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  1. DailyDi

    Something Strange

    Support accounts are created when I submit a support ticket. Yesterday's upgrades were locking up (why we were down so long) so I sent in a ticket and made the support account.... but they were taking too long so I figured it out myself
  2. DailyDi

    My toy for the summer

    In storage Busy taking care of the family and house since my Dad passed. Trying to get my income up to make up for the loss of his military pension for my Mom (not having a widows pension for an officer with 20 years service is BS if you ask me.)
  3. DailyDi

    Crinklzs on sale at Northhore

    Ordered a bag to try, and your XL premium wipes.
  4. DailyDi

    New Diapers will be in Monday!

    A closer look at our new BD Diaper Wraps. Soft suede inside, waterproof PUL outside. A pocket for absorbent pads. Leak-guards to keep you dry. Plenty of snaps for a custom fit at the waist and the rise. Extra-wide crotch to cover thick disposables! https://biggerdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=29
  5. DailyDi

    What feels better?

    What feels better?
  6. DailyDi

    Sites for training pants

    The pocket diapers have waterproof shells!
  7. DailyDi

    BD Diaper Wraps 5/1

    They look so cute! Can't wait for them to get here!
  8. DailyDi

    Crafting day

    hehe, M&M's coffee cup I got for Christmas. Does look like a push pop from that angle!
  9. DailyDi

    Crafting day

    Crafting day. Making a new deck/cave for my bunny Tanner.
  10. DailyDi

    Site Update for 04/10/2018

    Site Update for 04/10/2018 www.dailydiapers.com 28 new Photos Added 3 new Stories Added 6 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 8 videos added to www.abdl.space 122 New Forum members - Now 41,265 friends! 127 members added to DiaperMates - now 40,215 members. Bigger, Better Diaper Covers and Swim diapers are coming! Pre-Order your favorite colors and prints now! New Jungle Print available here first in adult size SuperUndies!
  11. DailyDi

    Sites for training pants

  12. DailyDi

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    A wallet, a miner (sha-256 algorythem miner) and a pool to mine at. The little pods I am using are 100 each direct from the guy making them. If you want more power, the cheapest large miner is the Antminer v9 which is about $300 right now, and a power supply for it. (The v9 is more power than the 5 pods I am using combined, but needs to be vented to clear the heat they produce and my office is too cramped. Be glad to give advice, suggest products to any hobbiest Correct. While you technically "can" still GPU mine bitcoin, the output is so low no pool will allow it. GPU miners are mainly mining altcoins, none of which have the potential to reach bitcoin value.
  13. DailyDi

    Clubs Without Owners

    Happens when a club owner is banned
  14. DailyDi

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Off, I found a hundred bucks in an old bitcoin wallet. Might have just found out where I want to sped it lol
  15. DailyDi

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    Cash is nice, but I present just a portion of what I have bought with this fake money: I'm sure the rise is nearly over, but I've enjoyed it, lol/