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  1. Those are pretty down big at 8x 17". They all have same rating for absorption. Though when you click the product, you can see the package that has the absorption on them. That size I think is almost like the Tena green and yellow pads. Tena green are very thick and claim to be for overnight use.
  2. We say Depends. I started buying Always, so it's Always now.
  3. I've been wearing since my 20s. And before that I might usual a towel once in a great while. True just wearing is enough enjoyment. I cannot get comfortable wearing at night. My testicles get squeezed and you how know that feels. Though the few times I did wear and did manage to get the pullup/diaper to not squeeze me, it was a nice feeling to wake up to. Plastic pants are nice. I found them way too hot. Sometimes I loose the urge. Though some of the cum still comes out afterwards, so I do like wearing afterwards just to absorb the rest of the cum and maybe some urine too.
  4. Does anyone have any hints as to how to stop or reduce the cycle of looking at porn, wearing a diaper, wetting, jerking off and then removing the diaper? I just prefer mostly to wear, but often after I take a shower, put one on and sometimes watch porn, I jerk off and then I am done. I get a lot of pleasure from jerking off inside a pull up and letting my head hit the soft inside. I'd really just like to wear, but the jacking off would be every day if I had the opportunity.
  5. If you don't return, you can either get some boosters or donate to place like Goodwill. You could also cut out the waist band and use as booster inside diapers.
  6. We only have one bathroom on main level, so my wife hogs it from 0530 to 0630. I usually hear her alarm and get up around 6ish and have some joe and wet to my hearts desire. Also, I surf and watch morning news.
  7. Sorry, I did not keep it. The image that I uploaded is 1920x1080 so you should be able to see it pretty good.
  8. Is that an Abena pull up? I uploaded to gallery here, but I wasn't sure of the url, so I just copied it.
  9. From the album TV

    is that an Abena pull up?
  10. I have re-read the sentence and it makes sense now. Don't drink several hours (?) before flight.
  11. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/204789/20170413/there-will-be-no-bathroom-breaks-when-you-take-the-blue-origin-space-trip.htm What does "You could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder" mean?
  12. I am noticing that the padding in the front starts to separate about 2" from the top and then fall down lower. Anyone else experience that?
  13. Trying to figure out if we have a turducken for wearing several protection items? booster pad diaper pull up boodiaup?
  14. You got a bad case of diarrhea or have a uti and thought it best to wear a diaper.
  15. You don't mention what country your in. Tranquility Overnight and Abena are very good. Always pull ups used to be good, but you might want to try them anyway. If you need to, you can add a booster pad, which can be removed if your near a bathroom and put in a new one to extend the life of the pull up and also makes for easy changes. Though, you may want to consider going to a straight diaper if it's that much absorbency you need.