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  1. Have a box of random size large xl aduld diapers none are anything spectacular manly kendall wings and othe hospital grade brand free pick up only in the creston ia area I will not ship
  2. Recently found an add for embrace adult diapers on facebook through market place and was wondering if anyone had tried them before the offer both pullups and tape tab diapers
  3. I am very open with the fact i wear diapers my work supervisor know as i am subject to randon drug test so they know a ua would be difficult to do ao they use a mouth swap test
  4. I wear 24 7 so there is no place i won't wear as it is medically necessary faught with doctors about how ro handle it nd was finally put in medical chart this year about how i choae to handle it.
  5. I have been using the mega max for 3 weeks as the only diaper brand for those three weeks and i will say today i put it through very tough day to stay together. Last night we had 6.5 inches of snow. So i started the day with a fresh mega max at 5:45am and am now geting home at 7:13pm and i have scooped out 16 sidwalks and driveways and have no separation of the padding. My previous perferd brand would clump with in thw first 2 drives. It is well worth the money for my comfoet will continue to be my go to diaper thank you North Shore for this wonderful product
  6. I would buy real estate and build my dream house with nursery so i can play but would still work just not as much
  7. The glock model 22 with a under dash holster works great. But i have a permit for carry so i never really worry
  8. I go out to our local store to people watch its fun to watch
  9. If you car battery terminal won't go tight enough use a screw in between the post and terminal. You can start a fire with a piece of wire and a car battery. I prefer using jumper cables batter and wire.
  10. The local hardware store sells the kits i used to love launching rockets as. A kid now i love pyrotechnics. Like that i don't have to go find the rocket anymore. Working on getting my pyrotechnics license so i can buy bigger ones.
  11. I received a sample this week and I was amazed at the quality and design. I drive a para transit bus and have to wear diapers 24/7 and the current diapers I'm using leak before they are even wet past the front area I wore the first mega man for over 12 hours and was wet only 2 inches behind the crotch area I toss and turn in my sleep and this brief didn't say or come lose was a little difficult to take off from the tapes being the best of any brief on the market I have tried. I like the fact that that the is not a wetness indicator as they lead to changing earlier than necessary at times Only worry I have is when it builds up after wetting will have to try several styles of pant in the closet to help conceal it at work.
  12. Tykables makes solid color oneis and rombers i use their onsie at work
  13. I just had to set up a new primarily care provider so have to go through the reason i chose diapers to deal with my bladder and bowel leakage trying medicine for it. My explanation was because of my family history it was then put in my charts that i use diapers to control it and would prefer not to us meds. I got sick a couple weeks ago and have had trouble with my bowels since but have had previous trama so they are open to allowing you to handle it. Had an ultra sound my diaper was sticking out above the waste band ultrasound tech never asked about it
  14. Got new primary doctor. I now have it listed on my medical records that i am incontinent and use incontinence products and i don't want medication to combat it

  15. I use powder normally. Use petroleum jelly when adding toys in the mix and Destin when have rash