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  1. aaaaawwwwww!!!! he is adorable.. what did you name him
  2. i will let you know when that day comes.. still working at it..lol
  3. this sounds like a good time.. My wife and are checking out schedules
  4. that's not a high chair.. that's a chair with a tray added.. no thanks
  5. I wish I would have thought of that.. i spent most of my first 12 years in diapers for wetting and messing accidents... maybe if I too had said i loved diapers.. maybe I wouldn't have had to wear them so long..oh well.. live and learn
  6. all I've got to say.. is goo-goo... ga ga.. lol
  7. the pre-order says they need to hit two hundred pre-orders before they will make the first one.. it is adorable.. but I seriously doubt this is gonna make it, and if it does.. every single ab boy will be wearing the exact same outfit.... they really need to re think this one.. I would totally buy one.. but.... darn it anyway...
  8. I have right at $1000 us dollars in material in my crib.. but you don't have to use solid oak like i did.. and btw.. that doesn't include the mattress. I have about two weeks of solid work in it.. so I would have to say.. If I was to seel something like mine it would have to cost at least $1800 without the mattress
  9. wayne the foot has has a hidden swing gate it is hinged
  10. one tape at a time? lol
  11. mikey i will donate some to the cause this coming friday
  12. i made my crib and there are pictures of it and my nursery in my profile feel free to check them out.. as far as thrashbear is concerned.. last i heard he live sin PA some where
  13. i went a bought about 250 bucks of diapers and other things..score