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  1. Poobottom

    Which Smells Worse?

    I’d say a loose poo smells worse but I do find that poo smells a lot less in general when you shave/wax your bottom crack. Strange but true
  2. Poobottom

    Self Cleaning from Poopy Diapers

    Baby wipes, plenty of them, and a shower indeed. Not sure why the clean up should drive you crazy though. It’s your own poo, not? You’ve been wiping your own bottom for like most of your life, what’s the difference with a bit more poo?
  3. Poobottom

    Can you Mess your diaper and walk at the same time?

    Yes I can either wee or poo as I walk along
  4. I can wee or poo as I walk along
  5. Poobottom

    Would you ever change another person's pooey nappy

    I think we should meet up next time I’m in London we can change each other
  6. Poobottom

    Which color do you like your diapers to be?

    White with loads of wee and poo in them
  7. Poobottom

    How soon do you sit down

    Not really for some reason, get more nappy rash when I wear a wet nappy all day
  8. Poobottom

    How old were you?

    Always dreamed about nappies but actually started using them regularly when travelling for work and staying in hotels in my 40s
  9. Poobottom

    How soon do you sit down

    I love sitting down in soft warm poo as soon as I filled my nappy. The warm poo spreading between my buttocks and covering my bottom willy and balls is just orgasmic. Love sleeping in my pooey nappy after that too.
  10. Poobottom

    Messy diaper smell?

    Totally agree, I find having no hair in my bottom crack reduces the pooey smell loads
  11. Poobottom

    3 days off work = 24/7

    I love sleeping in a pooey nappy myself. It gets wet automatically but I have to purposefully poo it before sleep
  12. Poobottom

    Unable to poop

    So you are saying you cannot poo even when going to the toilet ‘normal’ like? Surely eventually the poo will have to come out, try a suppository x
  13. Poobottom

    Should I do this?

    I just stayed away the whole week 8n a hotel and wore nappies the whole week. Every night I weed and pooed them and slept in the pooey wet nappy. Just leave the window open, take some carrier bags to discard the pooey nappies, in the morning just put them in the rubbish, I use outside rubbish bins. As you had the window open the smell should soon disappear. Initially you may think it smells but it soon goes honest. Just think if someone has used the toilet before you and pooed the smell doesn’t linger long. Do enjoy your experience
  14. Poobottom

    Post when messy.

    Lying in bed in my nappy right now filling my nappy with soft poo, feeling really sleepy so my nappy is staying full the whole night. Actually have slept in pooey nappies the whole week and no bad after effects
  15. Poobottom

    Do you ever not poop your diaper?

    I wear a nappy every day just for weeing in they are the pull up type, when I wear a proper night time nappy I always poo in it