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  1. Check out your local Goodwill stores and thrift stores. I get a lot of my diapers there and pay around $3 to $4 on average for a pack of about 18 to 22 diapers, new in their factory sealed packages. True, they aren't premium diapers like Rearz, Mega Max or Abena, but even the lower end store diapers can be worn and used for an average of 3 to 4 hours before needing to be changed. For that price you can afford to change diapers 5 times a day and you don't have to worry about shipping and buying on line. Just stop by, look and see if they have adult diapers (it can be hit and miss), and buy in person. No one will know they are for you and will think you are running an errand for a relative.
  2. There are so many things that diaper companies can do with wetness indicators. They, for example, could have a diaper that looks plain white and once it gets wet huge smiling faces could appear as the wetness indicator! It might even say, "Change Me". Maybe it could be a hidden wetness indicator that makes the diaper look like rain drops or a waterfall. Personally, I could take them or leave them but I think AB companies are missing the mark by not having fun types of wetness indicators for plain white diapers. It might cost a little more, but premium adult AB diapers are not cheap anyway.
  3. I know many members have wives, husbands or partners. Some are mommies and daddies, some participate now and then, some just tolerate the diapers and others totally hate the idea of their spouse wearing diapers. This may sound a bit sexist and that isn't my intention, but I tend to think a husband would be much more accepting of his wife wearing diapers than many wives are of their husbands in diapers. My question is mostly for those whose wives or S.O. who hate or barley tolerate their diapers, especially those who's lifestyle is 24/7 or close to it. How do they feel about the money you spend each and every month on your diapers? Those who wear a lot can spend hundreds of dollars a month on diapers depending on the premium brands and how many they go through. I just spent about $92 on two bags of premium diapers (BeDry and Mega Inspire), and that is only 24 diapers. Even Betterdry are around $34 for a package of 15 diapers and going through only 2 diapers a day (many go through more) is 60 diapers a month if they wear everyday. So, the question is, does your S.O., especially wife ever complain to you about the money that is being spend every month on your diapers? Especially those that are on a budget? Do they nag you or always bring it up whenever you have an argument about something? Does she complain that "If you didn't spend all that money on diapers we could have steak instead of hamburger, or go out to dinner and the movies more often"? Is it a cause of problems or arguments in your house? Do you compromise and let the spouse spend money on special items she want even if they are really expensive? How do you deal with it?
  4. The red shirt should be a onesie though. Probably couldn't get a onesie snapped over that super full diaper.
  5. I changed out of a Rearz Mega Inspire that I wore to bed last night. It was very wet after 6 hours but had a lot more capacity left. It was just way too bulky to go around the house this morning as I don't yet have the house to myself. I changed into a cloth backed 4 tape Attends for about 3 hours. After that when I get the house to myself again I'll probably go with another Mega Inspire.
  6. Just a way to save a few pennies on each diaper while making everyone think it's a good idea by saying, "New Trimmer Fit". If they thought about it, they would realize adult babies don't want "Trimmer" but "Bulky".
  7. Better swipe some Pampers first!
  8. I guess it's OK to steal the Huggies though.
  9. Tell the truth. There is no way anyone can fool a doctor, especially a specialist unless they are one themselves. Also don't try and fool an insurance company with a false claim. That is fraud and could land you in big trouble. Also think of this - if you do get caught submitting a false claim for a condition that doesn't exist, there is no way any public defender or lawyer you hire will be equal enough to go against a team of corporate lawyers and win. It may be embarrassing for you, and a urologist may refuse your request, but being honest as to why you want catheters is the best all around approach if you just can't get them on line or through a medical supply company yourself. Read up on them first to make sure you are aware of all risks so you don't do irreparable damage to yourself.
  10. Tried my first one a week ago overnight. Absorption is very impressive, lasted me over 10 hours totally soaked and very swollen! Would not have been able to get pants on over it, at least my jeans. Only problem I have is the side panels are not as long as on other diapers. I barely got them overlapped on each side enough to tape them together. I also did not like the hook and loop tapes. They would not hold (I have the same issue with Beyond XP5000) and had to pin it on with diaper pins through the tapes. Otherwise from my using only one so far, the diaper itself is excellent! Just wish the side panels were a little longer and they had dual tapes instead of hook and loop.
  11. And water toxicity. Years ago a radio station ran a contest for a free Wii and the idea was who could drink the most water within a specific time. A woman wanted to win it for her kids but died of water toxicity. The poor kids probably never looked at another video game system in their lives and the radio station got sued big time. What a stupid idea in the first place! https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/jury-rules-radio-station-jennifer-strange-water-drinking/story?id=8970712
  12. Low end plastic backed Attends from Goodwill. Might last me 2 hours as I didn't "boost" it but that's about all the time I'll have for diapers this morning.
  13. I wore my first Incontrol BeDry diaper Friday night to bed. It lasted me 10+ hours and was super wet and swollen so thick I would never be able to get any pants over it except maybe sweat pants. No one would ever be able to miss that I was thickly diapered if they saw me. My issues are the side panels are shorter than normal for size large, the size I usually wear. I could barely overlap back to front to get it taped on. The tapes are refastenable but would not stay attached. I had to use diaper pins through all 4 tapes to pin it on. Otherwise the fit was good, the absorbency was excellent and very comfortable.
  14. Trump was arrested and charged with.... Oh, wait! That's not a joke.
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