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  1. I purchased XL day time use and they are pretty good for me. I'll eventually get the XL in night time. The one thing is the left side covers (over the top) the pad and sort of pulls on the pad, while the right side seems to be more inside the pad and next to the leg. With the left side covering the pad, it is not next to the leg and somewhat loose, which you may get a leak. I haven't yet.
  2. Sometimes, I will have one pull up left for a year that I know I will never buy again. Because of amazon bulk selling, I have 50+ of their brand pull ups from XL to L to day and night time. I found the XL a better fit, L was too tight.
  3. I used to always look at the photos here, but I couldn't find the ability to show recent anymore. Now, when I search for those tags at the bottom for all the different variations for pull on, I get results, but when I click an image it's a different image and/or there's an error the image doesn't exist. Also, the image is the same one every time.
  4. Yes, I look at tumblr and here, there are just a few here and there. I actually had slightly better success with bing.com, but quite a few under 13 were showing up, ugh. Will have to get a logon for pinterest as they tease with one image then when you scroll it pops up a logon. Have to turn over quite a few rocks to find one or two.
  5. I'm looking for specific photos of women wearing pull up underwear. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. I wear light colored cargo pants while on vacation. The material is parachute consistency, so it's very thin and light weight so it washes and dries quickly while on vacation. Unfortunately, they are kind of small and tight, so you can see an outline of my pull up. It is almost white pants season, so those are pretty very revealing.
  7. Didn't pay my daddy's death benefit ira distribution taxes when the distribution occurred so owe taxes on that and had some stock sales from his personal account, which resulted in good gains. I owe and it hurts, ended up doing a 2019 ira distribution to help pay. In the past I was able to pay the taxes, but somehow this time, just couldn't (well saving would of been cut in half). We did get bumped into the higher tax level too since my wife is making a bit more money. And to think that I have that $600 extra biweekly I have deducted as well! Talk about working for Uncle Sam. My tax man put me on quarterly for 2019 too to help prevent this problem on 2019. I've been shaving cable, lawn care and stopped eating at Cheescake FActory. Imagine $45 for eggs for two of us (and some appetizer)! And trying Amazon Solimo underwear (very cheap and pretty good).
  8. I am trying the overnight ones and they are not bad as long as your kind of on the smallish side and point in down or be careful where you point. I have the large, but will probably try XL to see if that makes and different.
  9. GoSupreme, Always Discreet, new favorite is Amazon Solimo.
  10. Interesting, I've used them for a few years now too. ARe they that much thicker over the maximum version?
  11. 90% of the time I don't flush when it's yellow. Someone else sleeps on other side of the wall, which is right next to the toilet, so they maybe get woken up by the flush.
  12. That is awesome! Do you have some rum somewhere?
  13. Sorry to hear of that... My mom also had issues doing #2 for quite a few weeks and eventually wore Depend pull ups as well.
  14. The few occasions that they were discrete, people ignored them. Which lends credence to the theory that 99% of the population does not notice anyone is wearing something extra.