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  1. PP Rebel

    Whats the best all in one washable for messing?

    Thank you for responding. Yes it does help. Agree cloth diapers are better for the environment, easier to hide in storage & don't result in bulky deliveries or smelly trash bags which might provoke questions. I'm not a full-time AB/DL & my accidents are usually carefully planned. Whenever possible I hand wash my soiled pants & then stick them in the washing machine straight away. My regular incontinence pants are double layered briefs with a partial plastic lining & no pads. I like to sometimes wear them around for a few hours just like normal underpants, before filling them. This gives me a wonderful sense of anticipation & I like the thought people I encounter don't know I'm wearing them. Apart from the occasional crackle & lack of a Y-front, they pass on 1st inspection as a normal pair of pants. Choosing an 'all in one' I can conceal under trousers is an important consideration as is feeling nice wearing them. I own a pair of plastic pants but it would be nice not to have to wear them. Primarily I enjoy pooping myself confining wetting to a few involuntary squirts & dribbles. I often go to the bathroom & gently empty my bladder while sitting on the toilet before putting my pants back on & messing myself, staying in them for quite a long time afterwards. I think maybe contoured diaper pants with some elastication around the legs would be good for me. I'm also attracted to the thought of being able to peel diaper pants open instead of having to carefully pull them down & step out of them. Recommendations on what design to try are welcome.
  2. PP Rebel

    What do you do when you poop?

    Yeah, we do sound very similar. Pleased to make your acquaintance. When I was young I always knew I couldn't be the only one to be doing this sort of thing but there didn't seem to be any way to get into contact. Since we've had the internet its good to be able to find people but mostly they live far away.
  3. I've enjoyed pooping my pants for many years but now I've got the urge to try messing in a diaper/nappy & I'm drawn to the 'all in one washables'. Been surfing the net & found adverts for different makes, materials & designs.Was wondering who uses them & which they recommend me to try?
  4. PP Rebel

    What do you do when you poop?

    I usually do it standing up, legs a little way apart & slightly bent a the knees. I enjoy wandering around at home afterwards doing housework & tidying up. Standing at the kitchen sink washing up & jobs which involve climbing up to get to high places or getting down to pick things up off the floor are particular favourites. I like the feel of my load moving around & regularly put a hand behind me to check on the bulge. Also, enjoy periodically hitching my pants up when the weight of the load has made them sag or slip down & the feel of the poop coming back into contact with my bum. I like doing really big loads & try to keep it in a big mass for as long as possible savouring the feeling of it gradually changing shape & spreading out. I save sitting in it or mushing it until the very end. I find the process very auto-erotic & invariably finish up having an orgasm & coming in my pants. Sometimes its hands-free & at other times it culminates in me frantically rubbish myself. After that, I lose interest & the cleanup starts.
  5. PP Rebel

    Medical Bills be crazy!

    In the UK we have a National Health Service which provides all basic healthcare free at the point of delivery & is paid for directly from taxation.In the US it seems you spend an inordinate amount of time & money & resources haggling over ludicrous personal bills involving the healthcare provider, account managers, lawyers & insurance companies.This causes an enormous amount of unhealthy stress to the sick person & their loved ones...In the UK people spend a lot of time trying to protect our NHS by battling politicians who want to bring in a system based on the US model ..usually through the back door ..Why? ..Follow the money !!
  6. I can relate to this & can think of a number of reasons .. Smells & the risk of being found out ... Issues around cleaning up behind you.. hygiene & being uncomfortable about coming into contact with poo .. problems in not being ready & able when a rare opportunity presents itself ...curious about what its like but not feeling up to going the whole hog... I've tried substitutes but they came a very poor 2nd to doing the real thing.
  7. PP Rebel

    Panty Wetting While Wearing Skirts Or Dresses

    When I was in infant school, so many years ago now, I loved it when one of the girls wet their knickers. if I was lucky I might notice them looking fidgety beforehand, not wanting to leave the game they were playing, or maybe standing up waiting to ask for the teacher's permission to go to the loo.But usually, it was just my attention being drawn to the sudden cascade of pee appearing from above the skirt line & pouring down between their legs & also some running down the inside of the thighs. Leaving them looking embarrassed, standing in the middle of a big puddle on the floor. When I was around 20 years old it was heartening for me to discover a low circulation, rather cheaply produced tit n bum mag, which had stories & readers letters about women who enjoyed wetting their panties. At the time, long before the internet, there was a strict censorship regime in the UK against anything 'abnormal & sexual in nature with a big network of mental hospitals. I enjoyed pooping my pants in secret, I felt very isolated & was frightened people would find out declaring me mad. Being somewhat paranoid about it I feared becoming socially ostracized, humiliated, & locked up for 'treatment'. As I got older it became more about sexually charged fantasies & an essential element is its done with another adult (or even adults) for our mutual enjoyment with deliberate intent. Getting off seeing anyone having a toilet accident which is clearly unintended & very embarrassing for them doesn't feel right for me any longer.When I was an infant I was still learning & didn't have the same degree of awareness & empathy about other peoples feelings that I have these days.
  8. PP Rebel

    Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    Like a lot of other people here I 1st started doing it in my pants when I was about 15 & 16. it was the age when my folks were leaving me home alone for sufficiently long periods. I used regular briefs & also sometimes a pair of tights. I'd had a big interest in other children's toilet accidents for as long as I could remember but it was always forbidden. I only had conscious memories of odd episodes of diarrhea & sickness never big firm loads. I couldn't believe how good it felt & how sexually aroused it made me. Still doing it now but there have been long intervals of time, some lasting years, in between when it didn't seem to interest me. Recently I've enjoyed using incontinence briefs made of a 2 ply cotton material with a plastic lining because regular pants didn't seem to contain it as well as they used to. I've also got a transparent pair of plastic pants which are fun to see through but not good to wear for prolonged periods without something more regular underneath. I don't think I would have had the courage to go into & shop & buy these in the past but the internet makes it easier.
  9. PP Rebel

    When You Fill Your Pants...

    4 & 6 The bigger poo in my pants the better. I love to savor the experience feeling the weight & mass of it, waddling around in a messed up state doing jobs around my home for a prolonged period.I like to feel the way it's moving around back there & my load is changing shape. 1 can be fun too but I like to go easy on it as it makes things bit too mucky for my liking. Mostly its when I'm alone in private.
  10. PP Rebel

    Childhood games

    I used to like a group game called Hot Rice which was played with a tennis ball. It started off with someone becoming 'it' & having to chase after the other children & throw the ball at them.When the ball was thrown at you, you could defend yourself by knocking it away with your clenched fist. .When you were hit on any other part of your body with the ball you were 'Out' had to join the 'its' who could pass it between themselves. As the game progressed you got more & more 'it's' until finally only one person was left.
  11. PP Rebel

    Da Introductions thread

    I'm PP & I'm in my early 60's coming up 6. I don't wear Diapers & can't really remember what that was like but I might try it one day.I've had strict toilet training & I'm not allowed to have accidents or touch myself down there.I get really interested whenever a playmate does a pee or a poo in their pants & I want to take a closer look. I particularly want to find out what its like to fill my pants with poo. When I'm older I'm going to start doing it in secret & enjoying myself.But it will make me feel lonely & isolated because I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends & when I do try to raise the subject I keep getting rebuked. I'll also discover people like me are frequently ridiculed. I worry about getting found out. Perhaps some of you on here are in a similar position & would like to talk about it & tell me how it is for you? .. I'll also be happy to talk to you about other games which aren't so naughty or dirty.