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  1. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    I used to keep my green plastic Depend undergarments in an Army trunk back in the 90's when I was in college and then with my parents. I used a masterlock combination on it.
  2. Diaper compost

    There are two brands that claim to be able to decompose: g-diapers and another one. I imagine you could use them as inserts. I don't know if they would move around, but would be interesting to know..
  3. maybe found out

    Yet another possibly found out. I was multi tasking with work laptop, home computer and on phone. On home computer, I had been looking at diaper ladies on tumblr. Wife walked in as she was leaving for store and I waved to her since I was on an important call. I had been minimizng tumblr, but did I minimize it for that one time??? She knows that I wear for night time.
  4. Punking Your Pullups?

    Check out Always line, the standard ones have a purple bow in the front as well as some vine print and their Boutique line have a flower print on the side of the waist.
  5. Absorbent Underwear?

    Some of the higher end pull ups like Abena, TRanquility, NorthShore (GoSupreme) and almost Always, can last six plus hours for me. They can be pretty thick though, except Always.
  6. Different diapers for different occasions?

    I I used to wear only certain ones at home, now I kind of don't care. It was mostly how thick and noticeable they were. Though I have Tena FLex Maxi that the velcro digs into your skin and scratches it, so I haven't tried those out of the house yet.
  7. I wear in the mornings as I claimed that I need them at night. She's ok with that, but one time I wore during the day and she asked me why. Excuse was it made me feel better to fill out my pants better. Sometimes in the morning I don't wear pants. I used to wear undergarments and one time I did a little dance, so she thought she was in a strip club and wanted to money in my money belt. She still is willing to put money in now my pull ups. She sees me change clothes and talks of putting money in. She's my ATM... I purposely try to make it obvious I am wearing, but she doesn't say much, other than when I am changing she wants to put money in. She's not very physical, no pats on the butt or anything. Maybe it's because I am not either?
  8. Always Discreet

    I don't know when you bought, but the smell has been reduced and is slightly different.
  9. Always Discreet

    I had a problem with itching, but that was early on with the plastic leg gathers. Now they are cloth. I liked the plastic as you could hear it. But I am glad it's cloth now as it's way more comfortable. I do notice they have reduced the odor that is emitted. Though, my wife commented it smells like soap, so maybe there is something there that irritates you.
  10. Doubling up

    Early in my marriage, my wife gave me medium thick maxi's to put in my undergarment. They really felt wet and not that great. They are just not designed for urine, more for blood.
  11. What is everyones diaper wish

    I wish I could see more of them (outlines) whether it's diapers or pads.
  12. I suspect that the urls that you share with others have your info (cookie) attached to them, so would they see what you see or combination thereof?
  13. Jeopardy!

    On the December 15th Episode, there was a category Double "U". The question was "What do toddlers wear?" Contestent: "Pull Ups" Trebek: something to the effect of "I wear them too." Audience: laughs
  14. travel tissues

    I had some travel tissues in my pocket the other day and noticed that when I squeezed them they made that great rustling noise.
  15. Pull-ups

    Check out Abena, TRanquility Overnight and now Northshore has very absorbent ones.