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  1. diaperguy85

    Tumblr got nuked, by Tumblr

    so on dec 18th, tumblr declares bankruptcy
  2. diaperguy85

    Reason for diapers

    as a DL myself, i wear for relaxation, comfort, enjoyment, and a bit of laziness lol my bathrooms are up on the second floor or down in the basement
  3. diaperguy85

    What's in your diaper stock?

    i have a nice selection, not much for amounts, but selection is pretty good. i don't know exact numbers, but right now i have about 5 or 6 dry 24/7s, about 2 bags of better drys, a bag of northshore megamax, a bag of abu simple ultra, i think a bag and a half of seni quatros, about 10 or 12 abri pull ups, 10-12 abri-form L4's, total dry sample pack, a northshore sample pack, and about 3 or 4 bags of various boosters including (but not limited to) total dry, rearz, xpmedical, bambino, and probably northshore (love free samples!!)
  4. diaperguy85

    How do I get more babyfat

    i saw a show years ago on certain athletes that need or have to gain weight, but do it healthily and in relatively quick time. japanese sumo wrestlers!! i'm not sure, and you should do some research on your own, but i remember that they had a diet high in barley to help give them a more even layer of subcutaneous fat, the more healthy fat (and i use that term lightly) just below the skin, which is what i think you're going for. it's when the fat goes deeply internal and around organs when things get really unhealthy. but the thing is, when most folks see or think of sumo wrestlers, they think of (and im very sorry to make this comparison) american obesity patients. large, cumbersome, and extremely unhealthy. while it couldn't be any further from the truth! those wrestlers, underneath their fat layers, are pure muscle, highly disciplined and finely tuned athletes for their sport. along with their diet, they also have a rigorous physical training regimen. so i think the two work off of each other. however, before drastically changing your diet and weight, definitely consult your doctor!! you don't want to do anything that might hurt or kill you in the long run!
  5. diaperguy85

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    i ordered a bag when they came out, and i must say, they are amazing!!! tapes are strong, very thirsty diaper, very very comfortable. i was only able to partially test to the fullest (literally) but after wearing it for about 8 hours and half a gallon of ice tea, it was still ready for more!! it swelled up so much! unfortunately, after the 8 or so hours i had to take it off and do some errends, but i'm looking forward to another long day with them! as for the logos, i don't mind them. i do prefer solid white diapers, but the logos don't bother me. they're not a cutesie flower, dinosaur, race car, critters print, and they arent printed everywhere obnoxiously all over the diaper, so whatever, at least for me. can't wait to see what's next for this diaper!!
  6. diaperguy85

    Tumblr got nuked, by Tumblr

    did a quick, but not very in depth look at the pages i have saved/favorited on chrome. so far the only possible casualty of this sweep has been diapertrainingashley. her page went offline some point last night. i thought she might have gotten doxxed or roxxed or whatever the term is for found out/hacked and exposed, like what happened to littlelolikat. but now it may be related to this thing going on. tumblr's relationship with nsfw pages has been shaky at best for years. dozens of the pages i've visited over the last year or so had posts voicing their opinions and how much they didn't like whatever new regulations the platform was pressing into action at the time, and how to let their and other voices be heard.
  7. diaperguy85

    Help me design a diaper week

    for heavy wetting and long-term wearing, i like dry 24-7's, better dry's, and total-dry boosters to help out and add to the capacity. for discreteness and out-and-about wearing, abena M/L-4's are good and a long-time fan favorite for many abdls, but my favorites have to be seni quatro's. they are almost on the same level of capacity as the dry 24/7's, but they don't swell as much, and their cloth-like backing is very quiet. i've worn them around the house with my PUL-pants and can bearly hear anything in the rather quiet atmosphere of my house.
  8. diaperguy85

    Exposing, without exposing..

    i second the kilt idea! i don't wear mine much beyond renn fairs and other fests, but i always get complements when i have it on! now, for being diapered while wearing a kilt, i haven't yet, but i do like the idea, and want to one day perhaps.
  9. diaperguy85

    Diapers in secret

    during college and when i lived at home i hid them in a nondescript box that something else came in and stashed that in my closet. it was just the right size to fit a bag of depends or attends or whatever i had at the time. at times, it did make me nervous, but then i'd remember, it's just a box! a box tucked away in a closet, nothing at all conspicuous or needing of any attention. but it still made me nervous from time to time. currently, now that i'm moved out and living with my gf who knows and is supportive of me and my diapers, my diapers are still in a closet lol but they aren't tucked away in a box, they're stacked up on some shelves in the closet. if you opened the door, you'd plainly see all my diapers, wipes, onesies, and everything else, no hiding in there! i'm not really hiding them from my gf, she knows which closet they're in and is fine and dandy with it, but i'm also not leaving my diaper bags all over the house. i wear infront of her, she slaps my diapered butt, i pinch her non-diapered butt, then we hug and kiss and life is good
  10. diaperguy85

    How old were you?

    i always loved diapers! i never wanted out of them! but eventually pressure from the parents to potty train got the best of me by the time i was 3 or 4, i don't really remember. i do remember missing them and wanting back in them, but i wasn't allowed. it wasn't until i was in my mid teens that i found diapers again. i can't exactly pinpoint when it was that i realized i like diapers (again), but probably my mid teens.
  11. diaperguy85

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    add another vote to the "they don't need to know, so don't tell them" pile. even if mom might have an idea about this corner of the world, it's a better option to just let sleeping dogs lie. my mom caught me in diapers when i was very very young, and i've been less than perfect over the years with my paraphernalia, but never left diapers, used or not, out for anyone to find. i think she might have an idea about my diapers, but i am 100% content not knowing if she knows or not. she may have even forgotten about it entirely, if she ever really knew at all, but i'll never know, and i'm happy keeping it that way. you're 18, and they have no reason to know what your underwear of choice is, or what gets you excited and turned on. do you want to know what gets your folk's rocks off or if they wear thongs, briefs or go commando? NO! however!! it's still their house and you live under their roof and you have to follow their rules. so i highly recommend you keep a very low profile with your diapers. when i lived at home, there was a time of over a year between times i wore diapers. i couldn't find the time alone to properly enjoy my diapers. just stay quiet about them, enjoy when you can, don't be careless, and bide your time until you can get your own place and wear as often as you desire.
  12. diaperguy85

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    story of my life, man. ...yay adulting...
  13. diaperguy85

    Are You Satisfied?

    i've tried a whole bunch of diapers in my trials. but i've found a few that i like more than others in no particular order: better-dry, dry 24/7, abu simple (still need to try the ultra), seni quattro and to add to them all, total dry boosters.
  14. diaperguy85

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    oh man! this discussion is getting me excited for these diapers!!
  15. diaperguy85

    Brewing beer

    i love homebrewing! my friends and i are nearing the end of building a new electric brew rig! it's been a bit of a pipe dream for a few years now after freezing and sweating off various much loved parts of our anatomies during various brew sessions through out the seasons. soon after a nearly 3 or 4 year hiatus from brewing we'll be back in action on a new indoor electric rig!! funny thing is, homebrewing can snowball into something much much bigger than just making quality beer with friends. biggest example, you need a quality dispensing set up to enjoy your beer. bottles are great, but we all know beer tastes better on tap. and now since you have quality beer on a quality tap system, now you need a quality bar/man cave/lounge to enjoy your quality beer with your (hopefully) friends that helped you brew the beer in the first place!!