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  1. DailyDi

    Site Update for 11/17/2018

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    Anyone on tumblr

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  4. DailyDi

    4AB Update

    Two photo sets and a HD video added to www.4ab.me - Kimmie, fresh from a bath - gets ready for bed with powder, a diaper and soft jammies!
  5. DailyDi

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    Gots me a whole case of them. Slept dry last night
  6. DailyDi

    Adult training pants recommendation

    Throws hat into the ring: https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=24
  7. DailyDi

    Are You Satisfied?

    Have you found THE diaper for you.
  8. DailyDi

    Site Update for 10/27/2018

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  9. DailyDi

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    These are hands-down the best briefs I have ever tried. The fit was great, form-fitting with no sagging, and the wide tapes create a seamless side seal, which helps us side-sleepers a lot! The absorbency is incredible. I am not a “wet till it leaks” user, but these were more than enough to keep my dry overnight and through my morning routine (about 12 hours.) I like they are firm, but not super thick. The firmness helping to create a natural “cup” contain wetness while it absorbs.
  10. DailyDi

    Site Update for 10/20/2018

    Site Update for 10/20/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 27 new Photos added 2 New Stories Added 15 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 7 Photo added to MegaPics - 30,931 pics! 129 New Forum members - Now 42,918 friends! 101 members added to DiaperMates - now 41,807 members.
  11. DailyDi

    Selling BiggerDiapers.com ?

    I am considering selling my cloth diaper site to free up time for my local retail projects. The investment would be reasonable (under 5k) and will include enough inventory for the buyer to earn half of the cost back in retail sales. Sale would inclue the site, domain, customer list, supplier list and diapers and pullon diapers to get you started. Support would be provided, and I'd be willing to continue to host the site for the buyer to save them on monthly costs; or you can transfer it out to your own server. If you are interested, hit me up at [email protected]
  12. DailyDi

    Site Update for 10/04/2018

    Site Update for 10/04/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 27 new Photos added 1 New Story Added 13 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 4 Photo added to MegaPics - 30,924 pics! 155 New Forum members - Now 42,789 friends! 96 members added to DiaperMates - now 41,706 members.
  13. https://thebigbounceamerica.com/ I soooooo have to go when it comes here in a couple weeks!
  14. I'm considering selling BiggerDiapers if you're interested in a turn-key start. Be glad to discuss the costs and such either way
  15. DailyDi

    Could use a few donations

    $125 donation, thank you!