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  1. Dr.Baby

    your right its just Elaine knows more because one she has worked for Alice and Two Alice has told her some secret stuff about her past. ( you can put some dark stuff for Alice's past if you want too I what to see what you come up with here )
  2. Life

    Jamie got a paper and a crayon and started to work on what she wanted for her baby room
  3. Dr.Baby

    well Elaine knows more about Alice then me Alex
  4. Dr.Baby

    Aaliyah sighed rubbing her head she wasnt that shock by what Alex said before saying. Elaine's right Alex you have me and her and we love you even when we fight we still love you and Alice all so Alex your a baby hell you need diapers and mommy milk your still smart but your still a little girl but right now let talk about your little sister Alice okay ?
  5. Dr.Baby

    Alex you I mean you were most likely been picked up by the cops when you did that and taken back to foster care and need I remind you that you still look like a little kid and that you are dressed like a little kid and would have been picked up by the cops
  6. Dr.Baby

    Aaliyah give a look back that said I did not say that before saying. um wait what no I said it was not your fault that Alice has a breakdown she has a lot of problems witch me and mommy Elaine well tell you and what do you mean vanishing
  7. Dr.Baby

    yes I have Alex tell mommy Elaine what I just told you
  8. Life

    she then thought about a crib and highchair
  9. Dr.Baby

    good its going to be two or three hours before she is wake
  10. Life

    Jamie then thought about her new room at nightsprings and what she would what in it
  11. Dr.Baby

    hey sweetie is Alice in her crib ?
  12. Life

    she then got her old teddy out and started to talk to it
  13. Dr.Baby

    okay but it was vary late but anyway let's wait for mommy Elaine to come down
  14. Life

    Jamie took out her pacifier from you shirt pocket and looked at it and blushed but smiled too
  15. Dr.Baby

    no no no look Alice is massed up from a lot of things witch me and Elaine will tell you look I get why you do not want to forgive her what she did was not right but at the same time you running away when you had no ID or your keys and being in an unknown place well that two was stupid look Alex we will talk about it when Elaine comes down from putting Alice down for a nap okay