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  1. rusty pins

    Parents being a jerk

    Yes. As bettypooh and others have said, when you live under your parents roof they make all the rules and you have no choice but to abide by them or move out. They can change the rules at anytime at their whim because it is their house. If, on the other hand, you are a paying tenant with a written lease like any other tenant in a house or apartment, terms of that written lease are clearly spelled out and cannot be changed unless both agree to any changes and those changes have to be written out and signed by both parties. I doubt that you have a written lease with your parents, and if you did it would have to state limitations on them going into your rented room for any reason, otherwise they can be taken to court for violating the lease. In other words, a lease might contain a clause that they are only to enter your room with you being present and at no other times and they have to give you reason to enter and 24 hour notice. If they told you when you cane home that they discovered diapers in your room and started questioning you about it, you would know they violated the terms of the lease and can threaten to take them to court. If they threaten to kick you out, you say, "What terms of my lease have I broken that will allow you to evict me?" Once more, I doubt you would have a lease with any clauses like that. Once again, I do not agree in telling them you are AB/DL as it really sounds to me like it would make the situation much worse for you. As you said, it would piss them off and they might kick you out of their house, so why do it? You have been looking for apartments anyway, so weather you move into an apartment on your own or you tell them you are AB/DL and they kick you out, you will be gone from their house either way. One way on somewhat unpleasant terms (leaving on your own) and another way on very bad terms (getting kicked out for admitting you like wearing diapers for pleasure). I'd avoid the latter. In fact, if you find a place to move to on your own, your parents might just back off because they don't want to see you leave. That's when you might have some leverage with them. If they don't want to see you move out, sit down and tell them if you decide to stay there will need to be some changes. You are 19 now, an adult, you can take care of yourself but if you stay you expect privacy and respect and you will live your own life. If they agree, try it but if they go back on their word, move out as you planned. Your parents cannot prevent you from moving out unless they can prove to a court of law that you can't take care of yourself and need to be under control of someone else. I doubt very much if that would ever happen. My 90 year old uncle with dementia would try to drive his car on a revoked license, peed on the floor, ate spoiled food from his refrigerator but the law said as long as he could feed himself there wasn't a thing they could do about it. It was only when he fell twice the same day laying on the floor alone for hours and paramedics were called that a doctor finally was able to certify he could not live on his own anymore. At age 19 you are an adult and legally I don't believe your parents can force you to see a doctor. The thing is, while they legally can't force you to see a doctor, they can kick you out of their house and say they won't have anything more to do with you, ever, unless you abide by their insistence you see a doctor. That's the plain and simple truth of the matter. You have nosy and controlling parents but realize they may actually be concerned for your health and well being. To them you are still their little boy they have raised and taken care of all these years even though you are now 19 and an adult. This is what it breaks down to. Do you want to stay living with your parents in their house, under their rules and control? If so, you have to accept the fact that things will not change. They may even get worse. Telling them you are AB/DL will probably not make it better but worse instead. For the members here who have said they have told their parents about being AB or DL with out problems, think about your own situation. Were your parents all over you about everything? Were they controlling? Did they snoop around your room and question you about everything? Did they insist you live by their rules all the time and tell you what to do and when to go to the doctor under threat of being kicked out? I bet for some they did and it didn't go well at all, but those who recommend telling the truth are most likely the ones who really don't care who knows they wear diapers and who's parents were accepting about it and OK with it to some point, and even then only after many discussions and questions. Like you said, since your parents seem to be so controlling and all, it most likely would eventually get out to family and friends and everyone that you are AB/DL. All they have to do is mention it to one person and the word gets around. Are you ready for your secrete to get out to everyone? Are you ready to lose some respect from some people and family? How utterly uncomfortable and miserable would you be if it came out and everyone knew? After thinking about that, is it worth it? Do you think your parents would treat you any better if they knew your mattress was stained with urine because you just love wearing and wetting diapers instead of you having an actual bedwetting problem? They might just say, "I could accept it if you had a medical issue causing you to wet the bed, but purpously wetting yourself and wearing diapers and stinking up your room and ruining a mattress? There must be something mentally wrong with you!" Some people might say, "That never happened to me when I told my parents!" Everyone is different and some parents are much more open and liberal than others. In the midwest where I live it is very conservative when it comes to things like this. In the south where you might have bible thumping religions, some of them might think you are affected by the devil for your sin! You can't say everyone in every part of the country will react the same way to something. Only the person in question who has lived with his parents all his life will know how they will react. I say either take what your parents dish out and live under their rules and control in their house and accept the consequences that they will always be snooping, questioning you and telling you what to do, or move to your own apartment and have the freedom to do as you please without someone looking over your shoulder all the time and making your decisions for you. Which would make you happier overall? Tell them you are an AB/DL if you like, just don't expect it to be better for you. In all my years as a life long DL belonging to different on-line sites like this and reading a lot of forum posts as well as personal talks with people, I am reasonably sure you will be a lot more miserable and under a lot more scrutiny and questions if you tell them you are AB/DL than sticking with the bedwetting from stress story. Would you rather go to a medical doctor and be checked out for a bladder issue that could cause bedwetting, or would you rather be sent to a shrink and have to talk to him or her about your diapers and love of wetting them session after session over and over and having to tell your parents how it went and what was said. True, before anyone says doctor/paitent confidentiality, remember he is still living in his parents house! Legally he doesn't have to tell them, but if he wants to remain living in their house he may have to! That's the issue here! After all, you are 19. It won't be more than a few years anyway before you will be out in your own place if not right now. If all that sounds too much for you, (so far from what you have said it seems like it has been too much for you), then make your move to your own place. It might be rough, you have expenses, appliances, furniture (check out Goodwill and Craigslist) and utility bills (take short showers, turn off all lights when you don't need them and turn down the thermostat in winter) but will you feel better being out from under the thumb of your parents? That's the question. Which situation would make you happier over all. Who knows but your parents may miss you and ask you to move back in with them, but once you have a taste of living on your own, I doubt you would go back and take a chance that after a month things would go back to how they were before you moved out. By the way, I had a friend who was a little in your situation. No AB/DL stuff, but his parents were always telling him how they thought he should live his life. He moved to his own place and one time when his parents were visiting they tried to push one of their ideals on him. He simply pointed to the door and said, "This is my house, not yours. If you don't like it here, there's the door!" He has a very good relationship with his parents but sometimes words like that in your own house are necessary to get the point across that you are an adult, you can live your life your own way and they can accept that or leave.
  2. rusty pins

    What feels better?

    I love a wet diaper but when I change into a dry diaper, it's so nice and comfortable so I can't choose between fresh dry diaper and wet diaper. They both feel good to me.
  3. rusty pins

    Inserts, how do you manage...?

    I have been using Diaper Inserts from Babies R Us when I go out of town shopping or just feel the need for extra protection. They are designed for baby diapers but work great in adult diapers. They are very comfortable and reasonably priced. many years ago Depends made an insert they called "Boost" and I got some. They were uncomfortable and pinched my nuts when they swelled up. The Diaper Inserts from Babies R Us don't do that at all and are very comfortable.
  4. rusty pins

    wearing in your backyard

    Baby Brian? Are you back?
  5. rusty pins

    Parents being a jerk

    Think of this - people suggest telling your parents the truth. Many people say don't do it. Whatever you decide, once you tell them there is no going back! How many people in this world have said things they later regret? Just about everyone. Telling them the truth can always be the last step you take (and it will be, believe me). Once the truth is out, it's out and no going back. Think about that.
  6. rusty pins

    What if diapers were popular?

    People would sneak around wearing regular underpants and trying to hide the fact from their friends and family that they aren't wearing diapers like they are supposed to wear. They would secretly order underpants from websites hoping they would arrive in plain unmarked boxes so no one would discover their shame! They would try to make their pants look puffy as if they were wearing diapers instead of thin cotton BVD's and would carry around with them a diaper bag stuffed with paper so it would look like they had extra diapers for when they needed to change. They would carry wipes, a few plastic bags and a bottle with a screw top on it so when they had to poo or pee, they could find a changing station with a locking outer door, pee in the bottle and pour it down the sink and poo in a plastic bag and toss it and the wipes in the trash can so no one would expect they are not actually wetting and messing their diapers like they are supposed to. They would have to be very careful bending down in public so no one would see the elastic waistband of their "Fruit of The Looms" showing out the back of their pants. There would be some people who would purpously go out with their underpants showing out the back of their britches hoping someone would notice they aren't wearing diapers for a thrill! There would be websites like "Daily Underpants" where people could join with an avitar and discuss the naughty aspects of wearing regular underpants instead of diapers and there would be photo galleries showing crotch shots of guys and girls in their underpants and panties. There would be forum posts from people who have got caught by friends or their parents in underpants, humiliated for not wearing diapers or wetting the bed like they are supposed to do. People discovered because their weekly trash is a small portion of what everyone else's is due to no bags of used diapers being thrown out. They might even buy small bottles of artificial stink to sprinkle on their underpants or clothes so it they would smell like they actually wet or messed in diapers. There would be special meets and get togethers where people would show up in underpants and discuss how wearing underwear instead of diapers makes them feel naughty! There might even be roll play where someone strips off the person's diaper, makes them shower and forces them into underpants for the day, making them stand out on the front lawn for everyone to see that he or she is not wearing diapers but underpants instead!
  7. rusty pins

    wearing in your backyard

    I'm sure that would violate just about every privacy law in the country. One thing for law enforcement if they have a valid reason and I know there are spy sattalites, but spying on the general public and posting the video's on the internet will likely be a field day for all the lawyers out there. Can you say, "Hidden Camera In The Ladies Restroom"?
  8. rusty pins

    Cloth diaper inserts

    Here are the valid points. He is trying to save money. Buying disposable inserts or booster pads is not saving money as they are a one time deal that get's thrown away after use and has to constantly be replaced. If he was going to spend the money on disposable boosters all the time I'm sure he would just buy more expensive and absorbent diapers instead. Plastic pants are also a cost even though they are reusable. They still tear and wear out eventually needing replaced. He states they are too hot for him as well, therefore terry cloth pull ups and vinyl pants are also not what he is looking for. He's specifically looking for a cloth insert to use in his diapers that he can wash over and over and keep using. He's looking for advice from members on what type of reusable cloth insert or booster pad might work best inside his disposable diapers to extend their usage. For cheap, I agree with cutting up an old terry cloth towel to whatever size you think would work best. You could try cutting it into different lengths, widths, folds until you find what works best and feels the most comfortable. If you make a mistake, who cares? It's just an old terry cloth towel and I'm sure there are more where that came from. You could even layer 2 or 3 of them if you want to experiment ho how absorbent they are. My DL friend mostly wore cloth adult diapers with plastic pants but instead of one thick heavy adult diaper he wore thinner diapers and layered them in the center with folded up cloth baby diapers. That way he could add or subtract absorbent layers where he needed them most depending on his situation. The added benefit was the faster drying time thin diapers took as opposed to one thick heavy cloth diaper. For absolute cheap and reusable, I suggest cutting the old terry cloth towels and reusing them instead of throwing them out. For a little money, check out the local thrift and goodwill stores for donated cloth baby diapers at a cheaper price than retail in a store. True, if you use cloth inside a disposable diaper you will feel wetter as the cloth will wick wetness though out the entire diaper, but if you use it only as a doubler or booster pad in the crotch, the rest of your diaper will remain comfortable, especially if you don't extend the cloth insert way up in the seat of your diaper. Your body heat will also keep the cloth part of your diaper warm and not cold when wet. It's not like wetting your bed, leaking and sleeping in cold sheets.
  9. rusty pins

    What if diapers were popular?

    Florida is typically thought of as the place older folks go to live when they retire. Many retirement communities down in Florida. It makes sense there would be a much larger area in stores for adult diapers in Florida than there would be in places like Montana, North Dakota, Michigan or many other states.
  10. rusty pins

    Parents being a jerk

    I am also against telling them you are AB/DL. From what you have already said, it doesn't appear they would be the kind who would be accepting of that explanation. Some parents take that news with a grain of salt, some are OK with it, others will kick you out and turn against you. Only you know your parents well enough to know how they would react. If you know your doctor well enough, go to him as your parents want you to, explain to him you believe it's just stress causing you to "bedwet" now and then but your parents want to make sure it's not serious. Let him do what he needs to do to check but see if you can get him to agree it's most likely stress. You may have to have a story about some stresses in your life you have been going through but if you can get your doctor to see stress as a possible or probable cause, then it might reassure your parents you don't have a serious medical issue and at the same time get them to back off about it somewhat. True, some may say that isn't right, lying to your doctor and having him do tests, taking up his time and all, but in this case it's your parents who are having an issue with it all and at this point when they insist you see a doctor, it's for their piece of mind. Even though you know it's not phyiscal, some tests can't hurt in order to give your parents some piece of mind. I recommend not telling them you are a DL. I do suggest you get a bed pad to sleep on so you never get any leaks at all on your new mattress. It may be hard but I also suggest that any diapers, bed pads and under-jams you may have are hidden completely at all times weather used or unused! You know your parents will be giving your room a complete search down to the smallest crack in the wall so I don't know how successful you will be in hiding everything. For example, "What's in that suitcase you have locked up in your closet?" or, "I found this old backpack hidden under your bed and it has under-jams in it!" You need to be extremely creative in finding a good undetectable hiding place if it's even possible at this point. You might even have to stop with diapers or under-jams completely at home for a while until things are forgotten, and I mean months if it takes that long. Going forwards, make sure nothing, and I mean nothing is ever left around by accident or anywhere it can be found. You have a choice. For now do the damage control, see the doctor, try and convince him it's stress and all, agree to the new mattress. Going forward, either hide everything so well even Sherlock Holmes couldn't find it, go cold turkey and stop wearing at home or else accept the fact your parents will find more under-jams and "evidence" you are still wetting as they will be "super-snoops". Unless you want to fess up and confess you are a diaper lover and just enjoy wearing diapers and feel their wrath. Since they are making your life uncomfortable right now as it is thinking you only have a bedwetting problem, I can't imagine telling them you are a DL would make it better and less uncomfortable! Just the opposite, I think it would make things a lot worse for you!
  11. rusty pins


    When these parents get old and alone in a nursing home they will wonder why their kids never visit them or have anything to do with them! They will die alone and sad. It's nothing more than child abuse weather it's physical or mental abuse.
  12. rusty pins

    Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    Can you order the jeans you normally wear on line?
  13. rusty pins

    Children's television and movies

    I once read many years ago that one reason half hour animated shows can be made each week is due to the number of cells produced for each show. For example, compare Scooby Doo from the 1970's to Bugs Bunny from the 1940's and 1950's. For every 6 animation cells for a Bugs Bunny cartoon, shows in the 70's and 80's like Scooby Doo would have only 2 cells. Good enough and quicker and cheaper to produce, but you can tell the difference if you really watch them.
  14. rusty pins

    Bringing Up Diapers To Your Therapist

    Going to a therapist is going to cost anyone money! They don't do it for free, they do it because it's their livelyhood and how they make money!
  15. rusty pins

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Uh, he said "Flakes", not Fakes. I've met many people in life who are flakey and goofy. I'm not sure if AB/DL has anything to do with it, some people are just flakey! The 2 DL's I've met in person were different from each other, babylin who was a long time member here until his passing last July was a good friend and pretty normal but he did have some interesting political views. Don't we all though. The other was OK as well but when he started telling me about lying to his wife about having to work nights when he was driving 50 miles to be a diapered daddy to a 19 year old AB girl (he was in his 60's at the time), that was it for me. Some might call that behavior flakey and others might call it worse than that.