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  1. The way you phrased it in your first post made it sound like you were talking about the rearz. Also when I say 8 hours I am talking urine when I poop I generally change within 30 minutes.
  2. Can you explain why you believe the diapers would not hold a bm very well if you have not tried it? Gotcha I got some samples from northshore. So far have tried the diginity and tranquility both are not that good. I will try a abena and the Northshore supreme. Hopefully they will work good.
  3. Have you had issues with BM's in the Rearz inspire incontrol?
  4. Have you ever had issues with BM's leaking from diapers that were to skinny?
  5. So basically as long as a diaper can hold pee for around 8 or so hours. And also is good for a bowel movement I am good. Normally I wear Total dry xplus. But I am branching out. I have tried a few different brands and some of them were absorbent enough but when I had a bowel movement in them they leaked. The Kolibri comslip plus was to skinny between my legs and poop leaked when I had a bm. So before I get some samples I would like to hear your thoughts on these diapers. Do they hold up for around 8 hours and can hold a bowel movement? Northshore Supreme, Air Supreme, Supreme lite, Air permium Dignity PM Abena Abriform L4 xplus, L4 Premium Tranquility ATN Inspire, Inspire+ incontrol Formacare ID slip pe Crinklz Thanks for your input.
  6. Here you go proof the TSA does not stop terrorist's. This show is called adam ruins everything and the show actually wants viewers to research there topics and contact them if they find an error. So if after watching this and doing research please feel free to contact them and that could be in a future episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LDzOi1dyAA
  7. So I am wondering how long generally speaking a diaper on a plushie will last before it starts to fall apart? Also I am wondering how you guys open bags of diapers? I got some baby diapers for my plushie and they had a perforated line for easy opening on them. My total dry x-plus does not. So I am wondering how you guys open packages of diapers. I generally rip open the top where the handle is. Do you do that or rip open the bottom? Thanks
  8. I would be the type of person that wears pink diapers and such on purpose just to make the TSA" hate" life. The TSA has caught 0 terrorists and really just hinders travel. When going for a pat-down I would ask for a female TSA agent because I only feel comfortable with another female touching me. I feel female today regardless of what sex I was born in.
  9. Has anyone else done this? What have been your experiences? Anyone else Eat hot peppers like Carolina reaper and similar?
  10. So the other night I put on some diapers before I ate some food with Carolina reaper peppers in it. So I could avoid burning sensations when I had to pee and such from touching my penis. Anyone do this? I do wash my hands after eating hot food but it can still burn down there if you dont get all the hot peppers off your hands. Although this can backfire if the peppers cause your pee to burn and such. I have had that happen before. So thoughts? Any other tips for diapers and hot pepper eating?
  11. So I am wondering has anyone ever had any issues with having diapers and supplies in a diaper bag in a vehicle in 90 or 100 degree summer days? Like has the heat ever effected anything? I am going to be diapered for a convention and will be leaving my diaper bag in the car and was wondering if this would effect anything? I really want to avoid carrying my diaper bag around with me. The bag I use is a black messenger bag. Thanks
  12. Post when messy.

    So wondering if we could get this as a sticky so people could post the next number in sequence when they are messy. If this would do better in a more high traffic area feel free to put it there.
  13. I would love to do this if it is real and such. Forgive me for being skeptical. If the people from diaper changing service see this. I hope you guys can charge based on income. Cause 40 dollars for a single change is expensive. Maybe also take insurance in the future. Also maybe in the future have a mobile changing station like in the back of a vehicle. Will be keeping an eye on your website and such to see the changes to come. lol Hope to see you guys in South Dakota in the relative near future.
  14. How do you poop?

    So I am seeing you guys say it just comes out and you dont really need to do anything. So if you saw someone doing a little bit of a squat and kinda concentrating and such in public could that be a sign of them doing it on purpose or do some incontinent people do that?
  15. How do you poop?

    So I am curious for those of you that have bowel issues. How do you poop in your diapers? Like do you feel the need to go then it comes out or do you just feel a warmth around your butt? Do you have to squat to poop? like not full squat but just a little squat. Do you ever have to push the poop out? do you even know how to push? I hope this is ok to ask I am genuinely curious. Thanks