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  1. This might have been posted before, but it's rather hot! https://claremackintosh.com/motorway-tail-backs-and-the-surprising-capacity-of-a-nappy/
  2. Those of us that enjoy a dirty nappy at all times have to be mindful of the impact of its smell on the innocent public. However, things might be changing if this chap carries on his good work. One day our nappies might
  3. I've had poopy nappies changed many times - it's always totally fantastic! I have changed a dirty nappy only once myself. A rather nice, beautiful lady who pooped for me. This was a truly memorable experience and I get hard every time I think about it
  4. Post them to Wetset - they're in Australia
  5. I'm sitting in a poopy nappy now - it's lovely
  6. skidy


    Ah - a word of warning. I have since dirtied a pair of boxer shorts and a drynites (I decided discretion was the better part of valour in this case) I AM still enjoying it, of course - but not so sure I'd be so keen if I'd been out and about!
  7. skidy


    I've just tried it - what a great idea!!! I used 5 marshmallows and followed the instructions on this board. The results were fantastic. I'd already had a good poop today, so wasn't expecting a great deal, but it was pretty damn good! My nappy was a real mess, I liked the smell and it felt great. Thank you so much!
  8. It's official! Apparently 25% of Hipp baby food is actually being eaten by adults. I don't eat the stuff very often - only when I'm having a nanny feed me really, but it's an interesting thought. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/19/baby-food-hipp-adults
  9. skidy

    Oral Laxative That *Makes* You Go

    I've used Ex-Lax chocolate in the past - but taken about ten pieces rather than the recommended two. Quite effective, but for a really impressive session I agree with the castor oil. Again, I had a really good slurp and the results were spectacular. The first poop is incredible - no nappy can hold it! But it will then keep coming in waves. The results were like baby poop as well. I'm trying those Alli slimming pills at the moment - a full nappy has just resulted! I have to say that I wouldn't recommend any extreme options on a regular basis. I've only done the caster oil thing a couple of times. It did actually make me feel pretty good afterwards though - I guess it cleaned me out!
  10. I popped into a large branch of Boots today and ended up buying Drynites - which I like but I was hoping to get something a bit more like a Tena slip. Why don't they stock anything that would absorb more than a dribble?? Seems odd for such a large store....
  11. skidy


    I shave - I love the feel of the smooth skin, it looks great - much better in a nappy - and it helps with clean up.
  12. skidy


    They do have a site - http://www.transformation.co.uk/ I agree - the stuff is really expensive, but it is an experience. Not much AB stuff - used to stock more a few years ago. The sale stuff downstairs is worth a look - I picked up the corset and the satin knickers for about £25 - a real bargain
  13. skidy


    Tonight I popped into transformation, the TV clothing store near Euston station in london. I bought some disposable nappies (Tena - hideously overpriced), plastic pants, satin panties and a fantastic boned corset that was reduced in their sale. The lady in the store put the corset on me, which felt great. I then put on the nappy, plastic pants and satin panties. After paying (actually pretty good in total) I popped next door to the massage place and had a beautiful blond girl look after me. I peed my nappy - which she thought was really sweet. The trip home on the train afterwards was really rather hot as well. I'm going to wear all night!
  14. skidy

    First Enema, Whew!

    I've been again to the nanny that runs the London Enema Clinic. I didn't go for the enema - but did have a fairly large injection of glycerine up my bum. Nanny put a tena disposable on me, which was covered by a terry nappy and a pair of plastic pants. The pooping was fantastic!!!! I was bursting for a pee - so that added to the pleasure. After a lovely session she changed me and put me into a clean nappy which I am still wearing. It is a little poopy and very wet!
  15. I had a surprise pooping this morning. I'd actually wet and pooped in a pair of size 6 training pants, then had a bath and got dressed. I was on the phone when I pooped myself. I was wearing boxers and it certainly made a mess. It was wet and sticky. At that moment a nurse, who was coming to visit my wife, rang the door bell. I had to take her up to my wife and chat for a few minutes. As soon as I could I grabbed some babywipes from the loo and headed up to my bedroom to change. Needless to say, boxers and jeans were straight into the wash basket. I had to go out, and didn't have any nappies left, so I used one of my wife's large Tena pads - plastic backed with a sticky strip - in a pair of black panties. I visited the chemist (drugstore) and had to wait. After a couple of minutes I had another accident. Fortunately this wasn't really smelly...although I could smell it! At the supermarket I took the opportunity of peeing into the pad - and bought a pack of drynites. It is the first time that I've bought nappies because I really need them rather just wanting them!!