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  1. I have never had this issue. I carry a messenger bag with me everywhere I go. Even to the restroom. No one has ever said a word. I have carried bags and such with me for many many years. Family just go oh what you got in your edc today and such. I just show them a knife or two.
  2. So I am possibly going to be ordering some diapers from the Nappies r us eBay store. As shipping and handling is expensive I am trying to determine what ones I should buy. As you may or may not know I do not care much about prints. So I am wondering if any of these diapers are known as other brands just without the print? Also so I can see if I have tried them before so I can save some money that way. Fab sense city print Fabine mega booster Forsite under the sea MyDiaper animals print NRU PlayDays classic blue So those are the printed ones I am thinking about buying and I am wondering if they are prints of other diapers? Like how crinklz and better dry are the same diapers just one has prints and the other does not. Or how total dry x plus is the same as bambino. Thanks
  3. Hopefully this is in the right place. But I am curious does wipe thickness have anything to do with getting cleaner when you need a diaper change? I usually use huggies natural care baby wipes but was trying out all the different wipes from huggies and pampers available. And I like the scent of the pampers complete clean scented wipes. But they are thinner than huggies. Does wipe thickness matter in getting clean? Thanks
  4. If anyone will be attending denfur I will be offering diaper changes there. Also does anyone on here use telegram?
  5. You have been a member since 2005 and somehow missed my post above yours that says Yes I am fine if it is a rule. So yes I knew it was a rule. In other chat rooms it is not a rule and I have been told it is "creepy" to ask to pm.
  6. Yes and I am fine asking if it is a rule but I have been in other chat rooms where that is not required. they all have different rules so it gets confusing. I dont see what women in particular have anything to do with asking before pming?
  7. Why would I need to ask in order to pm?
  8. So since 6 people have essentially told me the same thing. How about we stop telling me this and mods feel free to lock this topic. I get it.
  9. Mods I am going to be referencing some sexual stuff if this is inappropriate please feel free to edit the inappropriate stuff out. I am not a "horny net guy." I never do anything like that. It wasnt untill when I was 22 that I even started touching myself. I dont come to groups to talk about me being messy I want to hear other peoples stories with being messy. If I am at a party and everyone is wearing diapers then being messy would be normal. You meen dont talk about it? I am fine with people talking about AB stuff. I dont complain when that happens. I only ever complained when I was told I could not talk about poop.
  10. I dont know if messy diapers count as scat. They dont at least in my mind. But I like talking about them. Is there a benefit to talking about pacifiers? I am a lion I dont want to turn myself into an ostrich. But in all seriousness I rarely care what other people think of me. I am very unlikely to ever meet anyone I talk to online. I never thought there was that much of a split. We all wear diapers. We all pee and poop. Maybe not in diapers but it still is a thing everyone does. So how come we cant talk about it? But I think I am finally understanding stuff. I understand what you are getting at with the mlp thing. But I just have to say one time I went to a police officer forum and along with asking questions about police stuff I also asked in the off topic section about mlp. So I would talk about mlp in the off topic section. So pretty much you guys are saying stick to only the diaperfur stuff and I am a rarity in that I can look past allot. OK Maybe I am looking at the past with rose colored glasses but stuff seemed different even back in 2011.
  11. So I have recently been using the app telegram in it I join groups like babyfur groups and such. When I would go to ask questions about messy diapers people will say stuff like "people don't like that please don't talk about that." Not sure if this is just a telegram issue or a furry issue or what. Now the chat rooms have a bunch of people in them and some are minors in the chat rooms. I try and stay away from talking with minors to the best of my ability. When I say I am only interested in diapers and I ignore things like pacifiers and baby bottles and expect the people that don't like messy diapers to ignore my comments they tell me I am in the wrong. Just wondering your thoughts? Also has anyone ran into similar issues? I am not an AB I am a DL or as I prefer to be called a diaperfur. The reason I join babyfur groups is cause there are more people i the chat rooms. Hopefully this makes sense. I am dealing with stuff at the moment. Thanks
  12. If I am already emptying the diaper pail when I have a messy diaper. I think I will just stick with taking out a garbage bag.
  13. So I am curious on where you guys draw the line on what you consider a diaper made for furries and one just made for ABDL's? What brands are "furry" diapers? I would consider Crinklz, Rearz Safari, and ABU Little Pawz to be the furry diapers. What are your guyses thoughts?
  14. So like I have said in the past the print on a diaper does not matter to me very much. As long as a diaper contains wetting and messing very well I am good. That being said I have recently wanted to try the "furry" diapers Crinklz, ABU Little Pawz, and Rearz Safari. I got a pack of Crinklz from North Shore for $28.95. ABU sells Little Pawz for $34.99 and Bambino sells Rearz Safari for $44.00 soon to be $46.00. I am wondering if anyone knows of cheaper prices anywhere else? I am located in the united states so foreign websites would not help me at all. I guess also I am wondering why do they charge so much for prints? Thanks
  15. I do not have any issues from urine smell. Just from messy diapers. I am able to have 5 or 6 urine diapers in a trash can with no smell. I have not had any more than that in it because usually that is when the trash gets full with general trash and such.