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  1. "Mike Pence must be an adult baby"

    The way he acts, I think Trump is the baby!
  2. Ever had one of those days?

    I'm just wondering if your boss already knew you were incontinent and wore diapers. If so, I can see how he could understand. If not, how embarrassing to have to explain to him that your diaper was soaked, you were about to leak and get your pants wet and had to get inside in a hurry to change into a dry diaper. Keep us up to date as much as you can about the mechanics and what your company does about it. In house mechanics or out sourced? If they charged for work that was not done, I hope some people get fired over it! Harsh words, but I used to travel the interstate 120 miles a day, 5 to 6 days a week for 12 years. It's one thing to break down due to a serpentine belt breaking because they didn't replace it but said they did. It's another thing when worn bushings, tie rod ends, transmissions, U-joints and when bearings (and more) are not replaced. Those go out suddenly on the highway and you could lose control and kill yourself or someone else. Repairs and upkeep on vehicles is not something to be taken lightly, especially heavy work vehicles that are used all day long 6 or more days a week.
  3. Printed nappies

    I wear what I get at the Goodwill or thrift stores. Usually that means store type brands like Prevail, Attends, McKesson, Wallgreens and Wings. These are usually white, tan or light blue. I am a DL and do not care for printed diapers as I am not into AB stuff in any way. That said, if the Goodwill had printed adult diapers for $5 a package, I'm sure I would take advantage of the price and buy them. I'd get them for the fact that they are diapers I can wear and the price, not because of the color or prints on the outside.
  4. Be careful about a meet up! What's often on the internet is not what it is portrayed to be! Do it in a safe place, like a McDonalds for a cup of coffee first, do not go with him in his car! Drive yourself once you feel comfortable (I suggest after several casual meetings in a public place) and always have a way out if things start going bad! Have a spare key hidden in one of those magnetic boxes that you can hide outside on your car somewhere just in case he takes your keys so you can't get away. It's also a good idea to set a time and let a trusted person know where you are going to be and when you will be back. If they do not hear from you by that arranged time, they can bring help or start a search for you. All you know about this person is what they told you on Skype, and it is in a dominating situation with a diaper fetish. It may be OK, but don't take a chance! Be safe and take precautions!
  5. If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    Yes, 100% as long as it was safe, no side effects or dangerous. So many medications advertised on TV for almost anything have severe side effects. Would I like to not be a DL with a diaper fetish? Absolutly! Do I enjoy wearing diapers? I sure do as long as I keep a good balance between diapers and regular life. It's the fetish that makes me love wearing diapers. If I didn't have that fetish for them, I wouldn't like wearing them! Therefore, without the fetish there wouldn't be anything to miss! Yeah, I'd like to get rid of the diaper fetish but I know that isn't going to happen unless there is a positive cure for it that isn't dangerous or harmful and doesn't affect anything else.
  6. I'm a little confused

    Get all your shit together as far as money and good stable job, get yourself a cheap car ( anything that runs well enough), basic insurance to be legal and find a place of your own. Work up to being able to sustain yourself as quickly as it's fesable. It's one thing for your dad to set rules about diapers in his home, it's another thing the way he is treating you with surprise diaper checks and security cameras. It's his house after all, but who gives a shit what you do in the privacy of your own room? He does, that's for sure and you have to live by his rules. If you do move out, see how long he takes to miss having you around and how he treats you. If he still looks down on you (and if you feel a little like speaking up to him), remind him that when you alienate your kids, one day when you are old you will be very lonely with no one to help you, take care of you or visit you!
  7. Weeing more when wearing nappies

    What dewayne said.
  8. public changing

    If you know where to go and change, it's no different than sitting on the toilet and taking a crap and nothing to be scared or afraid of. I wear all day when I go out of town shopping, especially Christmas shopping in winter. As I said earlier, there are many places that have privet or family rest rooms with outer door locks. Harbor Freight is one. CVS is another. Gordon Foods as well and even most WalMart stores have a family restroom in the back by customer pick up. Even though I have changed in McDonalds restrooms, I have complete privacy to change diapers in one of the restrooms I have mentioned. No fear of someone walking in on me while I'm standing there with my pants at half mast and my diaper half way off. No different than if I was sitting on the toilet instead of changing my diaper. I guess I would call that public changing in privet.
  9. Ten / Eleven Days Of Mental Torture

    Ah! I should have realized dlsafrica meant you were in South Africa! That still applies though. Had we sent something from the USA overseas it could go quickly or slowly based on the amount we spend for the shipping. If it took about a month to get from Norway to South Africa, I'm sure they used the lowest costing postage, which makes sense. Their beef is with themselves or their postal service, not you! They chose the slower, cheaper postage. I hope you explained to them the actual day it was finally delivered to you in spite of the fact the tracking showed it arrived in South Africa on February 2. Just because it arrives in the country on that day doesn't mean you get it that same day or even week! They were kind of mean to you by giving you the cold shoulder without even asking you if you received their gift! I hope they apologize to you!
  10. Ever had one of those days?

    Not something you can do with a delivery van, but I always keep a separate key to both my cars in a key case in my pocket. If something should happen and I lock the keys in the car, I can use the spare to get in. Maybe suggest to your company that they issue 2 keys, one to use in the ignition and a spare for your pocket just in case, especially if the vans have an automatic deadlocking system. It would be cheaper for the company than either replacing a broken window or the down time waiting for someone to come and unlock the van.
  11. Ten / Eleven Days Of Mental Torture

    As I understand it, both your sister and your best friend went together and bought you a gift for Christmas which they sent to you through the regular USPS. Do you know when it was origionally sent, since Christmas was almost 2 months ago? You just now got the gift delivered in the mail? It has only been the past 10 to 12 days that they have stopped talking to you, so I wonder if it was only in the past 3 weeks that they sent you the gift rather than 2 months ago. Do they live in town or out of town? It seems that they have been giving you the cold shoulder over this, but is it by phone or text, or in person? I'm thinking it has to be by phone, otherwise if they were in the same town as you and you see them in person, why would they mail you your Christmas gift and not give it to you in person? I hope you let them know that you just now got your package delivered and you have no idea what the delay was. I know in my area we have had such bad weather that flights have been canceled and delayed, roads and business have been closed all due to winter weather. Did they send the package Priority Mail or by First Class or Parcle Select. Parcle Select can take 2 to 9 days depending on where it comes from. How far away from you are your friend and sister? Close or out of state? If there is tracking on the package and a tracking number, it should show you the date it was delivered to you. You can check through the USPS web site if there is a tracking number (there should be) and e-mail it to your friend and sister to prove to them when it was actually delivered to your house. If they shipped it a month or more ago, let them put the blame on the post office.
  12. Question to any one in management or supervisor?

    A promotion means more responsibility but also more money (usually). It also means a step up so you are not low on the pole and always having someone telling you what to do and how well or poorly you are doing your job. On the other hand, you may be the one telling others they need to get on the ball and work better or your boss will be telling you that your crew isn't pulling their weight! That can put you in the hot seat to be responsible for how a lot of people under you do their jobs. I'm not sure what type of work you do now and what the promotion will be, but it's always a good idea (in my mind) to work yourself up the ladder. I've done that in every job I've had by hard work and learning all I can about everyone else's job when I'm on lunch or break. The more you know and can do, the more of an asset you are to the company. The less you know and can do, the more of an ass you are to the company! I always though middle management was a good place to be. People under you doing the grunt work, and yes, you have a boss making sure you do your job and your people do their job, but if something really terrible happens and the company starts going bankrupt or the economy tanks, you are not at the top making the decisions that could cause the shareholders to terminate you!
  13. Close call

    First thing I do when something breaks down is try and figure it out. I can't always fix it myself, but with the internet I can get tips on what the problem might be and how to fix it. I replaced a circuit board in the Maytag dishwasher as well as other things, but even though I replaced a couple micro switches in the freezer, the compressor was just bad and wouldn't stay running. I wasn't about to fix the washer because it wouldn't advance to the spin cycle, but I'm glad you were able to get your plastic pants loose and slip the belt back on the washer drum! Any service call is expensive! $200 labor for the furnace when it took 15 minutes to diagnose and replace a $40 part.
  14. I 100% can agree with you not wanting to go back to the place you worked. I well understand the conflict between employer and employee once you file workman's compensation. It causes problems for the employer, but tough shit! That's the reason for workman's comp! Sometimes working environments are not good for one reason or another and this not only protects employees but also helps regulate and keep some business on their toes to make the work place a safer area. Years ago I worked as a printer and employees would always raise up the guards on one type of press. Personally, I thought hose guards were kind of useless myself but management finally cracked down on everyone and stated the guards have to be in place! The thing is, once OSHA becomes involved over a work related injury, it can be a lot of hassel for the business. I say "So?" True, a company probably can't do much about someone being hit on their bike in traffic, but again, that's why there is insurance! I can relate to someone feeling uncomfortable working for the company after all that. Not sure I you have seen a personal injury lawyer, but if you haven't it might be a good idea. You have most likely permanent injuries with back problems and incontinence and your livelihood has been taken away from you. A settlement against the person who hit you and whomever else you may have a legitimate claim against you will help in the long run with bills and future medical expenses. On top of all that, a lawyer might be able to advise you if you can get disability, at least until you heal and are able to find some type of work you can do. Disability sounds overkill at the moment, but remember with a back injury you may not be able to work a full time job without pain. Not lifting, standing on your feet or even sitting in a chair day after day for full time work. It all depends on what your MRI shows, what your doctor's say and your prognosis and how you feel when going about the day.
  15. leaking diapers at night

    I don't wear diapers to bed for sleeping, however I have laid down in bed in the day to relax a bit when in an already wet diaper. Of course, I continue to wet it and when laying on my back, yes, it will leak out the top in the back when over saturated. That is only natural with a disposable diaper since all the pee will tend to puddle at the lowest point, which is the back of your diaper as you are laying on it. When that padding is saturated, it will leak out the top back of the diaper. Side sleeping in disposables or laying on my side and wetting will cause more leaks around the legs and crotch. Even with plastic pants, a soaked disposable diaper may leak out the top back if laying on your back and you over saturate your diaper. Disposables can only absorb so much before the excess finds any little opening to escape.