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  1. Chat Room and Security Issue

    We have a kik group as well. Message me there same screen name and I can link you to the chatroom. Same rules apply here as there.
  2. I have a kitty!

    Sara and I have 3 kitties...
  3. Instant Upgrades Available

  4. Tomorrow is a huge day for me. Resigning from my job.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Glennie


      yeah i know this feeling well.. i went through it when I decided, I was finally done with the air force.. Best decision of my life...

    3. WetDad


      I know the feeling. When I found out this week that my boss is getting ready to fire me, I felt such relief. 

    4. kayleekitten




  5. Moving to KC

    Fetlife sucks for the most part. I would avoid the YABDL groups but local stuff the site is great good.
  6. Proposal: Tennessee Littles Cabin?

    Dang it... Or house party is in September... Or else this would be epic
  7. STL and KC Littles Take-Over

    The STL Littles and KC Littles team up! Friday June 23rd through Sunday June 25 We are having a party in our house! This will be a kink party for people of a variety of kinks, mostly involving AB/DL and age play. We would like this to be an opportunity for our friends around the U.S. to meet and put faces to the screen names we see online. Guests will arrive Friday; we will have dinner Friday night and have a relaxing night as everyone arrives. Saturday we will plan some outings in St. Louis at the City Museum in the Afternoon, which is basically a multi-story jungle gym that adults can have fun in too. In the evening, we can have some more ‘adult’ fun (or not so adult, whichever you prefer). Some of our local friends may come and go throughout the weekend; those from out of town are welcome to stay at our house. Everyone who attends the house party in the evening will be vetted by AwakenEvil, SaraLou1883 or FelixThePope and FretaBWet on Fetlife before being allowed to come to our home. For those in the local St. Louis area that we have not met in person, message one of us to set up a time to get dinner or drinks or meet somewhere casual to get to know you. For those that are not local, we must have spoken to you and gotten to know you, we will not allow people who we do not know in our home. Those out of town and vetted needing a place to stay are welcome to crash at our house. Do not expect meeting or talking to us one time will automatically grant you an invite. It is important to have the right mix of people that get along well and share common interests. When selecting the guest list, we will evaluate: • Are you 18 or older? We will not engage in any activity that will put our livelihood or that of any of our guests in jeopardy, so if you are a minor you will not be invited. • Do we know you? If not, we can talk and arrange to meet. We might become great friends! • Do we like you and feel comfortable around you? We hope so. • Do you creep anyone out or not get along with someone that is attending? If so, you will most likely be bypassed. • Will you create drama or conflict? Same as above. We want to have fun, not mediate disputes. If you a sex offender, have a history of consent violation, outing other kinksters in public, or discussing other's private you will not be invited. And of course some rules! Always gotta be some rules! Anyways 1. No wearing of diapers in the front, our rear after sunset is likely private enough to run around the bonfire and likely no one will notice. 2. No scat. 3. All party goes on Sunday will help clean up 4. We have pets. Treat them like you would any of your friend’s n family, they are ours 5. All attends will be vetted before given our address
  8. Moving to KC

    KC has a lot of Littles. If you check on fetlife you should be able to locate their leadership easily enough. Felix and Fretabewet are also amazing littles there
  9. Hobbies- who has them?

    drag racing, and playing pathfinder
  10. Capcon

    So who was also at capcon? I met so many people!
  11. April STL Littles Munch

    Saralou1883, and Awakenevil will be hosting the STL Littles event at Dave and Busters 13857 Riverport Dr, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 at 3pm till 6pm on April 22th 2017 We decided what would work for everyone. From 3pm until 4pm, we will be in the dining area. Just look for the purple party topper, and as we grow or need tables, we will move them together. Then from 4pm until 6pm we will head into the arcade. Why Dave and Busters? Besides the amazing food, they have many, many, many video games, and who doesn’t want to play videos!? Who doesn’t love fried tasty food and fly an X-Wing? We plan to have an after party as well, and those that are vetted, and we have personally met will be welcome to join us for card games, movies, popcorn & candy, and typical shenanigans after 6pm. We invite all of you that would like to get to know others in the community that share an interest in the ABDL and DDLG lifestyle to come and eat and greet with us. We plan to grab tables in the back of the dining area and will have a purple party topper on the table so we are easy to spot. Rules are very simple. No fetish gear allowed at the munch. This is a vanilla restaurant. Please purchase from the restaurant since we will be taking up their space. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. We can be found on Kik in the following room #stllittles. Message one of us your screen-names and we can easily add you to the room. Hope to see you there!
  12. Starting to plan our house party

    We will be. I plan to announce it this month. I am working with the KC littles Leadership to schedule around there event, and not conflict with Teddycon either...
  13. Updated Donation and Upgrade Links

    LOL When do I get a badge!???
  14. Is incontinence a disability?

    I would think it would be a disability.