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  1. My plates say Awakenevil and they run me around 78 per year. No issues with that
  2. Not sure I'd want to advertise my kink on my car. I already have to weed out the folks that see my car and try to follow me on Instagram.
  3. The whole binge and purge cycle is from a place in your mind that tells you its a bad thing. You have to break that mental block, and deal with it healthy
  4. I take 2.5mg of Amlodpine. I don't know of any side effect with wetting, but I drink a lot of tea.
  5. Hey! I know one of those cuties!
  6. Get rid of a lot of negative things out of my life.
  7. Damn. Hopefully you went to local authorities and you make it your point to make this woman's life an absolute worst experience. You have rights. Use them!!!
  8. From my understanding it only eliminates the hashtag NSFW. Possibly some accounts but that's how it goes...
  9. Market is still over 25k this morning. I can see how it likely will get a huge adjustment but I dont think the "End is Near" yet.
  10. The member is my lovely lady!
  11. As someone that's an DL and my wife a Submissive DL I can tell you we have amazing time at Capcon.
  12. So who is going? Looking for to anything specific?
  13. A lot of us are from the area. In fact we have a STL Littles Munch at the Zoo on Sunday at 8am. Feel free to join us at Turtle park around 8am but we ask that no fetish gear is to be worn since we don't want to scare the vanillas!
  14. That top photo is Babypiggymcbride I believe
  15. My new Cobra through the infotainment system will read my texts. When they vanillas are about I have to turn that shit off!