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  1. i remember i was in high school, and i think i looked up "adult diapers" on some search engine, either yahoo or google, i really don't remember, and it doesn't matter. and in the results was another site, adisc.com, and i found out there were other like-minded folk out there who were into diapers for the first time. after a few years on that site, i dug a little more and found this one! plus, i think adisc was more geared for minors or at least had minors on there at the time, and i was over 18, so i quietly left adisc and moved over to here! and here i am! also during that time of diaper discovery, i also found the sub-reddits, various other sites, several pay sites, videos, i think one or two other forums or at the very least sub sections of fetish forums (didn't join them), and online shops and suppliers. as a final thought, just thinking about it now, the community itself has grown drastically in the last 10-15 years! where 15 years ago, there were only perhaps a few niche/fetish suppliers for abdl clothing and paraphernalia, some medical supply places with meager offerings, and on some other *ahem* adult sites the choice of viewing media was really lacking. turn the clock to now, in my favorites alone, i have literally DOZENS of abdl suppliers saved, there are whole lines of diapers gears 100% towards our ilk. there are huge get-togethers of abdl folk all over the world now, and they're only growing in attendees! actual, physical, brick and mortar stores for strictly abdl's exist! the amount of places and things to go to and buy is light years beyond where it was at the turn of the century. will the abdl fetish/lifestyle ever be as "mainstream accepted" as say... bdsm (thanks to an infamous series of books and movies)? ehhh..... debatable, at best, right now. but it is growing! and it's amazing!
  2. diaperguy85

    Brenda’s beaver needs a barber

    YES!!! people need to lay off Brenda! some people like their beavers as nature intended them!! lmao!
  3. diaperguy85

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    same here! otherwise, a very good diaper and one i'll buy again and again. perhaps it's something they can work on for their second or third (or whatever number they're on) version.
  4. diaperguy85

    Best Diaper?

    bulky and loud? dry/24s are pretty loud and bulky. northshore megamax's and abu simple and simple ultras get very bulky with good crinkle and hold A LOT!!. betterdry's are good too, and my prefered diaper, they hold alot, but aren't too loud. for bulk, add a booster to your diapers. be aware, some diapers work better with boosters than others. dry24s do well with boosters, while betterdry's don't. the megamax and simple line goes well with boosters. from what i've gathered on here, for maximum bulk, cloth is your go-to. i haven't tried cloth yet, simply because i don't like doing laundry, and sticker shock. a bag of disposables costs about $20-$30 per bag of 9-15+ diapers, while the same amount gets you one cloth diaper. BUT!!! that one cloth diaper can be washed and used again, and again, and again, and again etc etc, more than the 15 or so disposables for the same price. also for crinkle, cloth diapers need a waterproof diaper cover. these can be made of pvc, PUL (polyurethane laminate), rubber, and other materials. PUL is rather quiet and breathable, while pvc is louder and more airtight. do your research on here and other sites for that stuff. good luck!
  5. diaperguy85

    using 24 hrs

    cute girls, too bad i don't speak spanish
  6. diaperguy85

    I Think Diapers Have Reached Their Limit In Capacity Now.

    i do think it's close to critical mass. personally, i think the "holy grail" of absorbency, or possibly more like "critical mass", is the 10000mL limit. i think they're not too far with the new megamax and simple ultra diapers going over the 6000mL mark. i think they need to start looking at some lateral improvements such as stronger plastic shells, stronger tapes, and most importantly (in my opinion) odor control and pH neutralizing. several times i've worn a mega or ultra for upwards of 24 hours (no, i'm not kidding!) and often by about the 10th hour or so i start smelling stale pee, and it's only worse by hour 20. by then, my diaper is pretty much maxed out. i know, i know. i shouldn't wear for that long, for reasons of skin health and such, but i haven't had anything negative happen. no rashes, no sores, no chafing, just wearing the same diaper for a day. i do shower and scrub after 24hours in diapers and use calmoseptine cream and j&j powder between, and that does help alot. back to capacity, i saw recently that bambino has a new booster out: the quadro deluxe! that boasts an impressive 2000mL capacity. combine that with a mega or ultra, and we clear the 8000mL mark. i haven't tried them out yet, but i do want to one day. two deluxes and a diaper, there we go! the 10K capacity! i don't think we'd get there with the two boosters, they'd probably swell up too much and negate the leg gathers, leaking before getting close. for most people, a 10K diaper is total overkill, but i think it could be a niche market sort of thing, much like the megamax and simple ultra. so we'll see!
  7. diaperguy85

    MegaMax test

    Although i haven't given these the crowler/growler test (which i fully support as a unit of measure), i have given them the ice tea torture! drink a half gallon of ice tea and i don't stop peeing for a few hours! but then again, drink that much of anything and you'll pee for hours as well lol anyway, i can vouch for him with what he's describing! the megamaxs do a great job and just keep taking it! the tapes are very sticky and i've actually had the plastic start to fail before the tapes did! no, it didn't rip apart, but it was stretched thin and didn't have much time left. every other premium diaper i've tried, i've had to use duct tape to help hold it up and together, but not these! but i think we're missing the most important question here @Spanky..... what beers were in those crowlers?
  8. diaperguy85

    What do you use your Diapers for?

    99.9% of the time, i just wet my diapers. every so often, when the planets align properly i do mess. and every time i do, i don't like it lol. the action of messing feels great and all, but then cleaning just plain sucks, it stinks, and is very very... well, messy. so yea, just wetting for me!
  9. diaperguy85

    What are your New Years Resolutions?

    this year i have a few. - improve oral hygiene (never been too good at remembering to brush) - get my spending in order - finish something! (i've got a bunch of house projects that are just lingering and dragging on and on, kinda tied in with my spending) - wear more diapers! - enjoy myself and have a good year
  10. diaperguy85

    Tumblr got nuked, by Tumblr

    so on dec 18th, tumblr declares bankruptcy
  11. diaperguy85

    Reason for diapers

    as a DL myself, i wear for relaxation, comfort, enjoyment, and a bit of laziness lol my bathrooms are up on the second floor or down in the basement
  12. diaperguy85

    What's in your diaper stock?

    i have a nice selection, not much for amounts, but selection is pretty good. i don't know exact numbers, but right now i have about 5 or 6 dry 24/7s, about 2 bags of better drys, a bag of northshore megamax, a bag of abu simple ultra, i think a bag and a half of seni quatros, about 10 or 12 abri pull ups, 10-12 abri-form L4's, total dry sample pack, a northshore sample pack, and about 3 or 4 bags of various boosters including (but not limited to) total dry, rearz, xpmedical, bambino, and probably northshore (love free samples!!)
  13. diaperguy85

    How do I get more babyfat

    i saw a show years ago on certain athletes that need or have to gain weight, but do it healthily and in relatively quick time. japanese sumo wrestlers!! i'm not sure, and you should do some research on your own, but i remember that they had a diet high in barley to help give them a more even layer of subcutaneous fat, the more healthy fat (and i use that term lightly) just below the skin, which is what i think you're going for. it's when the fat goes deeply internal and around organs when things get really unhealthy. but the thing is, when most folks see or think of sumo wrestlers, they think of (and im very sorry to make this comparison) american obesity patients. large, cumbersome, and extremely unhealthy. while it couldn't be any further from the truth! those wrestlers, underneath their fat layers, are pure muscle, highly disciplined and finely tuned athletes for their sport. along with their diet, they also have a rigorous physical training regimen. so i think the two work off of each other. however, before drastically changing your diet and weight, definitely consult your doctor!! you don't want to do anything that might hurt or kill you in the long run!
  14. diaperguy85

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    i ordered a bag when they came out, and i must say, they are amazing!!! tapes are strong, very thirsty diaper, very very comfortable. i was only able to partially test to the fullest (literally) but after wearing it for about 8 hours and half a gallon of ice tea, it was still ready for more!! it swelled up so much! unfortunately, after the 8 or so hours i had to take it off and do some errends, but i'm looking forward to another long day with them! as for the logos, i don't mind them. i do prefer solid white diapers, but the logos don't bother me. they're not a cutesie flower, dinosaur, race car, critters print, and they arent printed everywhere obnoxiously all over the diaper, so whatever, at least for me. can't wait to see what's next for this diaper!!
  15. diaperguy85

    Tumblr got nuked, by Tumblr

    did a quick, but not very in depth look at the pages i have saved/favorited on chrome. so far the only possible casualty of this sweep has been diapertrainingashley. her page went offline some point last night. i thought she might have gotten doxxed or roxxed or whatever the term is for found out/hacked and exposed, like what happened to littlelolikat. but now it may be related to this thing going on. tumblr's relationship with nsfw pages has been shaky at best for years. dozens of the pages i've visited over the last year or so had posts voicing their opinions and how much they didn't like whatever new regulations the platform was pressing into action at the time, and how to let their and other voices be heard.