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  1. Still around Lewiston Auburn Area, PM for Details
  2. Haven't been on here in awhile. If anyone is still wanting to hang out, diapered skiing is fun Send me a private message
  3. When living in a glass house, it's good not to throw stones.
  4. I'm still looking for DL friends and playmates as well. Send me a message if you'd like to talk! I won't bite too hard... Lewiston.
  5. I've heard of people doing this before, and I do this myself sometimes. Wearing diapers around friends and family, or just in public situations....Sometimes it's just fun to make it to the "potty". It's almost the best of both worlds, because you're still getting to wear but you don't have to worry about leaks or smells, associated with wearing. And as far as an environmental standpoint, you're actually probably better than a DL who wets and fills because your garbage weighs significantly less. Used diapers are quite heavy, and stinky mind you...
  6. Don't worry about landfills. Imagine a vessel floating over Earth, (Years and Years in the future). This vessel would simply position itself above a selected landfill on Earth, and anchor via Space Elevator. The elevator will drop down to the landfill. And via use of heavy machinery the trash could be lifted up and into a space trough, which could then be given a push towards the sun I know how science fiction that sounds but when technology kicks up it should be easy. As for the nuclear toxic waste, I say we send that even further away...
  7. Think about it, We as diaper people are so bad for the environment. We're taking perfectly good resources, and shitting in them, (Literally!). I feel awful about this, but yet I still continue to get padded, thickly...Does that make me a bad person? I think all of you should take some things seriously. Recycle everything you can. That way, you will help to make up for some of the waste we've created to satisfy our own personal gratification via this kinky interest. Cue the cloth vs plastic debate and I want to make a huge point right here: Incontinent People, I am not saying you are wasteful, you do suffer from a medical condition and I wish you the best of luck with that but I still do see you as part of our community. The purpose of this thread is to make other DL's AB TB whatever to wake up and just realize that we as ABTBDL's have a much higher average garbage thrown away per year than the average person! With that in mind, it would be respectable to our environment if we all tried to be more eco-friendly, (which is hard to do) but it can be done! Don't litter Recycle Soda Cans Instead of your bank sending you a statement in the mail (which you probably just throw away anyways), you can opt-in for email statements! When you finish a cereal box, throw the plastic bag in the trash and break down the cereal box and but it into a paper bin to recycle. The cereal box is not trash! Please people, post what you do when you recycle, i'm sure everyone here can teach everyone 100 cool different things we've never even thought about before! If you 420, act like you 420 and hug a tree! I'm sick of all these stoners that litter blunt wraps and plastic tubes all over the forest with no respect! Save a walmart bag and use it for a trash bag! Work with me people! --
  8. Keep in mind, any reviews you read could just be written from people with stock in certain of these diaper companies. From first impression these night proof diapers sound quite intriguing. I'm always looking for the next abena x plus, if you will. I just find that those who are so quick to slam, usually am.
  9. Ever heard of Erin Brockovich? Talk about driving around an SUV and taking all the glory of the movie, (which is really good movie btw). It depends which movie you watch in which the characters lives will be depicted. It's not like every single script that passes through hollywood first passes through some social calibrater which convert-stereotypes every film into a typical white fenced family with a bread winner dad and a stay home mom. Every story is different. Yah there might be some similarities but that's show business. Good artists copy, great artists steal. ....
  10. Anyways, if anyone wants to chat and see where it goes from there, hit me up in a PM or whatever. I think this state has much to offer and it would be fun to share that with another DL.
  11. I didn't know Google could personalize ads in real life yet!
  12. I guess that's the best part of parenting. You get to do it how you think it ought to be done...Not how that dumbass on that online forum instructs you how you should raise your children...
  13. Still no response from this user.