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  1. why I do
  2. or what about my crib its super soft
  3. so can I can I sleep in my big girl bed alone just for one night
  4. sweetie her baby Alice had her hair removed too
  5. but the couch is nice
  6. um on the couch or my crib
  7. yes I did sweetie
  8. mommy are you going to sleep with me
  9. ok good
  10. so mommy how was your first day in diapers go
  11. I hug you
  12. so I was talking to Elaine and said why can't we make it to day. Alex blushed as she thinks about Aaliyah talking about the hair removal
  13. thank you. I lift up my arms
  14. can I sleep in my old bed
  15. hey sweetie sorry that took so long