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  1. Wearing for comfort

    I actually had that same dream within the last 18 months or so, I guess. I wasn't diapered, either. In fact, this happened toward the end of my most recent Not DL period. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't even tell my wife what I had done. I finally did, however. She was very gracious about it.
  2. First time wearing a diaper

    I discovered my DL side when I was 13. I also didn't know for decades that there was such a thing as adult diapers. I never thought until recently that any absorbent material could be folded into a make shift diaper. So actually a few weeks ago, I found a rather good sized piece of cotton flannel in my fabric remnant stash, cut it to size, and I had my first diaper. Took a test run yesterday using the kite fold. Works great. Now I have one diaper folded, hidden, and put away for future reference.
  3. How Does Pooping Feel To You

    Messing, in my case, briefs is a huge turn-on. I feel naughty. I feel like I have a secret and nobody knows. It's like breaking a rule and getting away with it, the perfect crime, or violating an ancient taboo. I'll stay in the moment for a while. There comes a time when I've had enough, and I empty out my briefs in the toilet, clean myself up, and then launder them.
  4. How do you feel about messing?

    How do I feel about messing? Fantastic! I don't really like mushing it around, but rather prefer to go about my business in a soiled pair of briefs. (I'll get around to real diapers when I can get to Target next.)
  5. Holding it in

    Used to do that when I was a kid. Mom thought I was constipated. Truth was, I just didn't like dealing with my own mess. I didn't know which was worse; the physical discomfort or the horrible stuff Mom made me drink to soften my stools. I finally gave it up as a losing battle.
  6. Another Diaper Fold Discovered

    I'll give that a try, sometime.
  7. I just discovered the kite fold today. Tried it out and I think it's a winner. Puts padding where a guy needs it, and feels substantial in the back end to support some pretty good messes. I think I'm going to add this one to my folds repertoire.
  8. A Poll For Married D Ls

    My wife doesn't know. Now that I think about it, I wonder how she'd react if she found out. I might have told her early on while we were still dating, had I not been in my non-participation phase then. (I didn't get back into it for almost ten years) That was long before the internet. Back then I didn't know there were others, and I certainly didn't know about adult sized diapers, where to get them, even what kind of fabric to use for home mades, where and how to acquire diaper liners, etc., etc. I was even scared to death to launder diapers at the laundromat. It sure is different nowadays. And for me, at least, better.
  9. Explain Your Screen Name

    Although my moniker is French, I am actually of largely Dutch ancestry. I just have a thing right now about picking up a bit of French. So le Hollandais translates to The Dutchman.
  10. Coming out

    When my wife and I were beginning to date, DL was pretty far off the radar. I have what I'd call DL episodes where I'll be into it for months, or a few days, and then forget all about it. Right now I'm into one of my episodes. I'm learning how to fold diapers, and how to make DIY diapers out of flour sack towels, bath towels, or large pieces of absorbent fabric. The last episode happened maybe 10 years ago. I have no idea how long this episode will last. I've never let on.
  11. Diapers

    I started as a teen, too. But I used only old, nearly worn-out briefs. I really had to work hard to hide the evidence, too. When it got too difficult to hide the soiled briefs, I'd throw them in the garbage and tell myself that I wouldn't do that again.
  12. Hi all!

    Greetings. And welcome.
  13. I was wondering if 100% cotton flannel could be used for a diaper. Reason I ask is because I seem to recall that flannel is difficult to clean, or can be so after long usage. Is that true?
  14. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    No, I don't get to wear a diaper as often as I'd like. I'm married, and my wife doesn't know. (Although I nearly got busted a time or two.) I feel a whole lot more comfortable keeping my secret. So the best thing to do is to wait for the times I have a week end all to myself. Maybe free week ends will happen a little more often since she's retiring in about a week.