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  1. When Did It All Start?

    i never really stopped having an interest, i think. it severely waned for about 10 years or so, but i don't think it ever went away. i've been told i was very hard to potty train. i didnt want to give up my diapers! i didnt want to have to stop playing or watching tv or whatever to go to the bathroom. it was only after i was finally potty trained that i took a diaper from my little brother and was caught wearing the wet thing that that was the last time i wore diapers for about a decade. then sometime in high school i started getting interested in diapers again. i'm not exactly sure how it started up or what caused it, but i remember feeling a little ashamed (maybe more odd, perhaps), but mostly alone in my interest. then in college i found out there were others like me who liked diapers!! and my world was changed forever for the better!
  2. how to make a disposable diaper fluffy

    i gotta try this!! too bad i didnt see this earlier tonight, i would have done this before i changed for the evening!
  3. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    my g/f has a piggy! but she calls me her teddy bear.
  4. Diaper pail

    i saw a vid on youtube that recommends using one of those tall tupperware/tote things that people usually keep dog kibble in. thicker plastic, air-tight (or nearly) lid, and mostly inconspicuous. plus you can put in a scented trash bag and that'l help with odors too. i've had luck with the orange home depot buckets for my spent diapers. i don't snap the lid down entirely, but it does keep the smell down. also i tie them up in the scented trash bags, too. i found the 3-gallon bags are a good size for a couple of smaller diapers, or one really huge and wet diaper. plus they smell like fresh laundry!
  5. Wearing in public

    hmm.... let's see.... exciting things to do in diapers.... skydiving, run with the bulls, base jumping, hold up a bank, drive a race car.... anything really!! i'm new to wearing out in public too, so there's alot i havent done. but from what i keep hearing on here shopping is fun, going to the movies, go to a bar, just normal stuff, really. depends how brazen and bold you are and if you care if people find out about your diapers or not. personally, i tend to keep my diapers private, as do most other people on here. others go to the beach, hike in diapers, car trips, and such. have fun!
  6. This fetish is awesome

    hell yes for diapers!! i hear ya! my g/f is a bit on the vanilla side, but she's accepted and embraced my diapers as just another facet of the guy she loves. she's open to trying them a bit too as well as other aspects of this fetish, but she's not sure she'd like them as much as i do. but she does have some strong tendencies of a little, so i'm going to start nudging her in that direction a bit lol i too agree with this. i wish so much that diapers would be viewed as simply as "oh, he's wearing khaki pants today" or "black socks? ok" just another wardrobe choice. but we're still a long long way from this happening, if it ever does.
  7. contemplating going 24/7..... of only my finances were better.... but probably for the best

  8. wearing A long time

    i remember that, too!! i'm pretty sure it was on here! but now that you talk about it, the story seems just a wee bit far fetched because of your reasonings.
  9. wearing A long time

    shenanigans! i usually wear drycare 24/7 plus some boosters for almost 20 hours with no discomfort or irritation. i also liberally use cream and powder for these extended wearings, so that probably helps alot with irritations, too.
  10. Anyone have invasive parents?

    well, that just sucks. i hope your diapers aren't in there somewhere! just out of curiosity, do you have siblings? you the youngest? middle? oldest? you can start by nicely sitting them down and talking with them that first off that you love them, which i know you do. then that you don't appreciate them going through your room without your knowledge or permission. it is an invasion of privacy, and a sign of little or no trust on their part. and get prepared for a conversation and possibly an argument, but things could also go over smoothly, you really don't know until you get there. things could be good and they won't go through your stuff anymore. and, if all else fails, like @AbabeBill said... start planting things to find! get creative! make them think twice about doing that stuff. but that's more of a last straw kind of thing. tread cautiously. good luck!!
  11. Looking for a diaper with the biggest capacity

    cloth is probably the best, but i have zero experience with cloth, too much laundry is the main turn-off for me. as for disposables, boosters are your friend! for my long term upwards of 20+hour diaper marathons i use a dry 24/7, with a total dry ultimate booster in first and on top of that an xp medical xxl contoured booster. also duct tape and a snug onesie help too, they get really heavy after all those hours of wetting and the tapes won't hold, and the onesie keeps everything at a reasonable level.
  12. Anyone have invasive parents?

    as long as your parents aren't invading your privacy and going through your things, then i don't think they're doing anything wrong. maybe they are coming off as more "overbearing" rather than "invasive". my mom was/is kinda overbearing. i would want to go out, and she'd ask me several questions about what my plans were, where i was going, who with, what's going in there, when i'd be back, etc etc. then again when i got back, more questions! how was it, did you have fun, did you find what you needed, who all was there, etc etc etc. i too, took it as invasive, but after i while, i started to think of it as her keeping tabs or living slightly vicariously through me. she doesn't get out much, or have many friends, and probably a bunch of the things i did she thought was neat. plus it might just be her way of showing her caring about me, instead of just a "have fun, bye!" and i'd leave. honestly, if she stopped doing the 20 questions thing, i'd probably would have felt like she didn't care anymore. also, and i hate to say this because it makes me feel old, you're at that point of you wanting to prove your independence as a young adult. the "yea, i can take care of myself! "-kind of attitude. in the end of it, you'll be fine, your parents just love you, and (sorry for the wording) their little baby is growing up, and they do and don't want you to. i'm the oldest of the family, and i know it was kinda hard on my mom to see me grow up, get girlfriends, go to college, and eventually move out. they just love you, that's all.
  13. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    i think it varies depending on the situation, but overall, i think diaper is worse to be caught in. nude is something that everyone is at one point or another in their lives, and with the advent of the internet, everyone has seen nakedness of everyone. plus some well places hands/whatever's handy and nearby should easily cover anything you don't want them seeing. if the person who caught you knows that you need/wear diapers, then being caught in diapers isn't a bad thing, kinda like being caught in underwear. if you get caught diapered by someone who doesn't know you wear, then that is a whole different can of worms that just blew up. plus a diaper is a bit more of a challenge to cover up quickly. of course calm explanations and/or little white lies can smooth over the situation, i suppose.
  14. The Winceyette nightshirt

    just found this out the other day, and just thought i'd share. cuddlz.com has a line of wincyette onesies and jammies! in various sizes and colors, too!!
  15. Dry 24/7 changing

    @ccb i got in my bag of diapers the other day!! i let them breathe and puff up a bit before comparing. as of now, there seems to be no difference between the old ones i have and the new bag. i haven't scientifically weighed them against each other yet, but just feeling for thickness and just by hand comparison, i don't think there is any real difference. yay for consistency!