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  1. le Hollandais

    Age Group

    I've been here since Sept. 2017. If you count the time I was just lurking, then it's probably since June or July, '17.
  2. le Hollandais

    family members

    I think my elderly mother probably does. She's had a minor stroke, I suspect, which has brought on mobility issues.
  3. le Hollandais

    Clothing you wear

    My preferred attire around home is a T shirt and sweat pants, what I think are called track suit bottoms in the UK, during cooler months, and athletic shorts during the summer. Both have elastic waist bands, and drawstings making adjustments easy. It's really nice just to hang out at home in a diaper and PULs, which is rather like hanging out in your underwear.
  4. le Hollandais

    Underware between you and the Diaper?

    I did that once just to see what it would be like. And I was underwhelmed. So I just make sure my diaper is pinned on pretty snugly and let it go at that.
  5. le Hollandais

    What do you guys have?

    It's good to see another DIY DL on the forum. 👍
  6. le Hollandais

    Pre-stretching diapers.

    Wow....there's more to this lifestyle than I ever imagined. It seems I have a lot to learn. That's good.
  7. le Hollandais

    That feeling when...

    I rather view my DL side as a passed time like fishing or hiking. The whole binge/purge analogy really doesn't make much sense to me, as I associate that with eating disorders, not wearing alternative underwear, shall I say. In other words, some days I feel like wearing a diaper, other days, not.
  8. le Hollandais

    If you could design the perfect diaper......

    I'd start with some very absorbent square of cloth, large enough to fold in many different ways, and thick enough to last 6 to 8 hours between changes. Secure with safety pins, cover with PUL pants, and that's about it. Pretty simple. And I think it's out there already.
  9. le Hollandais

    What do you guys have?

    Home made from Flour Sack towels and Zorb II soaker panels here. Uh...don't let the word towel fool you. These are almost like gauze diapers.
  10. I've usually messed my diaper in the morning. I don't think I've ever stayed in a messy diaper for more than an hour, after which I had to take a bath. That was OK. No one was at home, and I had all day to myself.
  11. le Hollandais

    Does anyone use wipes?

    When I'm wet, I just change diapers. If I'm messy, I use toilet paper, and then soap and water. I don't usually stay in a messy diaper too long,
  12. le Hollandais

    How long...

    I generally don't stay in a messy diaper very long...30 minutes probably is the longest. That's long enough to enjoy it, and short enough that clean up isn't too much of a chore.
  13. le Hollandais

    Do diapers give you a feeling of sadation

    For me, it's almost like the after effects of a long session in a sauna...totally relaxed, no worries, no cares, and a nice, warm feeling.
  14. le Hollandais

    I gonna have my first night in diapers

    Yeah, that sounds about like my experience....minus the beer.
  15. About 3:00 PM today. I decided to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon diapered up. Thoroughly soaked my diaper, and thought I wasn't finished. Laid a nice firm mess, washed the dishes from breakfast and lunch, then cleaned up. Nice. Now I'm in a dry, clean diaper.