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  1. footed pajamas info

    well for whatever reason they were a pain in my padded butt for me to find! those onesies look great!! i love the customization all in there! so awesome! still seems a bit much for me, price-wise, the ones i found fit what i was looking for. i'm not for hoods and such, but still a great find!
  2. footed pajamas info

    update! i found footless sleepers!! i'm so happy!! you guys would not believe how hard it was to find footless and hoodless sleepers!! https://www.amazon.com/Sleepyheads-Footed-Fleece-Jumpsuit-SH2200-1011-MED/dp/B06XX26FHX/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A8RJW42YVTWVBVR6K0MP i got one last week and i must say that i love it!! i'm planning to order a few more in the coming weeks. i'm not sure i'm going to actually sleep in it yet, only because i'm used to just a long nightshirt or a onesie. this thing is soft and warm and fuzzy like a comfy blanket! plus it has pockets!! for whatever reason, my g/f loved that feature the most lol. the zipper ends at about my belly button, making diapers a must for this, unless you want to undress every time you need to go to the bathroom.
  3. Stressed w/o diapers?

    i dont think i get stressed, but more anxious. and then stressed. more tense, really. i dont know lol but i do know that diapers are a great release for me and i feel much more complete and more level headed with them. there have been times i've gone without diaper for a long while and got kinda jittery and higher strung. but then i would find another thing to do, and feel better. anyway, there is very little stopping me now from diapering anytime i want at home! so i feel much more relaxed now. especially now with a wet bambino ultra-stretch and my new lounger pjs!
  4. i am loving my new lounger!! :D 

  5. Acceptance from general public

    even less than 10 years ago the BDSM lifestyle was a highly taboo kink reserved for the depraved and sexually deviant. but thanks to some books (albeit a not too accurate books, from what i keep hearing) and later movies, the BDSM world has been pulled into the spotlight and more or less accepted as an "ok, cool, whatever" kinda kink. i feel it's only a matter of time before our fetish and lifestyle is one of those "ok, sure, whatever" things.
  6. Pleasure of a most important nap

    most days i doze off for about an hour after i get home from work. then i wake up, it's just about dinner time, and then the rest of my evening starts
  7. footed pajamas info

    walmart has racks and racks of footed and hooded onesies out now! only problem is my feet sweat too much for footeds and i don't much quite like hoods. so my search continues!
  8. bulky diapers

    i love dry 24/7s for their bulk! but i don't stop there, i add boosters too! xpmedical has their abosrbancy+ XXL booster pads, and i put that over a bambino quadro or a total-dry ultimate booster and i get so much bulk, heft, and swelling from that combination. when it gets wet, i honestly have a bit of difficulty getting up from laying down, and the waddling is crazy with it. there is not much you'd be able to hide that under discreetly and get away with it lol. the combo gets me through nearly a full day, and i do recommend a onesie and duct tape to help with the weight. plastic pants are also a plus.
  9. Do you wake up needing to pee or not

    just about every morning, diapered or not. i haven't gotten to the point of going in my sleep yet. years ago i think i had it, but shortly after that i had to stop wearing for a long while and lost it. one day i'll get back to it.
  10. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    agreed, agreed and agreed, but it's more like just venting to an outside party. i have a smaller-ish circle of friends and family, so everyone knows everyone else. so it can be tricky to vent sometimes. plus only my g/f definitely knows about my diapers, so talking about diapers is rather limited.
  11. Funny Useless Superpowers

    instant baldness, but only for yourself read minds of people that don't speak your language(s) able to know how much porn someone has on their computer just by touching them instant knowledge of how many pieces make up every lego kit ever made and as they come out can mind meld with dust mites pin point the exact second when paint dries completely can levitate up to 10 postage stamps
  12. LoTR++ Marathon

    pixar movie marathon next!!
  13. here here!! i got a bag of the quatros a few weeks ago, and i can say that i seriously love these diapers!! they're so comfy and soft, plus they hold a good amount. under clothing they are also very quiet. i've had times when i was wearing them, i honestly almost forgot i was wearing them! they were just that soft and comfy!! i need to order more, i only have about 5 or 6 left out of the bag. definitely a diaper that can easily become a daily wearer. add a small booster, and i'm sure i can go all day with them.
  14. depends who finds out, really. but i can only make educated assumptions and guesstimations. regardless of who found out, my wearing habits probably wouldn't change much. the only real thing that might be different would be i wouldn't be nervous of anyone just popping in and surprising me while im diapered. my closest friends would probably be curious, have a few questions, but overall be supportive and shrug it off as a "whatever makes you happy" sort of thing. further out friends might think it's odd, and have questions, but i dont think any would cut ties with me. immediate family would think it's strange, and probably rib/ridicule me for a bit, but then just be a "whatever" thing and maybe use it as a jab now and then. mom would probably think "huh, that sort of figures. you didn't want to give up your diapers when you were potty training" extended family would probably have a reaction similar to "he wears diapers? huh, that's odd/unfortunate for him. will he be coming to thanksgiving this year or going to his g/f's family again?" and maybe ask a few questions about them. coworkers would most likely not care. and if a stranger found out, then what the hell were they doing in my house?!
  15. Underwear over diapers

    i second boxer briefs! the keep everything snug and held up when im not wearing a onesie. plus in the event of a small leak, the underwear catches it first and saves my pants from getting a wet spot. also the legs are nice to avoid chaffing. i find that regular briefs can slip up into the leg/crotch area and get wet. im not sure if the wetness is just sweat or diaper wetness, but i dont like it. so boxer briefs for me!!