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  1. New DL, recently outed

    she needs a reality check and something like this needs to happen to her as well.. even if its not true.. get my drift.lol
  2. Night Wear

    i always wear diapers to bed.. not wearing them would be a disaster. i love to be in footie jammies bjut when it gets really warm i will wear a onesie and my diapers
  3. baby clothes

    Some of my baby clothes
  4. Alisha

    i am very confused you say in this post you are a girl yet your profile says you are a boy and a daddy..
  5. Shaving body hair

    i have been hairless for almost 4 straight years now.. i shave twice a week and i love how i look and feel..

    I have been married 29 years.. i told my wife about me and diapers once I figured out our relationship was turning serious. back then I wasn't an ab ( or at least I was trying to convince myself I wasn't) fast forward 31 years together later and I am a happy regressive ab. the secret to a long term relationship is balance and open communication. he might be telling you he plans to quit doing this, but trust me when I say.. the only way out of diapers for one of us is death. you both need to find your peace with who he is. and learn to have fun with it. the quicker you learn it is weird.. but that is ok.. the quicker you will be at peace with each other. get him to talk and tell you what he wants and as tigger said.. "READ THE BOOK" !!! When I bought the book it made me think.omg.. someone has been in my closet recording me and they made a book about me. At this early stage he might not know what he wants just yet.. talk.. talk.. talk...
  7. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    got to be a tape diaper for me. the pullup suggests that you are expected to try and make it to the potty ,where a tape on diaper means.. that is your potty. being a regressive ab.. i have no desire to potty train...
  8. Wholesome Mommy & Daddy Adult Baby Sitting

    link is broke.. not off to a very good start
  9. Sleep like a baby!

    i love when they do commercials like this.. makes me feel included so how.
  10. Ccw while diapered

    i have had a ccw for about 10 years . I carry to work almost everyday and I wear diapers to work everyday. Most of the time my gun is in my work van. I am a contractor. I wear a plain white onesie and a shoulder holster in the colder months. the summer months I usually leave my gun in my work van. At night if I have to go out I always wear something that will alone me to carry it on my person, concealed. after all the first word in ccw is concealed. I have a neighbor that has his ccw and he doesn't seem to understand that fact.. He runs around the neighborhood looking like wild erp..
  11. Breast milk for sale

    epic fail!!!!!
  12. ABDL Diapers?

    well in my case, I don't buy a lot of the cute ab diapers.. I am pretty much full time in diapers and I just can't justify thye prices. They are cute and yes I do feel they add something to the ab play.. I do use the crinklz diaper occasionally, but I can buy a lot more diapers for that kind of money if i go with plain white disposables. I use the dry 24/7s and north shore diapers. both of them are considered to be premium diapers. This is really a question you have to answer for yourself. "Do I really want the cute diapers or can I feel the same in something less expensive".
  13. I need diapers ASAP!!

    sounds like you need to put your "fetish" on hold until you can move out a be on your own.
  14. yeah. what bug said.. and further more, if you are having feelings about your children in diapers.. you should probably seek professional help QUICKLY!!!!
  15. I'm a little confused

    i would show them.. I would get a place of my own and pay my own way through life. yeah.. that would show them you are large and in charge