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  1. hi

    The only way to be safe with the potty monster here is to give him my poo poo he said if i give him my pee pee he'll eat me lol
  2. Odd questions

    Hi i just a couple slightly odd questions, the first one i was wondering if there are any men' jeans that have extra space in the crotch to accommdate thicker diapers, and my second question is does anyone have black friday deals on adult diapers. Thanks for any responses and happy early thanksgiving. Lol
  3. Diaper bulge ??

    I dont care if anyone sees my bulge i figure they'll just think i have a medical condition if they see it. I wore a dry 24/7 the other day at a 9 hour shift at work and the bulge was so big i couldn't pull my jeans up past my waist and i felt so babyish but protected at the same time cause i almost had some very embarrassng moments with cheaper diapers where i had to go to the restroom and shove a bunch of tp in my diaper lol
  4. New favorite diaper

    Hi i just tried a confidry 24/7 for the first time today and i fell in love with it. It makes me feel so babyish (which I love) but also safe and protected from leaks at the same time
  5. Dry Care 24/7

    Where is the best place to get these from I'm need of diapers that will last 8-12 hours
  6. Tena stretch ultra almost good enough

    It doesn't necessarily need to be be a stretch diaper, its just that it seemed to hold more and squish out less then the non stretch tena ultra It doesn't necessarily need to be be a stretch diaper, its just that it seemed to hold more and squish out less then the non stretch tena ultra
  7. Hi i finally tried the tena stretch all day at work and i was amazed it held 4 medium to large wettings while I was standing and walking when i sat down in my car to go home thats when the problem came of some pee squishing out the legs so i am in search of something that's just a little bit better then tena stretch ultra. Thanks for any suggestions
  8. My method for simulated poop

    Fiber one bars and cereal always help me go
  9. Leak problems

    So i have a problem with pee squishing out of my diapers when i sit down and I'm using tena ultras, my question is is there any diapers similar in price that won't do this?
  10. Just curious

    Hi i am curious to know if there are any African American abdl on here because I haven't seen any.
  11. Thats why i would never poop in cloth its too much cleanup compared to pooping in a disposable and throwing it away
  12. How many times in one diaper

    I only go once in my diaper and not that often cause i live with my brother so if i do it too much i wont be able to hide the smell in my personal trash can but once I get my own house I'll go as much as I want and get have air freshers handy lol
  13. How to poop

    It sounds like it might be a mental issue where you need to tell yourself that its normal to poop in a diaper but also drinking coffee helps me too
  14. Should I tell a friend?

    I had to tell my friends cause we were sharing a hotel room (separate beds) when visiting a amusement park
  15. Favorite diapers?

    I have 2 favorite diapers my favorite one for at home use only is tykeables and then my favorite non ab diaper for,away from home use is prevail per fit 360