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  1. Another Vintage Diaper Score :)

    those are the diapers we used on my daughter when she was a baby.. nice find
  2. Newbie to the forums want to try the lifestyle

    welcome aboard steve.. glad to meet you...
  3. footed pajamas info

    the "eu" at the end explains everything you need to know....
  4. other parts of life

    me and my wife's cat playing.. she let me build this castle all the way around her. I used a tunnel section to go over her tails so she could still swish her tail
  5. 20170812_145950 (1).jpg

    From the album other parts of life

    my wife's cat let me build a block castle around her. I used a tunnel section so her tail could still swish
  6. Couples Farting - watch more funny videos
  7. Vintage Attends; 1985

    these are the diapers i first started experimenting when i was 16.. I went nuts when i saw them.. and just like stewie griffin.. I said "" ah ha they do make bigger diapers....
  8. you would be very surprised what those would go for on ebay.. I was stunned to see boxes like these going for hundreds of dollars each...
  9. Should I tell a friend?

    i have always used a "need to know" attitude when it comes to this.. over the years i have become more and more dependent on my diapers, for medical reasons. Just about everyone in my life knows i wear diapers. Hardly anyone knows i am an ab. I have a friend I have know since the 3 rd grade. He saw my mother's brand of punishment way back then. He and his mother were very nice to me when I would show up at his house in diapers. Fast forward to being an adult. The two of us were out drinking one night and we got to talking about life and he mentioned my past and how it is surprising I didn't have some issues as an adult from my abusive childhood. I was a bit drunk and so was he and I spilled the beans about "glennie". He was very understanding and said it made complete sense. He playfully pokes fun about me being abbee normal. but he is understand of my desire to be a baby. That being said.. you do have to tread very very lightly when it comes to telling friends and family. Just as you wouldn't want to know your parent's kinks. I am also sure they wouldn't want to know yours either. I guess if i have advise to offer it would be this.. you know your friends and family way better then we do. SO sadly the decision to tell or not.. has to come from you. I say avoid explaining anything until you have to..
  10. Pooping

    when the wipe come back the same color it went in as.. you are done wiping... just that simple.. not rocket science
  11. Dry 24/7 changing

    god i hope that isn't the actual case.. that what i wear at night.. why oh why must everyone destroy a perfect diaper
  12. this has to be about the weirdest topic I have ever seen.... you people will come up with anything to wear a diaper.. just put the diaper on.. just because ...already
  13. IMG_7992.JPG

    From the album nursery pics

    another crib build picture
  14. nursery pics

    pictures of my nursery
  15. IMG_7983.JPG

    From the album nursery pics

    these are older pictures while i was building the crib.. figured you all might want to see how i built it