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  1. Rachel1

    Recomend a non ab onsie / romper / bodysuit

    Hi Maxwell Here is an options you might like they have also some polo shirt like onsesies. https://www.abdlmarketplace.co.uk/ab-clothing/bodysuits-onesies https://www.nappiesrus.co.uk/clothing/drylife-bodysuits
  2. Rachel1

    One thing I can Mark "Not to do" on my bucket list...

    Hmmm this gives i hole new prospective of wetting the bed.
  3. Rachel1

    Fart Forum

  4. Rachel1

    Are Fabine Teddy Pinks Ever Coming Back?

    Hi Pwy Try Buntewindel i think its a German company here is link http://www.buntewindel.de/epages/63089193.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63089193/Categories/"unsere Produkte"
  5. Rachel1

    On the Loveseat

    Nice story Skara will there be a chapter 5?
  6. Rachel1

    Couldnt resist bought pullups on way to work

    I like pullupps as well but i sometimes use them when i go out but like my ID nappies betterl, if you want to wee dont hold back just let go. If they are plastic backed be ok. My Sureness pullups are not so i cover with plastic pants in case i soak them to guard against leaks.
  7. Hi Teenbaby The type of disposables i like to buy are ID Diapers you get 28 in a pack.more than twice the amount than a 10 pack i dont no what size you are but i am a large. they have mediums. this link you can order on the phone if not i use paypal. https://www.abdlmarketplace.co.uk/id-expert-slip-extra-plus-large-pe
  8. Rachel1

    Do You Keep Your Pacifier In Your Mouth All Night?

    I sleep with my pacifier Every night cannot sleep without it. i most of the time i wake in the morning with my pacifier still in my mouth, and the pacifier is attached to a lanyard around my neck in case i loose it down in the bed. the lanyard has a snap link that easy opens if it is pulled in my sleep.
  9. Rachel1

    What feels better?

    Chose dry, love a soft nice dry diaper, but dont mined a wet one after all that's what a diaper is for.
  10. Rachel1

    Fart Forum

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_DkU87i5TQ hi thought i would add this bit of humour
  11. Rachel1

    Question about rearz

    Glad you have it all sorted with Rearz its most likely a mistake on there part. But i dont thimk you will have to pay for posting it back i think they will pay for the products return. Don't be disheartened about Rearz if you want to buy anything again, I have heard from a member they are very reliable some company's make mistakes sometimes . When i get my order i will buy again from them some good products.
  12. Rachel1

    Question about rearz

    hi Adam Contact Rearz on there site and ask why you have another order tell them i didn't place another order and ask them to cancel it. they have a message service under customer care hope you dont leave it to late. I have ordered from Rearz since 7th may still waiting for my order. https://rearz.ca/customer-care/ hope this helps Adam
  13. Rachel1

    Some Chat Issues

    Sometimes in chat you write a text send and it won't send, you have to refresh the page and start again. annoying when you wrote something long and have to start again.
  14. Rachel1

    How Do You Keep Your Diaper Snug?

    a pair of plastic pants one size bigger than you normally wear then a onesie on as will will keep you snug.
  15. Rachel1

    Hey from a UK ABDL

    Hi every one live in uk new to the ABDL world