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  1. Took a step back today, pain and pressure returned, plus a migraine to top it off. Don't think I am eating enough to deal with the amount of stomach acid I produce, but hard to eat with the pain an nausea.
  2. Thanks to @DAQfor donating $15!
  3. Thanks guys. I came down with a case of gastritis, that's some serious abdominal and back pain! On the other hand I quite like Morphine lol.
  4. Spent the day in the ER. I'll be oka, but wore out right now and in pain. Sleepyrime.
  5. Thanks to @Craisler for donating $100!
  6. Thanks to @Mysterionfor donating $25 And a kind guest for donating $30
  7. It didn't read my messages out loud, just that my text message confirmation was the only place y appointment was known.
  8. The dad on the show, Beef, goes on a series of bad "dating app" dates. In one, a woman turns around on the bar stool and is dressed like a doll and says "Daddy, my diaper is full!"
  9. Our new car has Apple Carplay that loads maps and music and such when we get in the car. Today I got in and it read my text messages, saw I had a shrinks appointment and loaded driving directions. That's boardering on too smart lol
  10. Thanks to @diaperdlfor donating $20
  11. Lately I have grown tired of taking my mental health drugs and struggle to force myself to take them most days. Some days I don't take them at all, other days I literally choke them down. I know it's bad to skip doses and would be worse to stop altogether, but I just don't feel like taking any more pills. Anyone ever feel like this?
  12. Sorry this happened to you. Bad Christians are the worst.
  13. Are you comforted by the sound of your diaper crinkling, or bothered that you can hear it?
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