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  1. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    i wear them to keep my pants from smelling like pee...lol
  2. Good bye!

    drownedinp. this is not personal.. the site was attacked and it corrupted several of the story's we are asking people to please repost your stories.. we welcome you to repost each and everyone we got rid of.. 95 % of the stories are currently corrupted.. I am the one doing the deleting.. sorry if that offended you
  3. Not funny

    I am the one that has been deleting stories.. the malware attack has ruined 95 % of the story links.. I have a very very large number of stories to go through. Please feel free to repost your complete story. sorry if your story has been deleted, but.. we can't have thousands of broken story links that are just going to upset the people trying to read them. We welcome you to repost you missing stories thank you, Glennie
  4. Controlled Involuntary Nighttime Wetting

    i have worn diapers to bed most of my life. I know for a fact my wife would have been completely pissed off with me if i did that to the bed.
  5. so I guess there was some confusion about my post.. sorry to everyone.. please start immediately reposting your story. after the 8th of this month.. (nov) 2017 at around 7 pm.. the story threads that aren't working any longer, will start to be removed. Even if your story disappears , you can always just post it again.. It might make it better if you don't have to read through every one's 10 year old comments on your story.. They can just read the whole thing front to back.. Call it a rebirthing of the stories
  6. Miley Cyrus SNL

    most people don't want to pay what it cost to build said furniture.. once upon a time i had a dream to start a company building ab furniture . When I started telling people what it was going to cost.. they treated me like I was holding them up with a gun.. so now I just do it for the people that I know.. or people that truly understand the man hours and cost that go into a project like that. anyone serious is free to contact me
  7. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    this site will never ever allow teenagers to come here.. this is an adults only site. PERIOD. END OF STORY.. NEXT TOPIC PLEASE!!!!!
  8. As of nov. 8th 2017. anyone that wants to fix their posted stories can do so. After that we will start deleting bad story links. Sadly the stories are not going to be able to be recovered unless you repost your entire story. any questions please contact Glennie on this subject. thank you
  9. Miley Cyrus SNL

    oh and btw.. i know how to keep military grade secrets.. i could be very private and not tell a soul..lol
  10. Miley Cyrus SNL

    if she needs nursery furniture i will hook her up...
  11. the site had some issues and was rolled back a week or so.. everything seems to be getting back to normal so please just disregard the last few weeks and all the issues.
  12. keep marching dill.. keep marching see ya in chat soon
  13. the site was rolled back a few days to fix a few problems. you are just going to have to repost your thoughts. sorry
  14. Forced to choose

    i vote for dry 24/7s for night time and crinklz for day use
  15. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    "its the song that never ends.. it goes on and on my friends"...... he isn't going to get it..