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  1. Thank you MarkSmith, this is very good advice. I am giving the cloth backed diapers a shot, but will probably go back to plastic backed eventually. Things are still early on with my wife this time around and I want to be sure I don't mess anything up.
  2. Welcome back, you were missed!
  3. Thanks gah!ghost, have you tried the Northshore breathable products as well?
  4. Hey everyone, I looked through the forum and couldn't find exactly what I needed, so I started a new topic. Below is a quick summary of my situation and what I am looking for, any help would be appreciated. Recently, my wife and I decided that I could give wearing around the house another shot. This is great news and I am incredibly lucky. In the past, I have probably been too excited to wear and I would buy the diapers that I love (Dry 24x7, Abena X-Plus, etc.). Being a DL, the loud/thick/absorbent disposables are my favorite. However, I want to be more respectful of my wife and compromise with her by finding something that is much more discrete than what I had been wearing. I think that I am looking for something that is both quiet (cloth backed?) and thinner than my previous choices, but still absorbent (it would be good to get at least 2 wettings in each diaper). Any advice? I am looking at the Abena Abri-Form 2 and the Seni Super Plus on XP right now, but not sure what others think from experience. Thanks for the help
  5. I wasn't sure about this at first, but boy oh boy did this grow on me throughout the story. Great work, looking forward to reading more!
  6. Oh man! What a tease
  7. More great work!!
  8. Keep up the great writing!
  9. I love the two girls + one guy aspect of this + the desire for diapers without the humiliation. Keep up the good work!
  10. Very good story, the kind that could easily have many more chapters!
  11. wow, this story is picking up nicely and it's been a pleasure to read! i can't wait to see where it goes
  12. Another great chapter! I hope Emily stays involved.
  13. Great addition!
  14. well said diaperguy85, great chapter