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  1. @DailyDi Agreed: diapers have helped me so much, and I not as worried about it as I once was. Diapers are helpful, and are needed, and I still feel that the most IMPORTANT thing is to have the BEST diaper you can get, rather than the cheapest one that insurance covers: That way you have the diaper that works best for YOU, and NOT the insurance company, who wants to give you the product that just barely works for the situation. @Kawaharu No, there is nothing wrong with wearing diapers. However, there may be situations that the OP, @PuraVidaDipmay want to be able to enjoy activities that have been enjoyed before having to use/wear diapers. In order to be "prepared" as we are, we have to carry our "Go Bags" that have everything we need, and we have to be careful when we are doing activities that our diapers and what we wear over the top can deal with whatever we release. This is especially important on a beach, or swimming in a public pool. when you are IC, you take precautions that are necessary,BUT, if you can do without diapers for short periods, and you can have some, rather than no control over your bladder or bowels, that is a win, if you are looking to regain some control. This does NOT mean, however, that you won't magically regain all control, and you still may have to wear diapers. I still feel that my decision to wear 24/7 in 2020 was the right one for me, and I support @PuraVidaDip if the idea is to gain some control back, so that you can enjoy time out of diapers Brian
  2. @Little Cub Pants Sounds GREAT!! I have been dealing with on and off headaches for about 2 months, although the RFA seems to be working, and the headaches arn't as bad. I have been playing aroubd with my 3dsxl, my 2dsxl and my 2ds, and I recently dusted them off after the closure of most of the services you can use on the 3ds/2ds family of systems, and I have been playing with my switch as well, because i just bought Super Mario Bros, Wonder, and I have been having fun with playing Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3ds and 2ds, and I recently updated the files and the firmware so that I have the most current version of it on the fastest one I have, which is the 2dsxl - I can play any game the Atari 2600. 5200 and many other NES titles as well. The 3dsxl is the old model, so the processor speed us slow, but load the right retroarch emulator and you are golden. Sometimes, it sucks having CP, as there are times everything hurts, and with me being sensitive to arthritis, it makes it harder to deal with, but I am doing the best I can Hope you have a great weekend Brian
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