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  1. Amazon Solimo overnight xl have nice amount of padding up front and contoured thin between the legs. They are the only ones that don't put pressure down there and make things hurt. THey don't have leak guards though.
  2. The only time I wear Calvin briefs, which are incredibly soft, through TSA and going to work (now working from home). Mostly wear just shorts at home.
  3. 2sail2

    Pull ups

    I can't fit into kid pull ups, but wear adult ones a lot. I wear Amazon branded Solimo, GoSupreme, and Always (very softest), plus try anything and everything.
  4. May be try training pants or pull ups for those times you aren't wearing?
  5. Four men went on a sailboat for a six hour tour (inflation right). The boat was bathroom limited, err, there was nothing in it. One man was in trouble for going to the bathroom before getting on the boat and being late. One man brought what he called his portable toilet, but the others did not know he had it. One man didn't have anything. One man had Northshore GoSupreme in his bag. He thought he should of put it on when he was in his car before leaving the dock, as his bladder was feeling like it should be relieved. But said "No, I've done this before and can handle a
  6. They like to hide the one star reviews and put out front all their five star and as seen on all the tv networks endorsements (what's that all about?). I still had some leftover and put it on backwards. IT was actually a better fit. I haven't had any leaks.
  7. Northshore GoSupreme pull ups are very good. I get about 6 hours out of one.
  8. Yes, we have laws. I've done it once all ready when I had to have another tree taken down that the trunk split near it. The acorns put divets in my car. Granted it's only a few divets over last twenty years.
  9. Back in April, we couldn't buy the cheap napkins. We ended up buying the fancy holiday napkins.
  10. Amazon Solimo overnight pull up and Northshore Go underwear (overnight is too bulky for daytime).
  11. Neighbors that don't care of there trees that drop branches on your yard, roof and car.
  12. About an hour after drinking coffeeeeee. After washing dishes in hot water. Stooping down then standing up, getting into my car ( which is on a hill).
  13. 2sail2

    where is this?

    I'm looking for the thong underneath the plastic pant.
  14. Thanks for the photos. The other day I put on a Because backwards (the L was in front) by accident (?) and it actually felt better. It had more room in front. The front legs felt a little weird, but the back seemed ok and was quite trim.
  15. Interesting, can you post some photos of them?
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