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  1. Yea, one lost stent was all it took for me. The braided fishing line works well with a 1.25" O ring tied to the end of the pull cord works well for me. Dental floss is too thin for my risk level acceptance.
  2. The springs are a great idea. I guessing a quick of Amazon will answer were to get the springs. How do you shape the springs and will they stay in shape one formed?
  3. Oh my, has anyone hear from the OP? All I can say is one trip to the ER to remove a lost sent taught me a lot. Not to mention the $1800.00 in Co-pay I shelled out. And then there was the Police chase when I walked out of the hospital after waking and shaking off the surgery. Hospital rules require you be released in to someones care. My car was parked in the lot but knew better that trying to drive figuring the car was an easy catch. Instead I hiked in to the woods. While making my way thru the woods six cruisers speed in to the ER parking lot lights and sirens. So stupid. Once they realized I wasn't driving I was no longer a person of interest and they all left. I do hope the OP is OK and doing well. Please post to let us know and be assured your not the first.
  4. I did look thru your profile and other post but thank you for re-posting it here. WOW, you have a lot of the stent entering the bladder. Not that a normally Foley does not but most of the stent designs discussed here have less entering the bladder. The important thing is it works! The flare at the end is interesting. Would instructing on making the flare also be elsewhere also? Remember we lost a good bit of content sometime back to board crash. The stent I have in place now is just under 5" in length, was made from silicon airline, The ends were folder inside making them perfectly smooth. To prevent the ends from rolling back (out) I placed a short section of rigid tubing inside the folds. The retrial cord is attached the end by tying it around the second rigid insert. I was able to crate the flare less distance you have your O ring by heating the tubing and forcing a Watts A-2C brass compression ring inside the tubing. So far so good. Thanks again for re-posting. May your diaper always be wet!
  5. Dlnoir, I looked back a few pages hoping to see photos showing your design and found nothing. I like you am always experimenting and looking for better ideas. Would it be possible to post a photo of your latest design?
  6. I sometimes will use a tunnel plug and for sure you will have no control when the time comes. As for clean up I will normally hold off on the plug use until I have time to shower.
  7. I dropped the diaper thing on my wife about 12 years back. She tolerates the diapers but will likely never embrace or join me in a diaper . All most had her in one today though when she came down with an intestinal virus that gave the runs real bad. For me its enough to be able to leave my diapers around and not be so secretive. Its a trust thing.
  8. Also available from Amazon as a prime item. Now who was surprised Amazon would have this item? What don't they have.
  9. Dubious as discussed here get to the doctors and drink plenty of cranberry juice. The doc will likely want to know how you got a UTI as they are rare for guys. Normally a UTI is something you get when you were playing around with caths and not being clean.
  10. No sense wasting a partially wet diaper. I do my best to wet all the way up the back before a change.
  11. I have zero luck finding diapers at the thrift store. Could be my infrequent stops but all I ever see is used clothing and furniture.
  12. Hate to break it to you but catheter or stent use is not going to render you incontinent anytime soon. While using a stent you will be incontinent but even after months of use most report things work as designed after removing their stent.
  13. Rusty Pins, Catheter play has it risks but knowing those risk will help to minimize or eliminate those risk so read up there is plenty of good information posted on this site and others like this. As for your question if use an intermittent cath that is one without and inflation device it will slid out on its own. The only way to keep in place is to inflate the balloon. But you can inflate as little as 50% of the balloon. There are several theories on under inflating and over inflating.As for a cath causing discomfort, like anything else the more you do it the easier it becomes. As for an open cath in your diaper consider a 3/8" check valve for around $6.00 available on amazon.com. The check valve will help to reduce the UTI risk by preventing the nasty diaper bacteria from getting in to the bladder. Once you have gotten comfortable with catheter play consider the Holey Foley discussed in detail on this site. Be safe and PM if you have questions.
  14. Glad you found the answers. If you have other questions your are welcome to PM me.
  15. We have all gone thru the same trial and error it getting our stent suited to our bodies. Congrats on your success.