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  1. Should I tell a friend?

    I had to tell my friends cause we were sharing a hotel room (separate beds) when visiting a amusement park
  2. Favorite diapers?

    I have 2 favorite diapers my favorite one for at home use only is tykeables and then my favorite non ab diaper for,away from home use is prevail per fit 360
  3. Pooping in private or public?

    If i could poop whenever and where ever i wanted to without anyone noticing or finding i totally would especially because if how nasty some public restrooms can be
  4. Hope this ain't too off topic but if it was my choice and a fantasy world i would just say for get the whole toilet thing and just have everyone wear diapers lol
  5. How do you feel when you wake up wet?

    When I wake up wet i feel happy but also I feel like a disappointed little boy who is trying to stop bedwetting. Probably cause i remember many times as a boy going into my parents room crying that i wet the bed until up until around 13 i remember in sixth grade camp waking up to a wet sleeping bag luckily nobody else found out lol
  6. Diaper pail

    So i had a experience the other day that i hope doesnt happen again but thankfully it was a friend that knows i wear. but anyways he came over to hang out and said it smells like piss in my room and realized it was the cloth diapers that i had sitting on the floor under some clothes cause my disposables are in a can with a locking lid i need suggestions if what would be the best thing to use to put my dirty cloth diapers in that will block the smell. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry about the long explanation.
  7. Babykins diaper cover

    Hi i need some more diaper cover and like my leakmaster but they are kind of expensive so at babykins i came across 2 different vinyl diaper covers that are less then $20 each and wanted to know if they have ever tried them and if they work good or not btw they will be used over cloth diapers
  8. Anyone from toledo area here?

    Looking for for friends to hang out with and share my interests in diapers with.
  9. Buying adult cloth diapers

    I'm new to buying cloth diapers and with so many choices and prices I'm starting to get a little frustrated trying to figure out how much to pay, which fabric to get and which site to buy from. Any suggestions or help would be really helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. Poop preventing pee

    Hi I've been having a recent problem where if i have to pee and poop at the same time i can't release pee until i release the poop first. Is this normal?
  11. Switch to cloth

    Hi i am trying to switch to cloth diapers that have really good absorbency and need suggestions I already tried a cheap $10 birdseye snap on diaper and sadly it started leaking after the 1st wetting. (bulkieness of diaper doesn't matter to me but i prefer one that i dont have to use pins with)
  12. Reducing smell

    Hi was wondering what is the best product to use to reduce or get rid of the smell from accidents and the best place to get it from
  13. Shaving pee pee

    Hi this is fit the guys(or little boys) that shave their sensitive area i was wondering if there's a easier or safer way to do it then using a beard trimmer cause i got a small cut from it
  14. diaper pants irritation

    Have you tried gary wear active, or leakmaster yet those seem to be the 2 most comfortable ones for me
  15. Hi i'm looking for a mommy or daddy to help change my diapers that lives in or near toledo,ohio area or any abdls that would just like to hang out.