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  1. Hi there are just so many diapers to chose from so hopefully you guys can help me out. I'm in search of diapers that have better absorbency and don't fall apart like tena ultra but also costs less that confidry and bambino. Thank you.
  2. Wasting diapers

    No i usually only poop in the toilet
  3. Wasting diapers

    Does anyone else feel like They're wasting a diaper if the dont soak the entire absorbent area? I do so i keep my diaper on until its about to leak( or sometimes I go a little too far and it does leak) lol.
  4. Need help peeing

    Yeah i realized that the tena ultra that i were using for work werent good enough for me to trust so when i run out of the bambino classico I'm thinking about trying the northshore supreme unless there is any other diapers that i can find that are better then tena but cost less then bambinos
  5. Need help peeing

    Yes I end up flooding my nappy everytime so i have to wear tena ultra or better to prevent leaks when wetting
  6. When Kids (of all ages) Love Diapers

    I told my parents that i was incontinent and had to wear diapers(even though I'm not) long after I had been out of their house only because we were going to be going on a family vacation and be staying in the same hotel room so the questions wouldn' end up ruining our vacation and they accepted it after i told them that me and my doctor have my issue taken care of
  7. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    If i shave myself clean down there i get rashes like crazy but when i stopped shaving so did the rashes
  8. Need help peeing

    Hi all this might sound kinda weird but i need help peeing. I've been wearing for almost i year now and i can only pee while standing up still and i can't do it when I'm close by anyone either or while sitting or sleeping or walking can someone please help me figure out why and how to fix this. thank you
  9. What is everyones diaper wish

    My wish would be for any and everyhing ab/dl related to be view normal by everyone in the world and to be able to openly to say I need a diaper change in public without getting any weird looks or being judged
  10. Full-Time Mommy For A Full-Time Baby

    I had one question that totally blows my mind but how in God's name does he go through 12 diapers a day!? I wear full time and even if i went 1 and 2 in them I would only need 6 at the most but on a daily basis i use probably 4
  11. Getting in the season...

    If i lived close enough i would come visit you for Christmas as a fellow dl friend
  12. Discrete diaper pail solutions?

    Simplehuman makes a kitchen size trash can with a step to open lid and also has a lock for the lid for around $50 it contains the smell unless i let it overflow lol
  13. Unfortunate truth. Are there others?

    For me I sleep better with one on cause without one on to use the restroom i have to walk up the basement steps go from the back of the house to the front walk up more steps to the upstairs where the restroom is and then repeat the whole process in reverse to get back to my bed.
  14. How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    The 2 oldest memories i have is 1 of telling my grandparents the the Vcr fud up, and the other is yelling for my mom after I sat down to use the potty chair and missed after a stream started going across the floor from under it
  15. Ultra or super?

    Hi I've tried the tena ultra and they're pretty good but i was wondering if anyone has ever tried the tena super and if so if it is worth paying the little bit extra money for them.