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    • This week however has been insightful not through my own adventures but rather the adventures of somebody else.   I know quite a few people in this place have been quite absorbed by what might be the ABDL equivalent of a moon landing:  @Reddy, taking himself off to Guadalajara, Mexico having organised meticulously (and at considerable expense) surgery to make him permanently, totally and irreversibly urinary incontinent.  Compulsory nappies for the rest of his life: end of discussion. I realise that the “moon landing” metaphor breaks down under examination insofar as he isn’t the first “on the moon” so to speak but he’s probably the first who has televised the voyage (ok, it was a blog and not grainy black and white TV but metaphors aren’t perfect). I’m not interested in reigniting debate around his decision.  It’s done now and for the record, whilst I had some misgivings about him “buying before trying”, my principle of bodily autonomy trumps my own reservations and I support his right to make his decision 100%.  I sincerely hope it is everything he hopes it will be for him. I’m also not intending to paraphrase or editorialise his journey here: this is his story, not mine. Instead, I’ll address the question I’ve been asking myself: “Would I do it?” No, but it’s a curiously reluctant no.  I’m not afraid of elective surgery.  I’ve worn that t-shirt.  Admittedly, the alternative to my “elective” surgery was an earlier-than-I-would-prefer death as opposed to dry underwear but my elective was still a complex procedure with a significantly greater-than-zero risk of what we’ll call, the “ultimate complication” and I took it for mid to long term lifestyle gain. I wouldn’t take the incontinence body hack not because of the risk to me but because of the risk to others.  For a start, it would seal the coffin lid on my beloved’s hope that one day I will come to my senses, head off to K-Mart and buy myself half a dozen pairs of boxer shorts.  I’m entirely aware that this isn’t a rational position for her to take after this long but let’s face it, neither is it rational for me to be choosing to pee in my pants for this long.  I still just don’t want to hurt her any more than I already have and I certainly don’t want to break the relationship. Secondly, there is the fiscal consideration.  I could afford it.  It would hurt but I could.  But does that entitle me to spend that kind of money?  In a kind of pre-retirement, fiscally treading water, earning-just-enough-to-stay-out-of-savings mode I could never replenish such a depletion of capital.  Whilst it was I that earned that capital, the unspoken pact is that it was for both of us for our retirement.   It’s only partly “my” money.  It’s bad enough that I will be dripping it away on nappies.  Fire-hosing a tanker-load of it on a highly unusual (and not entirely risk-free) Mexican vacation strikes me as being simply morally unacceptable in my circumstance (Reddy’s is very different). Then there would be the question of what if something went wrong, all the way over in Mexico?  I know for a fact that she would immolate our life savings in an instant to medivac me across the whole planet and how could I then live with myself? I doubt that the actual incontinence would pose any logistical issues or social prices I’m not already paying.  I haven’t been using urinary continence for around 5 years now so it’s not as though I don’t know what I’d be getting myself into. But for me, no.  So I guess his story just remains a fascinating glimpse into what would otherwise remain as a secret world.  But watching this adventure close-up, in slow-motion and analysing my own thoughts as I do is adding to the uncomfortable constellation of data points suggesting that I actually DO want incontinence, even if I started out thinking that I did NOT.  Perhaps my current position, that I could use incontinence as a tool to take my nappy use off the behavioural negotiating table by baking it in to my physiology, is just another layer of me attempting to rationalise the irrational.  Maybe I just WANT it.  I’m honestly not sure. There’s still some good news for me in Reddy’s story though.  For a start, his thread survived largely unmolested.  Historically speaking, poking one’s head above the ramparts of the body-hack-to-incontinence topic (even within the theoretically “safe space” of an entirely appropriate sub-group) appears to be an invitation have it shot off.  We’re not talking about simple challenges to ideas (I believe that NO idea should be above challenge).  Too often the responses however stray into simple ad hominem insults.  Sometimes these morph from clumsy-but-well-meaning attempts at warning, just as often from the righteous evangilising and occasionally, from the simply tin-eared-and-clueless.  The chilling effects of these historic internet-based flame campaigns have perhaps tended toward keeping these stories under a blanket. His tenacity in relating his account blow-by-blow is vanishingly rare on the searchable internet and I suspect a considerable number of others will use his example as a reason to pursue this strange dream to its conclusion.  I believe this can only be a good thing.  We may even learn if that itch has indeed been scratched for him  by all of this.  He has moved, and may yet move more metaphorical needles here. Perhaps one day, sufficient scale will exist for better recognition of the condition that drives it and the effectiveness of the remedy.  Perhaps one day this kind of surgery WOULD be legitimately available from local medical providers in a similar way to which sexual reassignment surgery is available today. That would be something to think about.
    • I keep a fresh supply of baby diapers in my urban trauma bag. Good for trauma and quick to apply.
    • When the baby girl came out and greeted him, he smiled and motioned for her to come and sit in the main room for a few minutes so he could talk to her. "Alright, baby, we need to talk.  What I'm doing right now is technically kidnapping if you ran away from home for some reason, or even if your parents kicked you out.  However, I'm going to do right by you.  So we need to talk about what is going on, baby." He reached his arms towards her in gesture.  "Come and sit on my lap for a minute so you don't get scared while we talk, sweetheart." "So, tell me how you found yourself on the streets for so long, and should I be sicking social services on someone that abandoned you here, baby?  Don't be scared.  You're not the one in trouble.  It's just really crappy for someone to throw a what, twelve?  thirteen?  however old a little girl you are on the street.  It's not safe, and it's not right." He patted her little lap. "Now, if you are scared of getting anyone in trouble, then we don't have to do that, sweetheart, but why didn't you go to the police?  They would have helped you get the right people to get you at least a safe home to be in instead of being on the street like you were." Larry hugged her.
    • Hey everyone! As I had mentioned before, this year was going to be the year of sequels, but I figured since you all read these, I might as well give you a vote on what’s next as well. Each of the following story ideas is something that I already want to write about, so don’t worry about my feelings or drive with any of the ones I present here. If no one makes a choice for whatever reason, I will just go on the path I was originally going to, but I thought this might be a nice change of pace as I hit year two posting all my stories. If this proves popular and sustainable, I’ll likely continue this with my other stories this year as well. For now though, here are the ideas: Age Regression Story For a yet to be named story, follow Peter as he deals with a world and a life that has been infected with the age regression virus. Coming off the heels of a terrorist attack, grapple with Peter as he tries to cope with his descending age and the realities that come along with it. Only time will tell if he bounces above or below the age where one begins to lose themselves truly to the whims of their new younger body. Dash’s Redemption Tentatively titled, Redemption: A Stuffy’s Tale in the Diaper Dimension, this sequel to my first story and stuffy’s tale is all about the former nemesis of Hop, Dash. Broken after their fight and his run-in with a real and vicious dog, follow this newly damaged stuffy as he tries to piece himself and his life back together now that he is no longer the shiny technological toy that he once was. Embark on his journey of self-discovery and redemption as he uncovers what it means to be a true and maybe even loving stuffy in this dimension. Bethany Set as a semi-sequel to The Opening, follow former drug runner, Bethany, as she strives to find herself a better life that has been promised in the newly discovered dimension, tentatively called, ‘The Amazon Dimension,’ though some have begun calling it another name due to the ever-increasing rumors of something awaiting all portal Littles on the other side. Join Bethany as she looks to turn her life around there and maybe even find a redemption of sorts and something else in the most unexpected of ways. Watch out though, in this new world, new and even greater dangers than the ones she left lurk around every corner. Back to this story… Moving on, I am hoping to be able to continue to post every day as I have been this week. That being said, I might have something pressing all day on Saturday, so the final chapter might not be posted until Monday (instead of Sunday) if I can’t get a bit ahead before then. Regardless, I will keep you all updated on this when I post my penultimate chapter. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this next chapter! Chapter 16: Festivities of Frivolity and Doom The winter weeks soon arrived at our doorstep, and I couldn’t help but feel the persistent chill in the air and the foreboding sense of what was to come. For the past few weeks now, as the days grew darker, my outlook on this life did the same. I was very happy with certain aspects, but almost being the new year, I wasn’t sure what I even had to look forward to. If anything, I felt like I only had fear or punishment awaiting for me in my future now. While the family and the majority of the rest of this world prepared for the annual weeklong celebration of Saturnalia, a prospect that made me miss Christmas and home even more now, I was filled with trepidation over a decision I hadn’t made lightly. The past semester, particularly after my revelation of my inadvertent exposing of Earth vulnerabilities to the Bigs here, I had started retelling some of the same stories I had told the previous semesters. As I basically only lectured or advised at an introductory class and then a single more advanced class, I rarely saw the same people, so I felt like there was nothing wrong with that strategy. That being said, I felt like I was tempting fate every time I stepped into the classroom to share something more, and now, more students were wanting to take the class and the academy was thinking of adding another class entirely for me to lecture with. The foreboding presence of Judge Franklin in the classroom about half of the time lately also did little to help my nerves, so finally, Samantha had put her foot down about a week ago. “I can’t take seeing you like this anymore, Percy. Everyday you come home a complete wreck from lecturing. I want you to have your independence and that drive that so many other Littles here lack, but I’m very worried about you.” I sighed and nodded. “I know… but the contract… protocol one… I think I would have honestly left the academy months ago now if I could, but I don’t want to end up like some drooling infant! Don’t you understand that? We’re basically trapped!” “I know that honey, and I don’t want to end up like a helpless toddler until my mind snaps either, but this is just torture,” she admitted freely. “Oppy and the rest of the family even agrees with me. We just can’t see you like this anymore… we care about you too much.” Their sentiment was touching, but I wanted to hear plan first before I bailed out and risked everything. “So, what are we going to do?” I asked. “Is there a way out, or are we just fooling ourselves and will be eventually punished anyways?” “I’ve been talking to Oppy about it. She knows all the tricks of the academy, and I think she might have found a way out. I really think that she feels guilty about her deal falling through with you.” I stared back at Samantha in shock. I didn’t know she knew about that. “Yes, honey. I know about the deal you all had, but it’s okay. I would have taken it myself, but still, I think she feels guilty about not coming through on her end for you, so she’s been brainstorming ever since you all talked about it last. From what we’ve talked about, there might just be a way out.” “Really?” I felt like Samantha had practically just revealed the existence of Santa Claus and that he was coming to meet me tonight with the amount that I was so overjoyed at even the possibility of an out for me with the academy. I felt so childish that I didn’t even care about how I looked with my giddiness while sitting here in December by a fireplace in a thick diaper and footy pajamas. “What are you all planning on doing?” I finally asked after I calmed down a little. Samantha sighed. “I’m not sure what Oppy has up her sleeves, but I’m also going to see if there might be a way out of protocol six, and by extension, protocol one. Just hang in there for now, honey, and with any luck, you can just spend your days at daycare after we’ve figured something out.” Spending all my time at daycare was something I hadn’t even considered, and her words struck me right in the chest and haunted me for the rest of the day. Only Nurple and Stripe that night seemed to abate my fears of ending up like the rest of the daycare. I felt that my avoidance of the Tabers milk altogether would have been my shield, but doubts had begun to creep into my mind after even those who avoided the milk now seemed to start succumbing to the regression felt by so many of my friends.   Regardless, like back home, to my relief and pleasant distraction, December was a time of celebration. While there was no Santa Claus or even Christmas tree, garland still hung around nearly wherever I looked. Instead of red and green though, it was usually just green and gold most often in the shapes of crescent moons, suns, and stars. Candles, fake or otherwise, usually lit up the room, and a litany of golden pinecones, nuts, or acorns were strewn about on nearly every garland and table placement. It wasn’t Earth, but it still felt homey. “Stay still,” Samantha chastised me as she tried to wrestle me into my clothing for the night. Being totally unfamiliar with Saturnalia and everything that went into it, I was pleasantly surprised about many of the activities tonight. The first was the role-reversal. “Couldn’t you have gotten one with less… buttons?” I asked, slightly annoyed as Samantha did up my vest. “You could just wear your yellow and green sweater and corduroys to the party instead,” she teased. “I’m sure you would look absolutely adorable in them.” “No, no. Just a lot is all…” I groaned. Samantha only smiled back. While the original purpose back in antiquity was to treat and dress slaves or commoners as the more elite, now, Littles were the low ones on the proverbial totem pole in this society. As such, every Little was to be dressed as an ‘adult,’ or at least as much of an adult as one could with a diaper scrunching up between their legs. For my outfit, with my approval, Samantha had found a navy-blue three-piece suit. It fit me pretty well actually and even covered up my diaper bulge from most angles. Looking back in the mirror even, I couldn’t help but feel like my old Earth self again, but I also saw what Samantha was wearing. “Isn’t this all a bit weird for you?” I asked as I gestured to her outfit. “No, silly,” she said while stifling a small giggle. She even gave me a twirl in her very pink and glittery princess dress. Apparently, some Big years ago had the bright idea of their kind participating as well, which meant that they would all be dressing younger tonight. “Don’t you like it?” “I do… it’s just…” Samantha raised an eyebrow over my hesitation. “Well, you look like you’re dressing in something that Ditzy or Chelsea would likely kill to wear themselves on any other night.” Samantha laughed. “Oh, honey, that’s the point. You’ll see it tonight. I mean, unless you’re a stick in the mud, everyone dresses up like how the holiday dictates.” She then checked her watch. “Oh shoot! We gotta go! Grab your coat and I’ll get your bag and my tiara!” Even when dressing up as an adult, my ever-present diaper bag came along as well. Nurple was coming as well, but he would stay in the car… unless there was some emergency and I needed him. The stupid interview 43C still hung about in the back of my mind and while it had gotten better, there were a few relapses still. Still, not long after, just as Samantha assured me, as soon as we got out of our car at the academy function tonight at the start of the celebration, I saw Bigs dressed like they were primed for preschool at best. I recognized most of the faculty almost immediately, and it was pretty hilarious I assure you to see professors of physics, psychology, and many other disciplines being taught here run up to the party in outfits like footed pajamas, overalls, and puffed glittery dresses. It was clear that none were wearing diapers underneath like I felt they should have for a real role reversal, but apparently that was a bit taboo for this part of the country. Going into the larger cities… from what oppy had implied last week at least, I guess was a different matter. Inside, blasts of green and gold quickly greeted me, and I was glad to see the halls of the academy so adorned and cheerful now. I had started looking at them like the doomed corridors they seemed deadest on being, but now, I felt a new life surge around them. Instead of despair, I found only frivolity. Soon, both Samantha and I were neck-deep into talking to other members of the faculty. We eventually found our family and settled in at the table that had been assigned to us. Oppy was wearing cartoon-themed pajamas with large, pink bunny slippers and Harriet sported a purple party dress while her hair was done up in pigtails. Luna had apparently opted to just be themselves, but with all the switching going around for the Bigs and Littles, it almost felt that with their still-present pull-up, being just a Middle tonight worked just right. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but stare at Chelsea’s and Ditzy’s outfits. Ditzy was sporting what essentially looked like a prom dress, even complete with a corsage on her wrist. Ditzy though, I wasn’t sure if her outfit was to denote what she hoped to become again one day, or if was just more part of her punishment. Regardless though, I guess I had to factor in that while she was still a Big technically, her mental faculties were still only slowly improving. As such, she was wearing an academy uniform… neither too adult nor too childish. “So, how are classes going?” Samantha asked Harriet with some concern and yet a discernable amount of hope. “Actually, they’re going pretty well,” Harriet cheerfully noted to the slightly growing crowd around us. Her botched mission was already news around the academy, but her subsequent breakdown had gotten out somehow, and I just knew these vultures were looking for any signs of her slipping up once more… particularly Reddington. “Pretty stressful, but I’ve never felt better honestly. My counselor has even gone so far as to call my new path forward as my true ‘raison d'etre.’” Samantha almost seemed to sigh with relief, but then rubbed her mentee’s shoulder. “I’m so happy to hear that, Harriet. I only want you to succeed and you seem well on your way to doing that.” The two smiled longingly at each other over the path that Harriet was now taking. All seemed good with her, and I couldn’t help but be relieved as well. Even Reddington’s grumbling and storming off afterward couldn’t bring the mood down. Still, I shuffled it off and soon sat down to talk more amongst the family, while our table waited to be called up for the feast that I could already smell from my seat. It was a little boring, but at least everyone ordering a round of something called ‘mulsum’ seemed to break up the lull in the party. “Trust me… you’ll like it,” Harriet tried to convince me after seeing my peculiar face after the server left. I did trust her, so I just played with my fork while everyone started to wait yet again. “Norris table,” an announcer finally said via the overhead intercom. “Norris table may go up now.” Our table needed no further prompting, and everyone, Big, Middle, and Little alike, practically sprang out of their chairs. I, however, still wanted to feel like my adult self in my suit for the night at least. I could feel I was already damp, but no one besides me knew that right now. Considering all that had happened and that could still happen, I still wanted to maintain what maturity I had somehow captured for the festival tonight. I saw a few Bigs laughing over my attempts to maintain what dignity I could in my navy-blue suit, but I felt I managed it pretty well. Even when I saw the buffet style food in front of me and my eyes widened as big as saucers, I kept my overall actions under control. “Here, sweetie. Let me help,” Samantha offered as she grabbed a plate for me as well as one for herself. I eagerly accepted and had no shame about it. I mean, the plates were already heavy, and if she was handling it, it meant that there was less chance that I could spill something on my precious suit and I could potentially pack more food onto the plate. From what I could see, there was both Little and Big food, so I quickly sighed with relief. Granted, it was essentially the same, but Bigs tended to spice up their food. Once, when I was in a particularly foul mood, I begged and begged Samantha for a bite of her delicious chicken that she had prepared throughout the whole day. She had done the same with a much smaller chicken for me, but hers was an array of smells and colored rubs on the outside that I just couldn’t pass up. I wish I did, though, as not seven seconds later, I nearly dunked my head in the sink to just cool my inflamed tongue off.   Regardless, Samantha served me only the portions for the Littles, but getting my input and making a few suggestions, we soon came back to our seats. I got situated in my highchair, a small concession I believed in exchange for such wonderful food, and then looked at my plate. Samantha had loaded it up with the special mac n’ cheese for Littles, two pigs in a blanket, and three chicken nuggets, but it also contained the festival food as well. Sausages, fried vegetables, fruit, and nuts all lined my plate, but it was the pig I was most looking forward to. Apparently a tradition, the academy had hauled in an at least ten-foot-long pig that they had roasted themselves over a spit in the back field apparently. It even had an apple in its mouth still like it was out of some cartoon, but oh boy, did it smell good. Now, gratefully, I was one of the few Littles here tonight that didn’t need a bib. Due to the Tabers milk, many of my friends were starting to become uncoordinated messes. I could see Derek across the way nearly dump the mac n’ cheese into his lap and Ditzy actually did drop some of her cut-up vegetables on herself. I couldn’t see Melley or DB tonight, but if they were here, I felt pretty confident that they sadly wouldn’t fare much better. After some time, I started to get thirsty. I eyed the water I had been drinking so far, but I also saw the mulsum as well. Chelesea and Ditzy hadn’t drank theirs yet, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying their own. So, I rocked the glass back and took in the taste. Its flavors were like a mix of mead and wine mixed in with some other spices, but my head started to quickly swim. “Oh wow…” “Something wrong, honey?” Samantha asked, turning to me in concern. “Never better, but this drink is amazing,” I said blissfully. “No idea what you all put into it, but I haven’t tasted something like this in a long time. A long time…” Everyone stopped their eating and drinking and quickly looked at me. For her part, Samantha seemed both confused and horrified for a moment. “Uh, dear?” Oppy asked nervously to Samantha. “Is it…?” Samantha nodded and quickly snatched the glass away from my hands. “Hey! That was really good!” Samantha seemingly ignored my protests for a moment and drank a bit herself. Her eyes widened as well. “Yeah… that’s not the Littles version.” The table started giggling while Samantha tried getting our server back. “What?” I asked confusedly while still trying to get my drink back from Samantha. She easily held it just out of my arm’s reach before swatting my hand away. “Sweetie…” Oppy began while she smiled down on me. “The server was supposed to get all you Littles your own mulsum. I think he gave you the Big version instead… the alcoholic one.” Everything then sadly clicked in my head. “Oh… rats.” It was another one of those unwritten rules that Melley had helped me out with, and so I learned that alcohol and Littles never went together. It didn’t matter if they were a prince, unregressed, or the president’s own… Littles just did not consume alcohol. “Stupid fake role reversal…” I muttered to myself just as the waiter took away my old drink and replaced it with my Littles version. Samantha then leaned down to me. “I heard that…” I think I yelped a little in shock that she did. She only chuckled back. “Don’t worry, baby, you’re not in trouble, but for future reference, the role reversal only deals with so many things. Practices and items stay Little-bound, like your diapers, no alcohol, and for the tempting Littles… punishment…” “I… I…”’ I tried to spit out an apology, but it really only came out. “Sorry, sorry for… uh, sorry, sorry, sorry!” Samantha smiled once more and stroked me on the cheek yet again to let me know that she wasn’t mad, and everything was okay. “It’s okay… just keep all that in mind tonight. Have fun, but try and remember the usual rules as well.” I nodded and we both bent up a little while she resumed her normal volume. “No need in getting tuckered out from an adult drink,” she covered. “We wouldn’t want you to miss your… present!” Like dogs to a high-pitched whistle or a squirrel, every Little within earshot suddenly and miraculously no longer seemed to care about their food, not even the special and creamy deliciousness of their mac n’ cheese. Instead, the soft subtle crinkling of at least a dozen or so diapers began to echo around me as each Little began to squirm in their highchairs in anticipation of what they would receive tonight. Samantha got a few dirty stares from other Bigs, but our table just laughed. “Oh, perfect, Samantha,” Harriet jested. “I just got Ditzy to calm down for long enough to take a bite of her food and not drop it at least twice before getting it in her mouth.” The table laughed again at the poor Little’s expense. With her state of regression though, Ditzy just cooed and giggled back. Samantha mouthed ‘sorry’ in all the chaos, but then bumped me lightly on my arm so I would pay attention to what she was saying in all the noise around us. “I just can’t wait to see what I got you.” I quickly panicked, having not known about the gift myself until just now. “Oh… Samantha… I didn’t get you anything! I’m so sorry…” I tried to scramble and think of anything I could get her or even promise her for the future, but being right on the spot, my mind was nearly blank. Samantha only giggled though at my comment. “No, silly. The gifts happen between us Bigs only later in the week, but tonight, it’s just for you Littles. You all really don’t have to get us anything. In fact, if you did, you would probably be the only one here tonight… heck, probably the only one within a thousand miles of here.” I felt immediate relief, but it was just another thing to show my status in this society. It was nice not having to pay for bills or for groceries anymore, but the act of gift giving was something I truly enjoyed in my previous life. So, tomorrow, I resolved myself to at least make her a card from the construction paper and crayons that were in the playroom that Samantha had set up for me, when at least Melley, DB, or anyone else came over. I was just happy my art skills, unlike my bladder or fear of the dark, hadn’t taken a beaten since I had come here.   Soon, everyone began dispersing to the central area where I now just noticed several gifts had all been laid out and neatly stacked. It was a beautiful cornucopia, but from seeing every other Littles around me, I highly doubted anyone else cared about the aesthetics in front of them. Still, it was a pretty scene, and there was admittedly a part of me that was very curious, though also very nervous, to see what Samantha had gifted me. Unfortunately, right as Little’s names started being called off, I noticed that Samantha had left our group. I panicked but saw her quickly coming back to us moments later. Instead of the smiles on everyone else’s face though, hers seemed nervous… maybe even frightened. “I… I’m sorry everyone… I need to go,” she finally said when she got to the small circle the family had formed in a corner to open the gift in relative peace. “But Sam,” Oppy tried to call back to her daughter as she left. “Your gift…” Samantha turned immediately back, and I was happy that she did, but instead, she only just bent down to Oppy. “Please watch after Percy for me, mom… please?” Oppy seemed stunned and almost as if she was somehow disappointed in her daughter, and I think Samantha saw that. Moments later, she lunged in and whispered something I couldn’t quite make out in Oppy’s ear. Oppy then slowly backed away and looked at her daughter in a more serious and even concerning way. “I understand. I’ll get Luna to take some pictures. Just go and do what you need to.” She nodded back to where Samantha had been going, and after a small nod back, Samantha disappeared behind the crowd. I was stunned. I wasn’t sad or exactly devastated, but I was definitely concerned. Samantha had even seemed to want to give this gift to me. Now though, and Oppy was a wonderful substitute, but my own caregiver was seemingly absent from all that was happening. The very person giving me the gift as part of this grand festival and whom I had grown closer to was now missing without even a single goodbye to me. I promised myself I wouldn’t fuss or even cry, but before I could even register another emotion beyond confusion, I felt myself quickly getting wrapped up into something soft behind me. “Hey, honey,” Oppy said, giving me a little hug from behind as we sat on the floor, me now practically cradled in between her legs as if I was just earning to sit up. “Sam will be back soon, but for now…” her expression suddenly turned very playful, “you got me! And watch out! I get a little kissy around this festival. So… here I come!” Without warning, Oppy then bombarded me with about a dozen kisses per second right then. Some even tickled and I tried to get her to stop. “Oppy! Stop! Stop! That tickles!” I cried from laughter under her loving torment. “Oh? Do I have a struggle bunny under my hands tonight?” she playfully questioned. “I don’t think my big old granny ears quite heard you. No magic word even… tsk, tsk… I guess mister kissy attack is gonna have to come back!” “Oh no, Percy,” Harriet joked with me. “Mister kissy attack is brutal. I’d listen to her if I were you.” Oppy dove in and I couldn’t last another round without squealing and losing that mature edge I had been trying to maintain all night. “Okay, okay!” I cried. “I surrender. Please! Just have mercy on me!” Oppy chuckled, gave me a huge hug and another kiss on my tilted back forehead. “I accept your surrender, sweetie. Now, you’re mine for the rest of the night and my one command is that you must have a good time.” I nodded at her laughable yet sweet demand and just rested back in her arms. I knew what she was doing, and to be frank, it kind of worked in distracting me from whatever was happening with Samantha. It wasn’t completely effective, but it was enough where I started to enjoy myself again as I watched others open their gifts. Ditzy was up first and to no one’s surprise, she plucked out a brand-new pacifier, as pink as I think I had ever seen before in my life and finished with a single cheery unicorn on the front button in the middle of the shield. Luna was with her tonight and even cuddled up with her as they plucked out the fingers Ditzy had been sucking on for the past five minutes at least and then popped the pacifier in. Luna was our glorified extra handy free babysitter by now, but if their tail was any indication, I don’t think they really minded. So soon, that corner of our family was just filled with the gentle tones of passive and content sucking, and the unmistakable little purring noises we had come to suspect from our own Middle of the family. Chelsea was next. Her package felt unfairly large, but her less regressed eyes now shone brightly, and I knew that had to merit special consideration. Her uncoordinated attempts took a second to rip off all the paper, reminding us again of how far she still had to go, but there was a look in her eyes that I just couldn’t shake when she unveiled her gift to be a large and colorful walker. ‘Was it shame? Excitement, maybe behind her eyes?’ I couldn’t tell, but I knew there was something there that hadn’t been at all before. Chelsea was progressing back, and she seemed as if she only wanted to emphasize that right then. “Tank ‘ou, mommy!” Oppy grinned widely back at her daughter as Harriet began to help her out by untangling the security cords holding her walker in place. Chelsea had just managed to start crawling around two weeks ago, so the walker was actually a good gift. As such, after all that and the other gifts I had seen tonight, as the large green paper and yellow ribbon package was soon scooted in front of me, I couldn’t help but wonder at what was inside. “Go on,” Oppy coaxed as she even pushed me forward slightly to better access the gift from Samantha. I started slowly, but my efforts quickly all seemed in vain as my emotions got the better of me. Soon, I almost looked like any other eager Little as I tore off the paper as fast as I could. Now, only the box stood in my way, but a small snip of the child safety scissors I was given, and the lid practically popped open. Inside and practically already coming out was a single object. It was large and fluffy, and for a moment, I thought it might have just been the packing. As I pulled it out though, I realized it was the gift itself. Suddenly, many Bigs awed, cooed, or even gasped. “What? What is it?” I asked in confusion, though my paranoia was going as far as to even think it was some trick and would soon poison everyone here. Oppy clearly heard the concern in my voice and guided her hands toward mine to fully stretch the object out. “Look, sweetie. It’s only a blanket. Nothing harmful there.” “Oh.” I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but to me right then, it just felt like a baby blanket to further cement my dwindling status in this messed up society. First, no bladder control, next daycare all the time, and soon… a life wrapped in this blanket between naps, breastfeeding, and diaper changes. “Uh… it’s… soft…” I managed to make out. I was always taught to be grateful with gifts, but right then, that was proving very difficult. Oppy giggled from behind me. “It’s okay to be a little hesitant with this, Percy. I get that it might just look like a blanket… a baby blanket at that.” I nodded and Oppy chuckled. “Well, I guess in a way it is, but this is also so much more. It’s known as a ‘Smell and Comfort’ blanket. Go ahead… give it a whiff.” I felt very self-conscious sniffing this velvety soft blue blanket now intwined in my fingers, but it was Oppy. I still trusted her, so I leaned in and sniffed. I guess I was expecting manufactured and fake strawberries or even cotton candy or ocean breeze… something like that of a general scent one could buy anywhere. To my surprise though, and while I couldn’t quite place it, it smelled both familiar and even… safe. I was confused and yet suddenly relaxed. “It smells…” “Like Samantha?” Oppy questioned out of the blue with a little gleam and wonder in her voice. I sniffed again. Lavender, baked cookies, fresh linen… and about six others I just wasn’t sure about… but the more I sniffed, the more I couldn’t deny it. “It’s her… it’s really her! H… how?” Oppy laughed. “That’s right. See, it’s a complicated piece of technology but with the weight and heating sensors inside along with the smell, it can almost act as a substitute for your caregiver or any person of your choice.” Suddenly, without warning, Oppy quickly snatched the blanket and before I could protest at all, she had wrapped me snugly up inside the blanket. “There. Just take a breath and feel it all…” The blanket was constricting, but the heaters soon turned on and the smells entered my nose in seconds. I wasn’t warm or suffocating, but my body soon relaxed nearly completely. If I even closed my eyes, I could almost feel Samantha hugging me tight right then. I was peaceful and I just laid back against Oppy as everyone enjoyed their gifts, but the blanket also made me question one thing. ‘Why do I need a replacement for someone that is already in my life?’ As if to answer my question, not long after, Samantha returned from a back room just off the main space where the festival currently was being held. Her clothes seemed a little disheveled and even her princess tiara was slightly crooked now. She soon saw us and me wrapped up in the blanket though and hurried over and then hugged me tightly. There was nothing quite like her touch to me, but the blanket I had to admit was a pretty good substitute. Still, as her arms were wrapped around me, I got a peek at Judge Franklin exiting the same way that Samantha had. My mind suddenly fired on all cylinders and tried to piece together what had happened to my caregiver. I feared it was something terrible, and I had to know, but I couldn’t just ask in front of the family. Soon though, the festival began to switch to the games portion of the night and most of the family dispersed to the other room they were housed in. Now was my time, but Samantha spoke first. “So, you like your gift?” she asked wearily while also trying to maintain the level of happiness that I guess she thought was expected of her. I nodded my head and wrestled out of the blanket for a moment before turning back to her. “I absolutely love it. I mean, I’m a bit confused why I’m getting it, and don’t mistake me for being ungrateful or hasty here, but I need t know… what happened to you? Where did you go? Are you okay?” Samantha looked away and quickly seemed pained. I feared the worst, but listened in when she looked back at me. “Percy… Judge Franklin and I talked… he…” she sighed and seemed to be holding back tears by now. “We came to an agreement tonight. We argued, but in the end… well, there’s no easy way of saying this. Percy… I have to go away for a few weeks…” It was not what I was expecting her to say at all, but I nodded for her sake, but I could also see there was more she needed to say. “Go on…” “I…” Samantha looked away as if she was fighting within herself. “I want to tell you more, Percy. I really do, but I think that would only put you in danger at this point.” Right then, if she meant to or not, her words sent me into full-on panic mode. With everything I knew, between this and the blanket as a substitute for my primary anchor of sanity in this world, I felt I was going to lose her during whatever this sudden trip she had to go on now. At this point from what I knew, I had no compunctions over the notion that Franklin and his conspirators would do almost anything to bring down the Norris family. With it all pressing down on me, I began to hyperventilate. “Woah, woah. Easy there, baby.” Samantha quickly wrapped me into the tightest hug imaginable as she stroked my hair and back in her effort to calm me down. It felt amazing but my feelings still remained. “Just take a breath. It will only be for three weeks… tops.” She then stopped her hug, took my head in her hands and looked deep into my eyes. “I promise you that. Now, say it all back to me.” I was having a hard time repeating what she had said over my rapid breathing, tears, and snot-filed nose, but I gave it my best shot. “Three weeks top. You promise.” “Good, very good, Percy. Keep reminding yourself that.” She then slowly breathed and got me to follow her deep and steady pace. I was still on edge, but her recent self-required training in calming events like these down was paying off. Soon, I was starting to regain my composure, but right then, someone called out to both of us. Hey, Sam! Percy!” the dean called out while running beside us in her own princess party dress. “Come on! We’ve got the animal noise roulette wheel all set up. I remember how lucky you were last year, Sam. Come on! We need your luck now more than ever!” ‘Isn’t that the truth… just get in line, dean…’ I chuckled to myself as quietly as I could over what I was seeing. “You know it’s not a Saturnalia festival without a little gambling and then we’ve just gotta crown our king too! Come on!” Samantha calmly nodded back at the dean, her now slightly crooked tiara still glimmering in the lights though. “We’ll be there in a sec. Just need to talk to Percy real quick here.” “Right!” she said, snapping and pointing both fingers at us before running back off. “Don’t be long, girly!” Something told me she had been hitting the mulsum a little hard tonight. Samantha broke my shock as she turned back to me and stood up after she dabbed another tear away from my cheek. ‘Okay, my brave man. I promise things will be okay. For now, though, let’s go do some gambling and just try to enjoy the night. Does that sound okay to you?” It honestly didn’t. I felt that the Bigs here, particularly the ones we could be playing against, gambled with Littles lives enough already, but I knew we had to blend in and join the festival once more before someone started asking questions. Plus, Samantha was going to leave in two weeks for wherever she was tasked to go. Until then, I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. So, I took her hand, and she led me off. Samantha deposited my wonderful blanket with the rest of the family’s gifts and then entered the hall of games. It was a brilliant affair filled with wonder and excitement, but I couldn’t take my mind off my still-present fears. I felt that Samantha, trying to protect my feelings, wouldn’t tell me, but I suspected more than anything that this sudden long trip had something to do with my desire to leave the academy the following semester. Now, she would likely be endangering her life possibly because of my own fears of betraying a place I hadn’t seen now in almost a year. Further, I wanted to believe Samantha so badly that things would be okay. I usually trusted her these days with anything she said. I might have even believed her if she told me that the sky was suddenly all bright pink, but today, when she told me things would be okay, I still felt a twinge of doubt in my gut. Even then, as I looked over at the animal noise roulette wheel, I saw Judge Franklin already there and staring intently back at us. Maybe it was his presence there or just my luck in this dimension, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was coming for us in the new year.
    • She sobs burying her face into his chest happy she doesnt have to walk the rest of the way she keeps trying her breath angry with herself for getting all her dirt and tears and now pee on his clothes. as she stripped down to her underwear she almost forgot she had on her Minnie Mouse themed undies. She had picked out all her disney items from her place to take with her from the storage unit she had her stuff locked up in mainly cause she hoped they would keep her happy for the rough days ahead. But now she realized it made her look childish. But she nods at his instructions and wipes a tear from her eyes. "thank you so much i'm so sorry" she says as she  picks up her drawstring bag and rushes in to the bathroom and closes the door stripping off the dingy white bra and panties. she turns on the shower and sits on the toilet as instructed. There wasn't a lot of pee left but she was finally able to release the number two that she had been holding all day. when the steam from the shower starts to increase she finally steps in the shower and takes a good 30minutes enjoying the warm water scrubbing every inch of her body. she finally steps out the bathroom and cracked open the door and found the clothes and quickly grabbed them closing the door again.  she lifted each of them. She realized she didn't give him a bra size but she remembered she had a tank top in her bag that would suffice. so then picks up the pack of Pocahontas panties and chuckles. well not much different than what i was wearing shes acting like a child might as well dress like one too. she puts on the pants and long sleeve shirt. she takes out her toothbrush from the bag and begins to brush her teeth with the provided toothpaste. she finally emerges from the bathroom with a smile she goes to find him in the room 
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