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  1. Favorite diapers?

    I was really turned off actually by the green Depends,in the 90s, not to mention they were incredibly hot. So, I wore their undergarments instead. AS underwear were being pushed and they eventually retired undergarments, I went to the underwear. Underwear seemed just as hot as a diaper to me. I did wear ATtends plastic back undergarments and other brands as well. Now we have more breathable diapers and are pretty good. I use Always Discreet and Tena Flex Maxi now. The sides are open so there's a lot of airflow. Their fine during the day thanks to gravity, but I wouldn't dare try to use in bed. I used all the other brands Abena, Tranquility, Attends pullups. I took them all on walking vacations and got wicked chaffing from them. Always never does that. If it's a light morning, I will just use a male pad as a stuffer so I can save a bit of money.
  2. Always new discreet bouique brief

    The padding is not very far up at all. The first pad is pretty thin. About two or three inches down from the top of the initial padding is the second thicker padding. So, it's best to point straight ahead or down in them so the main pad can absorb.
  3. Always new discreet bouique brief

    How does sizing run compared to the others? I have to use XL as L is just a bit too small.
  4. men's vs woman's pull- ups sizing

    The men's pull ups are pretty stretchy, but I would not try to push them as they do tear easily. So, it is probably better to get one size larger if your in between.
  5. Molicare Brand

    That's the problem, it seems like a lot of manufacturers are in between changing their products so you don't know what your ordering and even what your going to get. I ordered something on amazon and it was the new style even though the old style image was posted. All I can say is the manufacturer has a web site https://hartmann.info/en-AU/our-products/Continence/All-in-One/Moderate-Incontinence/MoliCare-Premium-Slip#products I thought I saw some green maybe belted Molicare in a tumblr photo that I was interested in, but cannot seem to find.
  6. Linux Zorin 12.0

    Sounds like you need James Bond's help on that HD.
  7. Diapers > PC parts

    Wow, those are some top performers!
  8. Water out, get out the diapers

    Good excuse!
  9. Urine acidity and urgency?

    Indian food like tikka masala makes me go more often as well as coffee which is high in acidity. I notice I go more often when having rice, which is loaded with water.
  10. dental implant advice?

    Painful and big bucks, $5,000 Brush your teeth and floss after every meal (even snacks). Once I had a dentist say chew gum as the rubber collects the food stuck on and between your teeth. Drink water to flush out the acidity/sugars which will eat at them.
  11. Has anyone ever tried feedback report? https://www.tsa.gov/contact-center/form/complaints
  12. A good pull up

    A Not for men specifically, but they fit ok. I have to sue the XL size. L is a bit too tight. In a lot of the reviews, men wear them and like them. They are a lot softer than anything I've tried and not stiff. GS are very good and pretty bulky. I'd compare them to a regular diaper and can practically wear it through two plus wettings.
  13. Love thrift stores

    I believe I Was busying Attends in a box from drug stores in late 80s, so this must of been after the box version.
  14. a mom

    This one was good afterwards..
  15. Wore My First Diaper To School

    I wish I wore after I had an accident in Kindergarten one day after lunch. I wonder if I would of done much better in school without having to have my bladder constantly say I have to go to the bathroom all the time.