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  1. I have to take fiber supplements even as a baby i was always getting constipated my mom said no matter how much fiber I have in my diet so if you can get away without taking them thats good but for me I have to take them
  2. I take fiber gummies daily and that works good for me
  3. I'm the same way I've never gotten a rash so when I poop my diaper I do everything I can to stay in it a long time I think 24 hours was the longest but haven't done it in a while cause unfortunately it hasn't been soft enough lately
  4. That looks good but the size I need for my pocket diapers is 8 inch by 20 inch the only ones I could find in that size are microfiber and I steered away from those cause they're prone to compression leaks
  5. Oh ok I thought you just giving your opinion on them
  6. I don't think you read my post correctly cause your reply didn't answer the question I was asking
  7. Hello I am new to pocket diapers and want to know what the best materials for inserts are and if there are any combinations to allow me to wear a pocket diaper for up to 10 hours with no leaks. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions, after wearing disposables every day for 3 years I am trying to find a cheaper long time option since the only disposables that work that long are seni super plus paired with a somewhat thick doubler
  8. I was wondering if anyone has tried the livdry ultimate underwear and if so I wanted to know if it holds the 90oz of fluid that it claims to hold without leaking any reviews will be appreciated cause I haven't found any other Inexpensive diapers that will not leak at night
  9. I had to take my poopy diaper off and clean up after my new record of 21 hours and didn't put any powder or cream on before hand and have absolutely no rash at all so I'm sure that it would be safe for me to go much longer next time. (I would have kept it on longer but I had to go to the hospital to see my grandfather for the last time he passed away at age 86)😭
  10. Starting a new forum to see what the longest time we have all spent in poopy diapers, for me I'm not sure but I know I've done it overnight and am in one right now and I will purposely pee in my diaper can to extend the time I can keep my poopy diaper on because of how much I love the feeling and the fact that I have never gotten any painful diaper rash( and i also have calmoseptine on hand if any does arise that will clear it up right away and works for mosquitoe bites too.)
  11. Got home from the movies about 2 hours ago and pooped my diaper then fell asleep for a couple hours woke up and pooped again and am still in it and have no plans of taking it off anytime soon.(I don't have to worry about diaper rash cause I've slept overnight in poopy diapers many times and never had any problems) If I could I would create a fantasy world where toilets didn't exist so everybody would wear diapers and restrooms would have changing tables instead of toilets with a call button for anyone who needed help changing lol
  12. I'm experimenting with a xl goodnight and it just leaked a little😭
  13. I tried tunnel plugs but they didn't work for me , the small one kept coming out and I couldn't get the medium one to go in
  14. Abena m4 is in my price range so i will try them
  15. Thats the issue is any bags we bring into work have to be checked and i dont want anybody at work to find out i wear diapers and there is also no trash can in the restroom
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