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  1. so Alex how was your day
  2. now now no splashing Alex. Aaliyah said as she cleaned Alex's back
  3. sorry honey but not until after your bath
  4. Aaliyah took Alex's pacifier out then put it on the sink then went to get the soap
  5. Aaliyah went to the tube and put Alex in it. there we go
  6. I will tell you later. Aaliyah said as she took her baby to the bathroom
  7. its just for my peace of mind
  8. yes sweetie but its just for tonight. Aaliyah said after picking up Alex
  9. yes you can what are you thinking now
  10. after getting her bottom cleaned Aaliyah took off the mittens and bootes
  11. Aaliyah then put Alex on the changing table then took off Alex diaper and went to work
  12. Aaliyah picked up Alex and said. ok Alex but first let's get your bottom cleaned
  13. Aaliyah walked back in and said. ok sweetie ready for your bath
  14. Alex then thought about Elaine Alice's mommy
  15. Alex thought about how she beast feed Alice as she played with her kitty