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  1. Glennie

    Sensitive issues

    i answered whirled peas.. because it's funny..
  2. if you respect your girl at all you will tell her about this. If she somehow discovers it. ( very likely) she will feel hurt that you have secrets that she doesn't know about. It is really hard when your first point of discovery is coming home from work early and finding your mate in diapers or sissy gear or what every else you are into. It is much easier to deal with all this if you are given a chance to ease your way into know about this. A little bit at a time is way better than suddenly seeing your mate in diapers. Small spoon fulls . Baby steps ..lol . If you love this girl you will tell her. Its only fair.
  3. Glennie

    would a macho man have this fetish?

    i am very much an alpha at work.. i am the lead tech in the company I work for.. EVERYONE depends on me to solve their problems.. but once I get home I am very content being a baby and a submissive.
  4. Glennie

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    think of it this way.. would you want to know if your mom and dad had a kink they are involved in ? I am betting your answer is a sounding no. so what makes you think your parents want to know of your kinks. I am with several other people here.. DON'T TELL THEM...
  5. Glennie

    ISO Two Stories

    back a year or so ago. we had an issue and a very large number of stories became corrupt and had to be deleted. ( thousands of stories) so I double if it is an older story, you are going to find it. So sorry
  6. ok.. I am sure my opinion will get poo-pooed but here it is.. I don't consider my ab world to be something I would dress up as for Halloween. To me this isn't a costume, this is who I am. To dress up as a baby for Halloween makes it seem like something fake. So I would never dress up as a baby for Halloween. I am a regressive AB and my baby clothes are part of who I am. If I dress up for Halloween it would be something fun. Like count chocula.. or perhaps Rick Bobby, but never ever as a baby
  7. Glennie

    halloween diapers

    this is something I disagree with. I know not everyone is like me, but in my opinion my little gear isn't a costume. For that reason I won't go out in my ab gear. I know this with probably get some "kick back" from a few member. I say if it's for you.. enjoy.. for me I would rather dress up and count chocula. Lol. or Ricky bobby, but not as a baby.
  8. Glennie

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    aww he is very cute.. sorry about your friend.. its hard when people die suddenly
  9. hire a lawyer and a financial adviser. Buy my dream camaro and a nice house someplace very quiet. Give each of my kids 100,000 and tell them if they accept the money they can never again in my life ask for more. Then I would created the best ab super store anyone has ever seen.. clothes, furniture, toys and anything else the ab world would ever dream of.. Further I would sell my stuff as cheaply as I could, since i really would need the money. I would also donated a big chuck of money to some wonderful children's organization.
  10. Glennie

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    ok i never once said she had a disability.. she is a person that is just lazy and refused to better her situation. because I was paying for EVERYTHING... don't turn this into me picking on a disabled person. I never once said that a disabled person should go out and grow up and figure it out...I gave my daughter 5 years to better her situation and she actually made things worse.. the second she moved back in with us. she quit her second job..
  11. Glennie

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    ok all i am going to say is this.. I just got done last month evicting my 31 year old daughter out of my house.. she refused to get a better job or an education or even figure out how to be an adult. Point being if you let them stay ,they turn into leaches and they can't seem to make it on their own.. at some point you have got to cut the "bleeding " off . time to ripe the bandaide off. if you don't kick them out they will never leave.. been there done that.. have the bills and stress to prove it.. let me be the example of what not to do... make them become adults.....
  12. tape on briefs.. aka diaper... nappies work way better at staying in place a slip on brief tends to slip down no matter how good the fit
  13. Glennie

    Time to let go?

    ok here goes.. sorry to the ab you are married to... I think you have a right to be happy. If his lifestyle is so vile to you that you can't be part of it. then perhaps you should go. My wife spent many years just putting up with me and my lifestyle. we have been married 29 years.. the last few years she has stepped her game up quite a bit. she understand in my case this is 100% non sexual. which i am sure helps her with the mommy role. and she said exactly that "his secret , my shame". You also have to ask yourself.. are you in love with the man. furthermore.. do you like him. can you get past the AB aspect of your relationship. The one thing I have learned in my adventure to find who I am.. it will never ever go away.. you do finally reach a plateau. when it doesn't seem like it is needing more to survive. For many years in my case it got more and more involved. I honestly stated out thinking I could make this all go away. I am sure the person you are married to probably felt the same way. I say.. if you simply can't handle our "little" world.. then perhaps it is time to say goodbye.
  14. Glennie

    Diaper help

    i agree with everyone else.. better diapers.. with a side note. its best to not completely flood your diapers.. I am incontinent and pee comes out slowly over time.. diapers aren't really designed to handle a total full on wetting.. the sap needs time to absorb the pee. so slow down a bit.. let a little bit out at a time. My go to diapers ( or n this case ) my go in diapers, are dry 24/7s with an abena abrilet maxi double. I hardly ever leak at night and I sleep on my tummy.