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  1. 2sail2

    using 24 hrs

    The few occasions that they were discrete, people ignored them. Which lends credence to the theory that 99% of the population does not notice anyone is wearing something extra.
  2. I was some place where the floor was shaking tremendously--my bladder was vibrating very badly and I had to go.
  3. 2sail2

    family members

    My mom recommended to my wife to use any pad as it helped keep the underwear fresher. She did that for a few years, but seems to have stopped. I do see how the underwear are more stained now that she doesn't use them anymore. She still has some in the bathroom drawers and in her closet.
  4. 2sail2

    family members

    I just noticed an older aunt who is wearing. Do you have family that is wearing?
  5. 2sail2

    early bedtime

    FAlling asleep between 2000 and 2030. Awake sometimes from an hour after midnight. Head can't stop thinking about what I need to do that day. Finally gettting up around 0545.
  6. 2sail2

    Your bear may be possessed...

    Robert the Doll anyone?
  7. 2sail2

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    I think that 1050 graphics card is going to be weak for games. If you can get 1070 or 1080. 1070 have come down in price.
  8. 2sail2

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    We also have a very cheap AMD quad core 3.2 ghz laptop, which I upgraded from 5400 rpm hard drive to an SSD. The AMD cpu is very weak in that laptop. I ended up giving it to my wife for home use as her Acer couldn't get past the second Windows 10 update (and Acer stopped supporting it). When we travel I take that for work instead of my work laptop. It ran Linux fine, but I decided to give it away without the hard drive as it was a 1 TB 7200 rpm one. It replaced a hard disk that had 30,000 hours in my DVR computer. The DVR computer is an i7-920 with nvidia 560 (ti I think?). The laptop has PlayOn on it, so when we're in hotels I can connect to the tv if there's an HDMI connection. Granted PlayOn only records in 720, so it's not clear as it could be.
  9. 2sail2

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    i7-4790k on asrock z97, EVGA 1070, two 500 gig SSDs and 1 terabyte spinning RUST. Ooodles of flight sim hardware: yoke, buttons, switches and throttles o my.
  10. 2sail2

    She knows!

    What belted shield do you where?
  11. 2sail2

    tumblr likes

    Somehow, I came across a web site that showed all my tumblr likes. it was like grillr.com or something, now I cannot seem to find it. Anyone know? This works, but it's grillr made them in tiled layout https://www.tumblr.com/likes/page/xxhttps://www.tumblr.com/likes/page/xx OF course, found it https://gridllr.com
  12. The December 31st CBS Evening News opener right at first few seconds, had some guy exclaiming that he had a diaper on.
  13. Yes, they are very strict about who uses bathrooms. I was recently in a restaurant and someone came in and started to go right for the bathroom. The maitre'd queried them and they didn't say anything. The matre'd, told them flat out to leave.
  14. 2sail2


    My continence is very good, but wondering if it should or could be improved. I eat dinner around 5:30 p.m. and go to sleep at 8:30 pm. Then I wake up at midnight for the bathroom and then around 3 ish. Dinner is usually kind of big since I only eat a half sandwich at lunch. Today for whatever reason, I seem to have more urgency, so I tried to ignore it for 10 minutes, which was successful, then went at 10:30am. Also, after lunch I started getting urges but I was able to ignore for 30 minutes. I was wondering if it's ok to try to leak during kegel exercises or maybe even during the urgency episodes? I just realized maybe why I more urgency today, I was awake quite a bit last night, so every time I before I got in bed I went to the bathroom.
  15. I know most people don't wear pull ups because they are not absorbent enough and use a diaper instead. There are some pull ups that are pretty darn close. But what is second or third reason? I wear pull ups nearly all the time because they are so much cooler. The one thing I don't like is the overall comfort like getting a wedgy (well ok I wear Always), leg gathers and padding, maybe even stiffness.