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  1. 2sail2

    Female Country Duo takes to wearing diapers

    I'd like to see or know what they change into when they are go off stage. Do they remove the diaper and put on underwear?
  2. 2sail2

    So Italy...

    What's awful is being on a subway and it just stops due to some issue and your far from a bathroom. Nervousness and anxiety increase by 1 billion percent.
  3. 2sail2

    What diapers do you wear?

    Pull ups: Always and whenever something new to me appears on the market. Right now Seni pull up.
  4. I prefer pull ups so I Wear them outside, except to work. Sometimes I wish I had something while driving, I get some stress incontinence sometimes after getting in the car.
  5. 2sail2

    Seni Active Super Plus Pull-up Review

    These have a strange fit on me. The padding is kind of thick and wide in the front and middle. Consequently, it gives me a bit of chaffing action. When it did start to chaff, I was able to squeeze it and reduce the thickness (it had a couple wettings in it), such that the thickness went up and down as opposed to width wise. This seemed to help. It doesn't come up very high in the tummy or back. With them being thick, I do feel my bottom when sitting on a hard chair. Yes, they are very absorbent and can last quite a few hours.
  6. Congrats, good luck and keep your chin up!
  7. 2sail2

    Small accidents

    I too have urges at times and use pull ups for security. It sounds like you don't wear any protection, maybe you could try a pad? If you don't like them, maybe a pull up, whether Depend or Always (highly recommended). Some drug stores and even grocery stores sometimes have a display with samples with different sizes. If not, the various web sites might offer samples or you can purchase samples very inexpensively.
  8. 2sail2

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Diapers to me are too hot, thick (chaffing) and just don't stay up as well as pull ups. Diapers also fall apart inside. Pull ups do have the same issues, but they seem to be less to me, but as we know the big draw back is absorbency and how long they last. I can wear one from just after my shower to lunch time without needing a change. A diaper would last longer, but do not want to be wet that long (or least a wipe in the various areas).
  9. 2sail2

    The end of Disposables?

    G-Diapers bio-degrade. I think there is one other brand that does as well.
  10. 2sail2

    Manhattan public toilets

    o geez, how could I forget PABT. I fear for my life in there.
  11. 2sail2

    Random Thread

    I think I fell for a recent snake oil ad for some car wax. Though everyone claims it's great.
  12. The few times I go into "THE CITY" (New York City), I always wear something. We were going into a restaurant and some guy was getting booted out for trying to use the bathroom. OF course across the street was some sort of small cafe he could of got a bottle of water from. The Schnippers restaurant across from Port Authority Bus terminal is interesting where you get a code on your receipt to unlock the bathroom. The place is kind of busy so you might be able to just slide in as someone is coming out of it. One time the door seemed stuck open a bit.
  13. 2sail2

    oo the images

    This is second time I've seen this. First time I was at a department store and saw a young guy with shorts on and a bag strapped to his calf. It was obviously half way or less filled with urine. Ugh. Just recently, I saw an older man sitting with long shorts on and his bag on his thigh was coming out of his shorts. It seemed like he might of been trying to hide it, but his shorts were a little tight and just did not cover it. He was with two grand daughters I presume. I've seen various people of all ages with pads, pull ups and diapers showing in one form or other, but this takes it. I don't mind seeing diapers, pads, or pull ups, but when I see body fluids, it grosses me out.
  14. 2sail2

    Wearing female boots pull ups

    I wear Always discreet underwear. They are very thin and don't rub, yet hold a lot. Always has some feminine design bow across the front. So that's the only concern. If they fit and are comfortable, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. 2sail2

    Always Discreet

    There is a new version out...can you guess? Inflation at work: thinner pad and thinner surround material. I have worn them from after showering through and just about to lunch time, then time to change. 2 cups of coffee and one tea.