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  1. i don't think the thickness of the wipe matters when changing as even a thick wipe has a surface limitation, i was using adult wipes all the time to change after a messy diapers, but have found baby wipes are just more economical even if i have to use one or two more and they have gentler chemicals in them so tend to burn lesson irritated skin
  2. I have a tykables onsie i love it is the plain white one, i wear it around everyone and noone knows it a onsie since i wear a belt it does not rise to where folks see the leg holes it was reasonably priced. i do get hot easy, but have been able to comfortably wear it under any of my summer shirts in the summer, i really like it when out in crowds so my diapers do not droop
  3. I use a back pack, the biggest compartment is for my changing supplies (4 diapers, pack of wipes, rash cream, and i have a spot that my binki can fit and be hid) the next pocket is were my work related items are ipad and forms i need, next pocket is where the medicine i carry with me is located, then the last pocket is random stuff like my camera and i throw my wallet in there at times,there is a secret pocket on my bag that does hold my carry weapon, may be young at heart but still like thinks that go bang
  4. I think they us a baby size nipple with just the x pattern in the top i think i will stick with my advent bottles
  5. I am still wearing the one i put on last night before bed it handle my nighttime wetting with no leaks. It did bulk up a little still has most of the back of the diaper that is dry,
  6. I wore the first rearz incontrol elite diaper for over 12 hours still had plenty of absorbancy left only reason I had to change was I had a messy accident. Which was contained between the standing leak guards. The wetness indicator only had changed color wet I could feel wetness in the diaper. It took me a couple adjustments of the tabs. They grip the front panel and I took the diaper completely off and was able to put back on with no issues of the padding clumping. The in side of the diaper is super soft is not as bulky as I would have thought. Tomorrow I will torture test them when I get plenty of fluid intake. Only drank about a gallon of lemonade today The picture or of the new diaper after I cleaned up and took my bath for bed.
  7. this wee i picked up 6 bags on fb market place for 45 bucks of prevail but a case of 4 fit right was 55
  8. nascar need to hurry and have a race
  9. if you have followed the trends on potty training they started making larger baby diapers do to parents being to busy to focus on potty training, and now they are making a smaller pull up style diapers for babies and toddlers for what they call the early trainers. my personal thoughts or know your youngster you will know if they are ready, just because you are they may not be. with adult Diapers It has become more acceptable for folks to need them as the baby boomers have gotten up there in age.
  10. depends on your comfort level, bit punishments may include enema or suppository if diapered normally your diaper should stay on longer between change to cause discomfort, or diaper rash self spanking can be effective also
  11. I was open with my wife while we were dating, and we only cuddled and she fed me bottle i have taken care of changing my diapers except a few occasions when i need her help but that was after we were married. the more you do little time with someone else the more relaxed you will become and won't feel shameful for being you
  12. i prefer a firm mess as usually i am real runny no matter what i eat
  13. my go to is the northshore mega max not bug on printed diapers
  14. the prevail line is mainly sold in home supply stores near me, not retail stores
  15. i use adult size paci and have no issues the issue is if the bulb is tight against the front teeth my paci sits farther back than a baby paci would while it was costly for a proper paci definitely worth it