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  1. The joy of a diaper

    hmm.... seems like all my bases are covered already plus a few more! i just love my diapers!
  2. Scorned: Wrath of the Lesbians

    an intense start to your story!! but i had a severe "the simpsons" moment with the lines: "Owww, what the hell are you doing. I call police brutality, Owww." (Snake) "Trying to dispose of evidence are we, cuff him Lou." (Chief Wiggum) "Owww, hey now what do you think you are doing? You can't arrest me." (Snake) "Sir you are being detained until I can sort all of this out. Ultimately it is up to Miss Dawson if she wants to file a police report or not." (Chief Wiggum) sorry, but i had to say it lol! keep it going!
  3. just some simple boxer briefs for me
  4. How Do You Keep Your Diaper Snug?

    my, how i've evolved over the last 9 years! now it's duct tape (i perfer the white kind) and a proper fitting onesie for me! also a pair of boxer briefs if i'm not wearing a onesie keeps things together nicely.
  5. It's almost your birthday what Sunday happy birthday and if I aint online

  6. Hello,  I've been trying to get to where I can text you or chat with you

  7. Do you time your orders?

    i used to try and time them when i lived with my mom and sisters. they would never open my mail or anything like that, but i still rather not have to explain what's in the big-ish box that arrived on the porch. i found that less questions were asked when i ordered around the christmas season. but eventually, i kinda stopped ordering things i went without for a good while. now, however! totally different story! i can order whenever and whatever i want and not give a damn!
  8. politicians: i'm living just fine! why are all you having trouble?! you all need to work harder!! excuse me while i go on a month long vacation to tahiti!
  9. perhaps. i think they're just nestled down nice, comfy, safe and warm in the pockets of the big corporations that bought them.
  10. How does everyone like to be diapered?

    i put my diapers on standing up, since i don't have an easy enough spot to lay down near my stuff just yet. first i prepare the diaper and any boosters i'm going to use, unfolding, fluffing and such. then i strip down and put on rubber gloves and apply calmoseptine ointment around my diaper area. then apply powder lightly with a puff. after that, take off the gloves and grab my diaper. i slide it up behind me and lean up against a wall pinning my diaper against my back. i pull the diaper up and adjust it so the front and back are at the same level and tape up the bottom tapes. then i get off the wall and apply a bit more powder down the front and back and give the diaper a light shake or two to disperse the powder through the diaper. then i tape the upper tapes snugly. if i boosted my diaper, i apply long-ish strips of duct tape over the tapes snugging the diaper to my shape better. then on with my plastic pants and onesie and on with my day. the whole process takes me about 10 minutes if i take my time.
  11. One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  12. Behind Closed Doors

    cute story!! keep it going!
  13. New to diapers!

    hello there and welcome!! i'm rather unfamiliar with the whole dom/master/slave dynamic style of relationships, but you seem happy enough, so congrats to you! you'll find a lot of similarly minded people here, so you'll make plenty of friends soon enough.
  14. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    pull-ups are a fun change of pace and feel very different from the taped diapers. i have a small stack of northshores pull-ups i dip into periodically, but i prefer the more absorbent and secure feeling taped diapers. pull-ups don't hold nearly as much, and they tend to sag and then leak. however that could be just to me being used to wearing diapers for hours and hours and hours. taped diapers for me!!
  15. ABDL Population and rough estimates. How rare are we?

    much of it all just estimations and educated guesses, true numbers will never be known. i cruise around tumblr looking at pages, and i find thousands of diaper pages. granted, being the internet, i take much of what i see with a few grains of salt. so how many of the original content pages are actually lifestyle ABDL and not doing it for fame, likes or whatever is up for debate. also on various *ahem* adult entertainment sites, the amount of diaper content has increased dramatically in the last few years. from being only a handful of videos just a few years ago, to now being pages and pages of content. so if nothing else, it does seem to be growing in popularity and demand. that at least gives me the impression that our numbers are growing.