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  1. then the dr removers her face showing you a robot underneath
  2. Aaliyah returned the hug and said. do you get what I am saying Alex
  3. shh bad little one its time for your punishment
  4. now its time for a spanking
  5. the dr soon turns it off
  6. aww what's wrong don't the wittle baby like making comecomes
  7. soon the dr comes back in to crying and bagging ( I did )
  8. just relax and let your little wee wee have its fun well see you in an hour. and then the dr goes
  9. well baby your going to love this. the dr turns on the tube making Wyatt's flag go up
  10. my my your like a big baby
  11. it did you just ever read it. the dr said with a giggle the the two guys lift the room
  12. the dr then called to guys in then put restraints on Wyatt's arms and legs
  13. shhh just lay back we need to get you empty
  14. the dr puts a tube on Wyatt Penis making Wyatt move and blush
  15. lay down on the table