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  1. Dreaming and thinking about your Characters

    I dream about Ellen *blushes*
  2. Question about baby wipes

    Which brand of baby wipes has the most classic scent in your opinion? This can include random offbrand versions but I'm basically looking to avoid any weird alterations on the tradition baby wipe scent like lavender or something along those lines.
  3. A question about AB universe diapers

    Is the scent of the preschool diapers pretty accurate to modern Pamper's?
  4. I've been thinking about buying a pack of "super dry kids" soon and I was just wondering. For anyone who has ever felt the inside of a pampers (which I'm sure is most of you", how does the inside lining feel in comparison? Is it as soft as a modern day pampers diaper? When sitting down does it give a big of a lift as well due to the thickness? Just trying to asses all of these things before making a purchase.
  5. Hey man I cannot find anymore your story Ellen's Visitor can you post again please 

  6. I need advice on buying AB Diapers

    Hello fellow DLs I've been a DL for essentially my entire life and although I've been aware that AB diapers existed since my teens, I've never had much interest in trying or purchasing them. I always more keen to getting the largest size Pampers Easy Ups and squeezing my little tushie into them, although extrenemly tight on my the euphoria of feeling the cushion like material around my behind and the babyish scent wafting around made me blush the deepest shade of red imaginable. However, I'm yearning for more... I desperately want to experience the rush of being able to wet my diaper, to know what the feeling before and after wetting feels like. To about about through my house pretending my babysitter is just around the corner, ready to discover my accident and change me. I have some concerns becore spending the money on some AB diapers that maybe you all could help me out with! First off, quality: my biggest concern first is the quality of the diaper. I don't just want to buy an adult diaper that just has babish things printed on it..I want a diaper that closely mimics that of a Pampers or Luvs diaper. That qurstion also gets a bit more complicated, I'm aware that the old style of Pamper's diapers from the 90's look and feel a bit different from the look and feel of modern pampers. Sadly, even though those Pampers were the ones I was wearing at that age I don't really remember wearing them. The modern Pampers diapers are more what I think of when it comes to the sensation of a disposable diaper so I'm asking you; would a more vintage style disposable diaper trigger stronger feelings of being little? Or will the modern design of disposable diapers be more of a stronger effect? I only ask because to my knowledge different companies model them after different styles. Absorbency is another thing im really curious about, will they hold my pee and keep me relatively dry when I use them? Not the most important but still fairly important: scent! As my name implies, I got absolutely crazy for the smell of Pamper's diapers and Luvs. They are so disarming to me and trigger a lot of regression. Now I'm sure they don't match the intoxicating smell of modern Pampers, but to anyone who's bought them before do the scent strips smell at all close? Even if it's in the sane ballpark I'd be happy, I'm just hoping they can eventually make them closely resembling of the current (or even vintage scent) of disposable diapers.) One last concern: ARE THEY DISCREET? Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any insight into my questions
  7. Diaper changes fantasies

    Who do you think would be someone you fantizice to change your diaper if you could be a toddler again? This is someone not just for the reasons of being "hott" or "sexy" but perhaps some other detail about them that you think they would be very sweet to have change you. I'm so curious to hear your responses
  8. This may be weird to some, but my diapering fanatsy isn't sexual really but more soft and tender. I've always wanted to know what it's like to wet or mess my diaper with the impending doom that i'm going to be discovered and changed. I'd love to be babysat but an older lady, one who has a lot of year of experience babysitting and nannying. This is someonw that at my toddler age I'm embarassed to be changed by, because unlike my mom who just changes me like its a nusance (her toddler who she's impatient about being potty trained) , this older woman than my mother babies me to the point of being really shy and ashamed of messing my diapers. Maybe my mother asks me if I've peed my diaper, maybe she's treated it as this point like I'm just having my outfit changed because she's tired off diaperig me. This old lady might playfully swoop me of my feet, give me an Eskimo kiss, before pulling the back waistband of my diaper to inspect down. If I've messed my diaper, she might playfully hold her nose and kiss me on the forehead, giving me a a sense of embarrassment for being treated this way. She's someone who when I poop in my diaper I desperately try to hide, knowing i' going to be changed eventually and hating every part of thay realization. She is someone who kills me with love:
  9. As some of you may know, based on the stories I've either written or the posts that I've made that my ideal mommy is more that of a grandmotherly type. A woman with years of experience under her belt, one that doesn't tolerate nonsense but can be sweet as a button if you're behaving well. I don't know where this specific attraction started, but I feel like I'm on of the few people that have this sort of ideal vision of someone I fantasize about diapering me. A part of me thinks that, theres something more realistic about that kind of caretaker and thats what also makes me connected to it. I see a lot of people on here describing their "mommies" as big breasted blonde bombshells, the "girl next door type". I'm not here to rag on what someone else is into but I think the reason I have a hard time getting behind that is because they seem almost contrived and unrealistic. Whereas a lady with greying hair, a sweet syrupy smile and years of experience changing poopy diapers and knowing when someone needs to be changed is sooo much more appealing to me. I wanted to make this post in hopes to hear what your ideal caretaker types are like. Maybe she/he's a big larger in body type? Who knows, I'd love to hear your input on this and to make it fun I'd love for each person to post a photo of what their idea caretaker would look like. This is someone you want to see looking down at you as you're strapped to the changing table and waiting to be cleaned up, NOT someone who you have a sexualized fantasy with, thanks in advance for all your wonderful input!
  10. Aphrodisiacs

    Okay so maybe I used the word in the wrong context or defition, but I guess meant turn on. *Update* I recently told this girl whom I recently sleep with that I get turned on by those kinds of scents, so I'm excited to be able to see what it's like for us to be lathered but in baby lotion/oil while having sex and see if it does elevate it for me
  11. Aphrodisiacs

    Are various diaper scents such as baby powder, oil, lotion or even the scent of a disposable diaper turn anyone one? I was wondering if they could be used to heighten sex a bit for a DL such a myself. I figured, if you were seeing someone and were shy to tell them you were an ABDL they could be a sort of hiding in plain sight way of introducing that element into the bedroom, almost a win/win of sorts. Has anyone ever used one of these scents in some way during sex and did it elevate the feelings for you? I would really love to hear people's thoughts on this, thanks!
  12. An Australian mommy

    I've been living in Australia for the past six months and lately it's kind of altered I fantasy mommy a bit. After seeing diaper commercials and just generally falling in love with the Australian accent, it's made me want to have an aussie mommy. The sweet sounding voice of an accent from far away as she whispers to me: "somebody needs a nappy change", I imagine her having a 90's look as well seeing as thats when I was a toddler and how I'd want her aesthetic to be. Maybe she's babysitting me and she lived in a small house in a rural part of Victoria. I don't know but lately I've really just been fantasizing about have an Australian mommy change my diaper. How do you feel from this, has anyone ever given this any thought before?
  13. I don't know what it is but for some reason I love the smell of a diaper that's been peed in, it's like the nice babyish scent of the Pamper or Luvs trying to combat the scent of the urine but the two sort of both being present. Theres something about it that really makes me blush, whenever I smell the two mixed I can't help but feel more babyish.
  14. Diapered by an older lady

    "the idea that this person is old enough that they could've changed you when you actually were a baby could make you feel even younger or put you into a little mindset." THIS!!
  15. Diapered by an older lady

    For some reason when I was kid and started to fantasize about being put back into diapers & being changed again, my fantasies usually revolved around being diapered by much older women. Or, at least older than my mother (women in their late 50's and older). I could never really put a finger on why this was, something about their experience changing dirty diapers or maybe even just their loving desire to take care of little ones again but for some reason they were always my ideal caretaker type. I never understood some dude's ideas of big breasted blonde haired super models changing and diapered them, it always seemed unrealistic to me for some reason. At the same time I pass no judgement on what someone's diaper kink entails but, I imagine a tall, jovial and happy lady who is much older but still very youthful. She has poofy greyish hair and when she discovers that I've made a mess in my Pamper she's delighted and not rolling her eyes like some young babysitter. Theres also a nonsense attitude towards it, if she wants to change me shes GOING to change me, none of this me putting up a fight or pleading not to have my diaper changed. At the same time she's playfull, lifting me up under my armpits to use her detective like nose to investigate, playfully scrunching up her nose when stating it's certainly time for a diaper changin'. I don't know why I felt the need to share, I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar idea in mind of who they'd want to be diapered and pampered by if they had the chance.