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  1. Listening to Running to the edge of the world and I am awestruck by this powerful message the song holds over me. Now to run free and make life worth living and for better work and a different profession and home. Las Vegas here i came when ready. 


  2. Futon is pieced together and all is going to plan unto the next part of this massive scale plan to have a life worth living and to have some to to share it with.

  3. Playing the Moonlight Serenade by the Glen Miller Orchestra a very deep and meaningful song of mine.


  4. Morioriaty

    Anyone from toledo area here?

    Was in Toledo right on the east side of the city and now out of that city for good reason. I got fed up with it there. Being a property and home repair man with no work from the land lord and a list of other issues just got in the way of my everyday life I am now in Tiffin and far better off.
  5. Morioriaty

    Seeking for company ( Tiffin Ohio area )

    I live alone and I am a building and repair guy and have come to discover how lonely it can get being i must be the only living soul person in this areas with my general kinks and said interests in mind. I am a daddy and single and do not expect to find any one worth trusting as history has shown to me countless times. But if any one in the Tiffin Ohio area wishes to prove I am wrong in this assumption and wish to have some sort of human contact with a Daddy with same said interest and life style choices let me know. I do not waste my time and get to the point of the issue. Here is what I am looking for and do not reply if you do not fit the qualifications. I am seeking for a natural woman of legal age of consent that lives on her own and pays her own bills. I am on a limited income and for the time being I am far from being able to provide everything needed. I do not wish to invite random strangers into my home. So there will be a rule I must have in place and it is to be respected and understood. I will be willing to meet any one at a Denny's with just two of us talking or any other friends that can join in on the fun. There are some locations such as a 24 hour a day Denny's that is always open and well lit and with plenty of parking. I do not go out much and make much of my lifestyle public and expect there is some confidentiality. My line of work and home seemingly tangle into one another as I am involved with family owned property. So i have to use caution when it comes to meeting others. Please be respectful of this fact. Winter for the time being is my slow season shy of shoveling side walks and other winter related jobs that keep up the property. If this meeting goes well at first hand and I come to find out I am not being lied to and my trust is abused and I find that the possible baby girl is wanting a relationship with no one else involved then I will be glad to hear from you. If you wish to tell me more send a message in my inbox and let me know who you are and where it is we can meet. I will not ever place my trust in people that do not understand and respect me as a person so be nice and be open minded and you may in due time come over to play and or get some good solid company. I am honest to a fault and yes it has caused people not to like me. But it is far better if I am honest and have integrity rater than waste some ones time. So in turn be sure to give that same thought and care into this should you have any interest at all. My work will increase once i get a second job and spring gets here. I do plan on one day relocating to the great lakes isles to live out the rest of my days. Sio be serious and do not have any excuses as to why you do not want to meet me. Shy of that leave me a message and remember I am not rich by any means. I am willing but be sure to understand and respect what it is I am saying. Morioriaty.
  6. At last i get the chance to settle in and have some time to be able to unwind and relax.Today has been a very interesting day to say the least and filled with allot of packing of boxes and now it seems that I need way more of them. By the looks of it all in a truthful way I am going to need more boxes and it feels as if a dent has been barely made. In a small tiny space for rent you would not think upon first impression that one person could have as many items as I do. But shockingly enough such as what did happen.

  7. Got a better new job offer with a much better place and location in another city. I am taking it and getting out of Toledo. Staying here is about as pointless as one can imagine. I will miss a few things and all else yes will not be in my everyday life. But however there are far more important things to consider into my future.

    I also have met a baby girl and we are growing closer each day. And the work will be far better and the pay more stable and reliable and plus my family will be

  8. Morioriaty


    Welcome to here and hope all you seek to want and have comes true.
  9. It is yet again time for a house hold tradition as per household. That once per year birthday entry and review for the year. And I am not exactly certain how this entry will be viewed by others but it needs to be let go of and fly as a bird to parts unknown.

    I have had a very wild and crazy year to be honest that much is a given. But all the same I held true to myself and how i live and who I can trust and who not to trust. No matter the feelings i might have. And against all odds

    1. WBDaddy


      All experiences are opportunities to learn, brother.

  10. Morioriaty

    Investing one self

    When you coe to terms that what you seek and want is not meant for you in any way and deep with in. You come to discover that maybe it is not you with the issue but the entire world around you both inside and out side of these chat rooms and communities. Rumors fly about you and you suddenly understand right away that the golden rule to maintaining sanity in any way is to understand to never ever get overly invested into these places all too often. Having to not show emotions of hurt from the actions and re actions from what others say and do and express at times can and will be difficult yes. I found the best way to stay and maintain any sense of self worth and stability is to not get to invested in others.
  11. i am done with this and all else.

  12. I just wish I had some company right now truth be told. It is so difficult at most nights when you cannot sleep due to these idiots killing one another or making some one else suffer in how many countless ways. I am really fed up with this city and the rude people and vile repulsive attitude my now ex shows me. I lock her out of my space but still she lives in the same building and it makes staying here that much more difficult if not unwelcome in my eyes.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Accident Princess said: So you have two choices. Just post onto the old roleplay or copy and paste my beginning and post from there restarting it.
  14. Hmm I did some back ground acting in real life while i was out in New Mexico even got to be in the front row when the ridiculous six was out being filmed on location at a ghost town turned into a film set. And strangely enough the town was named exactly as I was. Comical is it not ? Hmm I shall try to do a test run and see what takes shape. Besides its only play acting it isnt like its real after all.