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  1. It seems 72 cm = 28" from top of waist to top of the waist...Plan to order a pair in due course & see how I get on with them.
  2. Thank for taking the time & trouble to reply ...my waist is 40-42 & I'm just under 6ft tall... surfing round similar looking products are only recommended for up 40" ..how high does it sit on your waist /overall length? I think its bad NappiesRus doesn't seem to provide this information on their website My Blanken Care washable nappy, which is UK made, was designed to go with 30-43'' with a rise of 30'' ..taking my 'man excitement' issue & the width of the waistband into account ..if I buy another pair I'll go for the next size up which are to go with 40-53'' waist & 34" rise for a bit of extra comfort. Surfing around I'm wondering whether to try buying a pair of the 'ADULT ADJUSTABLE REUSABLE WASHABLE INCONTINENCE PANTS PAD NAPPY DIAPER KNICKERS' which 'Outdoor Store' are selling on eBay & 'Harrington Marley' are selling on Amazon for £12.90 each ...both are being despatched from UK /Europe & look like an identical product .. one supplier says they will fit up to a 44" waist & another 46" which should be ok for me either way... but I'm trying to find out how high they would go on my waistline. A lot of these cheaper products are made in China & if you check the order direct possibilities they're as cheap as chips..Seems UK distributions are buying them in from China & selling them on at a good mark up....but I like to be at home if I can it for the deliveryman, saving the potential embarrassment of having them nosed over by neighbours who have been kind enough to 'take it in' for me. Consequently the typical 4 to 6 weeks estimated delivery window creates extra concerns for me.
  3. Very Interesting I notice nappiesRus also sell the same design in plain patterns.. They have marketed these as one size fits all ..small to large ..so I'm wondering what sort of size they really go up to?..re waist & rise.. I've read warnings about similar designs being made in China with oriental physiques in mind & not fitting bigger build western males.
  4. PP Rebel

    Favorite poopy

    I only just started to experimenting using an adult cloth diaper & I experienced the same thing a couple of days ago. My new nappy doesn't seem to accommodate a big hard poo as easily as my incontinence pants. I like to do the biggest poop possible & really fill my pants or diaper up to the max. A rock hard poop stick is alright to start with but a softer poop is much more pleasant to follow on with because of the way it feels warm & molds to my bum & slides around. I do enjoy having a big bulge which tents out a little & love being able to reach behind me & gently feel over it. I don't really like very soft or runny poops. I find they tend to be very stinky, feel cold quicker & make for a more unpleasant clean up job. But to a certain extent, it tends to be ''potluck' & I'm never quite certain how it's going to come out. So have to take a wait & see approach & be philosophical about it
  5. PP Rebel

    What is your faith?

    I'm Agnostic with sympathies towards Buddhism, Christian Gnosticism (Neoplatonism) & some elements of paganism. I was brought up as Church of England but rebelled against it in my adolescence for being hypocritical becoming an Athiest. As I grew older I began to realize life has a spiritual dimension, with lots going on below the surface, & started to feel Atheism (at least in its more dogmatic forms) was inadequate in coming to terms with my ' human condition'. These days I'm Spiritual but not Religious. I still tend to regard organized religions with suspicion & see them as being manipulative & controlling but recognize there's more to life than meets the eye.
  6. Thanks, Mike..I'd only be looking for 1 pair to try out so that makes it fairly expensive. Plus potential issues with customs pulling them apart. I'll think about it & see if a UK based distributor turns up in the meantime.
  7. Thank you for the link Mike... love the look of the new 'Super Undies' Snap-on Adult Incontinence Pants ..they look like a lot of fun ..but concerns about how easy it would be to get a pair in the UK? https://biggerdiapers.com/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=125 Thank you, everyone, for the helpful comments so far...keep them coming...It's Looking like Pins or Snap-on or Snappi's are the main alternative choices to velcro.
  8. I agree that amongst large swathes of young generations, in countries like the UK, discrimination due to gender identity, sexual orientation & race aren't the big issues they used to be & I applaud the progress which has been made...In this case, you have 2 young men, perhaps naive & idealistic, who had been involved with the official 'Vote Leave' Brexit Campaign & were horrified about all the dirty tricks, public deception & dodgy money which was involved in the process & implicated people in high places. So they decided to act as whistleblowers & spill the beans...As part of the resulting orchestrated smear & intimidation exercise against them, one was outed as being Gay... What makes this such a despicable act is he has family living in a part of the world where being Gay is still unacceptable, making his family liable to be set upon by religious fundamentalists...Events which the British Secret Service might if they chose to, even be in a position to influence through the use of Proxy agents...Enough of Politicking, for now, time to get back to fetish talk.
  9. I think It's not so much that Political Elites are out of touch with ordinary people it's more a case of not really giving damn about them. The whole thing is riddled with sleaze, corruption & dirty tricks & I don't doubt the Vote Leave whistleblowers were correct. Although I expect similar goes for Remain as Brexit. As the adage goes if you want to understand what's really going on try following the money.
  10. PP Rebel

    Do you ever not poop your diaper?

    I've only just started to experiment with diapers so it's mainly pants pooping for me. It not all the time. Like others, it depends on factors such as time & what commitments I have. whose else is around, what sort of poop I think is coming, how frustrated I'm feeling with life & how long it was since I got some sexual relief.
  11. Usually my 'Birthday Suit' but sometimes a long T-shirt in the winter. I'm not a habitual bed wetter so don't need to wear anything. If I'm planning to have a deliberate accident, which is a once in a while thing, I wear 2 ply cotton incontinence pants with a built-in waterproof membrane. Just starting to experiment with diapers & plan on wearing a pair to bed one night real soon.
  12. I like cream which I think of as a traditional color. I think off whites are nice but not sure about dark colours or patterned designed... but everyone to their own.
  13. I've just bought my very 1st adult diaper/ nappy. I opted for a modern cloth contoured design with leg gussets & some elastic at the back of the waistband. Love wearing it!!... but a major concern is the loud noises velcro fasteners make when I pull them apart or do an adjustment for comfort. Sound travels where I live & the neighbours can be nosey & ask awkward questions. I'm wondering about the different fastening arrangements which are available & the pro's & cons of each .. Please, could you help me?
  14. PP Rebel

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    NO ..Because of the time involved, costs, inconvenience & likelihood of it becoming common knowledge & having to spend my life putting up with smart-arsed jibes ... Like a lot of more public knowledge things which I enjoy doing in life such as having a few beers in a bar, going to a concert or the theatre. watching a ball game etc etc... It makes a great personal treat & something to look forward to, but I fear it would become a chore if turned into a 24/7 pursuit...But as others have pointed out its a lifestyle choice, which doesn't have to involve inflicting deliberate hurts on others, it's not like your bombing innocent Syrians & Iraqi's, or poison gassing & beheading them if they don't share your beliefs. So, go for it & put on diapers become dependent on them if you're sure that's what you really want to do... Any of us can end up becoming unavoidably incontinent due to an accident or medical condition & if that happens your life is a precious gift so do your best & try to make the most of it.
  15. PP Rebel

    Diaper Checks for Poopy Bottoms

    I love pooping my pants. Diaper/pants checks are very much part of my fantasy. I'm more a DL than AB & for me, it revolves around having a playmate to hang around with & having fun checking each other's messes instead of being checked by a Mommy or Daddy. I can remember a few childhood situations in which other kids had their pants/ knickers checked, either because they were accused of pooing in them due to the smell & were denying it, or because they'd declared what they'd done & it was deemed necessary to assess how bad the situation was before deciding on what course of action to take. This sometimes involved either pulling out the elastic waistband at the back or getting down & peeking in around the leg. I can remember wanting to take a look too (LOL!!) but being far too embarrassed about it, & worried about what might be said in response, to even ask. For me it's a very secret interest, I'm very guarded about sharing it with others, & tend to feel sorry for anyone being embarrassed or humiliated. But Ii seems a lot of ABDL's positively revel in the humiliating aspects of this fetish.