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  1. New Round of Large Trainers

    They are pull-ups. The diapers are just to show the color or print. These are larger than the current v2 medium trainers, but the same as the last time we offered large on teenadultdiapers
  2. ☠️ATTENTION☠️ We now carry Rearz Rebel Diapers! Shop Now! - http://bit.ly/2xlqj91
  3. New Round of Large Trainers

    Large AIO Washable Pull-Ups Available for Pre-order Now! Ships 10/15 - Fits Waists 34-52" https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=29
  4. The Moon Takes Over

  5. The Moon Takes Over

    Yep. Where I am, we're expecting a 92% eclipse. People are scalping the glasses for up to fifty bucks a pair there was such a rush on them.
  6. 20% Off Cloth Diapers

    All Cloth Diapers are on sale through the end of the month! https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22
  7. ebay sucks

    Yep! They delisted baby powder scratch and sniff stickers as "adult" items because I put ABDL on it. Someone there has a hard-on for blocking ABDL listings... or one of the other sellers is flagging everyone else.
  8. Magnifico Pull-Ups

    Actually, some significant improvements over medical pull-ups. Sadly what we all really want in a pull up (Adult Goodnites or Huggies Pull-ups) would require them to buy a customized diaper machining line which costs millions.
  9. Magnifico Pull-Ups

    Magnifico Pull-Ups unboxing (with special guest)
  10. Any chance I can get one of those from you? Would love to add the diapers to my vintage collection; and was thinking of doing a PC Build with a diaper box.
  11. Haven't seen them in quite a few years!
  12. Dead link in banner ad

    Thanks, removed that campaign.
  13. 4ab.me Update

    Yep, she does a bunch of sets and vids for us!
  14. 4ab.me Update

    2 photo sets and a video added to www.4ab.me - Kimmie and Penny
  15. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    I got to try these this week, and they are wonderful. Incredibly soft and stretchy, with leakguards and a wide core. Excellent absorbency for a pull-up and adorable as heck.