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  1. sorry but the baby duck will win
  2. 1
  3. Sally gets her mouth off Catherin nipple and wines. Sally: mommy nooooooo don't wanna
  4. Star: aww do you mind if I take a pic of you two
  5. Sally blushes as she puts her mouth on Catherin nipple and starts to suck on it
  6. Star: that is true they all so need there stuffed toys. Star said as she give Kay her toy baba
  7. Sally: but I am not sleepy why do I need a nap
  8. Sally: do I really need to take a nap mommy. Sally says as Catherin took off her shirt and bra
  9. Sally: mommy can I have some num nums instead of my baba
  10. Sally: well ok yes I am your baby
  11. Sally: y-yes I am no baby
  12. Sally: n-no
  13. Star goes to get Kay her bottle as Star walks over to the rocking chair holding Sally
  14. Star: ok sweetie what about her bottle. Star says as she walks over to Sally's crib and lays Kay down on it
  15. Sally: a-am not am not. Star: there we go Kay now do you want some of mommy's milk before nap time