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  1. huggybutt

    help...looking for these diapers.

    Thx for the link warpiper I really appreciate it! However im looking for xl plastic backed abenas. The m4 from what I understand is mediums. Correct me if im wrong. Grayfile, I too wear the large dry 24/7 but I was hoping for more "material" in an xl. I may try northshore if I cant find em. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to find some abena xl4's. #4171 I think. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I had no luck with google search. If you don't have any ideas, can you recommend a good thick plastic-backed diaper in size XL? Thanks.
  3. Never told anyone about this. However reading these responses i have no reason not to apply my input. I firmly believe that my current infatuation to diapers is because of what happened to me as a child. Having never met my father, my mentally ill mother raised me by herself. She wasn't fit to be a mother, but I didn't know that back in the early 90's. I had freedom to roam the streets. She would sleep all day, be depressed and fail to do the essentials for me like make meals. Its no wonder I didnt die at the age of 7 from climbing on the counters to wondering outside alone. I remember lighting my toys on fire in my room while she was asleep in her bed....you get the picture. During this time I still wet the bed. Her fix was diapers. I don't remember much about discipline or punishment but for me it was prolonged use of diapers into my childhood, that is why I am a d/l today, otherwise I am pretty normal (mostly) and have overcome hurdles such as depression, suicide and a basket of other health problems. Thanks for reading and sharing.
  4. huggybutt

    Problem with Dry 24/7

    No leaking problems from my dry 24/7's. Although I dont like that they clump when wet. The exterior feels bumpy when I wet them. Anyone else experience this?
  5. I had this idea. If your like me, you like messing your diaper so try this next time for a one of a kind experience. 1. Lay on a hard floor or shallow carpet on your back all diapered. 2. Put your knees up and feet flat like your about to be changed. 3. Let it all out in your diaper. 4. Put your legs down and sit up! If done correctly, your mess will have moved to the front of your diaper. Have fun cleaning up
  6. huggybutt

    So What Do You Do For Your Job

    Food service assistant in a nursing home. You should see their stock room, it'll make you drool.
  7. huggybutt

    Site Closing Soon!

    OMG!!! I saw the topic description and almost started crying. DailyDi don't ever leave us.
  8. huggybutt

    Baby Bedding

    I don't mean to thread-jack but.......WOOHOO! Go Vermont! Thats all baby tom.
  9. I saw this video a while back and wanted to see it again but I can't find it. Its a woman in her bedroom with only a diaper and a shirt on and you can hear the humming as she talks about her vibrator thats in a certain spot. she leans on the bed.... and thats all I remember. Can anyone help me find this video? I have tried google and gotten nowhere. Thanks, huggy.
  10. huggybutt


    Do they exist for adults? The Snappi® Diaper Fastener http://www.cheekymonkey.ca/SnappiFasteners.htm
  11. huggybutt

    Do You Ever Find Yourself Thinking....

    My sentiments exactly. I am married and don't really look at girls like an object. Now if I picture them in a diaper then its like "me and my friend checking out that hottie over there" kind of feeling. Porn or just a naked girl doesn't do much for me, I don't even care for just breasts. A girl imaginary or real clothed in a diaper is what I long for.
  12. huggybutt

    New Invention

    I see I have my guinea pig! lol
  13. huggybutt

    New Invention

    "How about these two modified pacifiers. I found these on the net years ago. They have a bike valve and use a pump to blow them up inside the mouth." Wow! Thank you Baby Angelica for the find. These were homemade I assume?
  14. huggybutt

    New Invention

    heres a quick sketch of the idea. Sorry, don't know why the pic is so small.
  15. huggybutt

    New Invention

    Good catch but this design im pondering has no straps, to make it look like the baby or sub has tha pacifier in their mouth volentarily even though it isn't. Kind of like they are forced to look like a baby no matter what. The adjustable size will hold the paci in.