from slipping further inside. Again worked OK. But I made one major mistake that ended me in the ER for a very embarrassing day to have it removed. The mistake was using too small of a o ring on the end of the retrieval line. Now a day the O ring is large enough to slip over the shaft. My third and most successfully for me has been to use either silicone or latex catheter. The 16FR works best for me. This is not only the easiest to make it has become the most comfortable. Doesn’t fall out and in four years has not pulled in to my bladder. However I don’t pleasure myself while using my sent. The night the stent got away from me I had woke with a ragging erection and wanted it gone. My guess is the contraction of the orgasm pulled the stent in bladder. Lesson learned, use a larger O ring and check the lines before each use. In the photo you have a simple 16FR latex catheter. For me 5.5” length works best. After cutting you need to syringe with blunt tip to add about 1 CC of fluids to the balloon. To plug the fill line I used a piece of weed whacker line. At first the line was way too thick so using my drill I chucked 2” piece and using the drill to spin the line while holding some 100 grit sand paper on the line. The white cap in the photo are available at the local Lowes of maybe a hardware store. The store description is ‘screw protector’ Hillman #881037. The model number will depend on the catheter size. Using a leather punch make a hole on the end. For retrieval line braded fishing line works great , I use 10Lb test. The line is so thin that using sewing needle thread the line in the needle and sew in the cut end of the catheter now stent. Tie a few good knots and use your tweezers pull it tight. The screw protector with the hole punched in the end becomes the cap. Thread the line threw the hold and if you sized the screw protector correctly slid it over the cut catheter end. To clean after getting this together I wash with soap and water air dry and then soak in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 10-15 minutes. Air dry again before rolling in a clean paper towel. To inset first wash your hands thoroughly. Then clean the head of your penis with povidone-iodine 10% using a cotton ball. Add some KY from an unopened source. Use the small one time use packets. You can work the stent in slowing working it up the shaft or make yourself a pusher tube like I did. Its piece of vinyl airline semi ridged. To make the tip I used an old hobby paint brush handle tapped to fit in the capped end of the stent. I later marked the pusher tube where I should stop. If you have question please communicated on the open forum so all can benefit. PS the line in the photo below is too long. About 8" is right for me.
  12. Loveable_guy

    state park bathrooms

    Shame that's nice park that I enjoy the ride to. I guess tis diapers for me on the ride to High Point.
  13. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Good write up, Have you considered going on to using as stent? Much less hanging out and you will feel every drop. As for getting out of the shower you can buy or make a clamp that will temporary stop the dripping.
  14. Loveable_guy

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    NICE JOB. Doesn't look much different that we all came up on our own
  15. Loveable_guy

    I made myself loose

    Always wonder if that could / would happen I enjoy a good cleaning but have always limited to every now and then. Same goes for large toy play back there, Feels great but always worried about permanent damage. Now we know.