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  1. rusty pins

    do you fell shame in your wetting

  2. rusty pins

    Feeling to see if there’s a buldge at the back

    I can't see how anyone can mistake a diaper for thong underwear under clothing!
  3. rusty pins

    Public bathrooms or use your Diaper?

    When out and about in diapers I use them to pee in. If I have to poop and can't wait until I get home, I will find a restroom and poop in the toilet. It's only a very rare planned time maybe once a year or so that I will load up my diaper, especially when out and about away from home. In those planned cases, I have well thought out the situation and where I can go to change and clean up in privet. I know where there are stores that have privet bathrooms with outer locking doors or family restrooms with locking outer doors. If I feel a need to poop and don't think I'll be able to wait until I got home, I head for one of these places with a locking outer door. Those bathrooms are usually clean and often have toilet seat covers you can sit on for extra protection. I can pull my diaper down like underpants and not worry that a pervert in the next stall will hear me and look under the partition at my diaper around my ankles. I don't have to worry about walking around in a smelly loaded diaper among other shoppers or people and having to wait for a good privet place to change and dispose of a messy diaper and clean myself up. To answer, when out and about I wet my diapers but for poop I find a toilet and use it rather than mess in my diaper.
  4. rusty pins

    Your favorite printed diapers

    I just had a thought. We all know that actual NASA astronauts sometimes wear diapers while in space. I wonder if NASA would ever consider switching from their super expensive tax payer funded specially made "Diapers" to Crinklz Astronaut diapers? Anyone here brave enough to contact them with the idea?
  5. rusty pins

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    This is what I think it all amounts to. Anyone who is either incontinent or AB/DL and wears diapers can leave their packages of diapers in the open while in their hotel room. They can set their package of tranquility ATN's on the shelf above the hangers or on the wardrobe dresser next to the ice bucket and TV if they want to. It's not illegal. However, they can just as easily put them in the drawers out of sight. It's when you chose to leave diapers, plastic pants, pacifiers and all out in the open in order to get your personal thrill or fantasy that changes the perspective of the situation. I dare say that some of the guests with special interests would not leave their whips and chains laying about or the handcuffs still attached to the bed posts when they leave for their day's outing. Before heading out for the day they will make sure all their "toys" are put away. Same applies to diapers and AB/DL stuff. It's one thing if the package of diapers may be stored up on the shelf above the hangers in the alcove out of the way and different if they are just all left everywhere out in the open on the chairs, bed, next to the TV or on the counter in the bathroom next to the sink. As I said before, most people with actual incontinence will put their needed items out of site as much as they can and the only reason I can see for leaving everything out in the open on display to be seen by hotel staff is for your own personal jollies.
  6. rusty pins


    I do remember one TV epesode (don't remember the series) where the parents of a teenage girl were keeping her from doing something with her friends that they didn't think was appropriate. She then stormed off up the stairs saying, "I'll be in my room! My Huggies are starting to bunch!" I'm sure I remember many more as well. I won't say thins was a favorite moment, I just remember it.
  7. rusty pins

    How to dispose of diaper when not living alone?

    Yes, you were very clear in what you wrote and I don't think many people would flush an actual disposable diaper down a toilet, especially an adult disposable diaper. The size alone makes me think it wouldn't even fit in an average toilet bowl, let alone go down the sewer pipe. Sometimes people don't totally read a post correctly or understand it and sometimes after just a few words they stop reading and jump to a conclusion that is not right based on the post.
  8. rusty pins

    Which Smells Worse?

    I know what you eat has an impact on how your poo smells, but I'm wondering on an average from those who poo their diapers regularly, what consistency smells the worst? For example without being too disgusting, does a more liquid poo or very loose poo smell a lot worse than a hard solid poo that you make? If so, why do you think that is? Again, I'm asking people to compare their own poo smell as that of others for one reason. Different people eat different things and that can skew results if you compare your own smell to someone else. When you poo, does your hard solid poo generally smell less than your loose mud slide or runny poo, or do they pretty much all smell about the same? I know this is a strange thread, it was just something I thought of the other day.
  9. rusty pins

    Abena m4 changed?

    Well, I can say that most diapers have indeed changed over the years (pun intended) and many have improved as Smash has said, however I can't say that all changes have been improvements. I think many are cost reduction changes for one reason or another and the end results are not always good. I think we all have to keep in mind the thoughts from a manufacturer's standpoint on changes they make. Think of how years ago all you could get for light incontinence was diapers and now they promote disposable underpants. While discreet is excellent for those who just need light bladder leakage products like disposable underpants, DON'T MESS WITH THE ACTUAL DIAPERS!! Regular people with incontinence wear diapers because they have lack of control as opposed to light leakage when laughing or excersizing. If they didn't need the absorption a diaper provides, they too would wear disposable underpants. I think some manufacturers of diapers think in two ways. Cost and discreetness. First, cost. They cut back on SAP or filling to save a little money to increase profits or avoid raising the retail cost and now their product is not as good as it once was. These days brand loyalty isn't what it was 50 years ago and people will go with a different brand if the one they have been using isn't as good as it used to be. I also think along with costs that some companies look at the market for discreet products. They see the trend in disposable underpants and all the commercials for them that show dressed people looking at themselves in the mirror to see if they can notice they are "wearing something". That leads manufacturers to believe people want to wear something that can't be noticeable under normal thin slacks. True. People who need a disposable underpant for light bladder leakage do want something that doesn't show under their pants. People with incontinence that need to wear an actual diaper for absorbency will just dress to hide that bulk instead because to them they would rather have a good absorbent product they can trust not to leak than something less discreet that won't work as well for their purpose. In the case of Abena, they already have different degrees of absorbing diapers. M3 or M4 for example. If the customer wants a more discreet diaper for different uses, they can go with the M3 if it works. Don't mess with the absorption of the M4 and cut back when you already have the M3 as an option. Take a tip from Northshore who already has different absorbencies for their line of diapers and have in fact added a Mega Max super absorbing line to their brand. Rather than cut back on their existing diaper, they left it alone and added an even more absorbing diaper. Also remember, many of these companies may be aware of the AB/DL lifestyle but with a few exceptions (Rearz for example), they don't produce diapers just for the AB/DL market. They still manufacturer for the incontinence market who want an absorbent product but may not like them as thick and as bulky as many of us AB/DL's do.
  10. rusty pins

    Feeling to see if there’s a buldge at the back

    True, your parents won't stop loving you unless they are total rectums, but they will never look at you or see you the same way ever again once they know you like wearing diapers for fun. I am one who never wants anyone to find out. Sure, you can always say you don't want to talk about it when people find out and start asking you questions, but why go through all that to begin with? You feel uncomfortable, they ask all these questions and it's a personal issue for you. I say save all the questions, humiliation and aggravation to begin with and do all you can so family and friends don't find out in the first place.
  11. rusty pins

    A fiend posted this on FB

    Cute! Bet a lot of guys here wish they were in the situation pictured!
  12. rusty pins

    do you fell shame in your wetting

    If you have a medical condition and can't keep from wetting your bed or pants, then there is really noting to feel ashamed about even though some people do. It's not your fault and many people all over the world are in similar situations. If you wet your bed on purpose because you just like doing it or enjoy wearing diapers, even to the point where you have chosen to make yourself a bedwetter or incontinent so that you have no choice but to wear diapers, then if you feel ashamed or humiliated it's because that is what you want to feel in the first place.
  13. rusty pins

    Feeling to see if there’s a buldge at the back

    People probably won't notice that you have diapers on under your clothes unless they are super thick and you are wearing thin knit pants or shorts, or you are making it obvious that you wear diapers. I don't believe such is the case. I normally wear jeans and I don't believe anyone notices when I wear thick diapers under them. Denim fabric is stronger and hides things more than shorts or knit dress pants and people don't look. They are wrapped up in their own world and thoughts, and they don't go around looking to see if other adults are wearing diapers. Probably the last think they would think of even if they did notice a little bulk in the seat of your pants is that you, a 22 year old adult is wearing a diaper. Again we have a situation where someone is asking for help on how they can stop doing something (in this case, feeling to see if there is a bulge in the back) and some suggestions are basically, "Don't worry about it". For some people, they really don't care anymore if anyone might notice a bulge or that they are wearing diapers. That is great and I applaud them all. On the other hand, if it is something that bothers you, then you have to make a conscious effort not to go feeling the back of your pants for a diaper bulge. You can try wearing a onesie or compression pants or thinner diapers if you can get away with lower end protection to help the mental mindset that your diapers are thick and therefore must be bulky and bulging in the seat of your pants. I think the best thing is whenever you feel the need to check your bottom, stop and refrain from reaching back and feeling for a bulge in the seat of your pants. Try and work yourself out of the habit. When I was 19 and working at a grocery store there was one 18 year old bagger who was always pulling the seat of his pants as if his underwear got caught in his butt crack. He did this all the time and that made things more noticeable (and talked about by everyone) based on his habit than if he just left things alone.
  14. rusty pins

    You Know You've Grown Up When...

    When you go from Enfamil to Ensure.
  15. rusty pins

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    Many reasons. I like to try different brands of diapers for variety. True, most of my diapers are from the Goodwill or thrift stores these days but now that I'm working again I bought a bag of Betterdry diapers in November. These will last me a very long time since I only wear diapers 2 or 3 mornings a week for about 3 hours at a time. These are my 8+ hour out of town for the day shopping diapers (even though I wore one to bed last night and I'm still in it now wetting it). I wouldn't call it hording in the usual sense where someone hordes so much stuff you can't even walk though their house. I look at it this way. If you only wore one brand of diaper and one brand only, then keeping a couple bags around just in case when you order your next shipment is no big deal. Lets say you like wearing 5 or 6 different brands of diapers. Abena, Northshore (many varieties), TENA, Betterdry, Confidry 24/7, Rearz (many different designs), Tranquility, Bambino, etc. You know that the next case you order will be for a different brand than what you have been wearing so you save one package of the brand you have been using when you order a different brand. Then after using the different brand you've ordered you plan on ordering yet a third or forth different brand you like. You save one package from the cases you've been using and next thing you know, you have 5 or 6 full packages of all different brands of diapers. To me, this is smart if you wear diapers daily or 24/7 (or even just a few times a week). Now you have built up a variety at home to use instead of always having to use the same brand each day because that is all you have of what you've ordered a case of. You can use different brands of diapers each day and when one of the last packs is getting low, that tells you what the next brand is that you need to order. As long as long as you can afford it, it sounds like a great idea!