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  1. Diaper changes fantasies

    Who do you think would be someone you fantizice to change your diaper if you could be a toddler again? This is someone not just for the reasons of being "hott" or "sexy" but perhaps some other detail about them that you think they would be very sweet to have change you. I'm so curious to hear your responses
  2. This may be weird to some, but my diapering fanatsy isn't sexual really but more soft and tender. I've always wanted to know what it's like to wet or mess my diaper with the impending doom that i'm going to be discovered and changed. I'd love to be babysat but an older lady, one who has a lot of year of experience babysitting and nannying. This is someonw that at my toddler age I'm embarassed to be changed by, because unlike my mom who just changes me like its a nusance (her toddler who she's impatient about being potty trained) , this older woman than my mother babies me to the point of being really shy and ashamed of messing my diapers. Maybe my mother asks me if I've peed my diaper, maybe she's treated it as this point like I'm just having my outfit changed because she's tired off diaperig me. This old lady might playfully swoop me of my feet, give me an Eskimo kiss, before pulling the back waistband of my diaper to inspect down. If I've messed my diaper, she might playfully hold her nose and kiss me on the forehead, giving me a a sense of embarrassment for being treated this way. She's someone who when I poop in my diaper I desperately try to hide, knowing i' going to be changed eventually and hating every part of thay realization. She is someone who kills me with love:
  3. As some of you may know, based on the stories I've either written or the posts that I've made that my ideal mommy is more that of a grandmotherly type. A woman with years of experience under her belt, one that doesn't tolerate nonsense but can be sweet as a button if you're behaving well. I don't know where this specific attraction started, but I feel like I'm on of the few people that have this sort of ideal vision of someone I fantasize about diapering me. A part of me thinks that, theres something more realistic about that kind of caretaker and thats what also makes me connected to it. I see a lot of people on here describing their "mommies" as big breasted blonde bombshells, the "girl next door type". I'm not here to rag on what someone else is into but I think the reason I have a hard time getting behind that is because they seem almost contrived and unrealistic. Whereas a lady with greying hair, a sweet syrupy smile and years of experience changing poopy diapers and knowing when someone needs to be changed is sooo much more appealing to me. I wanted to make this post in hopes to hear what your ideal caretaker types are like. Maybe she/he's a big larger in body type? Who knows, I'd love to hear your input on this and to make it fun I'd love for each person to post a photo of what their idea caretaker would look like. This is someone you want to see looking down at you as you're strapped to the changing table and waiting to be cleaned up, NOT someone who you have a sexualized fantasy with, thanks in advance for all your wonderful input!
  4. Aphrodisiacs

    Okay so maybe I used the word in the wrong context or defition, but I guess meant turn on. *Update* I recently told this girl whom I recently sleep with that I get turned on by those kinds of scents, so I'm excited to be able to see what it's like for us to be lathered but in baby lotion/oil while having sex and see if it does elevate it for me
  5. Aphrodisiacs

    Are various diaper scents such as baby powder, oil, lotion or even the scent of a disposable diaper turn anyone one? I was wondering if they could be used to heighten sex a bit for a DL such a myself. I figured, if you were seeing someone and were shy to tell them you were an ABDL they could be a sort of hiding in plain sight way of introducing that element into the bedroom, almost a win/win of sorts. Has anyone ever used one of these scents in some way during sex and did it elevate the feelings for you? I would really love to hear people's thoughts on this, thanks!
  6. An Australian mommy

    I've been living in Australia for the past six months and lately it's kind of altered I fantasy mommy a bit. After seeing diaper commercials and just generally falling in love with the Australian accent, it's made me want to have an aussie mommy. The sweet sounding voice of an accent from far away as she whispers to me: "somebody needs a nappy change", I imagine her having a 90's look as well seeing as thats when I was a toddler and how I'd want her aesthetic to be. Maybe she's babysitting me and she lived in a small house in a rural part of Victoria. I don't know but lately I've really just been fantasizing about have an Australian mommy change my diaper. How do you feel from this, has anyone ever given this any thought before?
  7. I don't know what it is but for some reason I love the smell of a diaper that's been peed in, it's like the nice babyish scent of the Pamper or Luvs trying to combat the scent of the urine but the two sort of both being present. Theres something about it that really makes me blush, whenever I smell the two mixed I can't help but feel more babyish.
  8. I'm interested in finding someone to commission a story for me, someone who enjoys writing and wouldn't mind taking some loose story ideas and making something short and sweet out of it. If this is something that might interest you, shoot me a message ands I'd be happy to provide more details
  9. Diapered by an older lady

    "the idea that this person is old enough that they could've changed you when you actually were a baby could make you feel even younger or put you into a little mindset." THIS!!
  10. Diapered by an older lady

    For some reason when I was kid and started to fantasize about being put back into diapers & being changed again, my fantasies usually revolved around being diapered by much older women. Or, at least older than my mother (women in their late 50's and older). I could never really put a finger on why this was, something about their experience changing dirty diapers or maybe even just their loving desire to take care of little ones again but for some reason they were always my ideal caretaker type. I never understood some dude's ideas of big breasted blonde haired super models changing and diapered them, it always seemed unrealistic to me for some reason. At the same time I pass no judgement on what someone's diaper kink entails but, I imagine a tall, jovial and happy lady who is much older but still very youthful. She has poofy greyish hair and when she discovers that I've made a mess in my Pamper she's delighted and not rolling her eyes like some young babysitter. Theres also a nonsense attitude towards it, if she wants to change me shes GOING to change me, none of this me putting up a fight or pleading not to have my diaper changed. At the same time she's playfull, lifting me up under my armpits to use her detective like nose to investigate, playfully scrunching up her nose when stating it's certainly time for a diaper changin'. I don't know why I felt the need to share, I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar idea in mind of who they'd want to be diapered and pampered by if they had the chance.
  11. Any ABDL in Melbourne?

    I'm moving to Australia at the beginning of next year and I was curious is there was any ABDL out in that area? Girls mainly
  12. Just bought some Pampers Easy Ups

    Wow, my face red from cheek to cheek. The soft kashmir like padding on the inside of the diaper against my rear makes me feel warm and safe, the scent of diaper wafting up is so intense and intoxicating. I actually put on two in order to try and recreate the thick padding like feel of it if I were smaller. I guess I wanted to share this because I'd love to eventually share some photos of me wearing them, however I'm really shy about everyone seeing some maybe if someone is interested then they came message me
  13. Forced regression stories?

    Read my story "Ellen's Visitor"
  14. The Aisle

    This is an unfinished story that Minachan helped me start, currently looking for someone to help me finish it. I hope you all enjoy! Nick peeked his head around the corner, looming down the empty aisle, no mother's in sight but it only felt like some sort of calm before a storm. Like, at any minute a group of moms would come through and start looking at...the diapers. He chicked out for a moment and walked back over to the electronics section, going over and over in his head of why he's be in the aisle if someone also came through, obvious to the fact that nobody would really care or even ask. Making his way back, he then started to walk down the aisle again, looking wide-eyed at all the different brands of diapers with their cute covers and trying to inhale the intoxicating scents. Occasionally without looking at the diapers, he'd put his hand up to a pack and squeeze to feel how thick they were. It almost felt as it the many diapers could stop a bullet with how many were crammed in each package, the thought giving him butterflies. Nancy was passing by the security office of the store on her way out of the ladies' room. Normally, she wouldn't have peered inside the office at the wide ranger of security televisions, but for some reason, seeing the door open, something it shouldn't be, she felt mischievous and took a peek inside when she saw something most interesting. A little boy, possibly lost but possibly not, standing perfectly still in front of shelves full of Pampers, Huggies and Luvs diapers. He stood perfectly still, as though he had been hypnotized by them and she watched as he reached out, his head twisting from side to side, terrified someone may be watching, unknowing that someone was watching, and squeezed a mega-pack of crinkly plastic Luvs diapers. He squeezed them again and again and Nancy smiled as she made her way back into the store, turning past the checkout counters and heading into the grocery department of the big box store. Her heels clicked loudly as each step took her closer and closer to the baby aisle, where the devious boy was off in a diaper wonderland. As she reached the aisle with her cart, she turned inside, walking casually as though she intended to be there, stopping right behind the boy. "Excuse me," she asked softly. "I need to get a pack of those, sweetie." Turning around in shock and shifting his body out of the ladie's way in a sudden panic, Nick then started to walk down the aisle with his eyes blindly looking forward, trying to ignore the endless diapers stacked up on each side of him and trying not to show any interest at all. A mix of embarrassment for not noticing the lady and a sense of butterflies going through his tummy for knowing she was buying diapers along with many questions that raced through his mind; Who was she buying them for? Was she going to change someone in them or was she just picking them up for someone? What brand did she get? All of these intense emotions and excitement raced through his mind as he walked over to a PS4 display and began playing, not really caring but doing something to make him not seem like he was blissfully daydreaming.. Nancy smiled a little as the boy walked away like a toy soldier, his legs wooden and moving like stilts as he made his way down the long end of the diaper aisle. She watched as he tried his hardest not to turn his head, pulling it back to face the end of the aisle as his eyes drifted over all the sweet-smelling baby products stacked high above him on both sides. Nancy began to hum as she placed two mega-size packs of Luvs in her cart and followed him casually to the electronics section, leaving her cart near him, just in his peripheral line of sight as he looked at the PS4 display. She wanted to see if he is interested more in little baby things than big boy things as she "abandoned" the cart to look at some nearby linens. She wondered what she would find when she came back. Sensing the shopping cart not far away from him in front of some TVs, he began derive his attention away from the PS4 display and feel his passion making him want to walk over. "What?!" he thought to himself, it's like the aisle was reminding him and temping him. I mean, what were the chances he would look over to see a cart with just diapers in them..he gulped and looked back at the PS4 display, thinking that he should probably head home soon but...*turning his head over again*...finally, before looking around, he realized since they were so close to the giant HDTV displays, he could walk up to the cart and it would look as if he was only looking at the TVs. The cart was surely abandoned as it had been there for a solid ten minutes, and considering it was close to being black friday and holiday season that sort of thing was too common. Finally, with the strength to pull himself away he walked over to the TV nearest the cart, starting blankly at the generic orchestra footage playing to display the TV's vivid color and crisp sound. Not yet moving his head he simply peered his eyes downward, looking to see that the diapers in cart were none other than Luvs. A slight and very faint waft of the babyish scent came up from the cart that pierced through his heart like eyes, making the butterflies come back. He then began looking down at the diapers and then around to see everyone caught up in their own business. Again and again he did this, standing there like he suspended in animation before finally reaching down and feeling the diapers through the package. Again, he could feel dozens and dozens of them packed together like sardines..giving him an intense rush. He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled intensely, sending a shiver down his spine. Nancy had found some nice new bath towels and was coming back to her cart when she saw the boy standing there near it, trying to focus on the TV. Oh, he thought he was fooling everyone, but not her. A big boy would have been looking at the video games still, not at an HDTV he couldn't even come close to affording or even think of asking for for Christmas, and it was no coincidence he was looking at the one right at the end, even though they were all playing the same orchestra footage - the one right next to where she left her cart. She stood just slightly behind a display of toasters as his paranoia relented and he found the fortitude to reach into someone else's cart - her cart - and pick up one of the large plastic packages. She watched as he squeezed the pack like it was a long-forgotten teddy bear and then as he placed his nose against the plastic wrap, smiling as his nostrils expanded. There was no doubt about it. This boy was in the diaper aisle for the exact reason she thought he was. He may not have known it yet, but he had been waiting for someone like Nancy to find him, and find him she did. As the boy was lost in the babyish fragrance emitting from the mint-green plastic wrap, Nancy again stood behind the boy. This time, in a much more knowing tone but not loud enough to call attention to them, she addressed him. "My goodness, what do we have here? Where are your parents, young man? Do they know you're going around doing this?" Turning around and jumping backwards Nick looked up in horror at the lady's interrogative smirk...slowly backing up and dropping the pack of Luvs on the floor while attempting to drop it back in the cart. "I...I thought it w- was my stuff, I lost it and well.." feeling the cold sweat, Nick tried to talk but quiet enough so that nobody else could hear. He couldn't believe it, someone had seem him showing interest in..d-diapers...it was LITERALLY his worst nightmare ever. Before coming here, dozens and dozens of scenarios had rung out in his head but none to that extent, maybe a clerk asking if he needed help, or getting a glance from someone who was shopping..but this, was a nightmare come to life. Nancy eyed him as she reached down, picked up the Luvs, and put them back in her cart. "Yours, huh? I seem to remember you leaving the baby aisle without these... and without a cart for that matter. And what were you doing just now with them? It almost looked like you were smelling them." Nancy realized she was being very forceful with her questions. She knew the poor thing must have been scared senseless, but he wasn't going anywhere. Boys like him knew when they were caught there was no escape. They were likely thinking if they ran, the person who caught them would call for a store worker or alert everyone to what he was doing, even if it was completely innocuous. Nancy thought this was just adorable and loved to play this game. It was only a matter of time before the boy caved to what he was doing, and watching him squirm, trying desperately to defend why he had been inhaling the scent of a pack of diapers was one of the cutest things she had ever witnessed. Finding the temperature in the store to be dramatically rising it felt like this was his epitaph..he could feel the cold sweat and the noise around him to become deafening as he was completely lost in this intense moment of interrogation. NEVER did Nick think it would come down to this, all of these feeling and thoughts going through his mind in maybe only a ten second span of time that felt like eternity as he desperately looked for a way out of the situation. He felt the desire to just run but he felt his feet completely glued to where he stood and his body almost completely motionless..."Well, I...I thought it was my stuff and well I just wasn't looking and well, I'm sorry I guess I didn't mean to touch your stuff, I...-" Nick felt himself cutoff when he finally looked up at the lady to see one hand on her hip, a subtle smirk and one eyebrow raised up dramatically. Feeling like he had absolutley no options left he looked away again and tried to blurt something out that would just ease her curiosity so she would just walk away, after all Nick wasn't able to process the fact that she wasn't angry. His shock through the situation had left him oblivious to her emotions and that she wasn't in any mad or anything. "I don't know..I just thought...they looked interesting.." Nick muttered, his mouth completely dry and feeling an immense weight off his shoulders but not enough to ease the anxiety he felt pulsing through his body. "Really? Interesting?" Nancy replied, stroking the pack of diapers like they were a trophy, tempting him with their contents, teasing him as he stood there babbling on without any real ground to stand on. He was almost where she wanted him. All he would need is one more good push or two. "More interesting than the latest Reporting for Duty game?" she asked, caressing the plastic package, softly, slowly, rhythmically, running the palm of her hand up one side, soft light wrinkles showing on the back of her hand. As she reached the edge of the package, she turned her hand over gracefully and ran the back of her hand down the same side, over and over she did this as she kept her eyes on the boy, watching him sweat and try to keep his eyes off the prize. She knew better though. He wasn't fooling anyone. "Tell me, young man," she spoke, adding a little authority as an adult to her voice. "What exactly do you find so interesting about them? You're a big boy, aren't you? You can use the bathroom all by yourself, and go to the store by yourself. These are for babies who can't do any of that, who need a mommy or a grammy or a nanny to do everything for them. Feed them, burp them, play with them, change them, bathe them..." Her lips curled upward mischievously as her hand danced away from the diapers. "You're not really a baby... are you?" At this point feeling like a chicken on a rotisserie, Nick felt like his fight to advert what the lady already knew was hopeless. This lady knew he was going up and down the aisle, interested in all of the diapers yet going to great lengths to not appear so had completely failed him. "I...well, I don't know why but I...*shifting his eyes around*...I don't know why but I guess I've always wanted to try them, or, something." Feeling the internal shock of actually hearing his voice wording everything out was flooring, he couldn't believe the day would ever come that he's ACTUALLY be telling someone. It was incredibly nerveracking to have told his lady, but she gave him no options. After voicing it out and pleading for her not to tell anyone, she was amused at the fact that he didn't realize she didn't have anyone TO tell. She smirked and looked off into the distance before retorting this this muttered, embarrassed confession. "Well now, why didn't you just say so?" Nancy sighed, reaching out for his hand. "I had a feeling you were much too little to be a big boy. No doubt about it - if you want to wear diapers again, you need someone to take care of you. Come here, take Grandma Nancy's hand. Come on." Nancy held out her hand, standing there, waiting patiently. She could see on Nick's face he didn't know what to do. He seemed almost shell-shocked that she was responding in this manner to something so deeply embarrassing and shameful, even though she didn't react to it as that in any way. He didn't know what to think other than where Nancy went, the diapers went too. Reaching out, Nancy met him halfway and led him back to the diaper aisle. After all, Nancy would need more than diapers to take care of such a needy baby boy. As she dragged him back to the aisle, the scent of baby powder lingering in the air amongst the shelves she led him to the middle of the aisle. "Now then, baby boy, be good for Grandma and go get everything you need for her to take care of you." She smiled sweetly as she waved her hand along the whole aisle, encouraging the boy to go on a baby aisle shopping spree! Practically shaking upon being back in diaper aisle, Nick felt an immense mix of feelings mostly being nervous. He pulled his hand away from Nancy, not wanting to be seen in aisle thinking that people might think this was his mother or grandmother buying the diapers for him...*but, isn't that what she just said?* he thought to himself in a excited.nervous frenzy. Practically feeling as if his mouth and throat were full of cotton, the ability to talk almost seemed lost. He finally looked around again with his head hung high and muttered the question to Nancy before she leaned closer with a "whats that honey?" in a loud tone that embarassed Nick even more. With a bit of courage, he lifted his head high, realizing that his despite how nervous he was with the whole confrontation, his interest in getting out of it seemed to be a little lost at this point. "w-...what d- do I tell my Mom? When she gets home from work she'll know I'm not home and I be in t- trouble.. or something.." Nancy knelt down next to Nick thoughtfully. the idea of being taken by a stranger may have been a dream to him, but even Nancy knew it wasn't right, and she wanted Nick to know that's not what this was. "Well, does your mom know you're here right now, sweetie? We can always call her and ask her permission. I'll tell you what," she said, pulling out a very old flip phone from her purse. "You can call your mommy and I'll tell her what's happening... nothing about the diapers, nothing about you still being a baby, but I'll get her permission for you. If we do that, then you can come with me... and then Nana Nancy will buy you all the diapers you could ever imagine." Handing off his phone to the stranger, he felt his body in complete autopilot..feeling an instant panic of seeing Nancy walk away with the phone , Nick felt instantly regretful for dialing his mother's number. "What in the world was she saying to her? Why was there a huge smirk on her face? Was she going to spill the beans to my mother" these thoughts pained and raced through Nick mind as Nancy chatted up a storm with his mother on the phone... Nancy had a gift for talking to complete strangers and always had since she was young. Nick's mother was very nice and understanding about the situation. True to her word, Nancy hadn't told her about the diapers, but Nancy had fibbed a bit and said she caught him stealing from her. She stated she wouldn't press charges if she would be allowed to administer her own punishment, and that's when she did begin to explain things. Nick's mother would know what she intended to do, but she would not know this is really what her son wanted. With his mother's agreement after releasing all her contact information and her checking it out, Nick's mother - very busy with work - agreed. "Wonderful," Nancy said. "Well then, toodeloo." She hung up the phone, snapping it shut. The sound woke Nick from his state of shock as she put the phone away and picked Nick up by his armpits, setting him in the cart with the enticing package of Size 6 Luvs diapers. "It's all settled, sweetie. Now let's get you everything you need and everything you want." She went to the very end of the diaper aisle and very slowly went through it, looking at Nick's reactions as she dragged her hand from left to right, top to bottom, along the shelves. When Nick smiled or blushed, whatever item she was reaching for went into the cart. Along with the Luvs, Nick found himself being buried rapidly up to his neck as Nancy added more and more items to the cart. More Size 6 Luvs, Size 7 Pampers Cruisers, several soft packs of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes, The Johnson's Baby trifecta of Powder, Lotion, and Oil - all in the largest bottle sizes, Baby Magic Baby Bath (Nancy was especially insistent on this brand), Desitin Creamy, a 6-pack of Nuk pacifiers, various jars of Gerber baby food (and extra ones of prunes, which gave Nick a funny feeling in his tummy), and 3 Playtex baby bottles with baby blue lids. By the time Nancy was finished, it looked like she had half the baby aisle in her cart. Poor little Nicky was up to his neck in baby-scented merchandise. "Anything else you want, sweetie pie?" Looking up at Nancy's blush inducing grin, Nick felt literally boxed in before Nancy picked him up and put his legs through the child seat by the front of the shopping cart, his array of items behind him, causing him to turn around at every instant but not able to see everything fully. Nancy pushed him into the clothing section as Nick was oblivious to the amount of onsies that were being tossed in the cart, his own nervousness/excitement of what was about to happen had continuously put him in a questioning state of mind. He tried to block out the idea that his mother knew anything, but it was still a thought in the back of his mind. "Oh my goodness this is absolutely adorable" Nancy said with her mouth ajar as she held up a monkey themed sleeper, something Nick scratched his head over behind seeing it tossed in the cart with everything else. The wait in checkout line felt like an eternity of hell for how busy the lines were with people waiting to get checked out. In the baby aisle he was able to isolate himself away from everyone, but now sitting in the child seat of the shopping cart loaded with nursery essentials he found it hard to look at everyone. His face looked down at his dangling shoes before seeing the sunlight hit them, realizing he was now out of the department store. *Gulp* With Nick sitting high in the shopping cart, a veritable treasure trove of baby supplies in the cart to his back, Nancy watched as he began to squirm in the slightest. The poor little dear, Nancy thought with a bit of mischief on her mind. Her pace quickened in excitement to have found another very special boy who was not yet ready to grow up, who wanted to be little again, if only for a little while, and Nancy's heart fluttered with the thought that very soon, this shy little boy would be on his back, giggling and cooing as he learned just how much his new Nana Nancy truly and deeply cared for him They stopped in front of the back end of a powder blue Chevy minivan. Nancy opened the hatch, revealing a very spacious trunk. Nick looked at it, realizing there would be plenty of room for all the baby things that Nancy bought, but rather than put the bags in first, Nick was surprised to find he was being put into the trunk ahead of the bags. Nick didn't understand until Nancy began to take off his shoes, tossing them into a corner of the trunk. Then she unbuttoned his jeans, shimmying them down to his knees and out under his ankles, tossing them next to the shoes. She grabbed a few things from the cart behind her, placing them next to Nick; one of his coveted packages of Size 6 Luvs, and the large bottles of Johnson's Baby Powder and Johnson's Baby Oil. "Alright, sweetie, let's get you padded up in your new thick baby diapies," Nancy told Nick with a syrupy sweet voice. "Nana doesn't want any leaks all over your new car seat, oh no she doesn't." Feeling himself in a panicked frenzy, Nick started to feel a bit of shock settle in, he wasn't expecting this at ALL.."RIGHT HERE?" he thought to himself as Nancy swiftly removed his socks and tossed them to the side of the trunk. Leaning up out of a manner of instinct and non compliance Nancy softly pushed him back down to his back with a gently yet first press against his chest, not even in the slightest acknowledging his discontent with how quickly his little rear end was about to be in diapers. The butterflies in his tummy were in full chorus when Nancy reached down to start unbuttoning his jeans, he couldn't believe it was actually happening...the very thing he fantasized about every time a diaper commercial came on TV or from the strolls down the diaper aisle, THIS was really happening. All of these feelings and thoughts clashing in his mind still made him nervouse, Nancy grinned at this opportunity to inject a grandma's loving touch into this boy whom still wanted to be small and new again. She was going to make it tough and not hold back forcing him to induce the embarrassing toddler moments that he has fortunate to forget, she was so happy to Pamper her new grandson but she wasn't going to just make it fun for Nick but herself as well. Nick turned his head to the side, cheeks as red as can be just praying that nobody he knew walked by as he was having his tushie diapered for the first time in god knows how long. Pulling off Nick's cotton undies, Nancy tossed them aside with the rest of Nick's grown-up clothes. "There we go, hims doesn't look like such a big boy anymore," she cooed as she lifted his legs like the toddler she intended to treat him as. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out a tub of generic brand baby wipes. Nick seemed to look a little disappointed, but Nancy had a twinkle in her eye as she unwrapped the white tub from its tight plastic wrap and pulled out the first wipe. Nick gasped as the nostalgic smell, like baby wipes smelled when he was really a toddler, filled his button nose. He began to squirm oh so happily that Nana Nancy had to hold him still while she wipes his little boy places to make sure he wasn't dirty when he was taped into his soft pillowy Luvs diapers. "There we go, a clean baby is a happy baby, yes hims is," she cooed softly. People passed by the parking lot but without being able to see Nick fully, most people just assumed he was another baby boy who had made a surprise for his loving grandma to take care of. They smiled at the sight and Nick blushed heavily at every shred of arm or leg or head of hair that came into his periphery. He hoped nobody could see him fully, and he certainly hoped it wasn't anyone he knew. With delicate precision, Nancy unfolded the clean diaper and placed it under his bottom, then took the baby oil, popped the cap, and squirted a healthy amount into her hands, rubbing it around until it was nice and warm. She began to massage it into Nick's skin, adding another classic scent to the olfactory nostalgia overload the poor little thing was already in the midst of. "We gotta keep your skin nice and soft, don't we?" she whispered sweetly as she put the bottle of baby oil away. "Baby soft skin makes for the best cuddles with Nana, you know? Would you like that, sweetie? Would you like to have lots of cuddle time with Nana Nancy?" Before Nick could answer, Nancy added another wonderful fragrance, this time baby powder, to the scented masterpiece going on below Nick's waist. She sprinkled him front and back and then even rubbed some into his tummy so anyone in sight would take a sniff and know there was a very loved and cared-for baby in their midst. Nick thought his treatment was over as Nancy taped up his cushiony Luvs until he felt his diaper being lifted up, and ANOTHER Luvs was placed underneath! Nick gasped as his legs spread out from the extra bulkiness in between his legs. Nancy smiled mischievously, knowing it would make it hard for Nick to walk. Of course, that was the intention. From now on, Nick would be crawling everywhere he needed to go when he wasn't in a stroller or Nancy's arms. He didn't know it yet, but he would very soon.. After being strapped into the stroller, the combination of it's soft fabric combined with the insane amount of baby products and luvs diapers strapped to his rear end made him feel like he was floating in the back of Nancy's car. The car ride to her house was filled with nervousness but more excitement, his cheeks were a red as could be and he couldn't wipe the smirk off his face as he was oblivious to where they were actually driving. Nancy cooed to him where it was they were going and the situation, but he couldn't even pay attention for Nick was literally on cloud 9..until the car stopped in a small driveway, waking him back into reality. Nancy smiled as she stopped the car and turned off the engine. They had pulled into the driveway of a rather large house on a sun-dappled residential area street. Trees lined the road at the end of the driveway. She looked into the rearview mirror at Nick. Nick was the kind of baby boy she liked to take care of most. As he sat there in his little booster seat, she smiled at how pleased and content he was with his new wardrobe. Of course, Nancy never kept her baby boys in just their sweet-smelling diapers for very long. She'd have something even more adorable on him in no time. As she got out of the van, she looked to see no sign of anyone else's car at the house. Opening the sliding van door, she helped Nick out and hurried him inside. "Ellie! Sue!" she called out once they were inside, but nobody replied in turn. Nick looked around at the home while Nancy looked for whoever it was she was looking for. The home had a very distinct smell... a little musty, but also like baby powder, though Nick wasn't sure if that was the house or just his well-dusted bottom. "I guess they aren't here," Nancy said, scooping up Nick from behind. "Well then, no sense in just lollygagging around. It's time I show you where you'll be staying, precious. Nana Nancy thinks you're going to love it to pieces " She adjusted Nick in her arms, carrying him with one arm around his back and the other firmly under his super-thick diapers, patting them gently with every step as soft sweet clouds of baby powder wafted out of the leg gatherings and left a scented trail, following them up the staircase and to the second room on the right. As she fiddled with the door, Nick looked to see the name "James" on the room across the hallway in big babyish block letters. "It's been a while since we had two little tykes on our hands," she cooed as she opened the door. "That's why Nana had to go buy extras of everything." But truth be told, Nick didn't know what she was talking about. The room's overwhelmingly babyish fragrance washed over him as he was carried into a room decorated with pale yellow walls and designs of Blue's Clues. He could see a large crib, rocking chair, playpen, and most notably, a well-stocked changing table literally bursting with several brands of diapers and baby wipes on their shelves. "This will be your room, Baby Nicky," she cooed softly in his ear. Giving a kiss into Nick's ear, he playfully pulled away in annoyance to which still let out a smile. "Two tykes?.." he thought to himself, was he going to be with whoever lives here's actual grandkid or son? He felt so confused but also so overwhelmed. He couldn't keep his mind on a single thought for more than a second as he was carried around the room which let his eyes soak on anything as if he were in a candy shop. He then looked at the changing table in nervous excitement and opened his mouth to speak before cut off by Nancy's excited announcement to get Nick dressed up so he wasn't cold in just his "wittle diapey." After endless sliding of outfits and gasping over as if Nancy genuinely hadn't seen most of them (considering it wasn't her house) she finally pulled out something that made Nick finally barf inside. A onsie with blue fur, as if he were some weird blue baby bear from another planet. It even had a silly button tail by the rear, Nick shuddered to think about actually being put it only moments before he found his head being slid through it's intensely comfortable, kashmir like inside. It was so comfortable it began to disarm his annoyance at the silly look of it all. Nick still couldn't help but look back at the changing table and nervously think about how far this playful diapering would go to...I mean, he was just going to be dressed up like a toddler and treated like one right? Among a few attempts to ask, Nancy finally got him to spell it out; "W-...do I..well do I get you to take off my diaper if I need to use the bathroom?" *to be continued*
  15. Perfect diaper scenario

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