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  1. The Little Thief c2 (2-19)

    A lot of people seem to like this its just so cool but there story could not have been made without the help of diaper_teen66 who did the rp with me and PinkTheDinosaur who makes this story so great.
  2. The Little Thief c2 (2-19)

    Aww thanks but its with your great help that makes it so great
  3. bad luck turns around

    you thank of now being a big baby again
  4. The Little Thief c2 (2-19)

    Okay I see thanks
  5. bad luck turns around

    you sniffle as you lay on your bottom
  6. new home new life

    Kim smile
  7. bad luck turns around

    as you do you drink some of the bottle
  8. new home new life

    soon Sissy goes
  9. bad luck turns around

    okay you get the crib open I will get a book
  10. new home new life

    I hug you back
  11. bad luck turns around

    right went me to get a book or something we can read together
  12. new home new life

    now how about a hug
  13. bad luck turns around

    well want to just go take a nap
  14. new home new life

    I know my little angel baby but still needed to ask
  15. bad luck turns around

    right so um what time is it