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  1. Heyo Scent, we should talk again sometime, have Discord or Telegram?

  2. Being an ABDL, are their any instances that you can remember hearing a mother (or babysitter/guardian) say or do something that filled you with immersive jealousy of the person who was still in diapers whom they were with or talking to?
  3. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Anyone else try these yet? Would love to hear more feedback
  4. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    What he said ^^^^
  5. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    The Pamper's scent is literally the most intoxicating aroma in my opinion, it's so soft and disarming even more than baby powder or lotion. There's something about that scent, everytime I catch a whiff of it I feel it cut deep in my feels and butterflies explode in my tummy. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way lol.
  6. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Yeah but I’ve been told that scent was very specific, it was different from that of baby powder. It would be nice if anyone can confirm this, I was born in 1991 so the diapers I was in probably had that scent but obviously I wouldn’t be able to remember.
  7. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Thanks babyqtboy!
  8. DiaperScent

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    Has anyone tried these diapers yet? I'd love to see a review of these because apparently they're supposed to have a vintage diaper scent and for those who love Pampers we all know how desired that's been in AB diapers. If anyone tries these or finds a review I'd love to see it posted below, this has been an ongoing quest for me for so long to find that vintage Pampers scent but hell even if it resembles the modern Pampers scent I'd be happy with that as well. Thanks again!
  9. DiaperScent

    Best AB Diapers for messing

    I’ve never even tried an AB diapers yet but pretty soon I’ll be having playtime with me so I’m looking for a diaper that is able to not only handle wettings but messings as well. If anyone has any specific recommendations it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. DiaperScent

    Dreaming and thinking about your Characters

    I dream about Ellen *blushes*
  11. DiaperScent

    Question about baby wipes

    Which brand of baby wipes has the most classic scent in your opinion? This can include random offbrand versions but I'm basically looking to avoid any weird alterations on the tradition baby wipe scent like lavender or something along those lines.
  12. DiaperScent

    A question about AB universe diapers

    Is the scent of the preschool diapers pretty accurate to modern Pamper's?
  13. I've been thinking about buying a pack of "super dry kids" soon and I was just wondering. For anyone who has ever felt the inside of a pampers (which I'm sure is most of you", how does the inside lining feel in comparison? Is it as soft as a modern day pampers diaper? When sitting down does it give a big of a lift as well due to the thickness? Just trying to asses all of these things before making a purchase.
  14. Hey man I cannot find anymore your story Ellen's Visitor can you post again please