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  1. Glennie

    Tips for wearing 24/7

    honestly.. wait until you aren't living in your parents home.. nothing good can come of this. i am pretty sure you wouldn't want to know about your parents kinks and i am very sure they don't want to know about yours. you have many years to go 24/7 just hold off a bit longer.
  2. Glennie

    Superbowl Predictions

    I predict I will be sitting in a wet diaper by half time..lol
  3. Glennie

    plastic pants repair

    just throw them away and buy a new pair.. not worth all the effort it will take to fix them..
  4. didn't dick chaney invent the interwebs???..lol
  5. Glennie

    The cold from Hell!

    be very careful with this.. it could be pneumonia. I had what thought was cold last year .. it was about the same as you are describing. it wasn't a cold.. something much worse. If you find yourself having trouble breathing/ out of energy climbing a simple flight of stairs it could just be the big "p".. take care mikey and feel better
  6. Glennie

    Nursery / Playroom Completion

    you did an awesome job with the room. thanks for sharing pictures.
  7. Glennie

    Is it possible to change your username on here?

    the way you get the ability to change your name is to become a supporter of the website. This website is a great tool and offers many resources. The cost of runing a site like this is extremely high. It only takes 20 dollars a year to become a baby banker. thank you
  8. Glennie

    Transition to cloth

    since you have worn disposables for so long, and quality disposables< you will find that cloth diapers don't wick the wetness off your skin. Get ready to feel wet all the time. For that reason alone I will continue to use the dry 24/7s with an abena abrilet maxi doubler.. no thank you on cloth diapers.
  9. Glennie

    personal care Indiana

    I went to the personal care ugly sweater event this last Saturday in fort wayne Indiana. I just wanted to say how much of a good time we all had. Secondly, much props to Lori who put on a perfect event. She really goes all out for her events. great job!!! I enjoyed meeting the couple of daily diapers members that showed up. It is so nice to be able to put a face with a name.
  10. Glennie

    So jail was fun

    well that sucks
  11. Glennie

    North shore shipment is late..

    i wear 24/7 and i never ever let my supply drop below a full case of dry 24/7 on reserve.. me without a diaper is a disaster.
  12. Glennie

    Sensitive issues

    i answered whirled peas.. because it's funny..
  13. if you respect your girl at all you will tell her about this. If she somehow discovers it. ( very likely) she will feel hurt that you have secrets that she doesn't know about. It is really hard when your first point of discovery is coming home from work early and finding your mate in diapers or sissy gear or what every else you are into. It is much easier to deal with all this if you are given a chance to ease your way into know about this. A little bit at a time is way better than suddenly seeing your mate in diapers. Small spoon fulls . Baby steps ..lol . If you love this girl you will tell her. Its only fair.
  14. Glennie

    would a macho man have this fetish?

    i am very much an alpha at work.. i am the lead tech in the company I work for.. EVERYONE depends on me to solve their problems.. but once I get home I am very content being a baby and a submissive.
  15. Glennie

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    think of it this way.. would you want to know if your mom and dad had a kink they are involved in ? I am betting your answer is a sounding no. so what makes you think your parents want to know of your kinks. I am with several other people here.. DON'T TELL THEM...