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  1. Does anyone know where to get adult footy pj's i wont to where it over my diaper 

    1. cute little kokiri girl

      cute little kokiri girl

      Well Etsy is a good place to start, they have some good ABDL clothes like training pants.

  2. Good story so far

  3. What is  baby banker

  4. Hay I'm try to see if i can talk to someone cause i Don't have a computer and I'm doing this on my PlayStation can you send me a private message so i can see if it works i keep message people and I'm not getting anything back im new to Abdl and starting to get let down i was trying to find others like me that like diaper .

    1. Diapers4life297


      O and thelive chat Don't work for me

  5. Send me a invite if yes

  6. Can we talk private I'm a little nervous to talk public

  7. Can we talk private I'm a little nervous to talk public