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  1. rusty pins

    Diaper sag solution

    I say to help with diaper sag your best bet is a onesie. I'll tell you why. Anything else you try such as fixing pants, diaper covers, plastic or rubber pants and even suspenders have support in only one direction. For example. Even though mesh pants, fixing pants, diaper covers and rubber pants can hold a diaper tighter to your body (and do a pretty good job helping with diaper sag), your wet diaper is supported only from below. The mesh pants, rubber pants, diaper cover, etc. all have a waist band and that is where the support stops. At the waist because a waist band can sag and drop down a little from the weight of a heavy diaper since their is nothing supporting the pants from above. Those pants could still start to sag down a little at the waistband from the weight of a wet diaper. Suspenders (braces). They support your diaper at the waist as the suspenders go over your shoulders and attach to the top of your diaper font and back. Great idea as they help keep the diaper from slipping down around the top of your waist, however the crotch of your diaper is not supported at all and the weight in that area from a soaking diaper can still cause sagging in that area, even though your diaper is supported at the waist. With a onesie you have support top and bottom. The onesie is supported by your shoulders so you have top support but the onesie also goes down between your legs over your diaper and either snaps in the crotch or at the front waist. You have support at the top from your shoulders like suspenders but also support from below under the seat and crotch of your diaper. The best of both worlds.
  2. rusty pins


    I suggest what ever diaper you get (it sounds like you haven't yet worn diapers) that you experiment at home in a place that won't cause you to wet furniture or anything like that. Perhaps put down a plastic trash bag and a towel before you sit in a chair or lay in bed. Different brands of diapers will absorb differently. The premium brands people have mentioned will absorb a lot while the store brands you get at Wallgreens and CVS won't absorb as much. Also it's best not to do what people call "Flood" your diaper. That means if you have to piss like a horse don't just let it all out at once fast and hard in your diaper. Your diaper may not be able to absorb it all that fast and leak. Better to let it out slowly a little at a time over a minute or two and give your diaper a chance to absorb it. Also with different diapers some can handle many wettings over several hours and others will leak sooner. Before venturing out and about with diapers on, test them at home and see just how much you are able to wet them over time before they start to leak. Same goes for diapers if you plan to mess in them. Gennerally the store brands of diapers will do better when you mess in them as absorbency isn't as critical, but the consistancy of your stools can play a roll. If you mess a big load and it is loose, your diaper may leak it out weather it's a store brand or a premium brand. Firmer harder stools will be better in your diaper but even then if you have a huge load you poop out into your diaper, it could leak out the sides and crotch area. For messes you want a good diaper with a wider crotch and full seat for containment. Just experiment with any diaper you decide to get in order to learn their limits and capacity. Some will be better than others for absorbency but they may really be thick and bulky and swell up the more you wet them. Fun, but maybe not as discreet under thin cotton shorts in the summer if you are around people. In that case, it may be better to go with a thinner less absorbent store brand and just change your diaper more often.
  3. rusty pins

    How many wear 2 plastic panties at once?

    I have a few times before when out of town shopping. Wearing them over disposables for extra protection as I do leak sometimes, and a few times one pair of plastic pants I was using had some small tears along the side, plus the crotch wasn't as wide in some places. they were inexpensive pants to begin with and I could have just used one better pair, but I put on the inexpensive pair and then a pair a friend gave me that were huge! No way anything would get past that second pair. They added some bulk, but in winter with a coat on I doubt anyone noticed.
  4. rusty pins

    Road Trip!!!

    Friend of mine had a 2000 Gold mustang convertible we took on road trips. He traded it in on a 2003 Mustang Centennial Convertible. They only made one for each Ford dealership in 2003. I wish I still had my 1967 Mustang! In my opinion, 1965 and 1967 were the 2 best looking Mustangs, 1967 being the best.
  5. rusty pins

    Road Trip!!!

    By the way, what kind of car is it?
  6. rusty pins

    Road Trip!!!

    Put a waterproof pad on the car seat in case of leaks so you won't ruin the seats of your new car.
  7. Not sure what you mean. I took it to mean wearing first a cloth diaper and then a disposable diaper over it (cloth under disposable) but when you said "Instead of vynol (vinyl) or rubber pants" that confused me. I don't wear vinyl pants under any of my diapers and I took your posting to mean first wearing a cloth diaper and then a disposable over it instead of first wearing vinyl or rubber pants with a disposable over it. Perhaps you mean just wearing a cloth diaper and then a disposable diaper over it and no rubber or plastic pants? In other words, the disposable diaper over your cloth diaper would be taking the place of rubber or plastic pants that are needed for cloth diapers alone. A few times I have put a thin cloth diaper inside my disposable diaper, not that the disposable diaper would be taking the place of any plastic pants, but instead because I wear disposable diapers and the cloth diaper inside will wick the wetness throughout the disposable diaper and give me a wetter feeling instead of the disposable locking the wetness away in one location. I rarely do this, but once in a while to give me the feeling of sitting in a wet cloth diaper.
  8. Personally, would you ask the salesman who sold you the brand new car how to change the spark plugs? Not his job. You would go to the service department and ask the guys who work on maintenance how to change the plugs and oil. The doctor's job is to diagnose the problem and try and cure or fix it, not so much how to manage dealing with it. That's why so many diaper companies have, or used to have a 1-800 number you can call to ask questions about using their products. Simply stated, if a person has to have their arm amputated, the doctor will do the surgery and follow ups to make sure it's healing properly, but the company that makes your prosthetic arm will do all the fitting and adjusting and instructions on how to use it, care and protect your arm when using the prosthetic, etc. You have a problem with it, your doctor might notice skin irritation or abrasions. He or she might recommend ointment or creams to heal the area, but your doctor will refer you to the person who fit your prostheses for the underlying problem. Likewise, I think your doctor would be more interested in healing a diaper rash than informing you how to wear or choose the proper diapers to wear.
  9. Not much of a compensation for someone who was supposed to get one for their kid's age, weather that be $1 or $5 or whatever the kid's age is. No, that would have really cost the company so much money they would have gone bankrupt. Run it for the one day, but allow the people who were in line that day and didn't get a chance to get their bear to come back another day with their voucher for a bear at the price of their child's age. Honor the original offer for that one day to the people who didn't get their chance to get their bear and let them come back for it another day at that price, not a $15 off coupon. That's just not right and I bet some people will sue the company for not honoring their promotion.
  10. rusty pins

    hazards of wearing 24/7

    And what was their reaction to your reply? Cat out of the bag now or did they think you were just being funny about it?
  11. rusty pins

    Random Thread

    Ever wonder why people buy a pair of pants but only one bra?
  12. rusty pins

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    When you wear disposable diapers, do you tuck the extra material around your legs and waist up and undernieth so it's nice and neat looking? (Picture 1) or do you just let the extra plastic or diaper material below the leg tapes hang loose, so to speak (pictures 2 & 3 from the member gallery)? Personally, I prefer to tuck the extra diaper material up and under around my legs and also around my waist so it looks nice and neat, not just let the extra diaper material hang down and out all over the place. What are some of your preferences and why? Does one work better than the other way? Do you have more leaks if you don't tuck the excess up undernieth? How about comfort?
  13. rusty pins

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    Jumpin' Jehosaphats! Young Scallywags!
  14. rusty pins

    Bad Jokes

    A woman was constipated so she went to her doctor. The doctor told her to take suppositories to relieve her constipation. A few days later the woman was back, upset and stating she was still constipated. "Did you take the suppositories?" the doctor asked. "I did! I used almost the whole bottle!" "The whole bottle!" the doctor said. "What have you been doing, eating them?" "Of course!" said the woman. "What do you think I'm doing, shoving them up my ass or something?"
  15. I remember many years ago when the Cabbage Patch Dolls were the big thing. Working second shift allowed me to get up at 4am to go to a local store that had advertised they had a shipment in. Keep in mind, back then it was the hot toy of the year and no one had any. As soon as a store got them in they would sell out in a matter of minutes. I was about 40th in line and just barley got one for my brother's Godchild. I was almost trampled in the process. I feel sorry for any parent who's kid has their heart set on the one hot and nearly unobtainable toy of the year. Shame on Build A Bear for not having the common sense to realize a promotion like this would cause such long lines and be impossible for them to handle. Personally, rather than issue a $15 voucher to use at a future date, they should have gone down the line and handed out rain checks dated for different specific days. So many for July 20, so many for July 21, so many for July 24, etc. That way they could still honor their Pay Your Age promotion for those in line the date of the original promotion but spread them out over a few weeks so they are not all there at once. Kind of like a special appointment for honoring the promotion for those in line who didn't get their bear.