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  1. diaperguy85

    Adult Onesie Pattern

    i'm kinda looking for patterns too, but to no avail. but i thought about it, and the onesie itself is the pattern. perhaps order another one from wherever you prefer, and cut it up (or not) and trace it out for your pattern.
  2. the room where my diaper closet is probably goes through some cycle of powder, cream and fresh diaper smells to stale wee and fabreeze. i have noticed too that sometimes i get a musty, stale pee smell from under the covers on the mornings i wear to bed. luckily, any funny and odd diaper odor i can easily pin on the critters! when i get home from work, the house just smells like... the house, really. perhaps some slightly funky scent coming from the kitchen (we need a dishwasher, BAD!!), but nothing really stands out as diapers or not.
  3. diaperguy85

    Double diapered

    ::raises hand:: i have! many times! and sometimes more than just two! i think my record is 4 or 5 diapers at once. of course that was in the days before i found premium diapers and boosters
  4. diaperguy85

    Privates & Rugs

    usually i use just a trimmer and call it good for that. normally a 1 or 2 setting. the rest of the time, simply some bodywash and perhaps some powder. when diapering i have calmoseptin cream and powder and im good to go!
  5. diaperguy85

    Almost Normal

    aww.... just a quickie!? oh well, short and sweet stories are lots of fun, and this one was no exception! if i was in josh's shoes i would have been horribly confused and flustered about the deja-vu with underpants vs diapers universes switching like that lol glad to see they ended up together and she has a little diaper fetish of her own there. definitely enough here for a sequel/continuation, if even just a short one. good just, man!
  6. diaperguy85

    Almost Normal

    oooo! what a twist!! keep this going! you're off to a great start!
  7. diaperguy85

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    do they have to be one of us? no, but i'm sure it helps a lot. simply accepting of our lifestyle/fetish? yes, but also no. they should also be encouraging. this is a slightly tricky one for me, mostly because my g/f is accepting and encouraging of my fetish/lifestyle, and also i feel that she has a little side that she seems to suppress. within a year of us starting to date, she found my diaper stash and i told her about it all, of which she was very accepting of it, but has told me that she probably doesn't see what i see and get out of wearing diapers, and that she would never tell me i shouldn't wear them. at the time, she was also curious about the little aspect of the ABDL spectrum, and she already showed me she had many traits common to littles (some cutesie talk, an addiction to stuffies and disney movies, coloring books, etc etc). but she refuses to be called a little because she insists "littles are cute and i'm not cute!", however she does it in a playing, taunting, 3-going-on-30 kind of way lol. then i call her a little brat and she smiles all cute-like and hugs her stuffie. anyway, i'm rambling a bit. as i see it, no, your s/o does not need to be an ABDL, but they do have to be loving, trusting, accepting and encouraging of you and your fetish.
  8. diaperguy85

    What diapers do you wear?

    i lean more towards the more absorbent varieties of diapers, as i am both thrifty and lazy! the more i can use a diaper before a change, the better! the less often i have to get up and stop what i'm doing, the better! plus i just love the sensation of a wet, heavy diaper. currently, my stash includes seni quattro's, dry24/7's, better-dry's, a few remaining bambino ultra-stretches, and my latest acquisition: some abu simples! in addition to the diapers, i have several boosters from abu, totaldry, bambino and xpmedical. the boosters are a must to get maximum longevity out of your wearing. as much as i do enjoy the heavy, thick diapers, i've also had some thinner ones that i like, too. tena's are a favorite, and i'm looking for a good, thirsty pull-up for times between my heavy boosted diapers.
  9. diaperguy85


    i was out of diapers for over a decade before i started again. my "last" diaper was probably when i was about 4 or 5(ish) when i took one of my little brother's and was found out by my parents. the for years there was probably little to no urge or desire to wear diapers, but i want to say i always felt a slight "out of sorts" or a "something's missing/not quite right"-kinda feeling being without diapers. however i might have just accepted that feeling as "the norm" and went on with my life for years to come, not knowing any different. but then in my mid-teens, the urge for diapers started up again and almost serendipitously, i found a small hidden stash of my sister's old diapers in the hall closet and i started sneaking them, very slowly. only one every few weeks, just to make sure no one else was using them too. the diapers didn't fit, and didn't do much for my urges, positive or negative. eventually, the stash dried up, and i was S.O.L. again. it wasn't until my time at college that i found out there is this big (and ever-expanding) universe of others like me online! a quick and innocent enough google search for adult diapers brought it to light. truly i felt a sense of belonging, acceptance and confirmation that i have yet to feel again at that magnitude (although a very close second place goes to when i told my g/f about my diapers and she accepted it all without so much as a blink)
  10. diaperguy85

    Summer Job

    plenty of potential goodness here, here's hoping you continue!
  11. diaperguy85

    Screw that

    when me and the g/f got our house, everything seemed alright. but one day early on we found water in the basement and a wall seemed damp. after some quick work with the sawz-all, i found the black iron sewer main in the wall had a split in it.... after some more investigation, pipe removal, re investigation, more wet basement, more pipe removal, and many frustrating days/weeks, i found the crack went all the way up the wall and it turned out the elbow at the top had it's outer side MISSING!! after that, i wound up removing all the back iron pipe i could reach as a precaution, totaling 20+feet of pipe cut out and replaced with pvc. luckily my mom lives about 15min north of us, we were able to live and shower there while we renovated. gotta love old houses i could probably live without toilets, but i need my shower, damnit!
  12. diaperguy85

    How often do you wear?

    simply put: less often than i want to...
  13. diaperguy85

    Another Wal-Mart sighting

    ya know, you're right. but there are no visible diapers here. granted they could be wearing diapers
  14. diaperguy85

    Hair, Down 'there'

    mostly i just keep myself close-cropped, about a 1 or 2 setting at most on my trimmer. i trim every few weeks whenever i get around to it/feel like it. i shaved entirely bare when i was in college. it felt really neat at first, the slick, smoothness felt awesome! but then hair started growing back, it felt odd, kinda scratchy, and i didnt want to keep up with it. every so often i shaved again, but never kept up with it for more than a week or so. also, as a guy i have other body hair, and to have this bald patch at the top of my hairy legs and below my fuzzy belly (and getting fuzzier) was just an odd, slightly jarring and kinda comical sight. so keeping myself at least a little bit hairy is just more aesthetically pleasing. as for my g/f's.... at least trimmed and maintained. shaven completely feels nice and smooth and looks clean and great, but i know it's a literal pain in the groin to keep up. neatly and closely trimmed looks feminine and very lovely, and feels good.
  15. diaperguy85

    Infinity War : Anyone else see it?

    saw it last night, and had three thoughts about it (in no particular) 1- that was a fast three hours! 2- ...wow.... just wow.... 3- ...so now what? so yes, awesome movie!! can't wait to see how they take this!