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  1. le Hollandais

    Our Unique Lifestyle

    I don't think it's weird per sé. But on the other hand, it isn't for everyone, either. Different isn't synonymous with weird. And yes, when I discovered that I wasn't the only one, I felt quite a bit more secure, comforted even.
  2. le Hollandais

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    I've worn diapers only as far out of the house as my front porch. Even sat there and wet them, too. And I've worn them in the back yard while taking out the trash one evening. That's as far as I've gone.
  3. le Hollandais

    Double diapered

    I have tried it over night.
  4. le Hollandais

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    Now get off my lawn!
  5. le Hollandais

    Random Thread

    Something random.
  6. le Hollandais

    Where to buy cloth diapers

    Or, you could do the internet thing as described above, take a chance on XYZ Co. place a small order and just see by your own experience. You like it? Fine. Order up a dozen. You don't like it? Fine. You have another cleaning rag, which is always useful.
  7. le Hollandais

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    Or to quote Freud "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Right?
  8. le Hollandais

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

  9. le Hollandais

    I'm Beginning to Wonder...

    ...not that it makes any difference in the long run, but interesting to pursue a line of thought and see where it takes one. I've been reading a little on the ABDL lifestyle/fetish/thing. I always thought that I with certainty fit the DL side of things more than the AB side. Now I'm beginning to wonder. The case could be made, if you want to think in terms of Freudian psychology that I'm actually ABDL, to wit: wears diapers for their intended purpose(s) often smokes a pipe, thought by some to be an adult pacifier (it does impart a peaceful feeling) favorite chair is a rocker. One of my earliest childhood memories is being rocked by my dad early in the morning as he'd tell me stories about the "olden days." So here we have a portrait, one who wears diapers, in a rocking chair, smoking his pipe. I find this a bit humorous.
  10. About 9:30 this morning. Just got through cleaning up. Boy, it was a big one. Sagged my diaper pretty well. Relatively firm, so clean up wasn't such a big deal.
  11. le Hollandais

    Privates & Rugs

    Soap and water. But then, I only wear occasionally.
  12. le Hollandais

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Yeah, me too. Much, much more comfortable on a hot, sticky summer night, and much much warmer on those cold winter nights, too.
  13. le Hollandais

    Which is the best AB/DL disposable diaper for pooping?

    The selection I would have made isn't listed. And that would have been any flat fold diaper, even one made from a towel. As long as it fits, absorbency isn't of much concern, unless you really plan to wet the diaper, too. (And why wouldn't you wet an already messy diaper, or mess an already wet diaper?)
  14. le Hollandais

    3 days off work = 24/7

    I'm looking forward to some diaper time next week, myself. I like to sleep in a wet diaper, wake up next morning, pee in it again, and then mess in it.
  15. le Hollandais

    Messy diaper prep

    I don't do anything special. So no, not me.