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  1. you get 50 bear bottom spankings
  2. Aaliyah: your doing so good Alex mummy is proud of you
  3. Jamie its ok look your going to be living here so if something is wrong its ok to tell me
  4. Alice soaked in the tub giggling a little bit as she played with the bubbles ------------------------------------- Aaliyah: see sweetie your doing good just relax
  5. after Jamie clam down Emma put her done then got her I-phone on and tipped. are you ok Jamie what happened
  6. you then get a spanking
  7. Emma walked to Jamie and picked her up like a baby saying. shh there there its ok. she then rubbed Jamie back rocking her a little bit
  8. Alice: but there is no milk or cream in water ice. Alice says before going ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and she relaxes in the tube ---------------------------------------- Aaliyah put a hand on Alex before saying. Aaliyah: ok sweetie mummy has a hold on you and you have your training wheels on just go slow
  9. as she did Jamie started to tear up and sniffle not knowing Emma heard her and came to the door
  10. Alice: mommy it was water ice no dairy in it ---------------------------------------- Aaliyah: its ok Alex don't cry look your not a big girl your a little girl your my little girl so you need help
  11. the green woman picks you up
  12. Jamie looked at the potty it was a bit bigger then a baby potty but still as she looked at was all most her size as she thought she then started to go pee and not just a little but a lot filling up the front of her childish training pants
  13. Alice: mommy after my bath can I have some warm milk ------------------------------------- Aaliyah: its ok Alex let mummy hold you
  14. then the pop close and the card stops woking
  15. Jamie walked into a room and to her supervise it was a room fit for a little girl