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  1. diaperguy85

    should i use boosters

    i don't have any experience with the teddies, but i hear they are really good. i use mostly plain, non-printed diapers. as for cream, my favorite is calmoseptine. it's on amazon, but i've also seen it in cvs and rite aid. you get it in tubes like sunblock or hair gel, but amazon also has it in little packets like ketchup. it's a thick, slightly pink cream with lanolin, some menthol and other oils and vitamins. it goes on thick and stays on! it's a pain in the neck to get off your hands, so i use rubber/vinyl/latex/etc gloves to apply. i apply the cream all over in a thin, even layer, and apply a layer of powder on it so it's no longer sticky to the touch. then tape up the lower tapes, a little bit more powder front and back, finish taping up, redress and i'm on my way! btw, leave your gloves on when you powder, but take them off when you tape up. you don't want powder or cream on the tapes
  2. diaperguy85

    should i use boosters

    hmmm....... having done a few road trips of similar lengths, i can say that this plan could work. considering 1,300 miles at an approximate average of 70mph (accounting for slow traffic, rush hours, construction, levels of caffeine, how tired you are, etc etc), it would take you about 20 hours of road time to get to where you are going, including some extra time for food, gas and stretch breaks. of course, i'm assuming you're using just major highways, and very few smaller roads. personally, i would try to break it up into three days of travel, but it all depends how you feel. and i don't know if you have the luxury of excess time. driving can get tiring. on my trips, i stopped about every two or three hours for gas, snack and to stretch. also, changings would add a bit more time to your trip. i wanted to be diapered for those trips, too, but i was a diaper-novice, tried for a few hours, but changed out early on and remained diaper-less for the rest of the trip. anyway, back to the question! yes for boosters! also with everyone else here, yes for a quality butt paste/barrier cream, and a good powder. i would also recommend starting with a quality diaper, like a better dry, dry24/7, abu's or something similar. considering you'll be in a car, you'll be able to stop whenever you want/need to, so you can change whenever the need arises. have fun!
  3. diaperguy85

    What do you add to your diapers?

    normally for me, just calmoseptine cream, enough powder to make the cream not sticky anymore, and usually a booster of some sort. and then another poof or two of powder
  4. diaperguy85

    How did you family react?

    totally agree! they have no reason to know mine, and i have no reason to know their's. the only person that knows is my g/f, and she is welcoming and accepting about it. other than her, i really have no real desire to ever tell anyone.
  5. diaperguy85

    OMG, can't believe this conversation happened,,,

    whatever winds up happening, a friendship is always a nice thing have, especially a possible DL friendship. it does sound like she might be interested, or she wouldnt have told you her schedule. who knows what could come of this? best of luck!
  6. diaperguy85

    Film Night! What Films Should We Watch?

    great choices!! my recommendations are for marathons! hey, you'll probably be diapered anyway, so enjoy it! my choices/recommendations: the lord of the rings back to the future star wars godzilla (the old ones!) mission impossible james bond classic monster movies (frankenstien, the wolfman, the blob, the mummy, etc etc) mel brooks movies enjoy your movie night!!
  7. diaperguy85

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    i seem to have cyclical urges to pursue dependence. some strong urges come up and then they go after a few days/weeks. also my logical brain kicks in and i remember the upheaval of lifestyle, the start-up and maintenance costs and expenses, how others would/might look at me, etc etc. and then i just go back to how i think before everything: i just want to wear more often. i wear every so often already, i just have some other major financial obligations to tend to first. hopefully within the next year or two i can do this.
  8. diaperguy85

    The Weird Scholarship

    just finished reading this! this was and still is one of my favorite stories on here! keep it going, please!! i want to know how it ends!!
  9. diaperguy85

    How do you prevent diaper rash?

    my prefered brand of cream is calmoseptine. desitin is good too, but i found the smell to be too much for me. calmospetine is thicker than desitin, and has a light menthol scent. what i do is a good slather of cream all over and then a layer of powder all over until everything isn't sticky anymore. then diaper goes on and only the lower tapes put on, then a little more powder is puffed in front and back, then i finish taping up and i'm good to go! haven't had a rash yet!
  10. diaperguy85


    unfortunately i don't know much about the padded waddle onesies, but i know they are out there! i've seen them! i know there are some places on etsy and ebay that do custom ABDL clothing, and a quick google search might find some results. one place that would make them is http://privatina.shop-07.de/shop-privatina.html. they are kinda pricey, with over-seas shipping, but everything is custom and made to order. i'm sure they would easily make your waddle long-sleeve romper
  11. diaperguy85

    Is there such a thing as too many boosters?

    i put a maximum of 2 boosters in, depending on the diaper i'm starting with. after that, they swell up too much and push the leg gathers away from doing what they're there to do, and i get leaks. you're diaper looks amazing and i bet it would stay thirsty for days! ...that is if they don't swell up and negate any leak protection
  12. diaperguy85

    4Care Bodysuit Diaper Covers at NorthShore

    not a big fan of sleeveless anythings, but those do look nice and comfy
  13. diaperguy85

    Diaper Stuffers

    go total-dry ultimate!! my new favorite boosters! before i found them, i used a combination of the xpmedical xxl booster and a bambino quatro (or something similar). that combo got me several more wettings and hours in before i needed a changing. but, i found out through many trial and errors, that the stacking didn't always work as intended. on many diapers, i got a few wettings in and they started leaking. i think the boosters and diaper swelled up enough to expand over what the leg gathers could go and leaked out that way.
  14. diaperguy85

    If you had a major leak....

    my only public leak (that i'm aware of, anyway!) was years ago before i found premium diapers. i was diapered, i forget what i was wearing, and out and about doing errends and using my diaper all long the way. well, at the very last place, i felt a small trickle go down my leg! luckily, i was wearing pants and long-johns, so everything was contained, more or less. i asked for a restroom, so maybe i could change out and save myself from more wetness. turns out, their bathroom wasn't really for customers, and on top of that they didn't have a trash can! so i scrapped that idea, flushed and just left. i got home, and my butt and thighs were soaked! luckily, no one was home, so i hurried upstairs for a quick shower and fresh clothes, then started to clean my car from that experience. hooray for leather seats! lol i hope i wasnt leaking bad enough to go through my pants for anyone to notice, so i kinda lucked out with that.
  15. diaperguy85

    Little Knots

    i do love a good renn faire lass! it'll be interesting to see where this one goes. keep it going!