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  1. Can we talk private I'm a little nervous to talk public

  2. baby Nicola

    Chat room not loading. Spinning symbol only

    Sorry to up date.... yes on mobile. Usually on chrome but downloaded firefox too today and same issue happened.
  3. I seem to have this happen more and more often. Won't load the room.
  4. baby Nicola

    chatroom just spins

    M I've this problem now. Any other advice? Also somehow turned my messages off. How do I turn them back on?
  5. baby Nicola

    Mobile access problem

    Thank you! Yes scroll right is the answer.
  6. baby Nicola

    Mobile access problem

    Hopefully you can help. I access the site on my android phone. I've just got a new one and on the chat board the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner won't respond. So it shows I've a message but I can't get into this menu page. If I click it it darkens the screen slightly and freezes. If I click again the screen brightens and works again. But whatever it never loads the menu. Any idea what settings I need to change??
  7. looking for a gentle caring daddy or mummy to make me feel special and little again

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sugar-daddy


      Hi I'm a daddy pm me would like to chat and get to know you

    3. babywheelz37


      I'm here my baby girl!

    4. Morioriaty


      I am moving to Puerto Rico for a new fresh start in life and a purpose. Once all is settled i might consider trying again but who is to say what the future might hold for that? 

      I want to be able to be solid in a stable place with a income and not always having to be short on money and work options. 


  8. looking for a mummy to make me feel special and little again

  9. finding comfort in being little again. my little side has never been so young

  10. why do I feel so comfortable and natural being a little 1yo baby again

    1. dlb


      finally updated my about me after it was deleted a lil while back.

    2. babyalan


      Because it is both relaxing and fun and stress free in a very stressful world

    3. karenj


      If you enjoy being a 1 year-old then carry on doing so all that love care and attention is good for you?