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  1. sissy c-can I go night night now pwease
  2. Sophia soon let go and started to fill her diaper
  3. I-I just want to feel safe and loved again
  4. pwease Lisa don't make meeeeee h-h-have to use my d-d-diapers
  5. "Well darling at first Karla tried to fight it even tried to bit me even without her teeth but after a good spanking and after she made a big boom boom I told her I would not change her till she drank my milk. Soon she was sucking away and sometime I would milk her as she suckled to get her to love mommy's milk." Rita said smiling as she thought about the times she milked her baby sometime when she was breastfeeding her and other times when she was in a wet or massy diaper. Karla started to sniffle as she felt her little dolly getting stuffed up. (Milking means masturbating and dolly means weewee.)
  6. p-p-pweassss I-I-I need to goooooooooo
  7. I-I um jussst neeeed help to b-b-be a big girl
  8. w-w-wellll maybe you b-but I-I am trying to beeee a big girl. Sophia said as she tried to hold it