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  1. valeria


    Hi i would love to roleplay with you
  2. Hi to anyone that reads this i would love to find a mommy or daddy or even both to rp with that would love and care for me.
  3. I shook my head no not wanting to stop for ice cream or a donut as i rubbed my eyes. Both the doctor and nurse were so helpful in getting you any information that you needed to get in contact with a doctor for me as they give you recommendations on specialists that could evaluate me for learning issues.
  4. I cry as i felt like everything was crashing down as at that point i didn't know what to do as i felt more upset and shut down not wanting to talk at all as tears roll down my cheeks. I have a really hard time as i gave up trying to get out of your arms as it was no use as i wouldn't even know where to go let alone i was in a very big hospital as i just kept to myself. The doctor and nurse return to the room to see if i was doing okay now to finish the appointment up.
  5. "Let me go! I..i wanna go home now!" I snap as i say this as i was not having a good day as i was upset and really struggled as tears roll down my cheeks as my eyes were a bit red and puffy still with all the crying ive been doing. The nurse felt bad seeing me like this as your trying to settle me down as the doctor offers to give us alone time before continuing the appointment.
  6. I shook my head not wanting to listen to any of this as i cover my ears as i scream like a child having a big meltdown of a tantrum as i kept trying to get away as i even dared to hit and kick hoping you would let go all while the doctor watched how i was behaving. Tears ran down my cheeks as i say "let me go i want to leave this stupid place" i did not care what i said or how i acted as a nurse walked in to the room with the extra copies of reports.
  7. The doctor nods as he has the nurse go make copies of the reports while talking with you he says "Yes of course we can make an appointment right away to get her checked out with her wetting problems and it shouldn't be anything to alarming and she should hopefully grow out of it" I hardly would listen as i try to get out of your arms as i wanted to leave and find my way home then be here any longer listening to what is being said about me.
  8. I was having a hard time calming down as i nearly make myself sick from all the crying. The doctor nods and says "we can schedule appointments right now if you would like? And the wetting i would recommend her wear something like pull ups and to see a specialist or gyno to check her".
  9. I stay in your arms curled up as my head rested on your chest. The doctor discusses that i did good as he goes over the notes he took. He then looks to you and says "Well valeria is under weight and i do believe she needs to be in a different age group" I look to the doctor confused as he further explains "from these tests shows she is not 17 my guess maybe elementary or middle school" I nearly freak out hearing that as i cry and threw the treat as i cover my ears and scream.
  10. I have a hard time as tears still slip down my cheeks as my head rests on your chest as i held a tight grip on your shirt as the nurse tries to help the best she could as the doctor does the tests as he then needed to draw some blood to send it to the lab to be tested. I held on to you as the doctor tries to praise me that i was doing so good and was going to almost be done with the tests as he has the nurse go get a special treat for me.
  11. The doctor listening as the nurse watched while having to take notes on everything as i was having a hard time as i cry looking up at you as i say "i wanna go home please take me home" tears run down my cheeks as i felt so scared as the doctor lets you handle me while he keeps going with the tests as he tries to get close to me so he can check my vitals.
  12. The doctor completely understands and was fine with you staying with me as he gets right in to getting the tests started as he even explains each test to you as i was not wanting to listen and would cry that i wanted to go home. The nurse helps the doctor with doing the tests as i nearly scream and panic when i see needles as i struggle to calm down which i end up having a full on panic attack.
  13. A nurse listens and goes to let the doctor know as i was being quiet and not talking at all as i curled up trying to hide myself as i did not like this place at all as tears slip down my cheeks. I hear a door open and then voices as the curtain gets pushed back as the doctor looks to you and then towards me.
  14. I cry hearing all that and the possiblity of not being about to finish as a senior this year as it felt like everything i worked for and the walls i built up for crashing down as i felt like giving up as i let the tears fall down my cheeks as you manage to take this chance to get me changed not wanting to keep the doctor waiting.
  15. The nurse nods as she offers to give you time alone with me and then pulls a curtain around so you could sit me down on the bed and change me if that helps to settle me down before the doctor starts as she goes to wait with the doctor and gets a file started on me while the doctor discusses with the nurse what tests he will be doing on me.
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