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  1. I guess gives new meaning to being a butt face
  2. So did I. I had the same thing at age 4 in the store, my mom would grab the blue and white box and I would get scared, but I was still in cloth training pants and only had to wear plastic pants at night or naps. One of the times we were in the checkout and the the lady checking us out held up the plastic pants box and said to me are these for you? I did not say a word, but when we were just leaving my mom said said come on lets go home and try on your new plastic pants.
  3. I did while I was still in them, around 3-4 years old I loved my gerber plastic pants, I was always touching them to feel the soft texture and looking down at the poof that they made. I have a love for them ever since and always tried get some when I was young, problem is they were too small. So has anyone else ever felt like this when they were young?
  4. wetbedmo

    New Pajamas

    where did you get them?
  5. Now if someone like gary would get this vinyl and make pants that are sized and shaped like comco we would have a hit.
  6. I saw one that said, do not throw cigarette butts in urinal, it makes them soggy and hard to light.
  7. I have problems with them too. I bought two packs from northshore just before they quit selling them and they are thinner and the plastic rips on the tape side right where the padding starts, but a small piece of clear box tape fixes that, also if I soak it it has split in the middle in the back and all the wet padding comes out. so they are going down hill and I have read that thrust vector claims they have not changed a thing. I think they lied a little bit.
  8. I have sent nick_2022 a few messages with no reply.

    1. Apache Raccoon

      Apache Raccoon

      That's probably because he hasn't been on this site since 2022.

      Screenshot (384).png

  9. I think you are right, It looks like a medical diaper that is stuffed.
  10. I like white cloth diapers with blue plastic pants. I also like blue disposables, I wish megamax would make a pastel blue diaper.
  11. Poor kitty. I had to put my cat to sleep 3 weeks ago, her kidneys failed and she went blind, but she was 20 years old and had a good life .
  12. electronic vacuum tubes, only thing is they are still made for audio output.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Haian-Adult-Incontinence-Plastic-X-Large/dp/B07YTTZN62/ref=sr_1_2?crid=37QVBCT3J7ITJ&keywords=haian%2Bplastic%2Bpants&qid=1693583665&sprefix=%2Caps%2C354&sr=8-2&th=1 here it is.
  14. They sometimes turn the package over to your local post office, but since it dose not have postage on it they have leave it on the porch and not in the mailbox.
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