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  1. I want to add that you should stay away from caffeen as well. Caffeen tends to make you pee more and also keep you awake. No soda's or coffee unless they are decaffeinated, no chocolate either. The thing with bedwetting alarms is by the time they go off, you have already started wetting yourself. They can be helpful as they tend to wake you as you are starting to wet and that helps the association between waking and wetting. The thing is, you either sleep on an electronic mat or have electrodes you attach to your underwear. The moisture when you start to pee completes a circuit and sounds the alarm. By that time you are already wetting yourself. A bedwetting alarm such as described may be what is needed but I would start with the alarm clocks first. It's less expensive and the idea is to wake before you pee, not be woken up while you are already peeing. You also take the chance of an electrode becoming detached while you are sleeping, rendering the bedwetting alarm useless, especially if you move around a lot while sleeping. I know when I was a kid 8 to 16 years old I never had to wake up to pee at night. Later in life I started waking up to pee at least once in the night, sometime in my 20's. This was not just me but friends as well. Camping trips or other overnight situations meant friends my age or older got up at least once a night to pee. As we get older, having to pee at night happens. Fact of life. We just need to make sure our bodies know we have to pee in the middle of the night and wake us up so we can do so!
  2. Just keep your mouth shut until someone says something about it to you! If you were prowling around in your brother's dresser drawers without his knowledge, would you go up to him and say, "What's the deal with this big Dildo I found in your dresser drawer?"
  3. At least we know what one Scottsman wears under his kilt!
  4. I will not be like all the others here who suggest that you just wear diapers to bed. That would be a way to deal with the bedwetting but not correct the actual problem. Folks, this is a person who wants to cure himself of sleep wetting and if his aim was to just wear diapers instead, I'm sure he'd be doing so. To Poetry Of Life; Do you remember how you stopped bedwetting when you were around 7 years old? Did your parents try alarms or waking you or did it just stop on it's own? Stress is probably a big cause due to your studies and poor sleep. As mentioned by you, the alarms helped for a few nights but your sleep was so poor from it that you started sleeping (and wetting) through your alarms or just forgetting to set the alarms at all. In my case, I wet the bed until about 6 years old and then stopped. When I was in my 20's I started waking up to pee at night, and that happened more than once. I know that somehow my body transferred the urge to pee to my brain and woke me up. I think this is the key and what most bedwetting programs are based on. Even now at age 58 I will wake up several times a night to pee, usually every 1-1/2 to 2 hours and as often as 6 times a night. That is probably unusual overall as most people may get up once or twice a night to pee. If you think about it, people sleep an average of 7 hours a night (or more). How many times in the day do you use the bathroom to pee in a 7 hour period? It makes sense you would also have to pee at least once while sleeping 7 hours a night. You stated that, "I'm nearing the end of my graduate school training and, for the first time in a few years, might have time/energy to re-address this issue. In fact, I see this as a perfect window of opportunity to try to overcome my bedwetting. (Additionally, I'd like to conquer the issue prior to re-entering the world of dating.)" I think this is the perfect time to start tackling your bedwetting issue again. It appears that some of the stress (and maybe long hours of studying and cramming) of your graduate school training is ending and with the training ending, it appears you will have more time as well. 'm not sure of your work schedules and all, but I suggest the key here is training your body to wake up when you have the need to pee. In spite of your looking for low-tech tips or a more sustainable idea than the alarm clocks waking you at night, I think the alarm clocks are your best bet. As a graduate student I'm sure you know nothing worthwhile happens without a lot of hard work involved, but the end rewards are well worth it. If you keep any kind of logs, try to set an alarm clock half way though the night to wake you. For example if you go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am, set the clock to wake you at 3am. If you have already wet in your sleep by then, next night set the alarm clock to go off at 2am. Keep decreasing the time by half an hour until the clock has gone off before you have wet. Use that as your starting time. If you wake up to pee at, say 2am and go back to sleep, see if that lasts you the rest of the night. If instead you have wet the remained of the night, set a second clock to go off 2 hours or so after the first clock. I understand that this is interrupting your sleep ( one reason many people would rather just wear diapers to bed instead), but as I have mentioned, it's hard to expect a body to go 7 or 8 hours without having to empty itself of urine. Your situation is your body is emptying itself when it needs to but not informing your brain to wake you up first! You just have to let your body know that this is not acceptable and train your body to wake you up. Think Pavlov and the Bell/Dog. It may take some time but if you use the alarm clocks each night your body will condition to wake up. When you wake up and then get up to relieve yourself, your body will associate waking up with relieving your bladder and soon it should all come together. If you have the time now your studies are coming to an end, try and go to bed earlier or take a short nap in the day. This may compensate some for some tiredness you have from waking up at night to pee. You may have to give up some late night activities if you are one to go out with friends (say to the bar) or just stay up late for whatever reason. Try and get a little more sleep time to compensate for the fact you will be waking up in the middle of the night to pee so you won't get fatigued in the day. Right now if you have been used to sleeping through the night without waking, it can be hard to fall back to sleep after waking to pee. That is also part of the conditioning, same as conditioning yourself to wake up to pee without an alarm clock's help. You will have some days where you are tired from having trouble falling back to sleep after you have gotten up, but you have to keep at it, every night, night after night until your body has trained itself to wake you when you have to pee. At the same time, your body will eventually find it easier to fall back to sleep after you have gotten up to pee. It's the same conditioning at work. This works for a lot of people! It's a proven method and while there are always exceptions, you have to give it your best shot. I suggest you find the loudest alarm clocks that you can to make sure it wakes you no matter how tired you are. This training won't work if you sleep through the one thing you rely on to wake you up and train your body! Good luck, keep at it and don't get discouraged by a few set backs now and then. They are bound to happen but you just have to persevere and keep at it to reach your goals. I can see that you really want this to happen! I'm also going to say that while I am a lifelong DL myself, I would rather wake up 3 or more times a night to pee than to have to wear diapers to bed every night.
  5. Borrow a pair of pants from M.C. Hammer. No one will ever notice you have diapers on!
  6. Because we sit and rest when we go, or when driving and need a break to rest or go to the toilet, we stop at a rest area. We don't open our closets expecting them to be filled with water. We get our water from the faucet or bottled water (which we don't usually keep in a special closet set aside just for that purpose). I've never seen any Lava in the room where my sink and toilet is, although I believe people can still buy the bathroom hand soap with the name Lava. The day I see Lava in my bathroom is the day a mysterious hidden volcano erupts in my neighborhood. TRUMP TWEET: Stupid forigners try and contaminate our country with their stupid phrases like Water Closet and Lavatory! We proud Americans are going to ban them from our country so their stupid ideologies won't influence our great people! Build the wall to prevent these people from associating with our people and prevent the democrats and media with their fake news from trying to take over! Jail crooked Hillary and my tax returns are my own business!
  7. LOL! Maybe they say "Women" because they are looking for group sex!
  8. I do know this is the Incontinent Desires forum but I still think it can be appropriate to post here as I did to get people, especially young people only 18 years of age to thinking things over before they act. 60+ years of the rest of your life in diapers 24/7/365 when you are making that decision at age 18 just seems to me to need a lot of thinking things out before making a decision and acting. You can still wear diapers all you want without purpously doing harm to your body.
  9. I see you are still bound to try and become incontinent and diaper dependent. This is one of many posts you have made, and I replied to one before. I'll say it again because of your age. I see young people, 18, 19 or 20 years old wanting to make themselves incontinent or wear diapers 24/7 for the rest of their life. Once you lose that control it is very very difficult to regain it later. Hormones are raging at that age and often people do make decisions that they regret later in life. People are free to do what they want, but I urge everyone, especially young people to really stop and think things out rationally during a quiet time. If you live to the age of 85, do you really want to spend the next 65 years in diapers with no other options? To the beach? To work every single day? Under your tux at your wedding? Sharing a hotel room with a coworker? Being out somewhere and having a diaper failier? How about being in line at an amusement park and having to leave to change because your diaper is about to leak or you have messed yourself? What about on a guided tour on vacation and you can't leave the group if your diaper leaks? How about having to carry a diaper bag of some kind with you everywhere and having to explain to others? Having extra clothing with you in case of a bad leak that gets your clothing wet? Then explaining to coworkers why you started the day with blue pants and you are now wearing green pants. What if you are chairing a meeting or on stage speaking to a group and have a diaper failier in front of everyone, or suddenly mess your diaper with people noticing? Do you want to change diapers 4 to 6 times every day for the rest of your life? Diapers are expensive when wearing 24/7/365. You need a good job at good pay to be able to afford them, and that doesn't mean pumping gas at the local Marathon station for the rest of your life. How about changing in the locker room in front of everyone else? Do you play sports like tennis or basketball? How will running down the court with a sagging wet diaper affect your game? How many people will notice that sagging diaper under your basketball shorts or tennis shorts? What explination will you tell all your friends and family as to why you are wearing diapers? You may be able to hide it from some for a while, but eventually many will discover you wear 24/7/365, especially when you are wet, messy and need to change. They wonder why you carry a backpack, case, or whatever with you wherever you go. They may ask you, or if they find out they may talk about you behind your back about you wearing diapers. What will you do if you have to go on a camping trip with friends and share a tent? Will you decline that trip, something you may really want to do badly because you wear diapers and you don't want them to find out or see you in them? What will you do if you are out with friends or family on a boat for the day and have to change diapers? Where on a boat will you be able to change in privet? How about your doctor, or any doctor you see for the rest of your life? What will you tell them is the reason you are wearing diapers? You can't make up a medical situation and fool a doctor! What if you decide to go into politics and run for state office? Are you prepared for it to get out on TV and in the news? There is the cost of so many disposable diapers for the rest of your life that can run into thousands of dollars each year. Maybe instead you decide to go with cloth diapers which are even bulkier. You still have the initial cost of purchasing the more expensive cloth diapers, then the cost of washing them 2 or 3 times a week, the time out of your day that it takes, and even cloth diapers need replacing when they get ragged, especially when you are wearing them 24/7. How about plastic pants? Cloth diapers are not much good without waterproof pants over them, and that is an extra cost too. Plastic pants also do not last forever, not even as long as the cloth diapers themselves. If you have decided to wear cloth diapers, are you going to carry around wet or soiled diapers with you after a change when out and about so they can be washed at home? Remember wearing diapers 24/7 means changing diapers whenever and wherever you need to. That can mean in any restroom such as McDonalds, Burger King, WalMart (in a stall with people going in and out all the time) or anyplace you can find in a hurry. You are out, you wet your diaper and since you have been out for quite a while you feel your diaper starting to leak. Now you have to stop what you were doing and rush around to find any restroom or place you can change diapers before your pants get soaked. You may already be at the point where you have the wet half moons on the back of your pants from a leaking diaper. Where will you change? Will they let you into a store or restroom with a back-pack that has your extra diapers and changing supplies? Will you need to explain that your diaper is soaked and you have to change it? How will you feel about telling a stranger that you have to change your wet diaper? What if you mess in your diaper with no where to change? People around you start to notice the smell and give you dirty looks, or worse. Changing a dirty diaper in a restroom is a lot more difficult than just changing a wet one. How would you feel if you had to change a messy diaper in a public restroom stall, then carry the dirty diaper out to dispose of it with other people in the restroom watching you? At age 18 people don't tend to think much past the present. Believe me, if you choose to wear 24/7/365 the chances of you ending up needing to wear them the rest of your life rather than wearing just for fun are very very high due to eventual loss of control. Some don't understand why a person wants to wear diapers anywhere and anytime. I believe in a good healthy balance between regular life and your AB/DL life. When you decide to wear diapers all the time instead of taking a break from them, then the diaper fetish controls your life. You are no longer the one in command. You start staying home, locking yourself away because you want to play in your diapers instead of hanging out with friends doing other things. It's not healthy for mind or body. Diapers 24/7/365 soon stop becoming fun and become a routine chore that you must do several times every day of your life. By the time you have discovered that for yourself, it may already be too late to go back to underpants. To each their own. Many members here have said that they have gone 24/7 and couldn't go back, then regretted it later. Everyone who wants to go 24/7/365, especially the young ones need to think things out carefully before they act, knowing that maybe only the first quarter of their life is over and they have 3 times as long to live as they already have. If you are 18 years old now, do you really want to spend the next 65 years in diapers 24/7/365 wetting and messing yourself uncontrollably and changing diapers 4 to 6 diapers a day wherever you happen to be when the time for a change comes? That is a long long time to be in diapers! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO THINK ABOUT HERE IS THIS; What will you do in 5 years after you've grown up some and discover you are sick and tired of wearing diapers 24/7, wetting and maybe messing yourself? By that time it's too late to repair the damage to your damaged sphincter muscles that have atrophied. You will have a long time to reflect back on your decision, several times a day for the rest of your life each time you change your diapers.
  10. I once read that the term "Nappie" came from Napkin, I believe because of how they are folded, etc. I wipe my mouth with a napkin, I'd hate to wipe it with a diaper!
  11. I'm not getting on you here, after you clarified things. As you yourself said in your second post, "I'm sorry I did not say it right.I have almost no control over my bowels. I am not good at pharsing things". You did clarify a lot of things, the most important being you have very little bowel control. Yes, I did not know that from previous posts you may have made in the forums. I read a lot of posts from a lot of people and don't remember each person's situation off the top of my head. When you first said, " I had no change with me", I hope you can see my side of it in thinking you had no "change of diapers" with you. That was the first thing that came to my mind. I hope you do not try and walk the 5 miles home and I was not implying that at all. I do not ride busses myself, but the point I was trying to get across was there must have been a better solution you could have come up with rather than riding home for over an hour on 3 different crowded busses in a very stinky diaper that was annoying other passengers. Meaning finding a restroom nearby and changing diapers before getting on the bus since you implied later that you almost never go out without a change of diapers. I'm sure there had to be some type of nearby restroom you could have used to change and if necessary, taken the next bus. Again, enough said, but you yourself have to realize the way you first posted your experience it appeared different than your later clarification. That first post is what prompted me to respond as I did. Again, enough said.
  12. None taken. I'll be the first to admit my spelling is not the best, but I know better that to start a sentence with "so", and I don't say, "Me and him".
  13. The short answer is no, as AbabeBill said. You do not need to start your sentences with the word "So". It is not needed and is poor grammar.
  14. Just to clarify for anyone reading these last 2 posts, MotherFaith had her Real Age listed at 99. I see that has now been changed overnight to 32.
  15. You can see how we all thought you messed yourself on purpose the way you wrote your experience. You didn't say that you were on your way back from already having had your doctor appointment. When you say, "I was sitting outside waiting for the bus and man I had to go #2.So I said the heck with it and went seeing as I had no change with me", it's very obvious that you said, "The heck with it" which lets everyone think that you just made a spur of the moment decision to not try and find a toilet but to shit your pants instead. Nothing in your post inferred that you have incontinence or almost no control over your bowels. I would expect if that was the situation and you need to wear diapers, you would be carrying a few extra changes with you just in case. People with incontinence don't go away from home without a change or two. If you meant you had no change (coins, money) for a pay restroom, how did you pay your bus fare? I guess it could happen that you didn't have money to use a pay restroom. That was unclear to us, the part where you said, " I had no change with me". I had no idea if you meant money for a restroom or a change of diapers and I assumed you meant you had no extra diapers with you. If you needed change for a restroom and didn't have any coins with you, you could have changed a dollar bill in any local store or gas station. Even if you had already messed your diaper, it's less intrusive to have one store clerk smell your crap for a minute while you are getting a dollar bill changed than to have bus loads of people smelling your crap in a confined area for over an hour. If it was me in that situation, I would have headed back to the doctor office to use one of the restrooms in that building at the very least and taken a later bus. If you didn't make it back to the office building before messing your pants, I would have used the public restroom at the office building or almost any store or gas station around to change diapers before getting on the bus. If you had no spare diapers with you, then it's just poor planning, especially if it takes well over an hour to go to and from your doctor's office. No matter what, I would never get on a confined bus in a shitty smelly diaper, especially knowing far well that I had an hour's trip home on 3 different public busses. I'd have found a different solution even if it meant arriving home later than I had planned.