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  1. They definitely run small! I ordered a case and was very sad when they did not fit, my 44 inch waist, my hips are around 46 inch. so according to the size they should have fit but did not. and the tape tore off 3 as i was trying to make one fit. I have not ordered the next size up which would be a xl as i went and ordered a different brand that fit me in the larges
  2. I have moved back home so these are now in southern iowa
  3. My diapers have been accepted by my whole family, I a was a ward of the state and used diapers as a security blanket of sorts. Since the first time I told them i have had to start wearing diapers 24/7 due to medical reasons. While my wife is willing to change me at times and give me a bottle at times, I have never pushed her too. It is hard to spring it on a spouse after being together. I was open with my wife before marriage, as I wore diapers on every date. I agree with everyone's advice don't force their participation. It may work that if it is like a fantasy that you would like to tr
  4. I have 3 sealed packs of size large Xp medical xp5000 briefs located in between cedar Rapids ia and Dubuque Ia asking 50.00 which is less than cost pick up only
  5. I just received the case of larges i ordered they fit more like a medium. I should be in a large according to the sizing of 44-58 inch I tore the top tape off the left side of the first brief i tried to put on standing up, second one I put on laying down. i will order xls next payday and see if they are better I will still use the larges with a cover instead
  6. I just ordered a case of large based of comparing sizes on the website verses the sites for brands i currently us
  7. I am really interested in the sizing as it seems its hard for me to find a comfortable fitting diaper. like the rise of the diaper.
  8. I use a reusable Chux pad. I have five or six of them as I travel for work and will put one on the hotel beds. When i am switching locations and have a extended drive i put them on the car seat also
  9. I have struggled with employment in the past, I cannot count all the jobs I have had. I was on ssdi and used it as a crutch. I had someone on tell me I wouldn't last at a job and so i had to prove them wrong and in proving them wrong I had to deal with my own demons. I have had depression all my life and used it as a reason to allow myself to fail. I have been with a company that I started as a driver and now am a Operations Manager working in transportation. I still have days that i want to quit, but will not allow my self to
  10. While i spend a lot on my diapers per piece i will have to wait to try these as no reviews on them yet
  11. i don't think the thickness of the wipe matters when changing as even a thick wipe has a surface limitation, i was using adult wipes all the time to change after a messy diapers, but have found baby wipes are just more economical even if i have to use one or two more and they have gentler chemicals in them so tend to burn lesson irritated skin
  12. I have a tykables onsie i love it is the plain white one, i wear it around everyone and noone knows it a onsie since i wear a belt it does not rise to where folks see the leg holes it was reasonably priced. i do get hot easy, but have been able to comfortably wear it under any of my summer shirts in the summer, i really like it when out in crowds so my diapers do not droop
  13. I use a back pack, the biggest compartment is for my changing supplies (4 diapers, pack of wipes, rash cream, and i have a spot that my binki can fit and be hid) the next pocket is were my work related items are ipad and forms i need, next pocket is where the medicine i carry with me is located, then the last pocket is random stuff like my camera and i throw my wallet in there at times,there is a secret pocket on my bag that does hold my carry weapon, may be young at heart but still like thinks that go bang
  14. I think they us a baby size nipple with just the x pattern in the top i think i will stick with my advent bottles
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