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  1. What are they gonna do if they do notice? Go up to a cop in uniform and laugh in his face and tease him about wearing diapers? I DON'T THINK SO!
  2. Personally, I just flew out to Nevada a couple months ago and I never wear diapers when I fly. I don't because I always go on trips with friends and no one knows about my diaper fetish. That said, if I was going to fly diapered with extras in my luggage, I would wear plain white adult diapers and not ones with baby prints. I'm a DL and not an AB and most likely wouldn't even wear the baby print diapers at home alone. Just not my thing. To give my opinion on Mark's latest post, if you were walking around in public dressed in adult baby clothes, sissy dresses or waddling around in skimpy shorts super bulky showing off your obvious diapers, that is wrong. Same as being among public, especially in a small confined area (store, bus, waiting room) and you purpously crap your diaper. Laying on the public beach in just your diapers (Like banned Baby Brian) Those are examples of forcing your fetish on people around you who have a right not to have to smell your shit or be there with their kids seeing you waddling around in diapers. Packing baby clothes and baby print adult diapers in your luggage seems different to me. You are not going about flaunting your baby side to people around you who can see Your baby diapers and sissy clothes are packed away out of site in your luggage. It's true that the TSA can see it all if they have to open your bags for a security check, but instead of them being the general public milling around going about their normal business, TSA agents have chosen this employment and job. You are not opening your bags and saying, "Look at all my pretty adult diapers with the baby prints! I love to wear them and use baby bottles and get my wet diapers changed!" You are not flaunting or forcing your fetish on anyone. TSA, in the course of doing their job is just checking your baggage to make sure there is nothing inside that will blow up the plane or murder any crew or passengers. Before I left on my trip, I did a Google search of what is allowed by TSA in both carry on and checked baggage (wanting to bring a couple sandwiches along to eat on the plane). They list a section for sex toys that can be checked or in your carry on bags. Makes me wonder why someone would have their sex toys as carry-on's! Be interesting to see a couple going at it in mid flight with all their sex toys they brought in their carry on bags! That would be forcing their sexual fetishes on other people! Anyway, I think it all depends on your comfort level of having a TSA agent look at you and make the conclusion you are an adult baby with baby style diapers as far as what you pack in your luggage and what you are wearing through screening. I'm sure of two things. They have probably seen it all already, and they, like the cashier in a busy store, are too busy with their jobs to think much about it. Done with this guy and on to the next. Still, if it was me I would wear plain white disposables if I did wear through TSA. I personally would rather they think I'm incointinent (easy enough to believe with my bad feet and ankles and slight limp) instead of thinking I'm an adult baby. If I have a choice, I'd go with the one that is more mild.
  3. Thanks for the quick catch and ban, Daily Di
  4. If diapers didn't exist. What did people do 2000 years ago? 3000 years ago? I've heard the kids wore nothing and just went, maybe in a specific place, but were trained not to soil their clothing a lot earlier than kids in diapers these days. Diapers came about out of necessity and I would expect if there were no diapers people would devise something else. It would be interesting to know who was the first person to come up with the idea of a diaper and what he or she was thinking at the time. I know at one point in the past 30 or so years one company sold a penial clamp. The idea is you clamped it on your penis and it would shut off the flow of urine if you were incontinent, then when you went to the bathroom you unclamped it and let it flow in the toilet. It looked like a big cloths pin with foam rubber in the inside to cushion things. Perhaps with bowel problems there would be some kind of plug with a handle attached to shove up there and when you went to the bathroom on a timed schedual, you'd just pull it out, do your business in the toilet and then shove the plug back up! Actually there was a fecial incontinence bag with a sticky adhesive ring around the opening that medical companies sold at one time. The idea was you stuck it around your rectum and when you messed it went right in the bag which laid flat in your underpants until it got filled! Ouch when trying to pull it off your butt when you need to replace it! Otherwise you improvise with what you have around you if you are incontinent and need some clothing protection. There might be less diaper lovers if there are less diapers. I remember when you couldn't get adult diapers in stores other than ordering from the Sears Catalog or finding a dusty old box of waterproof pants in an old mom and pop drug store. We made our own from white plastic kitchen trash bags and towels or paper towels to get by. People find a way.
  5. Exactly what I have been saying. We can't all be wrong!
  6. Living next to Lake Michigan, it can get hot in the 90's but also humid! Miserable when it's humid! I did a little preparing for summer by getting a pair of grey thin cotton shorts slightly above the knee. Nice and cool on those humid days, and one of the best things about them is the fact that the store type diapers I usually wear are not detectable undernieth these shorts, even though they are thin cotton fabric!
  7. Not a sign of incontinence. I wear 2 or 3 mornings a week for about 3 hours or so and when I have my diaper on, I sit here and wet maybe every 10 minutes in small amounts. I do that because I have a diaper on and know it, plus I want to wet that diaper. When not in a diaper, I have no problems holding it for 2 hours or longer depending what I'm doing and how much I drink. If you are wearing diapers a lot each day, it's most likely not incontinence but the fact that you are wearing diapers and don't have to told it. You just let it flow. You do have to be careful if you do wear diapers a lot, meaning most of the time. If you just let it flow whenever you have the slightest hint that you could pee, your bladder might start to shrink and your capacity won't be as good when not in diapers.
  8. That's one reason I wear out in public mostly when I go out of town. I also buy at Goodwill and thrift stores when they have adult diapers and I never want anyone I know to ever find out I like wearing diapers. Strangers out of town that I'll probably never see again are different. Although I'm discreet wearing in public, I don't much care if those strangers in the goodwill store realize the diapers I'm buying are for me.
  9. What do you usually wear to work? I'm assuming what brand of disposable since this looks like the first time you wore cloth to work. Which held up better, the cloth diaper or your disposable? Usually people say that a cloth diaper will hold more than a disposable but that depends on several things. A store brand disposable holds a lot less than a premium diaper like Confidry 24/7 or Abena and needs changed more often, but it's also thinner and a lot less noticable than a bulkier premium disposable. Cloth diapers can be very bulky, but again that all depends on the thickness which is also related to the absorbtion. Some wear thick cloth diapers and some wear thinner ones but stuff them with cloth baby diapers for that extra absorbency, or layer thinner diapers together to get the absorbency they need. 2 wettings in the cloth diaper was about all it could take? How many wettings can you do in your disposables that you wear? I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If your cloth diaper just didn't hold up to the amount of wetting you do, the options seem clear. 1. Stuff the cloth diaper with other cloth diapers or layer them for more absorbency. The trade off is thicker and possibly more obvious diapers. 2. Wear the cloth diaper as it is but plan on having to change it at least once during work. 3. Go back to tried and true disposable diapers if you have been wearing them to work and they have worked out for you in the past, or 4., don't wear diapers to work. The Pro's and Con's. Pro's with disposables are being able to throw them away and not have to hide wet ones to bring home if you have to change. Con's are disposables can leak if over wet and the premiums can be bulky if you need them to make it through a shift without changing. Cloth diapers require plastic pants but it seems that is not a problem with your onesie over everything. You can layer more cloth diapers for extra abdorbency but the trade off is thicker bulk. Cloth has the advantage of wicking wetness throughout the diaper and perhaps holding more urine that way, plus you have side panels that also absorb where disposables usually just have a layer down the middle that locks wetness away. Not sure what type of job you have and if you work in an office with dress pants or a factory with denim or other pants. How many people do you work around? I ask that because I don't know what or where your restrooms are located and who may see you going in and out. An office load of people, or is it a one person restroom off in the corner of the warehouse? Bringing a change in and out of restrooms is always the problem. I never wear at work, but when I go out of town shopping and need a change, that is when I have to be creative. Shopping in winter allows me to tuck a disposable in the sleeve of my heavy winter coat under my armpit when going into a store like CVS to change, or when Christmas shopping I just carry an extra diaper in a shopping bag. At work those are not options.
  10. I went to a small medical supply store that was going out of business about 14 years ago. I was looking for some sturdy waterproof pants to wear over my disposables and the woman clerk in her 50's asked if she could help me. It looked like she was the only person there. I told her what I was looking for and she asked if the paitent was mobil or ambulatory. If people ask me who they are for (diapers or plastic pants) I usually say that I use them and I'm urinary incontinent. I explained when I buy on-line the fit is usually too small or too big and they are not that sturdy and don't last that lonmg before getting tears, so I hoped to first check some out in person to see the size and quality before buying.. She showed me the SALK pants they carry and I stated that the Large looked a little too small but the X-large looked way too big, one of the problems I usually have with waterproof pants. She then asked me if I wanted to try each one on in the consulting room to make sure which fit the best! I did that (alone) and while I had the large size on she knocked on the door and asked if I was doing OK. I replied yes, but that the large did seem tight and she asked if I minded if she checked the fit for me. She came in while I was standing in my shirt, Attends diaper with the large SALK pants on. She actually tugged the back of the waistband of the SALK pants putting her hand between them and my disposable Attends diaper and said they were a little snug but the X-large would be way too big. She then left the room so I could put my jeans back on. Turns out she was a registered nurse and was going back into practice with a privet doctor once the store closed in another week. Awesome experience, but probably would never do that again and I only did it because she asked if I wanted to try them on and then if I minded if she checked the fit.
  11. I like this one.
  12. You've been given lots of advise, mostly good, some questionable, but the fact remains you have already made your decisions. At this point all we can do anymore is wish you the hope that things work out.
  13. Any photos of the back side with that same combo? I think the seat of your pants tend to show more bulk from diapers than the front. The thick denum fabric of jeans definitly help hide bulk as well. Sounds like a really thick combo of diapers and plastic pants under that onesie and looks to really be concealing the bulk. Any photos or links to the fixing pants you spoke of?
  14. Prevail small size. After wearing diapers 3 times this week in the mornings while surfing the site, I chose to just use one of my small size Prevails with the tape cut off inside my underpants, like a really large pad. I got these to use as stufferes inside my regular diapers. So far in my Haines brief it's doing the job for light wettings without being a full sized diaper taped on.
  15. It's been super hot and humid here the past week, so much so that even spending a short time out running errands made me sweaty and on the verge of over heating. I bought a $6 pair of thin cotton Fruit Of The Loom shorts at WalMart yesterday so I would have something cooling to wear around the house or if I had to go run an errand. Imagine my surprise when I put them on over a disposable diaper and could not tell I was wearing one when I looked in a full length mirror at home. I do wear thinner store brand diapers like prevail and McKesson, but these were not noticeable at all, and I bought a smaller size than what I would normally wear with pants because usually cotton shorts are really baggy. I'm not saying I will wear these out with a diaper on, but I sure could without being noticed.