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  1. I miss wearing diapers so much. I can't wait to find a place of my own and start buying lots of awesome diapers like Crinkly. I miss my diapers :.(

  2. AB/DL Males to Females numbers

    I just wanted to see how many ab/dl guys and girls are living in Vancouver and the surrounding area. I know that not all ab/dl use this site but I was just wondering what the numbers are like. I moved here in Oct and I really would like to meet people that are like minded and maybe after a while find a little girl/mommy to get to know to. Let me know who you are and if you like to chat.
  3. Happy New Years everybody.

    Hope everyone got there Diaper Resolution ready for 2017.

    I'm hoping to buy more stuff i.e. a new onesie and try some new diapers

    What are some of yours?

  4. I think today is a double diaper, relaxing day. :)

  5. Finding my way around

    Hi there. Anyone here living around Vancouver BC. I just moved here from Ireland and I'm just trying to get to know the place. Would love to chat to like minded people (male or female) and see what the AB/DL community is like here. I know there is an awesome store here where you can buy nice AB/DL stuff (babykins) so I was just wondering if there are many of us around here.
  6. Is there many AB/DL living around Vancouver. Males or Females. Would love to chat and meet some like minded people like myself.

  7. I bought a big simply pack of diapers from ABDL Factory a while back. I am still going through them. I pulled one out yesterday after I got home from work and got myself all diapered up and ready for the evening. I wet my diaper during the evening while playing videos games (Bayonetta for Wii U for those of you who wants to know :) ) I though that I would have to change before bed last night but when I got down to bed the diaper seem to be holding great so I said I leave it and see will it hold. (Other night if I'm to lazy to change before bed I always regret it in the morning :P)  Not this morning. They were great. Held up amazing and I could still give them another heavy wetting this morning. The sad thing is I don't know what diaper there are as there is no name on them and there were 28ish samples :( 

    Oh well.

    1. beallucanb


      Check out the site where you ordered the sample pack, see what came in the pack

      Then do some detective work with what is left, also the diaper you used might have something written on the tabs.

    2. babystevie1987


      Checked the tabs, no luck.

    3. beallucanb


      Take a pick of it then post it, someone here will recognize the diaper.

  8. Comfortable wear

    There are lots of places to get awesome onesie. Try babykins.com. I have bought from them in the past. Or onesiesdownunder.com. There are loads you can buy from. You can even get some in some stores. Hope that helps
  9. Accepting who I am

    I sometimes think I'm weird and that it's not normal but then what is normal and it is harmless compare to what some people are doing. I feel great when I'm wearing. I would feel better if I could find a girl that likes this part of me and would like to try it to. I would love to go to a group of like minded people where we can be ourselves and talk freely. I do know there are groups in England but I live in Ireland. It's sites like this one that helps me feel normal. Well as normal as I can be
  10. another great night sleep. Went to bed with a lovely bottle of milk cuddling up with a teddy. Just wish my diaper didn't leak :(. 

  11. New and shy

    I'm a xbox person myself.
  12. New crib

    oh my god that looks amazing. I want one. That was very clever buying a bed and 2 cribs.
  13. Its been a couple of months since I wore a diaper and awoke in one. I have to say that I really missed it. The feeling of the soft diaper on my skin and cracking of the diaper is just amazing. My soother (pacifier) never fell from my mouth and it feels great just sucking on it.

    The only thing missing is a mommy/babysitter to look after me and change me diaper or an Adult Baby girlfriend to wake up next to.

  14. hi kat


    1. littlekat
    2. babystevie1987



      So from your about me page you said your new to the hole diaper thing. How new and what made you start?

      What else do you like... Movies, TV, ect