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  1. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    ok where did you get that cute sleeper.. i got to have one!!!!!!
  2. Rough Day

    mikey you and your family are in my thoughts a prayers.. hang in there buddy.. it gets better
  3. Printed duct tape

    I use clipart disney baby prints on the front of my diapers all the time.. I have shrunk them down so they fit the front very nicely like a tape landing zone.. after i ahve them cut out i put them on the front of my dry 24/7s with clear packing tape over them. they look like they are made that way.
  4. Anyone have spare diapers?

    so here is my problem with you in general.. you profile says you are 19.. the math works out to be you are 21.. but even if you do all the math, your profile was created in 2013.. that would still make you 17 when you joined the site. Can you see the problem with all of this???.


  6. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    The first thing an nurse or doctor (worth their salt) will say.. why are you wearing diapers. and then put you through a battery of tests. I am inco and the only thing people like you do, when you show up in unneeded diaper, is to cause havoc on the people that truly need them. If you really want to start wearing diapers all the time.. just put the damn diapers on and own it. about a week or so in full time diapers is all it usually takes to smoke out the posers...
  7. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    I completely agree with Elfy here.. I don't dress up as a baby for Halloween.. To me.. this isn't a thing I am playing with and I don't want my baby clothes to ever be considered as a "costume". This is who I really am.. A regressive ab..The holiday shouldn't give you an excuse to spend a month forcing your lifestyle on people. At some point people figure out that you spend far too much time dressed as a baby.. You aren't fooling anyone.
  8. Another Vintage Diaper Score :)

    those are the diapers we used on my daughter when she was a baby.. nice find
  9. Newbie to the forums want to try the lifestyle

    welcome aboard steve.. glad to meet you...
  10. footed pajamas info

    the "eu" at the end explains everything you need to know....
  11. other parts of life

    me and my wife's cat playing.. she let me build this castle all the way around her. I used a tunnel section to go over her tails so she could still swish her tail
  12. 20170812_145950 (1).jpg

    From the album other parts of life

    my wife's cat let me build a block castle around her. I used a tunnel section so her tail could still swish
  13. Couples Farting - watch more funny videos
  14. Vintage Attends; 1985

    these are the diapers i first started experimenting when i was 16.. I went nuts when i saw them.. and just like stewie griffin.. I said "" ah ha they do make bigger diapers....
  15. you would be very surprised what those would go for on ebay.. I was stunned to see boxes like these going for hundreds of dollars each...