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  1. Do you wake up needing to pee or not

    I don't wear diapers to bed, can't sleep with them on, and I don't want to and I don't want to wet the bed. I do wake up anywhere from 3 to as much as 8 times a night to pee and get up to pee. I am overweight and diabetic and have had my prostate checked several times. As I've gotten older, I just get up more often to pee. Sometimes every 2 hours, sometimes every hour and a half, sometimes every hour and sometimes every 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes in the early morning about 5 am I will get up as often as every 30 minutes to pee, and pee a faire amount, not just a few dribbles.
  2. Diaper crinkle

    How convienient! If you should need a diaper change during your shift, not only will there be plenty of diapers at the hospital but plenty of nurses to change you as well!
  3. What excuse do you give your boss for being late for work? "Sorry, I showered and changed my diaper but when I was walking to the car I messed my diaper again and had to go clean up and change. Sorry about that".
  4. Mishawaka

    I'm about 45 minutes away and go down to the University Mall and other places around there Christmas shopping and at other times as well. Diapered under my jeans on these shopping trips.
  5. The great thing about wanting incontence today

    I agree. When I was a teenager there weren't any adult diapers so to speak, at least not disposables. You might find something in the old Sears catalogs or possibly if you questioned a pharmacist in a mom and pop drug store they might know of some disposable adult type pads, but they might steer you towards the dusty boxes of adult sized plastic pants stuck out of sight in a corner somewhere. Had to make my own disposable diapers from paper towels and trash bags until I was about 19 or so. Then Depends and Attends came on the market openly in stores. If anyone remembers those first boxes of Attends, they actually had a plastic inner lining! They called it Micro-Pore and it was like sitting on sandpaper! When it got wet, the urine was supposed to flow down through little holes in the plastic liner, but it was very uncomfortable! Maybe their idea was to make you change diapers as soon as they got the slightest bit damp, therefore selling you more diapers and making bigger profits! Inner padding? No SAP back then. Diapers were thicker and when wet the inner padding clumped and fell down in the crotch. I believe Tranquility was the first to use SAP in their diapers calling it "Peach Mat". That was a big step towards better quality diapers. Young kids today have no idea how good they have it when it comes to diapers..
  6. Are you loyal?

    There is an old saying, "Variety is the spice of life". I am not AB at all and I am a DL only. I do not wear all the time and in fact, I usually wear only 2 or 3 mornings a week for a few hours when I get up, or I will wear all day discreetly under my jeans if I have to go out of town shopping or running errands. I don't live alone so mail order of premium diapers is out of the question, even though I'd love to try many of the top brands. I also work odd jobs only and that leaves me little money, not like 15 years ago when I was in better physical health and earning $50,000+ a year. I get most of my diapers at the thrift stores and Goodwill these days when they have them. Prevail, Wings, Attends and sometime McKessons. Mostly cloth backed disposables but sometimes plastic backed diapers if they have them for a decent price. Some thrift stores charge as much as a regular pharmacy for their diapers and I won't pay retail prices at thrift stores. While there are diapers I like and some that work better than others, my loyalty is more towards my wallet and what money I may have available for whatever diapers I can afford at the moment.
  7. Showing Off Your Diaper

    Grey area as far as the rules of Daily Diapers! Anyone remember those? The rules here are not involving children in your fetish. To go out among people including children wearing just diapers could be considered involving children in your fetish since you made a choice to wear just diapers with no pants or other clothing covering them, and to go out walking that way where children can see you. Not because you are incontinent or have a mental problem (?) and don't know any better, but because you purpously chose to do so as a way of getting reactions from others for your own urges and jollies. That grey area.
  8. Diaper crinkle

    I never noticed any difference in crinkle and I've had some plastic backed diapers now for over 10 years.
  9. Bad Jokes

    In keeping up with current events now that girls will be allowed to join the Boy Scouts, when does a Cub Scout become a Boy Scout? When he eats his first Brownie!
  10. Mourning Las Vegas

    I have always thought the worst thing is to take someone's life. As much as you may hate them, they are still someone's child. It's the people, crazies, crooks and those with no reguard for others who take the lives of innocent people who I feel differently about. Not the one wno may have accidently taken a life. but those who went out with the one purpose in mind to kill someone. Those are the people who I won't feel sorry for if they get the death sentance. My thought on those people who get the death sentance for a horrendous crime. Don't just give them the needle. Then you are wasting 2 lives. Put them in a chemically induced coma, then gut them out! What I mean is, rather than waste all their organs, take their heart, kidneys, liver and anything else that can be transplanted into someone in need. Make these condemned killers give some life back for the lives they have taken by harvesting any transplantable organs before letting them die.
  11. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    It depends on if it's your wife asking! No matter what she was wearing, the answer would be, "Why, of course not Honey! You look more beautiful today than the first day I fell in love with you!" Watch out for lightning strikes!
  12. Embarrassing Diaper Moments

    I thought it was BS as well, but wrote my comments so people here would see that I don't think behavior like this, weather real or made up is acceptable. AB play and diaper play is fine for people who enjoy it, but when out in public, especially where kids are around, best to stow the AB play and wait for privet times.
  13. Showing Off Your Diaper

    No problem Wayne. Although I am not one of the "Baby Brian" fans, I'm mostly speaking about the people more recently posting in the forums who went out for a walk among the public in just a diaper stating they do it to get a reaction. Just not a good idea and it may be a grey area, but if you do it on purpose to get a reaction from those around you and there are kids who see you, wouldn't that be kind of like involving kids in your diaper fetish? Diapers showing out the back of your clothes when you bend down or even bulky pants from thick diapers are different than wearing nothing but a diaper for a walk around town or the neighborhood among people.
  14. Mourning Las Vegas

    I'm sure there are many creeps in the world to target others over their religious beliefs, but when a 64 year old white American shoots from a 32 floor window with automatic weapons with the intent to randomly spray a crowd of thousands of different unknown people from different backgrounds, race and religions, how can anyone (especially since no one knows of any motive and there was no note left) claim religion was behind it? Definition of the word IGNORANT: Without Knowledge. Ignorant answer.