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  1. How Do You Keep Your Diaper Snug?

    Ah duct tape....the handyman's secret weapon!
  2. How much guilt have you felt over your diaper life?

    Guilt, or shame? Well....I hid my DL side of me from myself for years and years. And about once every decade (really!) I'd give in.
  3. Favorites - what are they?

    Canadian bacon Mint chocolate chip Blazing Saddles The Red Green Show Tom Hanks Julia Roberts The Byrds Beer Anywhere in Oregon (US state) Tillamook A Wrinkle In Time Champlain's Dream by David Hackett Fischer Building muzzle loaders
  4. Diapered Senior

    Welcome. I too am a senior DL, although I only wear occasionally,
  5. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

    OK....that will do for me, too. I was going to say something else, but maybe would have raised some eyebrows....a good ol' Anglo-Saxon word. ;-)
  6. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Fair question. As I live with my wife, who doesn't know, and who only recently retired and is home much more than she used to be, I don't wear very often, it is true.
  7. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Oh, OK. Sorry. I didn't mean to push your buttons.
  8. Messing: Diapers vs. Underwear

    Me too.
  9. Question About Cotton Flannel

    Yeah, I tried flannel once. That's enough. I discovered that I didn't care for it. And you're right, it didn't take long to flood and leak. Flour Sack towels are pretty good, Even better if you use a doubler.
  10. Buying adult cloth diapers

    What about simply using a towel? Flour Sack towels make great diapers. You can double them if you want, and use an insert as needed. And they're cheap, cheap, cheap. I bought a package of 4 for $3.99 + sales tax. I found them at Target. I got the 30X30 inch size. Works great.
  11. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    For me it's more like what kind of mood I'm in, and how much time do I have.
  12. What's your favorite weather?

    Proper weather according to season: Winter, cold with snow Spring, ....well, it's spring; some rain, maybe a few days of 70° F and sunny Summer....80-85 and sunny, low humidity preferred Fall....crisp, with the threat of frost over night, days sunny 60-75°, or foggy in the morning, clearing and sunny by mid-afternoon.
  13. Hair, Down 'there'

    I tried shaving once upon a time. I decided it wasn't worth it for two reasons: It itched as it started to grow out, just like a new beard would, and thus would require more shaving. My wife asked why I shaved. So I told her the truth....part of it anyway....that I thought it would be easier to keep clean. She accepted that without comment.
  14. When Did It All Start?

    I feel like I've answered this question sufficiently in other threads.
  15. When and how you discovered you're a diaper lover

    I was 13, and it was after a great, soaking water fight between my brother, myself and some of our friends on a hot summer day.