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  1. No, was a few years later when I ordered some from the JC Penny catalog because we had a catalog pick-up place near the apartments I lived in at the time (15-16 years old) Got my first waterproof pants too.
  2. The first time I knew that diapers weren’t just for babies! (I was 12) Sears catalog from 1988
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  4. Just PC, World of Warcraft
  5. Just been calling him "Sleepy" so far.
  6. Took Mom to the toy store today to get a new outfit for her reborn doll (since she can't dress me anymore lol) While there I fell in love with this sleepy bear and had to bring him home to nap in my bed!
  7. I have a Dell XPS I never use I'd be willing to sell.
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  9. Checking out new ebooks for today's site update. This one caught my eye as being a unique plot for an ABDL book! https://www.amazon.com/Dominant-Teddy-Sophie-Green-ebook/dp/B072HKH17Z/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1494338609&sr=1-21&keywords=abdl&linkCode=ll1&tag=ecnadmedia-20&linkId=58c79f061a7bba74655959d1e06de0d5
  10. Yes it is NOT allowed. We are supported by Photo/Video producers, so we don't allow the trading of their copyrighted material.
  11. The Hurt Room offers ABDL and other kinky sessions in their Chicago dungeon. Sissy, Classroom, Clinic & BDSM Rooms! http://www.thehurtroom.com/
  12. Oh, I see. It goes into mobile mode for narrow windows
  13. Did you change your theme or something? I still have the "Mark SiteRead" link on the right side of every page