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  1. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    I agree with your wife and others about telling people at work. I don't believe you should just out and out tell anyone, but if they say something to you, then fess up in a way similar to what Bettypooh said. You have a medical need, you don't need to discuss it any further. I don't believe you even need to tell your boss or human resources either. Workers with disabilities and harassment by coworkers is against the law. It's possible word may get around at work and your boss or human resources manager may ask you about it, but I have never heard of any employment where you must tell your boss that you wear diapers unless doing so could be a hazard to your health, coworkers or place of employment. It is a touchy situation as an employer can't fire you over something like needing to wear diapers, but they can always trump (hate that word) up other reasons. My advice was for you to get used to it early and not look over your shoulder about it for the rest of your life worrying who will notice and what you will do about it. Work can be a touchy situation, but there are laws protecting you, including lifestyle choices. The thing is, do you want to out yourself as an AB lifestyle at work. I wouldn't. If you claim medical issue, will they check into your claims and find out differently? A real conundrum! I hope you find an answer, but I feel hiding it (such as wearing boosters and going all day without changing) will eventually not work and as Bettypooh said, "If you wear diapers in any specific situation then eventually someone will notice. Torn pants. unexpected leaks, crinkling sounds, shirttail pulling up exposing the waistband, something will positively happen eventually and you're not in control of that either. So you prepare for that and have a plan in place to get you through with minimal damage "Yes I'm wearing a diaper because I need to. It's a personal thing which I'm not going to discuss further with you." That should be enough as long as it's clear you're trying to be discreet. A lot of it is simply accepting your situation and taking the right approach to get through the rough spots in life". My thoughts are, if you are a good worker, know your job well and are above average, you are an asset to your company. Would they really give a crap that you wear diapers if you do a great job?
  2. Urinary tract infection

    They are painful when you pee! Feels like your urethra is on fire and burns!
  3. Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    No meds. I been getting up to pee since in my 20's and sometimes I get up 3 times a night, I average 4 to 6 depending on when I go to bed. I usually go to bed around 10pm and get up around 7am. Prostate has ben checked. last night I may have produced a little more than a cup and a half of pee. Some nights it's close to a quart. Even at work (and I had a friend the same way), sometimes I would have to pee every 20 to 30 minutes in the morning for a couple hours. Not all the time, but now and then. I'm sure weight and diabetes play a roll in urinating so much. I know diabetes does. Hopefully with a CPAP I will get better sleep and less peeing at night. I'm also gradually losing a little weight.
  4. Need Advice for leaking at night. Obese.

    A friend of mine who is a member here wears cloth diapers and plastic pants. I believe most people say for sleeping cloth diapers work much better than disposables, especially if you are a side sleeper. This is due to the fact that cloth diapers go around the sides and not just in the center, they wick wetness throughout the diaper instead of locking it all in one area, and in some cases handle flooding better. What my friend does is not buy thick over night weight cloth diapers. The drying of such a thick diaper can take a long time. What he does is use thinner cloth diapers and layers them inside with cloth baby diapers. That way when washing, all the diapers dry quickly and he can actually layer diapers just where he needs them the most for proper protection. He can also add or subtract cloth inserts depending on how heavy he wets. You may want to try getting some thinner weight cloth adult diapers and then some cloth baby diapers as inserts and try them instead of disposable diapers.
  5. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    My thought on the matter and I will start by saying I mean no offence to anyone here. Mark, you mentioned in another post that you are 10 weeks into your 24/7 wearing. It appears that your goal is incontinence and needing 24/7 diapers, as is the goal of a lot of people posting in this particular forum. Personally, I would not want to ever go 24/7, but once someone makes that personal decision, they either change their minds or go forwards with it. Over the next 40+ years of your life, you will be in diapers 24/7 and my gut feeling is you need to go all in and get used to all the possible situations right away once you have made that decision and just deal with it. Basically, Shit or get off the pot, as the old saying goes. What I mean by that is, if you are going to worry about a coworker discovering you wear diapers because you need to somehow change during the day and work too closely with him to discreetly get away for a few minutes, what are you going to do the rest of your life whenever you have to be around someone for the better part of the day? Will you worry every day for the rest of your life that someone may find out you wear diapers? It may be time for you to just come clean to everyone and anyone that you wear diapers and need to change and carry supplies with you. I don't mean you have to call a press conference to announce o everyone you now wear diapers, but just go about your life and do what you have to do. If anyone should notice, ask or you have to tell them, just say you have a medical issue with incontinence, you wear protective briefs that you need to change now and then. Enough said. Do it now, get everyone used to that fact and soon everyone will be aware and you will no longer go through life worrying someone will find out or how to handle the situations in the future. Again, no offence but if you agonize over every possible chance someone like a coworker or anyone else might discover you are wearing diapers, maybe you should rethink permanent 24/7 diapers. To me the big difference here is not that you are someone who is medically incontinent due to an accident, birth defect or other medical situation and has no choice in the matter. You have personally made a choice to go 24/7 in diapers.
  6. What's your favorate cartoon?

    No. Yosemity Sam is the short guy with the red hair and big mustache who often has 2 pistols in holsters on his belt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yosemite_Sam I think your thinking of the hunter Elmer Fudd. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmer_Fudd
  7. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    I spent over 10 years working in a call center and the last 4 or 5 as a supervisor. That meant I walked around the office of 300+ people and had to assist them often. I can't tell you how many times I have seen their underwear or butt crack as they sat at their computers with the headsets on. One girl had on her thong! Anyone who sees those TV commercials where someone at home is talking on the phone to someone in a call center, that's not what it's like! People in a call center don't wear uniform pants and shirts with the company name embroidered on them or a button down shirt and tie! They wear t-shirts, shorts, jeans, whatever is comfortable and not considered indecent by management! I couldn't imagine anyone sitting at their computer in a call center for 8 or 10 hours a day wearing a diaper. People would most likely be sure to notice. Of course, now days if you work in a call center you are most likely in India, Phillipeans or The Bahamas! "Hi! My Name is Carl! Ow may I elp you?"
  8. Bad Jokes

    When Miss issipi gave Miss ouri her New Jersey, what did Dela ware? I don't know, Al ask a!
  9. Winter wonderland!

    We had it bad here in Michigan Saturday. Even the national news reported on the 33 car pile up about 30 miles away from me on the interstate (the same part of the highway I used to travel 10 times every week for over 12 years). Personally, I like the snow. Living here in Michigan all my life snow is just part of the winter. True, as I get older I'm more content to stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate and a good movie on TV, but it wouldn't be Christmas or the pre Christmas season without snow. One year it was 71 degrees on Christmas day and that just wasn't right! For you people in the south it may sound silly, but Christmas day just needs some snow on the ground. After New Years Day it can melt (but usually doesn't).
  10. Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    I've known I have Sleep Apnia for many many years. I'm over weight for one, I also have type 2 diabetes. Back in 2004 I did the sleep test and the results came back as sleep apnia, but I never got the CPAP. It came down to doctor appointments or loosing my $50,000 a year (back then ) job. I don't wet the bed but I do get up anywhere from 3 to as much as 8 times a night to pee. As I get older and read about strokes and heart attacks that have greater risks for diabetics and people with sleep apnia, I got the ball rolling this month with a pulmonologist. I had my CT scan of my lungs yesterday, have another test on December 22 and then the Sleep Apnia study again on January 8th. In talking to my doctor, he stated that he felt my getting up so often every night to pee was due to the fact I wasn't sleeping deeply or properly, and when I did wake up briefly due to the apnia my brain would say I needed to pee. He suspects that with a CPAP machine I won't have to get up to pee that much anymore. On the other hand, he has no idea the volumn of pee I produce each night! I expect my health and sleep will be much better if I do get the CPAP but I hope I don't sleep too deeply that I don't wake up when I have to pee! Even though I wet the bed until I was almost 6 years old, I don't want to have to start wearing diapers to bed again!
  11. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    Simply he fact that you now say you accept yourself for who you are and accept that diapers are a personal thing for you and that no one should judge you over your diapers. If they do, it's their problem and not yours. That should put an end to this thread once and for all since it began because you were worried what other people would think of you if they found out you wore diapers or how you felt wearing them, as if it was obvious to others (Do diapers make my butt look big?). Now that you have accepted yourself for who you are and accept your diapers are a personal thing no one should judge you on, you don't need to worry over it anymore if anyone does somehow find out you wear diapers. Like you said, it's their problem, not yours. You have accepted yourself as you are, so no need to question it anymore.
  12. What's your favorate cartoon?

    I always liked to watch the Bugs Bunny and Loony Toons made from the 40's through the 60's era. Good humor, great animation ( not like now days) and even some adult humor. Saturday mornings were kids cartoon times. Those days are long gone. Even when they do show Loony Toons they often edit them as somewhere in the 1980's they were though to be too violent and a bad influence on kids. Like your average 8 year old is going to get a box of Dynamite and blow up the coyotes in the area. This is the trend now days. Instead of teaching your kid what to do and what not to do, what is real and what is fake, they ban something instead or make a parent do something like outlet covers so their kid doesn't stick their fingers in the socket. Don't be a responsible parent and explain to your kids that these are just cartoons and fake and no one gets hurt like they would in real life. Just ban them or edit them so a kid can't blow up his friend next door with a load of TNT! In the 1960's there was a kids show in Chicago called Garfield Goose. Look it up. They showed lots of old cartoons. Clutch Cargo, Sinbad Junior, Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. Those were great! Each holiday season they would show short clips like Hardrock Coco and Joe, Suzy Snowflake and Frosty The Snowman. These were probably 2 minute cartoons but we all looked forwards to seeing them every year. Now with YouTube you can see them anytime you want. When Scooby Doo came out in 1969, that was the best! I was getting pissed that new cartoons were so stupid and dumb and then along came Scooby Doo to save the day! Later they got dumb with Scrappy Doo and Scooby Dum, but those first 2 seasons were great!
  13. Banned members

    I may have misunderstood then.
  14. Bedwetting vs. AB vs. Incontenece diapers

    The pros and cons of different diapers. I have no problem with the cloth backed disposable diapers, as least as far as wearing them for my purpose. True the diaper stretches and loosens over a short time due to the cloth like side panels tending to stretch. I've also had the side panels tear off if they are too thin and you try and streach them too much to get a tight fit. The plus side is the fact it's easy to reposition the tapes. The downside is you may have to reposition them many times as they loosen up. I can see why some people with incontinence like them as they are more discreet than a lot of plastic backed diapers, not as noisy and they feel more like cloth underwear than a plastic diaper that they may remember babies wearing years ago. Like I said, I have no problem wearing them because I am a DL and get most of my diapers from Goodwill or Thrift stores and cloth backed is mostly what they have. When out and about a pair of plastic pants work good to prevent damp spots from a wet or soaked diaper. That said, I think most ABs do prefer plastic backed diapers. I know if I had a choice as a DL I would prefer plastic backed too. While the tapes usually can't be repositioned very well, the plastic side panels don't stretch like the cloth backed diapers, therefore you don't have to keep adjusting your diaper for fit like you do with cloth backed. I also think a proper plastic backed diaper won't tend to wick wetness from inside to outside as much as cloth backed disposables. Some plastic backed disposables are noisier and russle more under clothing and that may make them seem less discreet for people with incontinence. That along with the fact that they look and feel like the baby diapers form many years past might be a turn off for some people living with incontinence. I would rather trust my diaper to do the job and not get my outer clothing wet than worry about a little noise or crinkle, but that's just me. I typically wear jeans and the other day I was out shopping in a cloth backed disposable with 2 pairs of plastic pants on over it, one very crinckly, and I never heard a sound. Heavy jeans dampen the sound a lot but thin dress pants or shorts might not. When I was a kid about 5 to 6 years old, I wet the bed and wore cloth diapers and plastic pants every night to bed. I don't ever remember leaking and getting the sheets wet. disposable diapers weren't redily available back in the very early 1960's and from what people say, disposable adult diapers often leak if you are a side sleeper. I think it depends on how you sleep and how much you wet at night as well as what disposable diaper you choose for sleeping in. I am not a bedwetter and I never wear diapers to bed (can't fall asleep when wearing a diaper), but if I were a bedwetter, I'd probably use cloth diapers and plastic pants. I would try different premium disposable diapers to find one that works for the times I have to be out of town at a hotel, but cloth would be cheaper in the long run. To sum it up. For me I prefer plastic backed diapers recreationally as I am not incontinent but just wear for fun. I have no problem using cloth backed diapers as well. If I was incontinent I'd probably wear a mixture of everything. Cloth and plastic pants at home, discreet cloth backed disposable diapers when I have to be around a lot of people, premium cloth backed or plastic backed disposables when out for a long time and won't be able to change that often or can't be bothered changing diapers every 2 to 3 hours. I'd get my enjoyment out of all of them, but probably not any with baby prints. I do kind of like the idea of black plastic backed disposable adult diapers though!
  15. Banned members

    There is a rule against that! It's the rule to ask permission in the chat room before sending a PM. Keep in mind that the chat room is for group chats, but also be aware there are members who are DL and not AB or vice versa. When a group of AB members are talking baby talk and AB stuff, the DL's in the chat room my not want to read it or participate. Therefore, a couple of DL friends in the main chat room can always just PM each other while keeping an eye in the main chat now and then to check out the conversations. I have been asked by women to PM and I'm usually OK with that, as long as they just want to chat and not roll play and talk AB stuff. Remember that, while the guys trying to hit on the girls far out number the girls hitting on guys, it does happen both ways. I've had girls PM me and ask me if I want to be their daddy, change them, roll play and all that stuff. The worst is the mommy types that PM me and say, "Hi baby. Want mommy to change you?" If they read my profile they would know I'm not into that at all and I get a little pissed off. I think a good filled out profile is the best thing all around. Let everyone know your likes and dislikes and age and all, then read someone's profile before asking to PM or contact them. With a good profile, you will know that the person you see in the chat room is not into AB or roll play or may be an AB looking for this or that. Like I have said many times, if you were at a party and were introduced to someone by the host, you wouldn't just say, "Hi! I wear diapers! Do you want to be my mommy and change me?" If you do, let me know how it feels to have your face slapped or worse! You first get to know someone by talking with them, asking about their interests and all. Same thing applies to a chat room. Get to know someone first by reading their profile or talking with them in the main chat.