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    • Larry saw the girl stand up and then noticed the wetness on her bottom.  Yep, the little one was definitely peeing herself, and now, it seemed she was scared to move any further.  Maybe she was scared someone would notice and think bad of her, after all, even thirteen year old girls normally didn't wet on purpose, and would be very embarrassed by this. He took her hand and made her walk onto the bus anyway. "Kids, right?" smiled at the bus driver afraid she might be noticed anyway.  "She didn't have to go until we were halfway to the bus stop, so what are you going to do?" He put the money in, and then led her back and sat her down in a seat next to him. "Don't worry, sweetheart.  You're not the only little lady that has ever wet in public.  Accidents can happen sometimes." He got her seated on the bus, and he hugged her once he was seated. "Don't be scared, sweetie.  We both know you are too old to be doing this, but we also know you didn't have a lot of safe choices about where to go.  I'm sure the Walmart would not have let you go in the way you were, and I wouldn't want my teenage daughter pulling her pants down in the street, and not just because it's indecent, sweetheart." He rubbed her shoulders. "You're going to get a bath when we get home, but someone will be sitting in your seat, so try not to let any out until we get off the bus, if you can help it.  I can tell you still need to go, sweetheart." He hugged her again. When the bus finally pulled to the stop, he helped her stand up first felt her butt to see if she had gotten any wetter. "It's not really healthy for you to hold it this long," he whispered to her.  "So when we get a few feet from the bus, I'm going to give you  permission to wet your pants.  We have some clean ones for you anyway, and I'll wash your clothes, okay?" Then he picked her up and carried her, putting all the bags in her hands until he got her off the bus and a few feet into the darkness so no one else would see as he put her down. "You can go ahead and relax, and pee yourself or not, you have permission to just wet if you can't wait, honey." Then he started to walk her towards his door of the simple cheap motel.
    • Hopefully she doesn't wet the bed.  
    • She notice he verbage switch from young girl to baby, and as she sorted through all her emotions  and thoughts she realized that during her last few shifts some pee had slipped out and it was by no means just a spotting or two but also not everything she had in her as she clamped up her bladder as soon as she realized. as he moved her hand from her mouth she could feels tears swelling in her eyes and wiped her eyes with her free hand. at the moment she didn't feel like an adult at all maybe she was just a baby who needed to be taken care of. it certainly be better than being on the street like she was. but she pushed those thoughts aside  as she took another glance toward the street the bus was finally pulling up.  She popped up from her seat and steps forward hoping nothing was noticeable. as she stands within view of you thers a fresh dark triangle right on her butt. she starts fixing her hair hoping not to startle any passengers as she did this morning. but as the bus rolls to a stop sees the bus has no passengers. when the door opens as she steps she feels the pressure in her bladder returned and feels cemented to the spot she waits for Uncle Larry to make the next move
    • Great to hear you found a solution that works! When you wore the diaper on the plane did you leak? Or are you still retaining urine? When are you back to work? I've seen catheter underwear that hold your leg bag in a pouch and fasten your tubes in place to prevent movement which might help. I just had a fresh shipment of catheter supplies delivered, maybe I'll cath up for the weekend in solidarity 
    • Larry suddenly realized when she moved a bit, that she definitely smelled like she was starting to pee her pants.  That's what he thought, because that smell became a bit pronounced over her dirty smell as she sat there, wiggling out of nervousness.  He didn't know why she was just peeing her pants, and it was dark enough under the cover there, that he had not see it happening, and he had no reason to believe it happened before now, especially since it just now became noticeable, but he didn't want to make things worse for her by drawing attention to her peeing her pants before they could do anything about it, so he chose to try to ignore it and let her just wet herself. The poor baby girl couldn't be older than fourteen though.  He had never heard of a woman no matter what, over the age of high schooler, peeing herself, so she had to be a junior high school girl regardless of how deep he thought her voice was. "Well, you know how people really are, not by the way they treat their equals, but by the way they treat the people they think they are over," he told her.  I'm not sure if your school has taught you that, when you last attended class, but it's as true today as it was 100 years ago," he couldn't ignore the fact that she had peed her pants.  She had to be a child for sure.  He couldn't remember the last time or grade he had been in when he last heard someone peed, but that was definitely something a high school student doesn't do.  She was probably a seventh or an eighth grader at best.  That made it worse that she was stranded out here. "Baby, when we get you to the room, and after you are comfortable, we are going to have another talk that would not be appropriate right here, "he told her.  "Don't be scared, it's nothing about having you take your clothes off in front of me.  But I need to know who abandoned you out here at your age.  This isn't right." He a finger on her lips.  "But we'll talk about that in the room, baby.  I don't want to draw attention to your age right now or that you are alone.  That could cause harm to your safety, sweetheart." He moved his finger from her mouth.  "I mean it, baby.  I want to keep you safe at least while you are letting me take care of you."
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