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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8929357/women-recreate-victorias-secret-catwalk-tena-incontinence-pants/
  2. I have a rearz skull pocket diaper with snaps, but it came with a very thick terry towel. I do have a fleece, bamboo, charcoal and towel (sewed together in a nice U shape) insert from a Happy Endings. I've only used them twice each. 1) and 2) The terry towel was very absorbent. It did start to leak after four hours (one wetting after waking up and several short ones after having two cups of coffee and at least one glass of water). The terry towel wicked pretty good. My skin felt wet; consequently, I wanted to change soonish. Since the bamboo had fleece and was very breathable, I did not notice wicking or much wetness to the outer towel. If I recall, the bamboo did leak. 3) They didn't seem to hold up to the Northshore Go Supreme overnight that I wear quite often. 4) You don't need plastic pants, but probably would help contain. 5) Don't know. 6) the bamboo / charcoal insert seemed to contain urine smell from what I remember. 7) Yes, you have to wash and dry them. MY house is humid year round, so they take quite a bit of time to dry. I do put them in the dryer for 40 minutes and then hang them up afterwards to get rid of any other moisture. Usually after 24 hours they still feel a little damp. The key on these is to get a good fit. The rearz is kind of tight and too low on my hips, yet the surrounding cloth is loose. I could add two more inserts to add more absorbency. The happy endings is a little bit better, but also has quite a bit of looseness such that I could add another pad. These are both very noticeable under jeans and probably pants. So, if you do add another pad it would be much more more noticeable. I think one brand had some snaps in front to tighten up the looseness between the legs, but that pulls the waist / hip down and encourages them to slide down and fall off. I would definitely recommend something to try to hold them up such as underwear or compression short if your going to be walking or moving around.
  3. What size do you wear? In the US they don't have XL in Overnight, only Large. I wear XL, so I am stuck with "maximum".
  4. The overnight model reviews seem to claim 4 to 8 hours, but most seem more towards 4 hours. Reviews are pretty high, maybe they are better for daytime use. They look pretty wide between the legs, so if you don't like that, it may not feel good. There was one review that said it was pretty thick. Maybe if you got a larger size and put in a pad.
  5. Solimo Overnight XL pull up. A good amount of padding up front. Thin between the legs (great for laying on side).
  6. Maybe someone bought to see how big they were or something and decided they weren't good for them? I used to see opened packages all the time on store shelves (I don't go to stores anymore).
  7. I just got the day time one too. My waistband though is very thin, maybe 1/4", yours looks wider? The legs are tight in L. I stretched them and broke some of the bindings to loosen them up. I found that if I pull the sides down a bit it feels better, but the top does come down some.
  8. I'm in the same situation and wear pull ups everywhere, especially on vacation in your wonderful country. While in Llandudno, if you can get to Portmeirion.
  9. Did you try Always Discreet XL?
  10. Some malls the bathrooms are almost a considerable hike. If your in a department, usually they are farthest from where you are or buried in some far away corner.
  11. I was in cloth the entire time. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about that experience. I have one photo of me sitting such my plastic pants can be seen. I think I was 3. AFAIK, I did not switch to disposables. I think my mom could not wait for me to get out of them, which maybe the reason I think I still need them. I did wet my pants in kindergarten, but that was the only time I wet my pants. So, maybe I was taken out of diapers too soon. We probably had a diaper service.
  12. I bought happy endings stretch and snap button one. The pad also has snap buttons to hold it in place. Unfortunately, the button is very low in the front for us men. It did last several hours. It's kind of strange it does have pocket for stuffers, but no way to secure it.
  13. Don't forget garbage pickup! This is laughable: a couple times a year the state decides to give local police money (is it considered OT?)for various crackdowns such as DUI, click it or ticket, registration (they sit at the entrance ramps of the highways and make you slow donw). Aren't they supposed to be doing it anyways? My property taxes fund the schools and yet I don't have kids and won't be having them!
  14. Maybe you went to someone's house for family or holiday meal and got the runs.
  15. Kind of surprised you had so many leaks. Maybe it's the overnight version that has issues. I rarely have leaks during initial wetting with xl maximum (they don't make xl in overnight). If you check other reviews, they are many that are five stars. I don't get chaffing and they run cooler than all the other brands.