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  1. Alice just blushed and sniffled and said. Alice: I-is sissy going t-to bathe w-with me
  2. soon Elaine got to the bathroom and set both girls on the floor and looked at them
  3. Alex thought about asking Elaine for help and not just help but how to be a good big sister as she thought about what to say she could here Alice still sobbing and sniffling and it made her hart hurt to hear Alice crying then Alex just thought that she is going to see Alice naked just like Alice is going to see her naked Alex face went red at the thought of it
  4. Aaliyah: ok bath then medicine and don't worry I will set the plats. Aaliyah said as she want to the door as Elaine looked for Alice's bubble bath stuff --------------------------------------- Alice kept crying and hugging Alex Alice tired to say something but all that came out was. Alice: hurts big sissy hurts hurts hurts. Alex thought but what Alice was saying calling her big sister Alex was never a big sister even at the homes when she tried to be for the little kids she was all ways picked on by the people who were bigger then her but now Alex was with someone one was even littler then her even if it was not by much
  5. Aaliyah has the water on when Elaine came back she then looked at the thermometers and said. Aaliyah: Alex is fine but Alice is just a little high but it could be from the spankings she got but to be on the save side I think give both of them the medicine then a bath. soon the door bell started to ring. Aaliyah: that must be the chinese food I will go and get it its going to be a bit of time till the tub is ready. -------------------------------------------------------- Alice looked at Alex tears and snot on her face then Alice started to cry again and put her face in Alex's chest and just cried and hugged Alex
  6. Aaliyah: ok Alice sweetie is your tummy ok does it hurt. Alice: no I just what something to eat. Aaliyah: ok Elaine I well start the bath you take our babies temperatures and I have some Children's Liquid Cherry its for Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer if you don't have it its in Alex's baby bag
  7. 14
  8. Alice sniffles and nods as she gets the water in her mouth and spits it in the sink as she does Aaliyah says. Aaliyah: look the food well be here how about we give the girls a nice bath together. Alice looked up her face red from crying and covered in tears and snot she tired to say no but all that came out was. Alice: c-can it be sniff a bubble b-bath.
  9. Aaliyah put her hand on Alice's head and said. Aaliyah: she does feel a little warm but it could be this house is a bit hot what do you have it at
  10. Star: you girls having fun
  11. Aaliyah hears Elaine and say. Aaliyah: stay here ok. Aaliyah and runs to the bathroom and comes in. Aaliyah: what is it. Alice spit the soap out and cred into her mommy's chest
  12. Aaliyah: I well see about that ok. ------------------------------ Alice cried kicked and moved about and starting to feel vary sick and hot
  13. Star: maybe one of the thing is she is super cute. Star said as she put down the drinks
  14. Aaliyah: sorry Alex but its going to be cold at night today. -------------------------------- Alice kicked cried and made all kind of noise when Elaine pot the soap in Elaine then started to movie the soap in Alice's mouth and started to scold Alice like a child
  15. Aaliyah: what mommy to Ask too see if it can be a bit colder. --------------------------------- Alice: n-no I won't and I won't eat baby food I-I pick starving