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  1. Dress up

  2. My new nappies

    Very nice outfit babyemz:)
  3. I am new in this club i love wearing diapers. It is also a turnon for me to see females in diapers. I have always wanted to have diaper sex with a female.i am from pennsylvania. I am a 50 year old male. I hope to hear from you soon.until then happy diapering :).
  4. Rules / Agreements married ones

    I just told my wife i wear a few days ago she had no idea that i wore. She knewvi wore an incontinince pad for a small incontinince problem .but i had a bad accident at work a few years ago and i had such a pit in my stomach telling her about my wearing. I told her that i was having accidents at night from the medicine that i am taking as it makes me very sleepy. She said that it is ok whew what a relief.so i ordered a case of abu simple scented. I do not have to sneak anymore . i have always loved wearing to.:).
  5. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I love a wet saggy diaper between my legs
  6. love being rough with my nipples

    Very nice photo of rough nipples can i be rough with your nipples lol
  7. 3dab89486bbc16e4b8f509b401a6f757--cribs-lack.jpg

    Very nice diaper photo:)
  8. Hello diapee gurl if you ever want to chat look me up hope to hear from you until then happy diapering:).

  9. Thank you for the information

  10. Abu simple diapers

    Are abu diapers loud and crinkly? Are they bulky? Are they absorbant? If you have used them please let me know thank you.
  11. Tena slip maxi

    Are tena slip maxi's absorbant? Are they 2 tapes or 4? Are they loud and crinkly? If you have used them please let me know thank you.
  12. Doubling up

    Does anyone use a incontince pad or maxi pad with there diaper if so how do you like it?:)
  13. Attends plastic briefs

    Does anyone love the attends plastic briefs as much as i do? They are not abu preschool plastics scented but with alot of baby powder they are awesome i love that crinkle its just like pampers:).
  14. I love all your diaper photos they are wonderful :)


    1. Jennifer Funshine

      Jennifer Funshine

      Why thank you very much, I just seen your reply, that's very sweet of you! :)

    2. I love pampers

      I love pampers

      Your welcome jennifer:)

      Your welcome jennifer:)

  15. Sissy Baby Gurls

    I love all of these photos they are hot i woiuld love to see more:).