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  1. 2sail2


    It's on TV Land. There is a youtube channel of this series. Here they are... Second photo he is at recess and is relieving himself. Sorry can only upload 9 meg, last phot is him bending over drinking water and his shirt is tucked into pull up underwear. In first scene, he sits on his desk and you clearly hear the crinkle. While in the drinking water scene, he clearly has a much quieter pull up on.
  2. 2sail2

    used to do when younger

    Reminiscing: I used to like going to baseball and watching football games at home. Part of the problem is that I have not lived in one area of the country for more than 10 years to really like a team. The other issue is that I have become very turned off as everyone at works talks about football and it is nearly impossible to say anything. I feel like I could throw up, then the conversation switches to politics, OMG. Today, I find I don't have enough time for them. I guess I could try to look at highlights and follow scores on the phone, but kinda don't know where to start and if it would give some sort of satisfaction (what do you get out of sports?) Every time I try to watch something, I blink and miss the crucial play that everyone is talking about. I used to like riding my bike, but now streets have changed soo much I really don't want to end up in the woods or worse. I hike now instead.
  3. 2sail2


    In the latest episode #302 "All By Myselfie", the sub (who was the Principal) has a couple scenes wearing a diaper.
  4. 2sail2

    Solimo "Amazon brand" pull up

    I see a number of reviews that the cotton clumps up and becomes uncomfortable (and probably less useful).
  5. 2sail2

    Screw that

    ah, thanks, essentially a mini back-hoe. I did have a guy who was interested in doing it who has one of these, but he never gave me the quote.
  6. 2sail2

    Screw that

    hmm, can you describe what a trackhoe is or does? Could I use it to dig out around my foundation? I tried searching on their web site and don't see it.
  7. Has anyone tried these, they are "Amazon Brand"? Kind of sound similar absorbency as Depend pull up.
  8. 2sail2

    not soft

    I use XL in Always, they are definitely great.
  9. 2sail2

    not soft

    On the GoSupreme underwear, when it's wet it starts getting uncomfortable, it seems kind of stiff and almost itches or rather almost chaffs. What can I do?
  10. 2sail2

    thong jeans

    Why wear anything?
  11. 2sail2

    state park bathrooms

    In New Jersey at High Point, do not go into the bathroom at the monument. The stench is awful. There's natural sun light making it very bright, so the dirt is very obvious too. The others are probably just as bad but seem to have a bit better ventilation. Next time I am using what I have.
  12. 2sail2

    discreet or thin diapers

    Thanks, but I was hoping for some washable ideas.
  13. 2sail2

    discreet or thin diapers

    I bought one all in one diaper years ago and the thing was huge and unwieldly with huge velcro tabs. Chafing was awful. because the vinyl had small plastic dots on it, probably from the manufacturing process that scratched like 40 grit sand paper. Are there any thinner ones and you don't feel like you have to waddle around in?
  14. Watch out, big brother may be watching you soon in your back yard http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5634953/Bill-Gates-backs-1-billion-plan-cover-Earth-Big-Brother-satellites.html
  15. 2sail2

    Paraolympian wets herself

    I used to take Amtrak between NY and DC. If you want a seat you have to pay almost airfare prices. The local train was less and if you didn't want an assigned seat it was even less ($50ish). Note that you could be standing for 4.5 hours if you don't get an assigned seat. One time I paid $350 for Express and Assigned seat. Even then the seats were dirty and tired.