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  1. Cheap chastity cage?

    the three words that should never ever ever go together are "cheap chastity cage".. i am not putting my junk in a bargain basement device.. and one else with me here..lol
  2. Informing employer about incontinence.

    over the last couple of years i have struggled with wetting and messing issues. my problems pretty much played out in front of my employer and I gradually started wearing protection as needed. I am a diabetic and I struggle with urge issues and back when I was taking metformin, I had a major issue with controlling my bowels.. metformin is a well known drug for people having this type of issue. I got about a 5 minute warning and if I didn't run to the bathroom, it was running down my legs.. (yes I know TMI!!!) I am no longer on metformin thank god. I am however on insulin and invokana. invokana is known for causing urge issues.. So I am in full time diapers for the most part. If I leave the house or go to sleep I am diapered. I sat my boss down and had a conversation with them both. They both said given my situation they fully understand my need to wear diapers. I am a contractor , so you can imagine it cause a lot of ball busting at work at first. Now it is hardly ever mentioned. I find that wearing diapers is far far easier then poop in your shoes. lol Or wetting yourself in front of a customer. Just about everyone in my life that matter, knows about me and my diapers. It is way easier when you just own it. and don't try to hide it. So what, everyone knows i wear diapers. last week I was at an apartment building and i was talking to a lady that live there. She and I got to talking about diabetes and she said it was causing her a lot of embarrassing issues, so I told her about my situation. She ask how I dealt with it and i told her very frankly."I just wear diapers" She said she was thinking about doing the same, so I told her its really no big deal. It's real just a different type of underwear. I could see she was giving me a full check out and she asked are you wearing one right now. I told her I was and she said.. if I hadn't said anything she never would have known. So I told her that's my point, no one seems to care and in our case. No one is going to make leap from "oh , you wear diapers?? to oh, you must be one of those adult babies I heard about on jerry springer". Just wear you diapers.. own it and be proud...
  3. Time for new pacifier

    i buy all my pacifier from my buddy markie over at www.pacifiersrus.com
  4. wear do you keep your diapers

    mostly.. on my butt.lol
  5. goodbye all

    i used to think i could quit this.. turns out I wouldn't be able to.. so i guess its the wife that would have to go..lol.. well seriously sad to see you go.. take care. I will still be here when you get back.
  6. stuffie pics

  7. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    i just don't understand what is the big deal.. I gave up my undies last janurary.. I told all of my co-workers and family that I need diapers. They all had a front row seat while i was still struggling. now i wear my diapers 24/7 and have no regrets at all.. just do it already!!!
  8. Anybody have an AB side?

    yes i do
  9. "Mike Pence must be an adult baby"

    screw this guy.. maybe he should spend a week in our shoes to understand what we go through.. i would like to shove my "hard on " in his ear.. lol
  10. Anybody have an AB side?

    i guess i am an "over the top" ab.. I have several onesies and footed sleepers. I built a crib and a changing table, there are pictures on my profile if you want to see them. I have several pacifiers, bottles and anything else that a regressive ab would need. I regularly regress to about the age of a 18 month old toddler.. so yeah i go a bit further then just diapers, you might say..lol
  11. Need some time

    Mikey I am so sorry to hear your news.. my thoughts are with you and your family.. if there is anything you want me to do.. i am here to help..
  12. I lock the door and pretend like it doesn't exist.. my parents don't need to know about my kinks.. I tell them( if they ask) the room is just storage.
  13. thank you I will look into this..
  14. yeah what mikey said is pretty correct.. however for what ever reason certain authors.. ( like for instance, turtlepins) most of his content was bad. and he wrote tons and tons of stuff. So sad we lost most of his stories
  15. as of 12:37 11-19-17 I have completed dumping the corrupt story files. I am very sorry to the authors that lost stories. Please by all means repost your stories. I ended up deleting over 100 pages of corrupt content. Thank you all for your patience Your loyal servant Glennie