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  1. I nod my head as i go to sit on the potty as i just do as i am told. I sit there as not much happens as very little comes out. As i finish i then needed to wipe myself clean before getting off the potty. Once that was done i move to get off it as i almost lose a bit of my balance and fall forward.
  2. I stay quiet as i heard you say all that as i sat at the table seeing the plate of food as i get a bit unsure if i would be able to hold any of that down as my body was used to not eating that much. I was nervous as i try to get myself to eat as i take very small bite of the food. I try to eat everything off my plate but i get worried i might get sick as i was quiet and push the half eatten plate of food away.
  3. I eventually let you guide me out of the tub as i had tears down my cheeks and was a shaking mess as i felt cold right away as my hair dripped wet and was knotted a bit. So far i was letting you near me and have not acted out how i usually would like i did at school. Everything in my head was out of control as i didn't know what to think or say as i give up on myself.
  4. Alot was happening in my head as i stood there in the shower as i do what i was told and i don't move from there as you had entered the bathroom to get the wet clothes. The water runs over me as i broke down a bit upset at myself thinking its my fault that my parents didn't want me anymore as the thoughts get worse in my head that i end up sitting curled up in the corner of the shower.
  5. I cried as i struggle to calm down as i wasn't sure what to do as i didn't know how to make the accidents stop. Tears run down my face as i was very uncomfortable from being wet as i wanted to get cleaned up. "I....i need to change i don't like being wet" this was the most i spoke since being here as i look to you alittle as you could see how upset i was about this as i go on to say "i..im sorry for ruining your bed mr. kean i...i will clean it or try to get money to buy you a new one".
  6. By morning i was still passed out asleep in bed after the long day i had yesturday. I was curled up under the covers as i didn't even wake up once during the night, as i slept not even noticing that i had a wetting accident at all. As the morning goes on i didn't start to wake up til nearly mid day from the sunlight coming through to the blinds making me stir a bit. I move as i started to feel a bit wet and cold as i soon realized what happend and i suddenly burst in to tears as no kid my age should be doing this at all.
  7. I fussed a bit as i barely could keep awake as i faintly look to you as i open my mouth just enough for you to feed me. I ate very slow as we sit there at the table and at times i would refuse to eat anymore even though i barely ate half of the meal. By the time i finally had enough i wouldn't touch anymore of it as my body was overly tired as my head still hurts as i open and close my eyes again wanting to sleep.
  8. I shook my head as a few tears still slip down my cheeks as i sit there at the table as i didn't want to talk about it, I whimper a bit as my head hurts as i was missing home i felt my world crumbling around me as i was giving up on my self. I hardly could keep my head up as i lay it down on the table and i started to close and open my eyes a few times as i faintly hear you cooking as you move around the small kitchen.
  9. I tossed and turn in my sleep as the nightmares get worse as i didn't know how to get them to stop. As i moved around i went off the bed as i land on the floor i scream and cry holding my head. I was shaken up as tears run down my cheeks.
  10. I slept curled up in the car as i was in a deep sleep. As your driving me to your home i started to have bad dreams causing me to whimper and tear up in my sleep as my voice sounded a bit weak as i try to call out for my parents "m..mommyy...d..daddyy no don't leave me".
  11. I barely respond much as i was tired out as i rubbed my eyes as you get me change as the nurse offered to help you as she cared. She even recommended a well known childrens doctor for you to get in contact with so i could get checked out. As i lay down i hardly could stay awake even though my stomach grumbled as i have not eatten food at all today.
  12. I didn't know what to do as i was starting to feel stressed out and overly tired to the point i started crying as i didn't know what else to do. Now that i know i would never see my childhood home ever again as i felt like shutting down as the nurse steps back letting you handle mean as i just wanted to go anywhere and sleep as i hold my head not feeling too good. All i could think of saying as i stutter "s..stop please i can't handle anymore i want to go home i don't feel good" I look to you alittle as you could see i had enough and was overwhelmed. The cps agent was ready to give up as she had other things to do as she eventually says "alright enough the girl can go with you for now but a court order for temporary guardianship must be summited to the courts for a judges approval and if it gets denied then she will be placed in a group home til we can place her with a foster family."
  13. I ran but i trip as i fall to the ground as the cops manage to get to me as i was a crying mess on the floor. The one cop goes to pick me up to carry me back to the counselors office as i cling on to him. The other cop goes to explain that i fell and hit the floor pretty hard. I was coughing and crying as i have trouble calming down as the nurse has the cop sit me down so she could check me over.
  14. The cps agent sighs and goes on to say " I do understand that this is a tough ordeal but i am sorry she will have to be put in the system and we will go from there with what to do with her and as far as we know she can not return to that home" the cops and principal all listen to this all while not realizing the door to the counselor's office was open and i had heard what was said. I nearly freak out in to a full blown panic attack and started screaming "no no no you have no rights to tell me i can't go home to my house" i shove past everyone and took off running to leave the school.
  15. They all listen to you as one of the cops speaks up and says "while we do understand that she wants to go home but with the condition of that house and how unsafe it was to be in that unfortunately the house has been stated as unliveable and the bank has taken it over and it will be demolished to have a new home built" the second cop shows the pictures of the home as you see its in very poor conditions and falling apart. Cps agent was taking notes and getting a bit impatient as there is other work she needs to do once she gets me dropped off at the orphanage. While inside the counselor's office i was giving the nurse and the counselor a hard time as i did not want to be put in a diaper as they manage to get me changed as the nurse was used to dealing with kids like this.
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