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  1. Just received my new diaper order! i went for the M4's this time :D

    theyre quite a bit bulkier but hold so much more<3

    1. cute little kokiri girl
    2. Wannatripbaby


      Great! Let us know if they stop you from leaking overnight. Uh, not that I'm trying to pry! It's really none of my business! :unsure: I'm just... I'm gonna go now... sorry.

  2. i was wearing jeans, my shirt rode up my back when i reached for something. i guess he saw the tapes and padding :/
  3. This day i was wearing my Abri M3 while i was walking to the supermarket and half way there i wetted it pretty badly. the diaper got pretty heavy and sagged a little making it really bulky, I decided to just continue on since i was almost out of diapers and i had two days before my new ones came in. (ordered some M4's this time! :D) While i was in the supermarket some kid suddenly said to his mom "look that girl is wearing a diaper!" The mom shushed him but the kid said it load af and like three people were giving me looks. i was on the verge of tears when the mom walked up to me and apologised. The mom was really nice and even offered me for her to pay my groceries, but the damadge was done. wearing diapers can be fun and exciting but sometimes i really wish i didn't need them. Has this kinda thing happend to you guys as well, and if so how did you deal with it?
  4. Just ordered myself two packs of Abri M4's, can't wait to try them out and see if they don't leak overnight like the M3 sometimes does. :D

  5. i don't have many oppertunities to change my diaper throughout the day. Since half of the time i don't even really notice when i'm leaking i spend quite a lot if time in a heavy diaper. I don't mind the feeling of it being all swollen and the extra weight, but the diaper gets pretty bulky. It's also kind of embarrassing since i feel like such a kid not being able to hold it :/
  6. here's a fun one: dont mess for two days and then on day 3 take a laxative
  7. i usually either wake up in the middle of the night and go in my nappy or i wet while i sleep^^
  8. moderate to severe. bed wetter but also lots if small leaks throughout the day.
  9. I sleep much better diapered, if i sleep without my diaper i'm afraid that i wet the bed and get too anxious too sleep. Since i always sleep with one on i do wet the bed more and more often so it's also kind of a double edged sword.
  10. I've always been a bit of a bedwetter. when i started wearing diapers to bed i would maybe wet myself unconsciously 1/20 times. Now a couple months later it's more of a 1/4 for me. if i sleep without diapers then the accidents definitely become a rarer sight but overall i can say that they've become more frequent. i now still sleep with diapers because i fear that i might wet without them. I also find that now that i wet a lot more while sleeping that i also sometimes get caught off guard by a leak during the day.
  11. after i mess in diaper it usually stays put, unless its runny or whenever the accident happens to be unusually large. It has only happend to me a couple times, usually while sleeping then it spreads all over the diaper. It doesn't feel exceptionally amazing for me.
  12. I'm 19, a girl, DL and a little bit of a bedwetter. I usually wear an Abri M3 or M4. I wear diapers because i like the feeling of comfort, but also because i leak sometimes. I joined because i wanted to chat with people who are also into wetting