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    Samples of new sets from DiaperGal http://bit.ly/diapergal
  2. Anyone have an extra/old tablet laying around they they'd be willing to donate to me? I have to sell my iPad to make the bills this month, and it's got me feeling panicky as that's my main distraction and anti-anxiety device. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just enough to play some puzzle games.
  3. A folder on your mac labeled "2015 Taxes" lol I have a blaze orange 4TB drive I use as a "Black Box" with a backup copy of everything on it. This one: https://amzn.to/2IlV8E0 I used to use flash drives, but they are too easy to misplace (thus the bright orange, don't mess with this drive)
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  7. Bambino Spring Sale is on! Save up to 40% on diapers and up to 15% off boosters! https://bambinodiapers.com/
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  9. I refused to use a diuretic because it would affect my wetting too much, so I take a different kind of blood pressure medicine
  10. Cuz no one wants to see a fat middle-aged man with Psoriasis nearly naked lol The colors are pretty much what you see. It's a little light, even on a white background, but that's how baby diaper designs used to be, so I'm good with it
  11. Got a bag from Amazon to try. Fit is good, nice strong hook and loop tabs, pleasing thickness and crazy absorbent. Also really cute. Makes me think its the kind of diaper a Mommy would choose for her little cowboy to look adorable in.
  12. I have a covered porch, so unless it's something expensive, or a bale of diapers from China they just leave it without bothering me. But I also keep my lounge pants on the floor next to my bed at night in case I need to dress in a hurry.
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    4ab samples