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  1. Some Chat Issues

    Sometimes in chat you write a text send and it won't send, you have to refresh the page and start again. annoying when you wrote something long and have to start again.
  2. Venus Institute

    Beginning to like this story Elfy looking forward to more.
  3. North east uk (newcastle)

    Hi Chelsea Rodda Thanks for the contact would love to meet drop, a message in my message box if you can i don't now how it works yet.
  4. How Do You Keep Your Diaper Snug?

    a pair of plastic pants one size bigger than you normally wear then a onesie on as will will leep you snug
  5. Hi little Sara

    Hope you don't mind me dropping you a message, i am just new to the adult baby worldthought about it for a long long time and i want the role play-as a sissy baby girl.

    Been a Transvestite  Crossdresser for a lot of years  but four years ago i wanted to explore a baby girl sissy side of me.

    But i thought to myself don't be ridiculous!  but got stronger stronger  the feelings so joined DD and have started to buy what i need I know i started late in life, but hey you only have this one life so enjoy what you like to do in life.

    My fem name is Christine in my tranny life liked Rachel, but i thought to close to my real name But thought to use Rachel for my baby girl role play but i might change Christine to Rachel.


    Sissy baby Rachel

  6. Hey from a UK ABDL

    Hi every one live in uk Newcastle new to the ABDL world
  7. Diapered Senior

    thanks for the info i had a look at Etsy a month ago downloaded the app joined because of the ABDL products, but i but removed my membership because of bad reviews. But i will contact Rearz, Babykins by there email contact and find out about shipping charges. looked at Babykins loads of ttimes and i am interested in there products. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Hi Elfy This is a good story cannot what for more and Sarah will learn more about dominating her lazy husband from Kirsty.
  9. Diapered Senior

    Hi Diaper Happiness thank your for your support but i am i bit worried about shopping on line, and don't know if some of these shops are really genuine and not a scam? can you possibly direct me to the right shops for Diapers, covers, and baby girl clothes ext. I know of one that i think is ok and that is http:///nappiesrus.co.uk but i am also open to anyone else who can help me on this post.
  10. Diapered Senior

    Hi all i am new to this site also and for a long time i was always attracted to wearing diapers (nappies in the uk) and pullups, but i did not go ahead with my atraction to them. But now i have given in to my feelings for to wear them. I have been a crossdresser for a lot of years but my mind set is too dress as a baby girl. Now i have too start buying more clothes for the baby girl side of me.
  11. Do your kids know about your diapers?

    never told mine how i feel i live on my own but i wont want to tell them for now about my baby side they already now about my crossdressing.
  12. Hey from the UK

    hi i thought i would introduce my self i am new live in uk also i am male but feel the need to dress as a baby girl. i have no clothes but i need to get them soon thought about this a long time time has come to be baby Rachel.
  13. Breast Feeding

    oh i wish i could breast feed it would be heaven to me
  14. getting some little girl clothes

    Hi i am new to this site and i have seen and looked a lot of times at cosy and dry but have not had the courage to buy, as i have just have excepted the baby girl side in me. AS i have been a crossdresser for a lot of years and this is something new and exciting to me.
  15. DKgk3AoWAAI_aFJ.jpg

    really nice pictures so cute and love too wear them nice clothes and frills cause i am a sissie baby