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  1. Glennie

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    I also tuck.. can't be a cute baby with a sloppy diaper
  2. Glennie

    selling my stash :(

    not to get all up in your business but if you are only 6 months in, its time to cut and run. Trust me when I say the diapers are not going away, no matter how many times you purge. It's not the diapers you should be dumping, in my opinion. I used to think I could get rid of diapers and life would be perfect. Now I am 52. I have a full nursery with a bunch of baby clothes. You just need to find your peace with who you are and then find someone who understands what you need. I am sure someone will tell me to shut up but I think I know quite a bit about how this works. I used to think I was going to be able to grow up and be an adult. The only thing you become is a pissed off old person and you find yourself trying to make up for the lost years. Lots of luck to you
  3. Glennie

    Baby Furiture

    I build ab furniture and I have a changing table and a crib I built
  4. Glennie

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    just like my American express.. never leave home without them..lol
  5. Glennie

    How to to tell your family

    I couldn't agree more with elfy.. don't EVER tell your family about your kink.. think of it this way.. would you like to know your mother is using a strapon, on your father.. I am betting the answer is no way !!!!.. If you need to tell them about your diapers ( and it should always on a need to know basis) start coming up with a medical reason. but never ever explain a kink/fetish to your family.. it won't go well...
  6. Glennie

    Sleeping in a crib

    as you know i have a full nursery set up.. WE just lock the door.. my daughter moved back in with us and we just told her its my man cave.. she probably thinks there is something there.. but we just don't care.. if you don't like it.. feel free to move the hell out..lol my house my rules.. they can be hidden you just have to remember to ALWAYS lock the door.. even when you aren't expecting anyone to drop by.. because they seem to always just drop by. the nursery is the best thing we ever did for my regression. it gives me a place to go and regress...
  7. Glennie

    My boyfriend likes to wear diapers

    you are making far more out of this than needs to be made.I never once suggested that because Bug doesn't wear diapers, she doesn't understand our struggles. and as far as a mindset goes.. I think most people get treated very well on this website. just because you chose to think i said something doesn't mean i DID say it. if you have a problem with me.. let's take it out of a public forum. enough said about this!!!
  8. Glennie

    My boyfriend likes to wear diapers

    wow.. i guess i just shouldn't try and compliment anyone anymore.. i give up.....
  9. Glennie

    My boyfriend likes to wear diapers

    bug.. i have to say.. you really earned some of my respect. that was a very good answer in my opinion. You really do understand us....
  10. Glennie

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    i was a cloth baby as a child.. I was a chronic bedwetter and also had a lot of daytime accidents.. my mother punished me with cloth diapers and gerber plastic pants. to this day I hate cloth diaper. I am back in diaper 24/7 but i only wear disposable.. cloth diapers feel like a wet washrag from the second they are wet until you take it off. Disposables on the other side of the coin. only feel wet once they are completely soaking wet. other than that they feel fine
  11. Glennie


    I am with willnotwill... just leave the new crinklz alone.. they are perfect as is
  12. Glennie

    Would saying this get you a spanking?

    no.. just a loving hug...lol
  13. Glennie

    Bedwetting sheet

    don't those dolls hurt to lay on..lol
  14. Glennie

    A daddy visiting Cleveland Ohio

    lol.. you should probably ask if any unicorns can come too...
  15. Where are you? Worried! :(

    1. diaperwearntigger


      He's on vacation.