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  1. rusty pins

    Any one else ever try an alcohol enema

    Ok, this may not be a good idea at all. There is a show called "1000 ways to die" where an alcaholic who had throat cancer had his wife give him an enema with booze. This is just a short clip I could find (maybe you could search and find the whole clip) but the thing is, the guy died. The wife didn't give him much but the episode had experts who said your intestins absorb directly into your blood stream full strength and it poisoned the person. The digestive system didn't break down the alcahol so it would slowly absorb into the system. If you want to do it, that's up to you but I sure wouldn't! It's not a good idea and dangerous!
  2. rusty pins

    Out deer hunting.

    With some hunting you need to sit in a blind. I know you are talking about deer, but with ducks it's most always from a blind and you have to try and attract ducks that are flying by to come set into your decoys. It takes a lot of skill to know just where to set your decoys based on wind and the flyway, how to set them to look natural and what kinds of decoys to set out. You may not want to mix some different species of ducks together, and you need to leave an open pocket for ducks to come into. Then you need to be a good duck caller to get their attention and you need to know when to highball a duck quack or when to chuckle call, and just when to call and when not to. You also have to be able to identify what species of duck since there are limits on some species and some species you can't shoot at all. Not good to shoot ducks that come over your decoys only to find out they were protected species and you can't shoot them. Even then, not all ducks quack! Wood ducks, for example whistle. I say this because any type of hunting takes some skill to be successful. It's not as easy as just sitting waiting for something to come close enough to shoot at. As far as deer, some of the same things apply. It won't do you any good to build a blind from tree branches and brush if it's in an area where there are no deer. You have to scout areas out first, look for deer trails and even then you don't know if a trail is active or not. You can look for scrapes where a deer has scraped the leaves away and urinated to attract other deer, and also rubs on trees where a buck has rubbed his antlers to scrape off bark defining his territory. Then you need to be able to tell if the rub is fresh or old. Once you know you are in an area where deer have been recently, you need to know which way the wind is blowing and set up with the wind in your face to blow the scent away from the deer. It also wouldn't do to be facing one way and have the deer trail behind you. Deer have very sharp scent and hearing and while many people can stalk deer (and many do), most will do their scouting first to find where the deer and moving and set up a blind. Later in the late afternoon many will do their stalking when deer start moving again. So, even though you are sitting in a blind for a while, people do track their deer first by scouting the area to determine where the deer are, looking for rubs and scrapes and sign. True, we would all love to stalk up on a deer and shoot it that way and many do, but there are many who stalk their deer, see one that takes off and they shoot it, wound it and never find it. My thoughts although I didn't deer hunt very much. There are scent's you can buy that mask the human scent, like Fox or Skunk, but some advised me many years ago to go with an Apple type scent because deer eat apples and they may not want to be around an area where a fox or skunk have been, plus a skunk will spray when alarmed by something. A deer might think, "I smell skunk! Something must have frightened it so I won't go that way". There is also Doe Pee that hunters can spread close to a blind to attract buck deer. The idea is to wash all your hunting clothes and some say use baking soda to get as much human scent off as possible. There will always be some and yes, if a deer can smell doe urine from a distance, they can also smell human urine. Still, when out hunting and nature calls, you have to pee. Some guys will walk well away from their blind to pee. Diapers would be beneficial but then you are wearing a lot of your pee. I wonder if the scent from scented diapers would add to it as well. A deer might think, "I smell human pee! There must be a hunter hear, but it smells like scented human pee!". The thing is, hunters always say to do all you can to mask your scent, however Spanky was in a wet diaper and managed to get a nice doe, so either the deer had a problem and couldn''t smell or most likely, as he said, the deer couldn't distinguish it as human pee and he was down wind as he was supposed to be. You always want to try and be down wind do the breeze is blowing your scent away from where you think the deer will come in from.
  3. rusty pins

    Waddle... Waddle... To the store.

    Not that thick, but I have double diapered with store brand diapers and then plastic pants when going out of town to Christmas shop. With jeans and a heavy winter below the waist coat no one would likely see the bulk. Store brand diapers may last 3 hours or so, and I often don't get a chance to change until 4 hours so double diapers or an insert and plastic pants are pretty much a necessity. I try and be discreet but I know sometimes in summer in shorts a little diaper might show out the back of my pants if I have to bend down. In summer I don't double diaper and the store brands, even with an insert are pretty low profile. It's the shorts instead of jeans that I have to be more careful of. At least you are experimenting going out in your diapers, Dubious, and although pretty bold you decided you might just be a bit too obvious around a lot of people to go into the store waddling like a penguin with a diaper bulge that could be seen from quite a distance away.
  4. rusty pins

    Out deer hunting.

    Ah, people today! When I deer hunted a few times 35 years ago there were no smart phones to keep us occupied while sitting in the deer stand waiting for something to come by. Same when I duck hunted for 35 years! That wasn't so long ago either, just 8 years ago when I stopped. If we needed something to occupy our time while sitting in a blind, we would have had to bring along a book or something. Usually we were more occupied in trying to keep warm! Besides, duck hunting I always did with friends so we talked while scanning the sky for birds. I do agree though. If I ever went deer hunting again (not likely), I'd wear diapers for convienience, and, well, face it, fun too! Good job on the doe, though. Sounds like you can fill the freezer with some good meat!
  5. Yeah. Contact the company you bought them from, tell them about the defect, request a postage paid return shipping label and a reorder rush to you! You paid good money for a product with the understanding it would be suitable for the use it was advertised for. Things happen, defects can sneak though, however the consumer shouldn't have to try and make due with a substandard item he paid good money for.
  6. rusty pins

    Baby sitting

    Do you mean you are baby sitting someone's child and you wet yourself while doing it, or are you wanting to know how a baby sitter would change your wet diaper?
  7. rusty pins

    Snap boxers..

    Kind of like basketball warm up pants with snaps on the outside legs so they can quickly rip them off when they have to head into the game on a moment's notice. I've always thought snap shorts of any kind was rediculous for the most part. It might help dress someone who is bedridden but for the most part, it seems to me it's just easier to pull down shorts or underpants instead of unsnapping them to remove them. If changing a diaper, pulling them down and then up to change the diaper seems easier than having to unsnap them on the outer legs, then pull them out from under the person and also put them back under the person and snap them back up after the diaper change. Seems to me it's much easier to just pull underpants up and down. Now, if those underpamts were soiled and had to be changed, then possibly but I would expect the outer pants would also need to be changed as well.
  8. Didn't mean to offend. Just trying to help.
  9. Although I do not wear diapers to bed (maybe try to once or twice a year), I do sometimes lay in bed diapered. I mostly wear disposable diapers when I wear them, but now and then I get the chance to wear cloth diapers. Also, sometimes when a tape fails on my disposable diaper I use a diaper pin to fasten the disposable. My question is, does anyone here that wears cloth diapers to bed sleep in a waterbed? I sleep in a waterbed, and what always comes to my mind is sometimes when wearing cloth diapers or even pinning on a disposable diaper when a tape has failed, I have had the diaper pins pop open on me. Maybe they were bent a little or the diaper was pinned on a little too tight. Has anyone who sleeps in a waterbed have a diaper pin pop open and pierce their mattress, or worry that it might happen? Even with plastic pants over the diaper, a pin that pops open could pierce both plastic pants and mattress, especially when sleeping on your side. I know small holes in a waterbed are very hard to fix.
  10. Your mom doesn't notice the smell stinking up her house? I'm thinking of that other thread of yours where your mom opened your delivery package of diapers and got on you about wearing diapers. I'm glad you are having poopy diaper fun. I hope you are taking care not go get a diaper rash from staying in a messy diaper for so long, especially if you are using an enema for liquidy mess. Please be mindful of the smell in your mother's house so she has no reason to get on you again about wearing diapers, especially if you don't have your own bathroom in your room and have to walk through the house in a messy diaper to get to the shower. Especially if you have to walk past her in her view in just your dirty diaper to get to the shower.
  11. rusty pins

    Random Thread

    Very bad ear infection. Antibiotic hasn't seemed to do much yet. Doc at clinic said come back Thursday if not better, but I made an appointment with my own doctor. Lots of pain and miserable! Clinic doctor didn't leave me with a lot of confidence in him.
  12. rusty pins

    Recycling nappy wrappers,,,

    Perhaps he means the plastic packages the nappies (or diapers if you prefer) come in. I doubt he means separating the plastic backing from the rest of the used diaper to recycle.
  13. rusty pins


    I don't know who this was meant for. I had a bad reaction with Metformin. Diahriia and bad stomach pains. A nurse when I had my colonoscopy told me Metformin was famous for that. Someone else told me she had the same problem and her doctor prescribed Glimiperide instead. I asked my doctor about it, he prescribed it, my A1C went down and I have no problem at all with it.
  14. rusty pins

    Random Thread

    In my case, I was just starting orientation and not even at the place I will work. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to do orientation. That was this mast Monday and I started getting sick Saturday. I had to leave orientation after only 3 hours to go to the medical clinic. Even my doctor couldn't see me that day on short notice. I'm still sick even after taking antibiotis for 3 days. Bad infection.
  15. rusty pins

    Do you like where this is going?

    People can pick the fly $hit out of the pepper all they want to, but my actual meaning is clear enough. Who gives a rat's a$$ if it's a lifestyle or not. That's semantics. The point is some "groups" (or are they not groups either?) have gone though many years of ridicule, being outcast and labeled before they started to gain some acceptance. Those who like to play at babies or wear diapers (I won't label them for fear of more semantics and pepper/fly $hit picking) will most likely take an even longer time to start being understood or gaining some acceptance based on what they like to do weather it's right, wrong or misunderstood.