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  1. DailyDi

    Site Update for 09/16/2018

    Site Update for 09/16/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 27 new Photos added 1 New Story Added 6 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 8 Photo added to MegaPics - 30,920 pics! 38 New Forum members - Now 42,634 friends! 30 members added to DiaperMates - now 41,610 members.
  2. DailyDi


    Do you have ABDL Regrets? With the negative news stories of ABDL behavior, it makes me wonder.... how many of us, especially in our younger days has done things as an ABDL that they regret. You can choose to share or not. Mine: While working at a pizza place I hid my spare diaper in the paper towel dispenser (I was asst. manager and had the key) a good friend ended up finding it and I blamed a co-worker. Word spread and he was mocked behind his back for quite a while.... though I don't think he ever knew about it. I also regret being involved with teen baby content when I was a teen myself and didn't yet realize it wasn't okay.
  3. DailyDi

    Blocking My VPN

    That's Cloudflare blocking you. our anti abuse/DDos server. Try a different VPN, the one you are using must have some abuse history.
  4. DailyDi

    Site Update for 09/10/2018

    Site Update for 09/10/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 27 new Photos added 3 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 2 New photo sets at www.menwearingdiapers.com 2 Photo added to MegaPics - 30,912 pics! 22 New Forum members - Now 42,596 friends! 33 members added to DiaperMates - now 41,580 members.
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    Site Update for 09/06/2018

    That's our newsletter server, should pass through to the correct page
  6. DailyDi

    Site Update for 09/06/2018

    Site Update for 09/06/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 27 new Photos added 1 New Story Added 5 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 2 New photo sets at www.4ab.me 12 Photo added to MegaPics - 30,912 pics! 55 New Forum members - Now 42,574 friends! 43 members added to DiaperMates - now 41,546 members.
  7. DailyDi

    It's too early lol

    Up Early today to service my flew mall booth. Fall decorations, scented wax, warmers, and toys headed to my booth. Slowing becoming a nice boost in my income so it's worth the effort.
  8. DailyDi

    Newborn nursery scent bar

    The wax melt bar version of Newborn Nursery is back! https://bdi.scentsy.us/shop/p/sb-new/newborn-nursery-scentsy-bar?partyId=9559459
  9. DailyDi

    Labor Day Sales

    The Babykins & KINS Labor Day Sale Event SEP 1-3. FREE SHIPPING + 10% Off. Visit www.babykins.com & save on cloth diapers, onezies, plastic pants & more.
  10. DailyDi

    Labor Day Sales

    Cooshie Tooshiez Labor Day Sale is live! 10% off everything! http://www.cooshietooshiez.com/
  11. DailyDi

    I'm thinking of getting a pocket diaper

    Lots 'O Pockets: https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22 To make them thick you'll want to order a couple extra inserts. The BD line has standing leakguards and snaps on, the BBL line is velcro.
  12. DailyDi

    Labor Day Sales

    Bambino LABOR DAY SALE 5-35% OFF Select Products! Shop and Save NOW! http://BambinoDiapers.com #abdl #ageplay #adultbaby
  13. DailyDi

    Labor Day Sales

    Save 30% on our BDX Diapers now through September 5th! https://biggerdiapers.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=bdx
  14. DailyDi

    Busy busy

    Sorry I've been quiet on here lately. Been very busy trying to stay afloat here with Mom and our new reduced income. Basically running three businesses now to keep the bills paid (biggerdiapers, Scentsy and a flea mall store.) so pretty much every day I have work that needs doing, and when I di have some home time it's spent getting a site update done and catching up on emails.