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  1. I have re-read the sentence and it makes sense now. Don't drink several hours (?) before flight.
  2. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/204789/20170413/there-will-be-no-bathroom-breaks-when-you-take-the-blue-origin-space-trip.htm What does "You could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder" mean?
  3. I am noticing that the padding in the front starts to separate about 2" from the top and then fall down lower. Anyone else experience that?
  4. Trying to figure out if we have a turducken for wearing several protection items? booster pad diaper pull up boodiaup?
  5. You got a bad case of diarrhea or have a uti and thought it best to wear a diaper.
  6. You don't mention what country your in. Tranquility Overnight and Abena are very good. Always pull ups used to be good, but you might want to try them anyway. If you need to, you can add a booster pad, which can be removed if your near a bathroom and put in a new one to extend the life of the pull up and also makes for easy changes. Though, you may want to consider going to a straight diaper if it's that much absorbency you need.
  7. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-hospitals-should-treat-you-like-a-child-2017-03-28 It's stressful enough going to them, so why not? I'd like to see murals of palm treees, water and beach.
  8. That's nice, my wife too buys whatever I need or if it's on sale at drug stores. Early on, she gave me maxi pads, which made me too excited that I was going to have sex or something. Usually a quick jerk fixed the problem--she kind of knows the issue and helps sometimes. Maxi pads don't work well as the wetness reflects back--you can feel the wetness, so it doesn't work for urine. Usually I order online, What diapers do you wear?
  9. If you have access to maxi pads try them. If you have wipes, pour some more water on them and put it in your pants, a lot more hygenic than using tp with pee as the urine smell will be very strong.
  10. I believe "like" comes from the Valley Girl movie in the 80s. I really hate "With that being said"
  11. Well, the other thing is the outerwear. I saw someone who had sweatpants on. In the back there was a panel instead of the seam down the middle. The panel made it look extra wide and the whole thing moved with their butt. It was not a thick diaper on, but must of been some sort of pull up or a maybe even a Tena day pad.
  12. I forgot to mention they stopped putting on the vine leaves print on them. So they are just white. I did buy some Large as XL was just too loose. L are a little tight, I might try to cut the sides a bit to loosen them up. They seem more comfortable to wear all day than the XL. Overall absorbency seems to have decreased as I started to get a leak recently after two wettings that I used to not get. They grabbed the market and now they have cheapened them.
  13. Why do you men like Tena? I found they didn't have enough padding up front and just fit weird.
  14. Have you changed your diet or drinking habits? Do you drink coffee or caffeine?
  15. TSA

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-03/u-s-airport-pat-downs-are-about-to-get-more-invasive How do you deal with a pat down if your wearing some form of protection?