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  1. Today's comic strip! Keep your stash full or your "Mommy" might think it's time to take "other measures".
  2. As I've said before, if you yourself wouldn't go up to a perfect stranger or even someone you know casually and ask, "Are you wearing a diaper?", what makes anyone here think a total stranger or even casual acquaintance will go up to you on the street or in a store and say, "Pardon me, but it looks like you're wearing a diaper. Am I right?" That doesn't mean they might not notice, it just means they aren't going to go up to you and mention it.
  3. That happens with me if I have a day or two I can spend in diapers. I don't sleep in diapers but at the end of a day or the second day, I'm ready to stop with the diapers for a week or so.
  4. Still not comfortable being diapered around anyone I know if I happen to run into someone in a store or when out. I usually don't wear diapers out and about around my own town, but I do a few times a year when out of town shopping. Yes, it gets easier the more you do it and realize nothing has happened. No one seems to notice, no one says anything to you and that is positive reinforcement that makes you feel more comfortable as time goes on and nothing happens. The thing is, with someone you don't know, you never know if they noticed or not as a stranger isn't likely to come up to you and say anything. Someone you know? They might be more apt to say, "What the hell are you wearing? It looks like a diaper", especially if they are good friends and know you well. Personally, I never ever want to take any chances that someone I know will find out I'm wearing a diaper, the reason I usually only wear the rare times when going out of town for the day. Even though people probably won't notice, if a stranger I'll probably never see again in an out of town store does notice, I'm okay with that.
  5. Get a can of some really good bug and insect killing spray, then really spray your can full of the bug killer, and I mean over do it! With the lid closed,that should let it build up and permeate the trash can for many days and stop it, or at least kill any bugs that get into your trash can.
  6. Play Dough! I never thought of that! Seems to me it would give you the feel of a firmly loaded diaper without the smell and nasty clean up. Good idea!
  7. I get the majority of my diapers from Goodwill or Thrift stores. In my case, I usually wear for about 3 hours in the morning when I get up early about 2 times a week. It wouldn't pay for me to wear expensive premium diapers for that short of a time, so the average store type diaper like Prevail and Attends from Goodwill work fine for me. Even if I spend longer on a Saturday, 7 hours or so, I have no problem changing a thrift store diaper after 3 hours or so and putting on a fresh diaper for another 3 or 4 hours. After all, you wouldn't leave a child in the same diaper for 7 hours without changing it when it needs to be changed. I usually spend about $3 to $4 for a package of 18 disposable adult diapers and sometimes less if they have 1/2 off days. I still have some premium diapers for all day use when I get the chance or go out of town for the day a few times a year. It all depends on your usage of diapers. 24/7, probably not for thrift store diapers unless you should luck out and find premium diapers (I never have), but for those who just wear for a few hours when they get up in the morning or after work for a few hours, thrift store diapers are a good way to go for a great price.
  8. One moment...... Hang on......... Wait.......... Ahhhhhhhhh! Two seconds ago!
  9. For anyone older than 52 years old, it was most likely cloth and plastic pants. Pampers first came out in 1961 but I remember it wasn't until later in the 1960's that you saw them in stores and on TV commercials. Probably more around the later years about 1967 that you saw them more. I never wore them as a child, but I do remember about 1970 my mom babysat for a 2 year old one afternoon and had to change his Pamper. I even think in the early years of Pampers they had to be pinned on with regular diaper pins. The tapes came later. Most likely if you were a baby or toddler before 1965 you were raised in cloth diapers. Even though Pampers were available as of 1961, mothers still used cloth as that was what they were familiar with, they trusted cloth diapers and plastic pants over a throw away diaper and it took a few years early on for parents to go with disposable diapers.
  10. Maybe his organism was so great he was moaning so loud it could be heard throughout the building as he climaxed!
  11. DL here but years ago when I was stressed out at work and really in a down and depressed mood, I'd watch "Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone". For some reason the fantasy of that movie just helped me relax and get my mind off things.
  12. Over the years I have read posts from some very interesting people who go all out into AB or diaper play. One fellow in his 50's lived his entire life as a 7 year old toddler in diapers. He played with his toys all day and waited for his "daddy" to change his diapers when needed. He was living his dream, but I do suspect at times he engaged in other more adult things with his "daddy". I've also read a few posts from AB guys who have gotten verbally angry and abusive when it was pointed out to them that they are not an actual baby but an adult playing at being a baby. In their mind they were a real full time 1 year old baby! Seriously! When others pointed out that a real baby could not read, write, use a computer, interact on forums or have any type of normal conversation with others, these guys (one in particular) got really violent in his reply. To each their own. If they are so into it that they are in denial, who am I to argue and burst their bubble if that's how they want their life to be. Me? Never ever!
  13. I'm curious for those AB or DL's who wear diapers to work either occasionally or on a regular basis. What type of job do you have or what type of work do you do? I'm not asking specific company or location or anything, but a few examples might be, "I work in an office with 10 other people", or, "I'm in construction and do (plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.)". Maybe you work on a road crew driving a truck or grader Maybe you have a privet office, are a police or fireman, drive a bus or taxi or work in security. Maybe you stock shelves at Home Depot or are a sales clerk in a store or a cashier. Whatever your job, are you able to discreetly wear your diapers without coworkers or other people knowing? Have you ever been outed at work when wearing diapers? Do others know or suspect but just assume it's for medical reasons? Do you wear any special work clothes that really help hide your diapers, such as heavy overalls or insulated work pants, or do you dress in jeans, knit dress pants and button down shirt or skirt? Do you take any special steps to hide any noise or bulk, especially with thin dress pants? I'm just curious.
  14. I'm not incontinent but there are days when I pee more. Some mornings I've had to go to the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes in the mornings. Some days I pee every hour or so, and other days I go 2 to 4 hours without peeing. I am type 2 diabetic and over weight, but some days weather you are incontinent or not, you just pee more than other days.
  15. I agree with Evelyn! You may not have to be specific if you live in a small town of 1000 people with an unusual name like, "Wesakalo Marsh", but you can at least post your state or if you don't want you actual city, do like me and say, "Southwest Michigan" to give people a general idea on where you live. You may just get a personal message from someone in your general area. That doesn't mean after trading messages and getting to know each other a little first that you have to meet up with that person. It just gives you more options and possibilities to explore and consider.