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  1. Well, the other thing is the outerwear. I saw someone who had sweatpants on. In the back there was a panel instead of the seam down the middle. The panel made it look extra wide and the whole thing moved with their butt. It was not a thick diaper on, but must of been some sort of pull up or a maybe even a Tena day pad.
  2. I forgot to mention they stopped putting on the vine leaves print on them. So they are just white. I did buy some Large as XL was just too loose. L are a little tight, I might try to cut the sides a bit to loosen them up. They seem more comfortable to wear all day than the XL. Overall absorbency seems to have decreased as I started to get a leak recently after two wettings that I used to not get. They grabbed the market and now they have cheapened them.
  3. Why do you men like Tena? I found they didn't have enough padding up front and just fit weird.
  4. Have you changed your diet or drinking habits? Do you drink coffee or caffeine?
  5. TSA

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-03/u-s-airport-pat-downs-are-about-to-get-more-invasive How do you deal with a pat down if your wearing some form of protection?
  6. As I get older, I've gone from pointing sideways/up to straight ahead and sometimes down. Unfortunately, the few times I peed in public, I got a rise.
  7. Better call building and fire inspector.
  8. I haven't tried many, but Tranquility ATN are good.
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-sussex-39089667 And from a few years ago there is a cable car from NY to one of the islands west of Manhattan in which people were stuck for hours.
  10. I saw on tumblr a disposable sheep printed diaper. The sheep were puffy white and had black legs. It had a grayish background, anyone know where I could find them?
  11. Be ready for anyone at anytime to drop in unexpectedly.
  12. That's a "droopy diaper".
  13. So, I've been buying XL pretty consistently. In the latest batch, the XL have extended the flower design across the front of the waist band. The stretchy material different--seems softer and more stretch (less tight). The pad area seems to have a bit more room, though it does not come up high at all. A while ago, they changed from interior purple plastic leg gathers to cloth. The plastic became very scratchy and did not breath as well.
  14. I wonder if renter's insurance might be able to help?
  15. I like reading reviews of products. Anyone else?