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  1. Are you progressing as a DL?

    i feel that i have progressed some as a DL. it had become easier for me to wet when i am diapered again. i was able to easily wet years ago, to the point of waking up in wet diapers, but stopped wearing shortly after because of my living situation. now i have the freedom to wear diapers whenever i feel like it! however, finances are now against me lol after some projects wrap up, i'll buy more. guilt is still present. mostly thoughts that more than likely aren't there. my g/f isn't much for diapers, and i feel that sometimes diapers get in the way of our own intimacy and driving a slight wedge in between us. not a huge wedge, but a wedge none the less. i know she doesn't mind my diapers, and encourages and supports me, but the negative thoughts are still there. that being said i do feel that i am more in touch with who i am as a diaper lover. im not sure if i have fully accepted myself yet, but i am definitely more accepting than i was years ago. i've been trying out more varieties of diapers, wearing my onesies more, ordering more clothing and just enjoying myself more and more. i get the urges every so often to go 24/7 and even the desire to untrain myself at times so i can wear more and have a reason/excuse to. but these pass quickly enough, and i remember how much of an upheaval, change and financial load it would be. soon enough i hope to expand my collection of diapers, onesies and plastic pants so that i can wear most whenever im home so can relax and enjoy even more than i currently do.
  2. Taste buds where?

    hmm.... i never heard of taste buds being anywhere but on your tongue. unless you're a butterfly, and they're on your feet and certain fish that have then all over their body. that being said, i did see a video from scishow on youtube that said humans do have capsiacin receptors along our gastro-intestinal tracts, but especially in our mouths and and at the other end. which is why spicey foods hurt and burn going in and going out. the more you know!!!
  3. 2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    i always had the impression that mid 80's-mid 90's babies were generation Y and millennials were mid 90's to mid 00's. and before that generation X was early 70's to mid 80's. huh, i might be wrong, though ::shrugs::
  4. Bad Moon Rising

    jeez! can't wait to see where this goes! keep it up!
  5. Do you NEED diapers?

    it's more about comfort and relaxing for me. i relax more in diapers and i feel better and almost complete when i'm in them. some people drink, others do drugs, i do diapers! lol
  6. varies for me. anywhere between 10min and several days lol but usually less than an hour
  7. That Time Of The Year Again

    i'm pretty sure i was diapered up for 2016/2017 new years. me and my g/f both got colds a few days before new year's and stayed home in our jammies nursing our colds and watched the ball drop. this year we were feeling good and went out to celebrate with friends and family, but no diapers unfortunately
  8. when i wear to bed, it's usually (but not always) diapers, plastic pants and a onesie. other times it's diapers, plastic pants, boxer briefs (which kinda act as a onesie holding everything up and together) and my long night shirt. sometimes more, i just have on diapers, plastics and my night shirt. it varies on what i feel like changing into that night and how late it is when i get to bed.
  9. Christmas Cartoons

    definitely have to agree with others here with grinch, the old rankin-bass stop-motion cartoons, charlie brown and hey arnold. but also can't forget a garfield christmas special, rocko's modern christmas, and a few others, i'm missing right now. one that me and my g/f discovered last xmas, and quckly became a favorite, is arthur christmas. definitely a fun movie!!
  10. Have a New Years resolution?

    - try again for better oral hygiene (at least my third attempt at this) - lose some weight (a perennial favorite) - wear more diapers - have a fun year!
  11. how else would you be there for nearly 20 hours straight without losing your spot? i'd go there in diapers if i was properly prepared for the cold like those canadians!
  12. What is everyones diaper wish

    oh hell yea!! it'd be just another underwear choice no one cares about! well, maybe a few people would care lol but that one is already wished for lol so i would like a bigger income so i can afford more diapers
  13. Just got back from finishing Christmas shopping... while diapered!! Felt so awesome!

  14. wear do you keep your diapers

    i have mine in a closet in the spare bedroom. also my creams, wipes, onesies and all my other diaper stuff is in there too
  15. Are You Giving/Expecting ABDL Gifts?

    already got myself enough stuff for this year lol none if it abdl related, but all stuff i wanted lol for my g/f's birthday early in the year i do plan to get her a koala kirigumi(sp?) pajamas