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  1. PP Rebel

    UK RADAR Keys

    Thank you Davee. I was under the impression a RADAR key was something you had to apply for, with supporting evidence, from the local authority like a disabled parking badge.I didn't realize I could just buy one on line. I don't generally use nappies or mess myself in public but with fortnightly refuse collections it would be useful to have access to appropriate places with a facility where I could sometimes responsibly drop off a used one or two off.
  2. PP Rebel

    any women into messing there diapers

    I'd love to have a female friend who enjoyed messing their diapers .. have wet wipes & will travel a reasonable distance...any offer considered.
  3. PP Rebel

    pull ups why not?

    Interesting thread. I'm relatively new to disposables & I've been wondering whether to experiment with pull ups . I'm thinking the advantages would be firstly they will be easier to put on & avoid the need to be fiddling around with landing strips. Secondly some pull ups seem to be commonly on the shelves in UK supermarkets & big chain pharmacies whereas as diapers are more of a problem to source. Finally perhaps & lot less noticeable to wear out & more comfortable to to walk around in before filling. I did an online 'incontinence needs check' & some pull ups were coming up as suitable for both severe bladder & bowel incontinence. But as some of you have suggested someone with medical incontinence issues may just drip & seep but as a hobby fun user I'm going to be trying to fill mine up as much as possible. Also some pull ups are being advertised with a design which enables the wearer to rip them apart at the sides to open them up, so you don't necessary need pulling down after fulling using. But I 'm guessing this is likely to be a terminal operation & there wouldn't be the option of opening them up for inspection & then putting them back on again, as can be done with cloth diapers & some disposables. Despite the fiddle to put my disposable diaper slips on, which is getting easier with practice, the containment qualities have so far proved excellent & the prospect pee leaking out is a big concern of mine. From what people here are saying this seems to be much more of an issue with pull ups Of course theorizing about this is no substitute for buying a pack & gaining some 1st hand experiences?
  4. Investigate which washrooms at the local shopping malls, supermarkets or fast food restaurants have accessible disabled facilities &/or baby changing facilities where you can go in, lock the door, & dispose of your used diapers in the receptacles provided. You can double wrap/seal them & zip up in a day rucksack or sports holdall. Take them with you when you go to the shops & drop them off in there.
  5. PP Rebel


    Wow!!..you're gorgeous xxx
  6. PP Rebel

    How soon do you sit down

    I don't always sit in my poopy diaper although it does feel great because of time, smell & clean up issues ..I like to waddle around in it for a while & do some chores involving bending down & reaching up. I like to feel the weight moving around & run my fingers over the bulge. I save any mushing for the finale.
  7. PP Rebel

    Cooking with a messy diaper

    I'm inclined to agree. If I'm going to mess myself in the kitchen it's usually when I'm cleaning & washing up rather than preparing food & cooking. I don't eat in the bathroom & I wouldn't want to change myself in the kitchen.
  8. PP Rebel

    Waking up while peeing or pooping.

    Only very rarely in my adult life, have I woken up to find I'm starting to involuntarily pee. It's always been accompanied by a dream that I'm doing it in the washroom. With poop, it's only ever happened when I'm not well & have diarrhoea. I have a fantasy about waking up & discovering I've loaded my pants or diaper in my sleep. I'm hoping it might happen by design one day because the concept amuses me, but I've not managed it yet.
  9. PP Rebel

    Can you Mess your diaper and walk at the same time?

    Yes, I can do it walking & this is the way it tends to happen on the odd occasion when I mess myself in public. But I find it easier & more comfortable standing still in a slightly squatting position.
  10. It's only lately that I've started to use diapers but since my adolescence, I've enjoyed deliberately pooping my pants. I find it sexually exciting, both self-erotic together with thoughts & images of other adults doing the same. We seem to be all a bit different. In my case, it was something forbidden from early childhood & apart from the occasional bout of diarrhoea I had no conscious recollection of what it was like to mess myself & really fill my pants up with poop. My parents didn't emphasise the difference between sex & going to the toilet too well. It was all dirty & I wasn't supposed to explore this part of my anatomy too much but at the same time, there was a hint that it was somehow enjoyable. As a teenager, my growing interest in sex went hand in glove with my repressed desire to mess myself & I discovered both felt & looked great.
  11. PP Rebel

    Cooking with a messy diaper

    Kitchens seem to be a popular location for messing & wetting, together with the bathroom, its the place at home where the floor & furnishings are designed with spills & cleanups in mind.
  12. I know the problem. I love to mess myself. I've got my own apartment but a shared stairwell with others. I find the main problem is when I'm wearing & the cleanup. I try to choose a time when nobody is around. I burn incense cones & also essential oils ...the cones are the most pungent & effective way to hide the small but the oil burners last longer. I often use modern cloth diapers which can be rinsed out & put straight in the washing machine. They don't take up so much space to store or result in having smelly used diapers hanging around but the downside but you need somewhere to dry/air them which could be a problem in a house share. I've also recently been using tena slips. Double or triple wrapping the used ones in plastic bags seem to hold the smell in well. A lot of big supermarkets, fast food restaurants & coffee shops have toilet facilities which cater for disabled / baby changing with receptacles designed for disposing of used diapers. So if you're worried about having used diapers hanging around the place for days on end you could take them out with you in a small rucksack or sports bag when you go to the shops & drop them off there.
  13. PP Rebel

    Shockingly Supportive Article

    I don't know anything about this guy Dan Savage but it looks to me like unremarkable & pretty sensible advice ..entry-level modern psychotherapy/ basic relationship counselling type stuff...I've got no big issues with it.
  14. PP Rebel

    Random Thread

    "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.
  15. PP Rebel

    Random Thread

    “When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?" "What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?" "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet. Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.”