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  1. I've run into this as well. Here's a good explanation of the problem and how to deal with it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68992799/warning-apt-key-is-deprecated-manage-keyring-files-in-trusted-gpg-d-instead/71384057#71384057
  2. BTW, tar supports -j or --bzip2 to pipe everything through bzip2 automatically. I tried using bzip2 instead of gzip (-z or --gzip) many years ago but didn't like how much longer it took. I run backups every night through cron and having a faster backup at the cost of more disk space was worth it in my environment, so I went back to gzip.
  3. Perhaps it should be, but then that might make the urges worse 😁
  4. I upgraded my main web server to Debian 12 Bookworm last August without any problems. WordPress works fine for me using php 8.2, though they are rather vanilla sites. PHP 7.4 had been out of support since November of '22 and it was starting to be a concern for me. I don't like having unsupported software on a public facing server.
  5. I know in my area (southwest US) that MSPs will snap up anyone that knows how to configure and troubleshoot a firewall. The main thing is that you show up for work and fix stuff. As @oznlsaid, you'll have to do your share of front line support as well, at least until you prove yourself. Cultivate a passion for solving problems and don't give up. If the market in your area is anything like where I am, you won't have any trouble finding IT work. Stay there for at least a year before you start looking elsewhere, but take it one day at a time. Save your money, maybe pay your parents some rent. If you're looking for friends, check out meetup.com for things that interest you. If you're not sure where to start, find a group that focuses on network security. They're a great resource to learn from those with more experience and enhance your skills by teaching those with less then you have. You can also keep track of the job market that way. If you just want social interaction, find a local Littles munch to attend. Making friends is just a matter of getting to know someone and being kind. Take an interest in what they enjoy, especially if you feel the same way.
  6. The idea is to move it to /usr/local/bin/wp once you've verified it works. I've never been a fan of their install process. I much prefer using stuff from repositories so the updates run smoothly.
  7. When our TV quit working, we'd open up the back, pull all the tubes out and put them in a shoe box. We'd then head to the grocery store where there was a tester in the entry way. After testing all the tubes, we'd take the bad ones up to the counter where you cashed checks for the replacements. I remember being heartbroken when it disappeared from the schedule. I guess I was about 6 at the time.
  8. I'm glad that bug didn't trip up any of my WP stuff. Have you tried using WordPress CLI? I use it in a bash script that runs from cron every night to install updates. Yes, about once a year the update breaks a website. When that happens, I get an email from the script telling me that something went wrong. Just a minor inconvenience to make sure there aren't any known security holes that haven't been patched.
  9. The first web browser on my radar for Windows was NCSA Mosaic in '94. Before that, we were using Gopher and Archie.
  10. Family wedding. Also preparing the garden beds for winter.
  11. As did I, or was it 4, I've lost count. I also got COVID, but had a very mild case. Took about 10 days to test negative, but I felt fine after the first few days. Had my fall COVID shot last Friday along with the Flu shot. Since I'm 65, I got the super-duper version they give to seniors. I felt feverish on Saturday and stayed in my easy chair watching movies all day. By Sunday, I was fine.
  12. For me, positive conversations are frequently followed by conversations that go completely off the rails.
  13. When using cloth diapers (most of the time), I normally change 4 times a day, but since I double diaper for bed there's a total of 5 to wash. When wearing disposables, usually 2 or 3 Supreme Lite and either a Supreme or a Mega Max at night.
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