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  1. What best describes you?

    100% sissy baby. Could not choose between sissy and baby. 100% sissy baby. Could not choose between sissy and baby.
  2. My Comic!

    To say that this is excellent is an inadequate description. The art work captures the classic comic style seamlessly. The panels and pace are clever. The theme of the strip is uplifting and true. Wonderful work.
  3. The Adventures of Alex

    Wonderful story, compelling read, well paced, slow surrender of a sissy-to-be. More chapters will be eagerly read.
  4. The Three Musketeers Senior Year

    Enjoying your writing... the slow descent into AB acceptance. Perhaps his mommy will find it easier to change his nappies if he is wearing a baby dress.
  5. Young Chris in London

    Thank you for the sweet sissy story SallyKat. The making of a baby as an unmasking... so true.
  6. What makes you a sissy?

    Charles: Totally the same for me for all of the above quote. Unfortunately, although my wife knows about my big girl dressing she is not crazy about it and tolerates it at night but not during the day. She does not know about my AB side. I love silk when dressed as a big girl or under my day-time male clothes. At night I wear a chiffon nighty with silk panties (favorite shop for traditionally feminine, nicely made, affordable silk panties, bras, etc., is www.sulis.co.uk) or a lace trimmed silk chemise with silk panties whenever I think that my wife is in the mood to tolerate it. In AB mode, which I seem to be drawn to increasingly, I love plastic baby panties with nursery prints, plastic lined ruffled rhumba baby panties and sweet baby dresses (relatively simple and close as possible to what a real 1 year old would wear like those offered by "binkies n bows" on Ebay or that were made by Alexis for real infants). Prefer cloth nappies with ducky diaper pins but I enjoy thick disposables (Confidry24/7) as well, both always worn under baby panties to minimize leak risk.
  7. Age of Onset?

    I was 13 when I would wear my younger sister's old frilly (and incredibly soft) baby panties. Did not get interested in diapers until I was about 55.
  8. Patapoom AB Clothes

    Anyone have any experience to share about buying AB clothing from Patapoom? http://patapoom.com Clothes look super cute and nicely made. Web site offers no information on delivery times, feedback from customers...
  9. Dress Shops Online / Clothes?

    If you like a real baby look, which to me is the whole point of it, and not layers and layers of frills, then the two that I think are both the most authentically babyish, well made, fairly priced and make me feel like I am 2 when I wear them are: 1. Binkies n Bows on ebay and 2. Patapoom, http://patapoom.com. Both are hands down, my favorites.
  10. The Craig's List Mommy

    Please continue this very good story
  11. The Craig's List Mommy

    Another well-written chapter. Your attention to the details, unrushed development of Rob's dawning submission, are well done. I look forward to continuing episodes.
  12. The Craig's List Mommy

    You have nicely filled in the motivation of the dominants, their past experiences, their desires and their intentions. This very nicely sets parameters on Rob's future - without regard to his expectations or desires - after all, is it not what the Mommy wants that almost wholly determines what the baby experiences. And to the degree that Rob is to be a baby, truly giving up control (and not an adult acting as a baby), then it is Joann's and Mindy's past experiences, desires and intentions that will drive that experience. Nice chapter. Perhaps not the erotica that we all want to rush to, but the detail that makes the whole much more sensual. Continue in a manner that in your sole judgment works best.
  13. The Craig's List Mommy

    This is one of the best stories on the board in a long time. Keep it going.
  14. Spring Break Project

    Good start with the story line - you have tapped into a common fantasy. Double check your grammer before posting, for example: "Her long blond hair hanging unblown and fully clothes, but ..." should be " ... hanging unblown and fully clothed, but ..." Those simple errors detract from the story.