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  1. Doubling up

    Does anyone use a incontince pad or maxi pad with there diaper if so how do you like it?:)
  2. Attends plastic briefs

    Does anyone love the attends plastic briefs as much as i do? They are not abu preschool plastics scented but with alot of baby powder they are awesome i love that crinkle its just like pampers:).
  3. I love all your diaper photos they are wonderful :)


    1. Jennifer Funshine

      Jennifer Funshine

      Why thank you very much, I just seen your reply, that's very sweet of you! :)

    2. I love pampers

      I love pampers

      Your welcome jennifer:)

      Your welcome jennifer:)

  4. Sissy Baby Gurls

    I love all of these photos they are hot i woiuld love to see more:).
  5. I love pampers

    My christmas diapered pictures my abu preschool plastic scented i love them
  6. What is everyones diaper wish

    What is everyones diapered wish for christmas? Happy diaper christmas:).
  7. Waiting for new diaper shipment :(

    I am currently out of diapers waiting on a shipment and have to use maxi pads in there place. Has anyone had to do this? Im unhappy when not diapered up:(.
  8. I am a 50 year old male diaper lover looking for a diaper loving mommy for friendship and possible get togethers:).
  9. I am a 50 year old male looking for a female diaper lover and mommy for friendship and possible get togethers:).
  10. I am a 50 year old male looking for a female diaper lover and mommy for friendship and maybe get togethers:).
  11. DSC_9697a.jpg

    I love all of these diapered pictures you are a beautiful diapered mommy:).
  12. 03 - A0gRUnk.jpg

    What kind of diapers do you luke to wear?
  13. 31 - cmY9h6z.jpg

    Love it...:).
  14. 03 - A0gRUnk.jpg

    Very nice diaper pictures:)
  15. A question about AB universe diapers

    Try abu presschool plastic scented not only when you get them scented they smell like pampers but you get a lift wet or dry.:).