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  1. Musing about living incontinent

    It would bother me. If I were to become incontinent, I think I would learn to accept it but it would still bother me. I would never want to be incontinent or HAVE to wear diapers.
  2. Did you grew up a bedwetter

    I did until just before turning age 6. I was diapered every night for bed in cloth diapers and Gerber plastic pants. That was what caused me to become a DL (not an AB) and I am very glad I stopped bedwetting when I did.
  3. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    You can't fool a doctor with a fake medical situation. Again I don't want to say the wrong thing and have people think I am getting all over a member, but (in my opinion) if you want to do it for a thrill, admit you are doing it for a thrill and for no other reason. Don't try and come up with a phony incontinence story, if asked about your diaper just admit that you like to wear and use them. Better yet, (in my opinion), just don't wear to your doctor. Even though they see incontinent people in diapers, in my opinion it's still forcing your fetish on other people.
  4. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    I want to comment, but am being careful here so people won't think I am coming down hard on another member. I hate to be accused of that when commenting or just trying to help out another member or respond to their questions in the forum. I love Halloween and put up big indoor and outdoor displays each year. I do not dress up and go out. It's one thing in fun to dress up like a baby on Halloween night if done tastefully. My that I mean in more like an exaggerated baby costume. Anything showing wet or dirty diapers (in my opinion) is not acceptable. I also believe (in my opinion) you should not force your fetish on regular people such as seamstresses by going there in diapers and asking to have a onesie altered. Halloween night is one thing, but dressing up all month and going out in public dressed like a baby? I agree with the majority here and (in my opinion) I agree with Elfy and " I hate to tell you this but I think you might be one of "those" people" Save it for Halloween night or a Halloween party only.
  5. They are no Jack Kennedy. Neither of them. I have had diaper dreams in the past and sometimes dream I'm wetting my diaper. I wake up sure that I have wet the bed (I don't wear diapers to bed) and find I am completely dry. I'm thankful for that. I've had dreams when I have been at home alone in my diapers, wet them and go to the bathroom to take a shower. Once in there the family comes home and I'm stuck in the bathroom with no clothes and no way to get rid of the wet diaper on the floor and know I will eventually get caught. I wak up before getting caught. I think that comes from being afraid I will be caught in diapers by family members. I've also had a diaper dream where I am in the military and suddenly we come under attack about 100 yards from the barracks. I grab my gun and dash out to the trench to fight. I'm right next to an old boss of mine and he has all his camo gear on, I'm in just a diaper. I'm fighting right along with him for all I'm worth, it's just that I have only a diaper on and nothing else. I think that means I am just a regular hard working guy like everyone else, fighting right along side of them but worried they may find out I sometimes wear diapers. Who knows?
  6. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    I agree. Out of all the suggestions, most favor admitting something about using the diapers yourself. No need at all for that when the best would be wrong item sent. Some here are open about others knowing they wear diapers but they have to realize there are many of us who do not ever want anyone to find out. We cherish our diaper privacy.
  7. Brandon, no offence here and I don't know the roots of your issues but you sound like you really need professional help. People here have given you a lot of advice, some you seem to have irritated to the point they don't believe you. I am not a licensed psychologist and I'm sure most people here are not either. You do seem paranoid questioning what people tell you. You ask if this is a true store I told you. For one, it's not a story. It's suggestions and advise given you based on your posts and responses. I don't lie in forums. People are getting tired of giving you some advise and your responding like you still don't know what to do. Either I take you at your word, believe you and if so, that makes me really think you have serious overall issues you need professional help with (which I just advised you on how to go about getting), or you are a troll just interested in seeing who responds back to your many different forum posts and threads. Not sure which you are, but if the former you need professional help and I hope you get some. All I'm going to say, final.
  8. Seriously? You have a phone book? You obviously have a computer. Look up psychiatrists on line in your area or in your phone book and call for an appointment. That's what you would do if you had the flu or other medical situation where you need a doctor. Not to sound mean here, but I can't believe a 26 year old wouldn't know how to look up a psychiatrist in the phone book and make an appointment and what place to see one at (his or her office, of course!) They will want to know what your problem is when you make the appointment and you may have to tell them you need help with a sexual fetish you have. If they ask, you may have to mention it's about wearing diapers. The big thing is, if you have anxiety about wearing diapers in public and are scared people will notice, are you too scared to talk to a psychiatrist about wearing diapers and your fear people will notice? You are in that catch 22 situation, between the rock and hard place. You need help, seem to want it so you have to man up and make an appointment with a professional psychiatrist. Either that, or keep it all inside and learn to live with yourself as you are.
  9. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste!", the famous slogan of the United Negro College Fund. Or as former vice president Dan Quayle misquoted many many years ago trying to paraphrase that famous quotation, "It's a terrible thing to lose one's mind, or not have a mind". It's true, he actually said that!
  10. Upsetting my Changing Routine

    I used to have a bike that had a zippered bag attached right behind the seat. The pouch was as big as a purse and would easily have held a couple extra diapers. Maybe look for something like that and if an emergency like the road blocking ever happens again, you might be able to bike to a gas station or other restroom for an emergency change. Not as good as changing at home, but in an emergency you sometimes have to adapt to the situation.
  11. ebay sucks

    You people are just now discovering that EBAY sucks? If you are a buyer, EBAY is great! You can leave negative feedback for a seller for no reason at all and ruin that seller's reputation and there is nothing the seller can do! If you are a buyer you can complain to EBAY something is wrong with your purchase and they will refund your money, put a hold on the seller's Pay Pal account and nothing the seller can do about it! You don't even have to return the item you bought! Even if , say, you have a Franklin Mint collector car worth hundreds and you break the hood ornament off. You see one just like it on EBAY so you buy it for $400. When you get it, you take it out of the box and put yours with the broken hood ornament inside and claim to EBAY it's broken. EBAY will refund your money even though the seller has pictures the hood ornament was not broken when he shipped it to you! I know this to be true from a friend in a similar situation. He sold a similar car and had a claim put in against him from the buyer saying there was a broken piece on the car he received. When my friend got the car back, it was very obvious it was not the same car he had shipped. My friend did some looking around at the buyer's purchase history through his feedback and noticed that buyer has bought 4 or 5 of the exact same collector car from different people and also claimed there was a defect. Even with the proof of my friend's pictures and the fact the guy had bought several of the same car from different sellers and claimed defects, EBAY sided with the buyer. They always side with the buyer! The seller can't even leave negative feedback to a buyer even though the buyer can leave as much negative feedback as they want against the seller! In one case I offered to personally deliver an item a friend had sold to the buyer because he only lived a half mile from my house. My friend lives 15 miles away and I was visiting that day. Save the postage and all that. I delivered the item to the guy, his wife was right there and then he contacted EBAY and claimed he never received the item! Finally after evidence and the messages between him and my friend through EBAY as well as phone calls between the two, he admitted he was just trying to get back at my friend for something he bought 2 years ago, and it wasn't even anything he had purchased from my friend! The guy made a mistake and was thinking of someone else! He withdrew his claim but EBAY didn't take any action against him or suspend his account even when he admitted to lying about the situation! The guy still left negative feedback! YES, EBAY SUCKS!
  12. Getting caught

    True it is his house and he can do pretty mush what he wants in it, as long as it's legal, but I sure would appreciate my neighbor telling me, even if she did know about my diaper history and see my diapers on the line. While walking around the house in diapers is my own business and my neighbor could close her own curtains, it's also her home and she is free to keep her curtains open if she wants to. Also she is free to either look out her window or not, knowing what she might see. If the neighbor was saying he shouldn't walk around the kitchen in nothing but shirt and diapers because she thought it was wrong or disgusting, that is not right! It's her opinion and as stated, you can do what you want in your own house. If she was saying he shouldn't walk around the kitchen in just t-shirt and diapers because she is afraid others might look in the window and she is afraid that would be embaressing to him, then I would take it as a friendly helpful gesture on her part. She may believe Turtlpins doesn't know he can be seen from their window and is just informing him in a friendly way so he is aware he can be seen in his diapers. It may not really bother the neighbor herself in that second situation, but she may be concerned if she has a party or friends over to visit that they may look out the kitchen window. Lots of things to consider. I'd like to know more what her actual concern is about walking around the kitchen in diapers. Is it more concern for Turtlpins feelings and perhaps thinking he doesn't realize he can be seen from their window and she was just informing him, or is she disgusted at seeing a grown man walking around in just t-shirt and diapers? Does she have younger children who may notice Turtlpins walking around his house at night in just diapers and feels it's something they shouldn't see? I could relate to that, but if that is the case, then pull down blinds for her (and maybe even Turtlpins) would be what I suggest. After all, if it's at night I see no reason not to pull down the blinds anyway!
  13. Is it just me or?

    If you lose interest, fine. Some with the fetish really enjoy it but some also wish that they didn't have the fetish. It's what life dealt them. The thing is, if you are losing interest, then you wouldn't feel bad about it because at that point, you have lost interest. People's lives change over time and the things they used to do may no longer interest them for many reasons. If you are losing interest but feel sad about it, maybe you aren't really losing interest, just not feeling like diapers at the moment. My suggestion is to just forgo diapers. Don't force yourself to wear them if you are not in the mood or losing interest in them. See how it goes. Time will tell if you have really lost interest in them or if the desires to wear will come back really strong. If the desires don't come back but continue to fade away, I'd say go with it and don't force yourself back into something you no longer have desires for. Perhaps look at it like a favorite game, toy or hobby you used to have but no longer like or have grown out of. Losing interest in wearing diapers is not a bad thing and certainly not the end of the world!
  14. Water out, get out the diapers

    I bet the plumber has gotten an eyeful working there with you in diapers! Oh! You probably have pants on!
  15. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    If your mom has ever suspected you wear diapers for any reason, then no explination is needed unless she asks. Then I might just say something like back problems causing me some wetting issues at night when I move around in my sleep. Otherwise, if she has never suspected anything, I see absolutely no reason to tell her anything about diapers, not even a medical explination. I'd just say, "What the hell? Someone sure goofed things up! I'll call them for a return." I would also give Amazon hell for not shipping in the plain discreet box and share with them the photo you posted. Maybe you will get a discount on your next order for their mistake, especially if it's always shipped in unmarked boxes before and their listing states shipped in plain discreet boxes.