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  1. relax its probably just the police dept investigating a lead about a strange person wearing and using diapers... lol J/k.. I just wanted to mess with your head.. try sleeping with that thought... Like everyone else has said.. its probably just a person that is also into diapers that is deeply in the closet..
  2. in today world this sort of thing just doesn't go on.. and if it is actually real ( highly doubtful) then it is for sure child abuse.. I went through some of the same stuff as a kid and it was terrible..no doubt caused me to the ab I am today.
  3. Glennie

    $95 Needed

    thank you spoony.. I was going to do it, but we found out i get to spend 2000 bucks this weekend having trees removed.. So I will help out next time.. I am kinda overdue for a donation as it is..
  4. my wife and i went to our first ever capcon a couple months ago.. we had a blast. both of us.. it was really nice to be able to completely regress in a safe zone to do so.. we played with toys for hours on end and met lots of wonderful people.
  5. in my opinion i say.. run the other direction as quickly as you can.. I hate cloth diapers and plastic pants. the diapers feel like a wet wash rag against your skin and the plastic pants are like a trip to the sweat lodge, but it just in your pants.. So if you enjoy sweaty rashes and cold wet diapers.. go for it.. otherwise.. run like forest gump...
  6. Glennie

    Darker Theme

    I really like the darker theme much more pleasing to the eyeballs..
  7. I remember being your age and having very confusing thoughts about me and diapers.. I was a long time bedwetter and was often put in diapers as a punishment for my accidents. I HATED HATED HATED diapers but i couldn't find a way to stay out of them. When our old friend puberty came along I developed a fetish for diapers. classic case of how a fetish develops. I would buy them, wear them and then hate myself for months. So started the wonderful years of the binge and purge. I hated those years the most. You have to remember the internet wasn't a thing when I was your age, so like many older members here. I felt like I was the only one with this stupid fetish. I learned later in life there are literally hundreds of thousands of people much like myself. I recently went to capcon ( first time going) and there was over a 1000 people in attendance. I am 52 and sort of consider myself to be one of the elder statesmen of the abdl community. I have probably encountered some form of what you are going through, at some point in my ab life. The last 10 plus years have been so much better than the years you are currently going through right now. I know it seems nearly impossible, but you are going to find a your peace with yourself and the whole diaper thing. trust me when I say.. you can't make this go away. Once you are one of us, it's a life long commitment. So work on finding your peace with it. I promise it gets better. Balance is a huge . make sure you don't overdo it with your fetish. remember there is soooooooooooooooooooooo much more in life besides the diapers. Don't worry so much about telling everyone your biggest secret. Its ok to have something that is just kept to yourself. Thing about it.. you probably wouldn't want to know your your parents have some sort of a dom/sub relationship going on. I am sure they don't want to know about your sex life. The only person that needs to know about your love of diapers is your future mate in life. Be open and honest with them. Don't try to hide it. It's not fair to them to learn of your "problem" one day when they come home early from work and find you dressed like a toddler, with a load in your pants. It is much easier to explain it to someone before they have to see it. I have been married for 30 years this Oct. ( extremely happily) I have a great wife who is also my mommy. It took a long time for her to understand my needs and desires and over time she has grown to fully support who I am. Feel free to reach out to me or any number of wonderful people here at Daily Diapers. This website has offered me a great deal of support and friendship over the years.
  8. Glennie


    i too am from ohio.. in the burbs of cleveland.. deep east sider.. you??
  9. Glennie


    I built mine as well. I have a lot of tools..lol
  10. but still not a plastic outer shell... no thanks.. cloth like diapers are all the same.. they weep when wet and you feel wet in them.. sad.. sad sad
  11. bea arthur..... just kidding.. I am sure she could really put a whipping on your behind😂
  12. I too have a nursery. The room is a bit smaller. Our next house will have a bigger room for me to make a bigger nursery. I love how yours has plenty of play space. The art work on the walls is just awesome. I would tell you, you should be very proud of it, but I am sure you don't need to be told that.. awesome awesome job.. here is a picture of my current nursery.. Btw.. I was asked if my nursery could be used in a story book about an ab boy. I agreed to having it pictured in the book.. the only down side I see is, if I post pictures now. People might think I stole the pictures and I am claimed it to be mine.. Oh well jokes on them, they don't get to sleep in it..lol
  13. Glennie

    baby clothes

  14. I was born in the mid 60ies and spankings for wetting the bed, or any type of day accident was very common place.. As already stated in this thread, it was viewed as a child being lazy. In the years since they have learned a lot of the time, if this continues well past an age of normal bedwetting and day time accidents, it probably an issue at home. I wet the bed until I was 12 and had regular day time accidents at least until I was 8 or so. I was a very hyperactive kid. It was very common for me to get all wrapped up in something I was doing and ignore the signals that I had better go find the potty. I would realize I was in trouble when I had pooped my pants or had pee running down my legs. By that point it was too late to fix the problem. My mothers answer to any accidents, bedtime or day time, was spankings and diapers. You would have thought after a few times of me being put back in diapers and the punishment didn't seen to do anything to help the situation, perhaps my mother would try something else. No she went out of her way to make it the most embarrassing moments of my life. She never once showed me mercy. I would beg and beg, with tears dripping down my cheeks, PLEASE DON'T PUT ME IN DIAPERS!!!!!. I got held back in the first grade do to my maturity issues.. AKA wetting and messing my pants at school. They said I wasn't mature enough for the second grade. I remember having welts on my back and legs from the belt. She also used my own hot wheel tracks on my butt. Makes you think really hard about the toys you want when they are being used as weapons. My mother mostly used cloth diapers and gerber frosted plastic pants. If it was warm enough outside she would take my pants away and lock me out of the house in nothing but a t shirt and my diapers with plastic pants. That made it pretty hard to find many friends in the neighborhood. I was constantly picked on by all the kids. I wish that I had learned much earlier in life to shut my mouth and not talk back to the kids making fun of me. That only made matter much worse. A lot of people have said, they aren't really sure where the ab thing comes from.. I have no doubt in my mind who got me hooked on diapers.. Mommy Dearest... got to love the old fashion parenting..