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  1. Send me a invite if yes

  2. Can we talk private I'm a little nervous to talk public

  3. Sorry to up date.... yes on mobile. Usually on chrome but downloaded firefox too today and same issue happened.
  4. I seem to have this happen more and more often. Won't load the room.
  5. M I've this problem now. Any other advice? Also somehow turned my messages off. How do I turn them back on?
  6. Thank you! Yes scroll right is the answer.
  7. Hopefully you can help. I access the site on my android phone. I've just got a new one and on the chat board the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner won't respond. So it shows I've a message but I can't get into this menu page. If I click it it darkens the screen slightly and freezes. If I click again the screen brightens and works again. But whatever it never loads the menu. Any idea what settings I need to change??
  8. looking for a gentle caring daddy or mummy to make me feel special and little again

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    2. sugar-daddy


      Hi I'm a daddy pm me would like to chat and get to know you

    3. babywheelz37


      I'm here my baby girl!

    4. Morioriaty


      I am moving to Puerto Rico for a new fresh start in life and a purpose. Once all is settled i might consider trying again but who is to say what the future might hold for that? 

      I want to be able to be solid in a stable place with a income and not always having to be short on money and work options. 


  9. looking for a mummy to make me feel special and little again

  10. finding comfort in being little again. my little side has never been so young

  11. why do I feel so comfortable and natural being a little 1yo baby again

    1. dlb


      finally updated my about me after it was deleted a lil while back.

    2. babyalan


      Because it is both relaxing and fun and stress free in a very stressful world

    3. karenj


      If you enjoy being a 1 year-old then carry on doing so all that love care and attention is good for you?