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  1. AwakenEvil


  2. I met you at capcon this year!

  3. AwakenEvil

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I MET Tons this weekend at Capcon!
  4. AwakenEvil

    Car law etc.

    depends on the issue... Ive been involved in... Lets say several legal battles in "Mexico"... Why what did you do?
  5. AwakenEvil


    Hello! Seen you in the chatroom! Hopefully you enjoy it here!
  6. AwakenEvil

    Getting ready for the mall

    Every word of what you said... Was wrong
  7. AwakenEvil

    Getting ready for the mall

    You can get Mr. Hanky to give you a ride in the PooChoo Train!
  8. AwakenEvil

    Less than a week till Capcon!!!

    So who is all going to Capcon? My wife and I will be there starting Thursday night. I am easy to find. Look for the dude with a Shleby GT350 hat. If you message me on here or Kik and would like to say hi, by all means say hi to me! I am friendly I promise! I LOOK forward to seeing everyone again!
  9. AwakenEvil

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    Me too! Stang wants warmer weather so I can scare people with the exhaust
  10. AwakenEvil

    BD Diaper Wraps 5/1

    Why would I want to muffle that lovely crinkle when Sara walks by!!!
  11. AwakenEvil


    Just be honest about what you are willing to try and don't let him control the pace, but let him know the pace needs to be set by you. Don't rush into this. Take your time. You'll both be happy
  12. AwakenEvil

    Binkie Princess written up

    The article is on a FB account I follow and they roasted her pretty badly in the comments.
  13. AwakenEvil

    BD Diaper Wraps 5/1

    What are they supposed to do?
  14. AwakenEvil


    He needs to open up and communicate more with you. Keep pushing him and don't allow him to give you vague answers. Make sure he understands you are not there to be-little him but to learn and understand
  15. AwakenEvil

    Non-DL girlfriend

    Like any relationship you work through it, and communicate.