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  1. "Oh there can watch there show it is just going to be in there playpan."
  2. "Its but to make sure you two stay out of trouble i am putting both of you in your playpan."
  3. "You two are having dinner but no dessert."
  4. "Okay girls that's our fault for not telling you two."
  5. "Well those cookies were for after dinner."
  6. "So girls did you like the cookies?" Starfire said as she looked at the girls.
  7. "Right." Both mommies go to the living room and see a lot of the cookies are gone.
  8. "I promise I won't spank them unless there are bad."
  9. "Okay i won't spank there cute little bottoms."
  10. "Beets, carrots potatoes and sweet potatoes."