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  1. Always Discreet

    Yes, I have tried them. They don't come in XL, but they claim to fit to 50" waist. The size L is essentially the L in the standard product. So, if you really need XL, don't get these. It seems like same product, just with the design. The pad has some blue coloring in it, while the other is all white.
  2. getting older

    Updated profile, now 50. O my back, a few years ago I had a compressed disk or something. Tingling in right toe and leg, talk about disconcerting. Doctor gave me muscle relaxants and something else. I think during that time, my continence was the best it was ever. I've had a couple pulled muscles in middle of back since then. I found the best thing was to keep my daily exercise of walking almost a mile a day on the treadmill. It's amazing how much we use our back to walk and balance.
  3. What do you wear most often?

    SAturday mornings I usually wear something that is more absorbent than a pull up, like a Tena Flex Maxi, Tranquility ATN. I usually don't wear these outside of house. During weekdays and outside of house, I wear underwear like TRanquility overnight underwear or Always discreet. Some weekday mornings I try to use a stuffer like Depend or Tena guard before I shower if I think it's going to be a light morning.
  4. Is it me or?

    On Saturday mornings I catch up from the week. I spend at least an hour and sometimes have to stop looking and uhm sometimes jerking off. Eventually, I realize time is slipping by and say I gotta stop and start doing weekend chores.
  5. getting older

    Getting older sucks, I've been backed up, yet went #2 three or was it four times the other day. Consequently, sometimes when I move my stomach and/or hip/bowel region, I leak some. A couple times it was involuntarily where I had been sitting for about a minute and then just squirted. I wasn't wearing any protection as I was on a plane. That was the worst, after going #2, I felt like I had to go again a few minutes after sitting down. I feel for the people on the plane.
  6. Kind of interesting, I know several people who are getting older and their parents need them now. They used to joke pretty good about them, but the joking has become less and more serious discussion about them such as trying to find some good quality ones that absorb enough at night in bed.
  7. Pizza

    Pizza restaurants are probably the most crowded restaurant. It's good and cheap. Some sauces are spicier than others, which keeps people coming back!
  8. Wouldn

  9. A good pull up

    Northshore has two pull ups that are very good. They are comparable to ABenas.
  10. Are you loyal?

    I jump around as none of them are perfect, so always in search of...no chaffing, less sweat, super absorbent and comfortable to wear all day. The closest I found are Always Discreet (the need more padding or better support in the rear to prevent wedgies), either that or a size between L and XL.
  11. Dl

    Was just at Sands, Steel STacks Museum and ArtsQuest. Very cool place to visit.
  12. Stressed w/o diapers?

    When discussing the issue, maybe you can mention originally that she was somewhat ok with it originally and now has changed her mind. And explain the shingles thing and see if she can try to understand why you like to wear.
  13. Upswing indesire

    I wear pull ups all the time, but sometimes you need a special treat. On the weekends I wear thicker pull ups, but lately diapers. It helps with stress.
  14. Does the commercial about I think it's a tena lady who can't get to the bathroom (specifically where she can't find the keys to get into her house) in time cater to these people? Who is "we"?
  15. Diapers

    I grew up in cloth diapers, but when in elementary always wondered why my mom used maxi pads. I found that I got rock hard with them near my skin. I kind of wondered why my dad did not use anything. I had some frilly snap on plastic pants that wore without a diaper. I wanted to try the maxi in there, but it was just too tight. So, I just used maxi and kept between my mattresses. One day my parents moved my bed and my mom found them. She said I did not need them and took them away. Sometime afte college she gave me a notepad that had staples in it. She said to not use it as a pad (maxi implied) because of the staples. So she must of known that I was into diapers.