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  1. AwakenEvil

    Tumblr got nuked, by Tumblr

    From my understanding it only eliminates the hashtag NSFW. Possibly some accounts but that's how it goes...
  2. AwakenEvil

    Stock market falling

    Market is still over 25k this morning. I can see how it likely will get a huge adjustment but I dont think the "End is Near" yet.
  3. AwakenEvil

    Site Update for 09/16/2018

    The member is my lovely lady!
  4. AwakenEvil

    Capcon 2019

    As someone that's an DL and my wife a Submissive DL I can tell you we have amazing time at Capcon.
  5. AwakenEvil

    Capcon 2019

    So who is going? Looking for to anything specific?
  6. AwakenEvil

    St. Louis area

    A lot of us are from the area. In fact we have a STL Littles Munch at the Zoo on Sunday at 8am. Feel free to join us at Turtle park around 8am but we ask that no fetish gear is to be worn since we don't want to scare the vanillas!
  7. AwakenEvil

    Site Update for 07/03/2018

    That top photo is Babypiggymcbride I believe
  8. AwakenEvil

    Accidental exposure to family due to technology?

    My new Cobra through the infotainment system will read my texts. When they vanillas are about I have to turn that shit off!
  9. AwakenEvil


    You'll find plenty of us here. Welcome to Dailydiapers
  10. AwakenEvil

    6 years in diapers

    Your my older self's spirit animal!
  11. AwakenEvil

    Hi Everyone

  12. AwakenEvil

    Site Update for 06/25/2018

    That member chick is hotttttt
  13. AwakenEvil

    6 years in diapers

    When I read statements like this I cringe as why would anyone set out to do something like this medically to one's self. It's like saying you wanted herpes and set out having unprotected sex to accomplish this. Great... I don't wanna forget! Maybe there are pills for this!
  14. AwakenEvil

    Pathfinder gamer

    So our current pathfinder group split after being together a while. We are looking for someone that is able to play twice a month. Normally mid afternoons Saturday or late mornings on sunday but we are also pretty flex able. Good thing about our game the 5 of us are absolutely in the kink lifestyle, and we would like to keep it that way. We are looking for one more player. We game in the South County/South City areas of St. Louis MO If youre interest send me a message or reply here. We plan to start reign of winter but are open to other adventure paths
  15. AwakenEvil