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  1. 2sail2

    Always Discreet

    There is a new version out...can you guess? Inflation at work: thinner pad and thinner surround material. I have worn them from after showering through and just about to lunch time, then time to change. 2 cups of coffee and one tea.
  2. 2sail2

    how frequent change

    I had one 16 or 18 oz of coffee and one 12 oz of orange juice / water mix. Turns out it actually became saturated and started leaking, so I ended up switching to a disposable pull up
  3. I just got a Rearz pocket diaper with the default pad, how many hours can I sit in it before I should change it?
  4. 2sail2

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    I forget where I was, but I was getting shaking up maybe on a mini bus ride. O, I remember, my body, including my bladder, was getting vibrated from something. I really felt like I had to go and couldn't do anything about it. Maybe it was even at a museum.
  5. 2sail2

    Egosan pull up

    I wore these one day after showering all the way to just after lunch without any issues. They would be great if they weren't just soo exepensive.
  6. 2sail2


    I've been doing this for years, but simple disposal trick for my pull ups: I wrap hip portions around the wet part, then as I put it in the trash can, I put the very bottom (outer side) of the wet part facing up (warm air rises and won't stink up the room as badly).
  7. 2sail2

    Product mixup

    Sometimes I look in the fridge for something that is in the microwave that just finished cooking.
  8. 2sail2

    Tranquility Elitecare

    They aren't comfortable at all. I felt like a cardboard box and not very absorbent.
  9. 2sail2

    product images

    Why are product images always drawings of some sort and not photos of the real thing? I feel like I am being deceived by them. They always look like the perfect diaper, pull up or pad.
  10. 2sail2

    What feels better?

    Dry and cool.
  11. 2sail2

    Diaper Masterbation

    I find the tip or hole where urine comes out is the most sensitive and pleasurable. If I that gets rubbed inside my diaper, it just works for me.
  12. 2sail2

    Egosan pull up

    I haven't had a leak yet (it lasted about three hours with two cups of coffee and some OJ), but it does have good absorption up the back part of the pull up.
  13. 2sail2

    Egosan pull up

    These look very similar to NorthSsore Go Supreme (GS),. Also, reviews are pretty good so I just had to get them. They were $26 for 14. The price per each is more than GS. They are similar to GS, but the padding is quite a bit less. Moreover, they are less bulky. The surround is similar stretchy mesh as GS. They are less stiff than GS. The inside padding does seem softer than GS. The fit feels also similar to GS. In the middle is some stitching like GS. The rear primarily is a little noticeable under clothing. They are comfortable to wear., but you do notice a light bulkiness when walking. GS you definitely feel the bulk when walking. I haven't tested to see when they start leaking. I suspect they are going to be similar absorbency to other brands, yet with a much higher price.
  14. A lot cities are getting viewing platforms like London Eye and Brighton 360, which don't have bathrooms while on them. I think I've read a couple times where they got stuck and couldn't move for a while. Make sure to have something on or go to the bathroom beforehand. I think even some of the queues can be long too depending on timing. So you may be stuck for at least hour or more not near a bathroom.
  15. 2sail2

    pulp price going up

    I was wondering how to "combat" this increase? Maybe buy a cheaper brand, but get a stuffer? Maybe buy cloth with a stuffer?