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  1. Welcome and thanks for posting your first post. I 100% agree with you. Just something being there triggers a "little" feeling. I've used foam objects before, like a mini sponge football that would retain water just so I can get that little bump in the rump to go right where it needs to be. Good times. Not to mention being plugged for most of us does give the feeling you've messed or are about to.
  2. huggybutt


    I know there's gotta be some of us out there! Looking to get to know friends on here, if we hit it off, maybe IRL.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know that there were Soo many.
  4. All I can say is OTK barebum with everything tucked where it's supposed to be. Beyond that, it's not my choice at all as it shouldn't be. Someone out there has taught me well 😊 you know who you are....
  5. Did they seem like the hook and loop would hold up? I would think that too but this hook and loop seems different than your average stuff.
  6. Ok ok stick with me here a second 🤓 Has anyone got any idea if there is such a thing as diaper tab extensions for hook and loop diapers? Specifically Tykables and I don't need them for size persay, but I want elastic ones so that when I'm working as a stunt double for my next big movie, my diaper has some snug give to it. 🤠😎😱 Ok so I'm not a stunt double, but I still want such a thing and I didn't have any luck from the Google. I know one of y'all have gotta have an idea if they exist.
  7. Wow! Good stuff. Awesome find and thank you. If anyone finds more podcast, please share.
  8. Google.com/images That's as specific as I can get.
  9. I hate being told I need to use all my other diapers before I buy more.
  10. my deciphering skills determined that the op was talking about what are your darkest fantasies around being put in diapers. Not exactly something I'm comfortable with sharing in this format, especially with so little or broken context.
  11. I don't see the picture of how good the fit actually is 😛
  12. Wow mark. What an emotional rollercoaster this process has been for you. Heck I got a little sad just reading it. I would have thought that after her "accepting" of your lifestyle and making some sacrifices, she would see a difference in your relationship for the better. You would have less guilt and overall be happier which she would see and perhaps be happier herself? Personally if I was in your situation and my wife made more of an effort, (enthusiastic or not) into what I need out of a relationship for kink....I would find something to go out of my way to make sure she felt special. For example, her fetishes if she has any, or just doing housework outside of your usual routine, or just give her the normal plain sex she may want, just make sure she knows you are going over the top for her because she did for you. Above all else, strengthen your relationship outside of your sissy self 🙂 because there's needs for everyone and it should be about give and take!
  13. While I take full credit for purposely answering this thread the way I did by making a left turn in Albuquerque, and for a few reasons (maybe I'm insensitive, immature or on point)...due diligence tells me maybe this thread would be better suited in another sub-forum. Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔
  14. I can understand and relate to that a little bit. For me just the feeling of something down there really helps during sex. I'd even say that without a diaper on or pressure in the right parts, orgasms are a bit painful. So what I'm trying to say is that I use them for other than the intended use as well.