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  1. I can and have peed while laying down but it has always leaked when not wearing a cloth diaper as i have been having a really hard time to train myself to pee before my bladder is full. With that being said does anybody have any suggestions on how to pee in diaper before bladder is full as i dont get the feeling to go at all until its about to burst
  2. Slim27

    Cloth diaper inserts

    I checked that out and it sounds good which one should i get and how many layers and where from as i dont know how to sew or have a sewing machine
  3. Slim27

    Cloth diaper inserts

    I'm trying to save money by extending my diaper usage but don't like plastic pants because they're too hot so i wanted to use cloth diaper inserts in my disposables but am not sure which ones are good so hoping to find an answer here thank you
  4. Slim27

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I'm wearing a seni super plus with a cloth diaper insert
  5. I'm so excited that i will be getting my own house soon and i already made rules for my diapers and toilet usage and they are 1- diapers are to be worn and used for number 1 and 2 at all times, 2 - only time toilet is used is for number 2 if someone is visiting or going to visit or if i will be going out soon, and 3- toilet is stricting prohibited from me doing number 1 in unless it happens while i am doing number 2. Does anybody else have rules for toilet/diaper usage?
  6. Slim27

    Diaper bulge ??

    The other day I did the most daring thing I've done with diapers i went out in public wearing double cloth diapers that were already half wet from wearing them overnight but i don' think anyone noticed cause i wore a long shirt that covered my diapered area
  7. Slim27

    Favorite poopy

    Hi I'm starting this this thread to here about everybody's most enjoyed poopy mine was when i was just standing in the kitchen doing dishes and it was so soft that it came out with almost no effort but unfortunately it was only the one time and every time i went poopy after that i had to really try to push it out as it was so big and hard that my diaper wasn' allowing it to come out all the way
  8. My favorite position to do a poopy is just like a baby anytime any position as long as I'm not in public but preferably standing up while going about my daily activities/chores
  9. Slim27

    Need advice

    Diapers are getting low again and after going though almost a whole case of seni super plus in a month i was wondering if prevail per fit would be a better choice or if they have anything bad about them. Ps I wanted to buy just 1 bag but i cant find that option without getting ripped off with s+h
  10. Slim27

    Buying adult cloth diapers

    I've found that changing times diaper co. has the best price for the quality and amount of absorbency you get
  11. Slim27

    Babys' bed time

    I try all those sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
  12. I know how u feel cause i live with someone right now but will be moving out this spring or early summer and i have been having dreams of all the things that I'll be able to do living in my own that i can't do now
  13. Slim27

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I'm out in public with a confidry 24/7 on
  14. I just tried the seni super plus and i am truly amazed at how much they hold for the price. They hold twice as much as tena ultra, they're more comfortable and they don' fall apart either. If u are looking for great cloth backed disposables these are the best bang for your buck
  15. Slim27

    Bigger, bulkier but soft messes?

    Eating fiber one brand foods work for me, they have great tasting bars and cereals