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  1. Slim27

    Diaper help

    I need some advice on a problem i've been having, everytime i wet the bed my pee leaks out of the waistband and i'm getting tired of haveing to wash bed pads multiple times a week, is there any way to stop this besides buying expensive diapers? Btw the ones i've tried so far are walgreens brand, molicare super plus, tranquility premium overnight pull ons, and seni super plus. Any help or advice is greaty appreciated, thank you.
  2. Slim27

    Diaper sag solution

    Thanks for all the suggestions i think i'll go with a white onesie as a undershirt, i tried diaper covers before and they were too hot
  3. Slim27

    Diaper sag solution

    Hi all i wear diapers 24/7 and noticed my diaper sagging so i need suggestions of what i can get to stop it from sagging and to hide it when my shirt raises up i was thinking a plain white onesie would work but wasn't sure where the best place to get one from was, or if there is a better solution. thanks
  4. Slim27


    I have a faux fur blanket/throw that i got from meijer and i bought it because I was walking along and brushed my hand against it and it was so soft and comfy that i just had to buy it lol.
  5. I must have strong skin cause i never got a diaper rash yet or if i have I didn't notice it
  6. Just curious to see if most abdls are like me where you will use a different diaper diaper depending on where you are or what you are doing . For me I wear seni super plus at work so I won't have to change so co-workers won't find out my secret, and then when I'm not i work i wear cheap diapers that need to be changed more often cause I could really care less if random people I don't know see me changing my diaper or know that I'm wearing one
  7. Slim27

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    I like plastic back but prefer cloth backed when out walking alot or working, cause i wore a confidry to an amusement park to see if it would last all day and it did, but the problem was the middle of the diaper was sagging after a while and rubbing against my thigh irritating it wear as a cloth diaper wouldn,t
  8. Slim27

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I' in a seni super plus but when i get up I'm switching to a dry 24/7 and seeing if it can survive a full day at an amusement park (yes I will have extras just in case it doesn't and i have to change lol)
  9. Slim27

    Diaper Punishment/Discipline to Yourself

    I hope you don't find this weird but enjoy smashing my face into my pee soaked diaper everytime I take it off to get in the shower i like the smell and it feels like it cleans my pores and dries up any oil on my face
  10. Slim27

    Cloth diaper inserts

    Can you please send me a link to get those, I found birdseye and gauze flatfolds but i could not find the flannel flatfolds
  11. Slim27

    Cloth diaper inserts

    Update: I just got 2 layer zorb 2 dimples diaper inserts and i am very unimpressed but happy that i didn't waste too much money. The claim was that they can absorb 10 times their weight but they only absorbed 2-3 times their weight so it's back to the drawing board for me for diaper inserts
  12. Slim27

    Why I love diapers!

    I do wear diapers 24/7, the only time I'm not wearing one is when I'm in water e.g.. water park, shower, pool
  13. Slim27

    REAL accidents

    That will never be a issue,as I wear 24/7
  14. Slim27

    REAL accidents

    So i just had a scary incident i just had a real leginamate accident and hope that my brother doesn't smell it and ask about it. I was letting the dog outside after I had just got done in the bathroom and then it just hit me, some runny poop came out before I could even get to the stairs, and I'm standing there like holy shit i just leginamately shit myself so i went to my room in the basement to change and the feeling came again and my diapee was already messy so i was like screw it, since I already have a mess in my diaper i should make sure I'm done before I change so i proceeded to finish pooping in my diaper and then changed out my diaper and the garbage bag. Does anybody have any similar situations that they would like to share?
  15. I can and have peed while laying down but it has always leaked when not wearing a cloth diaper as i have been having a really hard time to train myself to pee before my bladder is full. With that being said does anybody have any suggestions on how to pee in diaper before bladder is full as i dont get the feeling to go at all until its about to burst