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  1. still trying come terms to say diapers in front of my wife, so it's Depends and Always.
  2. Here's some more information on dividends, watch for taxes too! http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/010815/are-dividends-best-way-make-money-retirement.asp
  3. State pensions are under the gun..my wife has to contribute more and more every year. She will get something like average of her last three years salary divided by 50%. So, she's looking at 50% of her income in retirement. I don't know what healthcare will be, but those benefits are getting wittled down every year too. Sure we all want cushy retirement, but we cannot balance it on the taxpayers. Look at some cops retiring at 50 and full pay.
  4. If you have a 401(k) at work at least put in as much as your company matches. I would recommend doing 20% or better of your pay. I've done 10%, but just about every year I increased it--whenever I got a raise, now I am maxing it out and also doing the extra $5,500 for those 50 and older. If you still have money, look at some ETFs. A dumb and easy one is SPY. It's up like 15% this year. RSP is another one, but more volatile. I am a member of American Association of Individual Investors, www.aaii.com. It is probably the best $29 a year you can spend. They have some other services, but of course you have to pay for those. The key is to look at their stock screens (one of their services gives you the data monthly), including their own, which is up some ridiculous number 300% or more this year.
  5. I can get a full wetting out of it, but after that it's done. When I start to feel a bulge near the testicles then it's time to change. Only wish they had some leak guards. I had a bad fart one time and it was a major mess as there is nothing in the rear.
  6. Good points. I've been to Key West... Though the last couple of weeks, it's been pretty hot I used to live where it was very hot, so it didn't bother me too much.
  7. <Rant mode on> My wife takes about 2.5 hours to get ready on weekends. She's a sleep in type person, I am up early. We don't leave the house until 11:00 a.m. typically. grrrr <rant mode off> Sometimes she does some cleaning before leaving. At least on vacation she knows she has to get up and go, so she takes just over an hour--trying to "hurry" as she says.
  8. thinking about moving some place outside the US. So, I'd be curious to know if it's possible to get pull ups. Specifically thinking of Mexico or the Carribean. Wait, my wife probably won't move south of the Mason-Dixon line, so ...maybe Pennsylvania or at a bare minimum outside of NJ, where the property taxes are too damm high.
  9. Sounds very nice, thank you for the information. I will have to try some day.
  10. I fly once a year and am scared shitless. In the past, I put in my carry on undergarment or pull up (one of the other and just one), which I changed into after going through. I stopped using undergarments and now just use pull ups. Never had a problem. Granted I think last time, I was waived into tsa precheck line.
  11. The last time I jerked off in one with lotion (yesterday). The last time my wife grabbed me there and massaged it through a pull up (a month ago).
  12. I received some sample Air Premiums and they are very nice and soft on the skin. They aren't very absorbent, but it lasted just about two wettings. I hope to buy them in the future. Thank you.
  13. I'd be using large size pads. I imagine that they are primarily for maternity. I'd also use maxi pads.
  14. Does anyone have any modifications they do for pull ups? My top mods are: 1) turn waist band down 2) sometimes pull the back lower portion of the leg down to undo the wedgy that is occurring. 3) sometimes I add a booster or male guard (I Usually don't put holes in them) 4) Rip side seems if they are too tight
  15. ATN and drinking tons much due to a cold.