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  1. Poobottom

    What do you add to your diapers?

    The only thing I add is wee or poo
  2. Poobottom

    Different situations, different diapers

    I wear night time pull ups during the day just to wee in. When sleeping in a nappy I use the proper nappies so I can poo in them too
  3. Poobottom

    Discipline fetish

    Spanking and splattering poo all over certainly is my idea of fun lol
  4. Poobottom

    Brighton 29th June to 6th July

    Hi am visiting Brighton from 29th June. Would love to meet up with fellow dls, pereferably to perform mutual nappy changes. Will be staying in hotel so no issues with accommodation. Please get in contact
  5. Poobottom

    Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and East Anglia DLs / ABs

    Near Colchester here, love to meet people/chat
  6. Poobottom

    Odd diaper fantasies you have

    My biggest fantasy is to wear someone else’s freshly pooed nappy, the poo still warm
  7. Poobottom

    Preferred spanking method

    Which is the best form of spanking according to members? Feel free to comment on choice of implement
  8. Poobottom

    Bed wetting in the Army

    I was in the army in the Netherlands and I wet the bed regularly then. Generally it happened just after I fell asleep so the bed was dry by the time I woke up. Never have I heard my room mates mention anything
  9. I agree that nappies are for both wee and poo, I agree with Craisler too however that people close to you will notice straight away you pooed your nappy. Personally I keep pooing my nappy to myself I really don’t mind the clean up as it’s my own poo.
  10. Poobottom

    Would you

    I am neither but do both
  11. Poobottom

    Would you ever change another person's pooey nappy

    I wished I lived near you
  12. Poobottom

    Wearing pre-wetted diapers,,,

    I like the idea of wearing pre-wetted nappies but never experienced it yet
  13. Poobottom

    Pleasantly surprised with pullup

    I wear boots own brand night time pull ups (UK based here) being specially designed for night time use they hold loads of wee
  14. Poobottom

    What do u use diapers for

    I wee in mine mainly as I wear them for work but when I get a chance I use them to poo in too, when I do that it’s definitely sexual for me too
  15. Poobottom

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    I always had a wee and poo fetish and did so on occasion in my pants to about age 35, always sexual this was. I sort of grew out of this then I started travelling for work and decided to give nappies a go buying my first pack was exciting and felt naughty. I started weeing in them which was a great feeling being able to go to bed and wet your nappy and sleep in a wet nappy. Of course after a while I decided to use them for pooing in too, whenever I can now I wear nappies in bed and sleep in a wet and pooey nappy, not everyone’s thing, I do realise. I wear a nappy every day for work for convenience I cannot stop and go weewee as I’m going in peoples houses the whole day so wearing a nappy and using it to wee in is the best thing. It’s no longer sexual but sleeping in a wet pooey nappy certainly is, as I changing someone’s nappy for me.