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  1. Probably was cloth, I don't remember being soo hot as I do today in disposables. Granted, I was in a northern climate, so it never got hot (and we hadn't wrecked the environment yet).
  2. It's good to keep getting this information out there. Though the wall is still very high and I think 90% of the population will still think we're weird. It doesn't seem like a popular site: 0 comments and 0 shares.
  3. I am supposed to go sailing tomorrow on a lake with a couple of people. I was wondering how to deal with it since there's a possibility of getting wet and/or swimming. The boat has a cubbie cabin, though no toilet (or maybe it's just a bucket). On top of it, I'm not sure if there's toilet near the docks. grrr...
  4. Cool! I love your tartan pajamas. At home, I live in my tartan pj's all year and a pullup plus fuzzy socks.
  5. The breathability helps with bed sores?
  6. Regarding chaffing, I tried wearing underwear over the XL today. It seems better as it pushes my thighs away from each other to stop the rubbing. The underwear is a bit on the small side. I did walk .80 mile on a treadmill, so it seems ok this way.
  7. amazon branded solimo pull ups do have a pad that comes up pretty high in back and front. I recommend XL for that purpose, but chaffing is a bit of an issue. Interesting...the bambino pull ups are out of stock.
  8. My wife likes the aircon on at home, but I don't--get cold too easily. I bow to her. So, it's comfortable wearing until we get outside (which then I can warm up).
  9. At first I kept maxi pads between boards in the top bunk bed. One day my parents decided they wanted to break them up. I think I was in fourth grade. My mom found them and said I don't need them. I also had some plastic pants that were in my closet, but they were put there for storage. I wore them quite often. No one said anything about it. In college, I had an army trunk with a combination lock on it. I kept green plastic Depend undergarments and diapers in there away from my roommate. When I moved back home, I still used the army trunk. She came in my room several times, but never noticed it was locked. One day my mom gave me a pad of paper kind of shaped like a maxi pad, but more square. She said something to the effect of not using it for a pad because of the staples. Today, I keep pull ups and whatever else comes along under my bed and in a night stand. I'd like to leave some in the bathroom, but just not enough room. Humidity may be a factor too.
  10. Rusty Pins, and another item that doesn't look like good is the hair on men! on top of it, I don't think kid pull ups are as absorbent as the adult ones? Why would you risk a leak? Why not get the proper size / age version?
  11. Those that wear pull ups, what is your typical day like? Do you go to the bathroom before leave the house? How often do you change? Do you wear overnight or just enough for one wetting? Do you carry extra with you? For me, I will use the bathroom whenever possible. Sometimes when out, usually just at the mall,l I may wet, but 99% of the time I get to a bathroom. I will go out of my way to get to one in a department store, though Sears is pretty nasty old. The public ones can be rough. A couple of times I was in the grocery store and had to use their bathroom in the storeroom. What a mistake, glad I was a guy and could stand up. After that I just started using my pull up. A couple times when we were traveling overseas, I really had to go and couldn't find or determine which pub to go into. I told my wife I really had to go and she kind of ignored me. We were in a throbbing mass of people, so maybe she didn't hear me. I was able to hold it for quite some time. I think we got back to the hotel at least. I also had on a pull up that could barely hold anything and worried it would stink up the subway car. I don't think overnight absorbency would of been enough for that event. I don't wear that brand / model anymore. I don't carry any extra with me. Though I considered some sort of pad as a quick change option. Pull ups give me a good sense of security. I just wish I could get to the point where maybe I could wear more at work. We've had plumbing issues almost every year--and you never know what time it's going to happen. Because of that I try to make sure my bladder is always comfortable and never full--in case of I do have to hold for extended period. A couple of times, we were told to leave and work from home if possible (and yet some people just started leaving without permission it seemed). The other thing is my work is freezing, so I really don't need much water--it seems like I look at water and it wants to run down my legs within minutes.There's also been times where we had to evacuate the building due to power, fire (someone left a microwave unattended) and new construction issues.
  12. I see quite a few photos of young ladies in kid size pull ups. Why aren't they in regular sized pull ups? Do they think when they're buying, oh it's for my baby sitting job and not for me if they need an excuse?
  13. Can you give link to the specific model of Tena Pants? Years ago, I found them pretty stiff and uncomfortable. My legs (inner thigh) have become somewhat flabby from not working out as much due to some knee pain.
  14. Are smaller / trimmer / thinner pull ups better at preventing chaffing between the legs? Do you have any recommendations?