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  1. Like I have often said " Don't get caught with your pants down ". I see so many people here that have written questions and posts like " How to tell my friends and family ". I see many of the people on this post say they cringe and feel exposed. I for one started using diapers as a 12 year old because I did not want to spend my allowance buying new panties only because they were stained with poop and pee. How does a 12 year old in 1978 explain to a parent " I enjoy pooping my panties, it makes me feel good". The first thing that would happen is my parents would have taken me to a shrink ! I was the neighborhood baby sitter, so I used that opportunity to my advantage. I had access to countless diapers, and could keep them in a bag without my parents even asking. I am 54 years old now and was married for over thirty years. I told my husband once and that was never acknowledged by my husband. It was my secret and my secret alone. To this day I have never told my mother nor do I wish to. I have worn for over forty years and I think in that time only two people have known. There is no reason for me to reveal to my employers. nor any one else for that matter. I feel so bad for you busy britches and I empathize with you. It sucks when your personal life is used against you and life becomes a living hell. I have always said it will be a secret that I take to the grave with me, and people should take notice of this situation and take it very seriously. Stop with all the I want to tell my friend or lover or parents. It will backfire on you. Hugs to you all and busy britches. If you ever want to chat I am here for you. This site may keep us anonymous, but it keeps us together as a people.
  2. Wow see that's what I mean sweetie, now you're talking my language ! Hey no shame in it. I enjoy it as much as the next person. I am at work right now on their computer so Y'all be good and enjoy the hell out of them diapers !! see ya
  3. As long as you love diapers, you are tops with me. Gender to me never mattered. I love men and women alike. If you wear a diaper you are my friend .
  4. I am female and identify as bisexual and a super diaper lover ! Diapers are my bathroom of choice !
  5. You sound like an awesome person, We could go to the movies together and have a great poopy date ! 

  6. Sweetie the orgasms have been awesome since puberty. Now that I am 54 years old the orgasms are sometimes better than having sex. I am not incontinent in any way, but I use my diapers as my toilet, and have so for over 40 years. Many may not understand my love of diapers and how good they make me feel, but life goes on. Womens orgasms are not too different, but we have multi orgasms and there is a plus.
  7. RO83RT welcome to the site. And yes, we are all lovely people here and enjoy having fun in our diapers. I am glad that you have a fiance that is willing to have diaper fun with you. Lets chat and hear what goes on in those diapers. Hugs and welcome.
  8. There you go spoken like a true blue lover of diapers !! Amen to that !
  9. I have used Desitin ointment since the age of 12 and so far knock on wood have never had any major rashes. It has a nice odor and really protects me from the messes I make and for the duration that I stay in them. I also like the feel of A&D ointment. It comes in a big one pound tub and works wonders on chafed skin from diaper wear.
  10. The things I am imagining right now !!! Very Hot !
  11. I would love to play in your diaper !
  12. Deacon that might have been me wetting my diaper at the movies sitting right next to you. I was soaked too.
  13. I really love you Guys & Gals here !! I am happy for all of you. I went through thirty years of indifference. My husband never acknowledged my diapers. Never even once. I was in my own world. The marriage was great otherwise, and we were very sexually active, a very loving relationship. The only thing that was missing was him spanking my full diaper to check if i was messy., and holding me while I fill my diaper. I survived and I am now more into diapers than I have ever been. I love you all here because you respect each other and treat each other like friends should. I have met a few people now that are also dl and for me it's no turning back. I fully support all of you. Partners are hard to find and even harder to keep. Love each other all of you. We here are not hurting anyone or anything (well except that poor diaper), and I mean it all of you are awesome !! Keep the love flowing !!