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  1. le Hollandais

    Site Update for 09/16/2018

    Looks like the national flag of Greece to me.
  2. le Hollandais

    First Anniversary

    I've been on the board for a year, now. I just wanted to say thanks for all the personal stories, advice, and friendly discussion. I've come a long way, and I also have a ways to go yet. Knowing I'm not the only one who likes to wear diapers has been a big help. So thanks
  3. le Hollandais

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    I've never tried it. But I can poop my diaper and walk.😎
  4. le Hollandais

    Plastic pants or diaper covers

    I bought mine from https://www.adultclothdiaper.com/
  5. About 45 minutes or so ago. Today I thought would be a good diaper day. So this morning after breakfast, I diapered up, and spent a good part of the morning wetting myself. I thought I had dumped a full load before I diapered up, but no. It appears that wasn't but a third of it. So while I was doing dishes I slowly let it all roll out after a few gentle pushes. Doing dishes in a messy diaper is rather fun.
  6. le Hollandais

    Diapers in highschool

    Nah. I just wanted the experience of wetting myself.
  7. le Hollandais

    Diapers in highschool

    I wanted to wear diapers during my first two years.(I went to a four year high school.) I didn't realize at the time there was such a thing as adult diapers, and therefore had no idea how much such would cost. So by age of 16 I suppressed my interest until about age of 22. After which I used to just use old briefs. I found this unsatisfactory. But continued until I joined DD.
  8. le Hollandais

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Since I wear cloth square diapers, I sandwich a soaker panel in between two diapers, fold the whole works letter style, spreading the top wings just a little, lie down and bring the bottom edge up over my crotch. Next I spread out the wings just a bit more so they meet the folded up part and pin. Sitting up, I can adjust the fit.
  9. le Hollandais

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    Not to worry. Old news. It all worked out fine that day.
  10. le Hollandais

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    I need to sign up for secondary medical insurance. We've talked that matter over, my wife and I, and agree that after that's in place, it would be a good time to get that prostate checked out just on general principals. I said I hoped the Doc wouldn't find anything wrong, that if he did, and recommended some fancy new pharmaceutical wonder whose side effects were worse than my condition, and provided the condition wasn't life threatening, I just might wear diapers anyway and forget about the optional meds. She said that if that were the case, there are some naturopathic suppliments she knew about that would negate the necessity of diaper wearing. (I don't think she's opposed to diaper wearing, I just don't think she's taking it as seriously as I am...like I'm exaggerating to make a point.) I think I'm going to the Doc, get checked out, expecting nothing but benign age induced prostate enlargement, wait for the Doc to bring up the subject of diapers, (if he does), and go from there.
  11. le Hollandais

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    I'm not too worried about how she'll react, or what she'll say. I'm really trying to sort out how I feel about this. Intellectually, I'm fine with it. But emotionally, I guess I still feel somewhat embarrassed by it.
  12. le Hollandais

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    No. I cleaned up my messy diaper a while before she got home. Later that evening, I said something about peeing so much that it was enough to make a grown man consider wearing diapers. She took it as a joke, then seriously said maybe I ought to have my prostate checked. Wouldn't hurt, I thought. Prostates do enlarge somewhat with age. What makes this so difficult is that out of habit I kept my DL preference hidden for so many years. The other thing is that if I wore my diaper under regular clothing, I seriously doubt she's notice. After all, it took her a day or two to figure out that I shaved off my beard the first time I did that. I'm still thinking this over. And I agree, I think she should probably know. But, I can hear this little voice whispering in my other ear "Best to let sleeping dogs lie." That's cowardly, and I know it. Over the next few weeks, I have some travels, and activities planned that will preclude diapers.
  13. Just a few moments ago. I have the house to myself for an hour or two, and just decided to go for it. My original plan was just to wet my diaper and hang out the rest of the morning. But nature called, and I gave a little push, and it rolled out. Cleanup wasn't too bad. There was just a bit of a racing stripe inside my diaper. I emptied the mess right into the toilet, and rinsed out my diaper. My plastic pants weren't even stained. I was wearing two cloth diapers, and two soakers. Tomorrow's laundry day. I just might diaper up again.
  14. I'm sitting here diapered up, already wet myself once. The brave part is, my wife will be home from meeting a friend for breakfast I should imagine in about two hours' time. I think I can do this discreetly. And if I get busted, I'm prepared. I've been rehearsing what I'd say, and how I'd say it. Anyway, it's nice to start out the day with a diaper, a cup of coffee, and the sun streaming through my windows.
  15. le Hollandais

    How did you family react?

    Sounds like a good strategy to me.