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  1. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for Rearz diapers - They're Greeeat! McDonalds for any AB/DL product - I'm Lovin It! Energizer for people who are bladder incontinent - It Keeps Going And Going And Going.
  2. Good ones but they are more saying rather than slogans for consumer products. I'm thinking things like the old Wendy's slogan, "Where's The Beef?" Slogans for products that might fit other types of products. I know I've read here in the forums where someone once used the old Polmolove slogan, "You're soaking in it" in reference to crappy Depends diapers. Things like that.
  3. I am a little confused, though. Dipper, in your original post it seems that you are worried about becoming incontinent, at least bladder incontinent after years of using catheters and all. You did post in another incontinence desire forum, "I'm currently wearing a hollow butt plug after taking 2 tablets of a laxative. Every diaper change so far has been contaminated so to speak and when I went shopping i accidentally farted in front of people and had to excuse myself. I would say that this is quicker method of achieving incontinence " Can you clarify for us what your intention is? It seems you are worried about becoming incontinent because you are having a hard time holding it and having to pee more frequently. You say in your first post, "I can no longer function without diapers and i'm debating whether to start with pull ups in order to retrain my bladder. I'll also visit the doctor soon to see what I can do to regain my continence. As of right now when i've had oral examinations in the university i've had to excuse myself to the bathroom three (!) times (during a 2h period) which obviously raised suspicions and laughter among both friends and professors. I cannot continue without diapers in my daily life now and it sucks. I hope you guys think twice before wanting incontinence / functional incontinence as its something i've always wanted but now i'm sad that I can't live my life without fear of being far away from a bathroom". Why, then are you wearing a hollow butt plug and taking a laxative and then going out shopping in public implying it's a quick way to achieve incontinence? True, one is bladder continence and one is bowel continence and no offence, but it appears you are working at cross purposes here.
  4. Yes, like Oldwetter said. Never and I even hate to change my own messy diaper.
  5. I was thinking about how you could use some famous product slogans for other products, including diapers or anything. For example, Maxwell House has the long time slogan, "Good to the last drop!" There was a joke about how the OTIS Elevator company should use it, but I thought it might also apply to a good high end diaper! You have Bounty, "The quicker picker upper". That could be the slogan for a really good Hooker, or maybe the John who is always looking for a Hooker. This could be fun. Anyone else have ideas for popular current product slogans that might be funny to use on other products?
  6. If one wears 24/7 then friends will get used to how they look in their diapers, and they may even know their friend wears diapers if they are 24/7. For those like me who only wear diapers a few mornings a week at home or a few times a year out in public when I go Holiday shopping or out of town running errands for the day, that is different. I know I have a thick diaper on and I look bulkier than I normally do because I normally don't wear diapers out where people can see me. If I run into a good friend on those rare times I'm out in diapers, yes, I do worry that they can tell I look bulkier than they usually see me.
  7. Not wanting to rock the boat but I was afraid this would turn into a political argument and debate. I myself may not like who is in office at anyone time but I also try and see both sides of any story. There have been some I liked that have things I didn't like about them, and some I hate but have had a few good ideas I agree with. Sometimes the sum of the likes are out weighed by the total of the dislikes. One thing I have learned in my 60+ years is it's pointless to argue with someone of opposite ideas, especially in politics. Those ideas are deeply rooted and usually it's only a small percentage that sits on the fence and can swing one way or the other. You can have a person like Hitler who murdered all the Jews but if he is against abortion (which, by the way I am too), you will have tons of people voting for him just because of that one position he takes. It's like the guy who robs a different store or bank every day, beats people up and takes all their money. You will have some people who will say, "He's a thief, sure, but isn't he a hard worker and good at what he does?" Maybe we should just leave this conversation as it was intended, a friendly "Good morning and God bless everyone" and while we might say, "God Bless Trump, Obama, Bill and Hillary, George H Bush and Jimmy Carter, lets leave it at that and not argue weather they are right or wrong and why. We all have our opinions and we will never change the opinions of others. How people end up voting in the elections is the best indicator of how the nation feels about their elected officials.
  8. Close friends will tend to notice that you are wearing a diaper more than strangers or run of the mill people you see on the street or in a store. First, friends over time get to know just what you normally look like as they see you all the time and spend time doing things with you. They might not pick up right away that you are wearing diapers but something nags at them that you are somehow different than how you normally look. Eventually they might make the connection that you look bulkier than normal and might suspect you are wearing something. A stranger will not as they don't know what you normally look like without diapers and they haven't spent time with you to know what you normally look like. The other thing I have mentioned before is friends will tend to notice you more when out and about because if they happen to see you in a crowd of people shopping, they will recognize you and come over to chat, where as a stranger looking over the crowd will not know who you are and therefore they won't give you any notice. Friends and people you know have many more opportunities to notice you may have diapers on because when in a crowd, they will be the ones to come up and interact with you, not all the other strangers passing by you with nothing more than a casual glance, if that. The thing is, the outline of your diaper may be spotted by people depending on what outer pants you have on and how easily it might show, but strangers won't know what you look like and won't think anything of it. If it's that obvious people can pick up on the diaper outline even with thin diapers, they won't say anything to you and if anything, they will just figure you need them medically if they know for sure by your looks that you are wearing diapers. If your diaper is that noticeable under clothing that a stranger might be able to pick it up, then your friends are sure to notice unless they are so dumb and self centered that they won't even pay attention to you when you are together.
  9. Yes, and no offence to those who want incontinence and do things to make themselves incontinent. That's why I say, while to each his own, people need to really think where they may be in 10, 20, 30 or 40 years later and make sure at age 20 that incontinence for the rest of their lives is really what they want and have no regrets later. You are doing the right things by getting checked out. You may have done some damage with catheters and years of diaper training but after exams, maybe it's possible you can regain total good bladder control with doing what the doctors suggest. It may be difficult, but if that is your goal you can work hard at it. Some have done it and reversed their daytime problems even though they have said they still require diapers for sleeping. Age is on your side though, and get checked out, get a referral to a good urologist if needed, don't hold back when asked embarrassing questions and do what they say. You can't fool a doctor and if he asks you if you have been using catheters, admit it as he probably knows anyway. Good luck!
  10. I have a few times. I tend to get the lower store type brands of diapers at the thrift shops and Goodwill when they have them, so it both add some extra bulk and also absorb any leaks from an over wet low end diaper, I've worn cloth diapers over it. Not often, but it does add some bulk and allows me to just keep over saturating the low end disposable diaper to the point it's leaking all over. The cloth absorbs those leaks and a good pair of plastic pants tops it all off. One other thing to keep in mind. If you like to wet and mess in your diapers, it's great for when using low end disposable diapers. You can have the advantage of high absorbency from thick cloth diapers but the thinner store brand disposables act as a layer inside to help keep cloth diaper clean up and washing easier. The mess ends up in the disposable diaper to be thrown away and while the cloth diaper may be wet from overflow, it's easier to wash because you don't have your feces ground into the fibers of the cloth diaper from sitting in it!
  11. Bill Cosby once said, "If your in an accident, no matter what, you won't have clean underwear. First you say it, then you do it! (Shit) That would work unless perhaps your a big hunky guy and they discover you are wearing pink princess diapers or other baby print Tykable disposable diapers! Might be hard to explain! My luck too! Last time I was in the hospital the gay orderly came in to "help me shower and clean up". Fortunately before he got back with the towels and soap my doctor came in and released me to go home. The look of disappointment on the orderly's face when he found out he couldn't help me shower was priceless!
  12. Like NewGuy20 said. You can't always have it both ways. The only thing I could possibly think of doing is getting some Rhumba style panties that totally cover your diaper since you mention making it stylish. Since any diaper would most likely be noticed under any type of mini skirt, make like a tennis player in a tennis skirt and have a panty that kind of goes along with a short skirt, as if you are well aware your panties will show under such a short dress and the ones you are wearing are made to be seen. Just make sure it's cut large enough to compleatly cover your diaper, and I wouldn't be wearing thick premium diapers either. Thinner and more discreet. Mini shorts or "Daisy Dukes"? I doubt that you could wear anything like that and still hide a diaper from anyone. If you have those cloths already, just try them over your diaper and look in the mirror to see how revealing they are.
  13. I know there used to be a powdered soap called "Dreft" at least 40 years ago that was for use in washing cloth diapers. It supposedly cleaned them better and made them feel softer. With most people these days using disposable diapers, I haven't seen Dreft in years, but I expect there are other laundry detergents on the market that are designed for cloth diapers to wash them compleatly, keep them soft and clean smelling and not be harsh on the fabric. You might want to read over this link: https://momlovesbest.com/diapering/cloth-diapers/detergents-for-cloth-diapers There are also a lot of tips on Google for washing cloth diapers.
  14. About 10 minutes ago. While I have the house to myself for a few days, I'm taking advantage of doing something I can't normally do, and that's coming home from work, putting on a diaper and pooping in it. I'll sit in it for a while reading e-mails and catching up on the diaper sites and then I'll remove it, shower and put on a fresh diaper for the night.
  15. Anytime Fed-Ex shipping is an option, go for it. They have more pick up locations than anyplace, and I'm talking regular stores. I have mine shipped to one of 4 local Wallgreens drug stores in my area and when they come in, all you have to do is stop by and pick them up. You just need photo ID so they know the package is being picked up by the right person who ordered it. I pick mine up on the Wallgreens that I pas everyday to and from work. Easy! Only thing is not every place uses Fed-Ex to ship items. https://www.fedex.com/en-us/service-guide/pickup-dropoff.html Who doesn't have at least one Wallgreens near them?