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  1. It didn't take long at all. In fact first time I pooped my underwear, I really liked it. So now whenever I diaper up, I usually do mess in it.
  2. le Hollandais

    Why do you wear diapers?

    I quit asking myself why when I couldn't come up with an answer except "I wanna." Good enough for me.
  3. Can't say that I have. I'm a pipe smoker, too. And there have been times when I wished I were diapered while contemplating the aroma of N. tabacum.
  4. le Hollandais

    OK, all you clothies, sound off!

    Safety pins are fine. They work. And I'm never too worried about stabbing myself. Pull the sides tight and pin to the center. I use two safety pins.
  5. le Hollandais

    What is the best makeshift diaper you ever made?

    I did the wear-all-your-underwear thing for quite a while. And finally gave it up as a bad job, really. I didn't think of using a plastic garbage bag or bread bag to prevent leaks. Next I tried folding large pieces of absorbent fabric and plastic pants. That sort of worked. And then the big improvement came when I learned that what I needed was a booster, or two. At the same time, I got tipped off about using Flour Sack towels as diapers. They're almost like a real cloth diaper. But I'm limited there in folding styles. They fit pretty well, however.
  6. le Hollandais

    What do you Prefer?

    Oh my gracious! 😲
  7. le Hollandais

    Thank you

    I know how you feel. I'm a member of this forum only. I've gotten some good advice here, and some good tips on improved diapering that I might not have figured out myself. And I hope I can give back the same.
  8. le Hollandais

    A close call with my girlfriend

    Good luck with that. Didn't exactly work with me. Maybe it will for you.
  9. le Hollandais

    Are You Satisfied?

    Probably wouldn't, then. I know there must be flat diapers at a price I'm willing to pay out there that are bigger than Flour Sack towels. I just haven't found them yet.
  10. le Hollandais

    Reason for diapers

    I am a DL strictly speaking. I started wearing for sexual reasons. The more often I wear a diaper, the more I like being diapered for its own sake. So for me it's both sexual and non sexual.
  11. le Hollandais

    I'm becoming a diaper pooper

    Pretty fun, isn't it? I've never bothered with asking "Why." There doesn't seem to be a logical answer. I just enjoy it for the sensation.
  12. le Hollandais

    would a macho man have this fetish?

    I've never bothered to analyze how macho I am. I prefer to think of myself as an independent, an observer or watcher of human nature. I am also quite artistically inclined, which contributes to the independent/observer mien. I can and do lead a group when required. My style of leadership, however is by example, not fiat. And diapers? Never really analyzed that too much, either. I just enjoy wearing 'em and using 'em as they are intended to be used.
  13. le Hollandais

    Are You Satisfied?

    I admit that I'm not the world's tallest nor most robust man. In fact I stand a little shorter than the national American average. So as to fit....well it's all a matter of how you fold 'em. The ones I buy are 30"X30" and if folded like thisthey work pretty well.
  14. le Hollandais

    A close call with my girlfriend

    I brought it up in passing regarding a planned medical check-up. The reference was to my frequent trips to the toilet to pee, which I complained were starting to become a nuisance. I'm not particularly concerned about prostate problems. For such frequent trips are pretty typical of men of a certain age. I do plan on asking my Doc. about it, however. If he recommends some gee-whiz wonder drug from Big Pharma that is a solution looking for a problem, I'll tell him I'd rather wear a diaper, thankyouverymuch. And then, perhaps we can have a discussion about diapers once I get home. That's just one of the benefits of Geezerhood. Nobody thinks twice about an elder who needs (or in my case wants) to wear a diaper.
  15. le Hollandais

    Are You Satisfied?

    I use Flour Sack towels as a diaper. They're woven just about like real diaper fabric, and when doubled and combined with a soaker they work marvelously. And did I mention they're cheap? (I mean inexpensive.) They dry quickly in the dryer, too. They aren't much different than fabric labeled as diaper fabric. They aren't the same as bath towels, at all. So don't let the name fool you.