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  1. Why would you want to "take advantage" of this? Most BAB stuffies sell for under 30 dollars. This sale is for actual kids to get their own Build-a-Bear for half the normal price. It doesn't work well for adults (unless you're college-age or slightly older than that).
  2. minachan16

    Children's television and movies

    You really need a "both" option. I grew up in the 90s, so - on average - the animated kids content made nowadays is just as good as the stuff that was being made almost 30 years ago.
  3. minachan16

    Sunrise Coffee

    No work today! I woke up in a soaking wet Fabine (still in it too cuz daddy said he'll change me when he wakes up), so I'm on the play blanket downstairs watching Doc McStuffins until then. Then we'll probably go for lunch at some point and I'm meeting up with littles friends tonight for dinner. I'll be playing a ton of Fate/Grand Order on my phone between then. I love days off without responsibilities or errands
  4. minachan16

    Baby/toddler toys

    I'm a big fan of my stacking rings. There's also a cube toy that plays different instruments when you hit buttons on different sides that I want. Most of my toys are more for the Ages 3-4 range though - tea party set, play-doh, coloring books, etc.
  5. minachan16

    Looking for an ABDL sissy name?

    First thing that came to mind was Josephine.
  6. minachan16

    Hi! I'm new

    Lambie like the Lambie in Doc McStuffins? :3 It's very nice to meet you. Welcome to DD. I hope you enjoy it here ^^
  7. minachan16

    Being trans and liking diapers

    Equating my ABDLness with my genderfluidity was never something I had a problem with, but I do remember being aroused every time I put on a diaper... EVERY. TIME. even if I didn't want to be aroused! I feel it was a thing where it was a matter of it still, in the recesses of my mind, feeling taboo, like it did when I was younger and stole diapers and wipes out of the diaper bags of my younger cousins. Once I was able to get over that block, recognizing these were my diapers and supplies that I bought for myself for my use and my use alone, it got better and I stopped getting aroused every time
  8. Having lots of negative thoughts today. Diapered and pacified, but it's not helping.

    1. Rockies Fan in Diapers

      Rockies Fan in Diapers

      :( I have been struggling with that lately too. *Hugs*

    2. Wannatripbaby


      Awww, poor baby. :(

      If you need someone to talk to I'm here for you. I know a lot about the war inside one's head. I fight it everyday. You don't have to go through this alone, Minachan.

  9. minachan16

    Little for big question.

    Just a reminder that littleforbig is owned by the same people that run abdreams. They have a history of transphobia, so please consider that if it is something you feel strongly about. I'm not saying don't buy from them, but if you don't support companies because of transphobic activity, they shouldn't be a company to consider buying form.
  10. minachan16

    One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  11. There's nothing wrong with wanting that.
  12. minachan16

    Using stories for wish fulfillment

    Absolutely. Truth be told, a lot of the ABDL stuff I write has a wish fulfillment aspect to them in one way or another. I feel it's just natural that I want to see stuff play out the way I wish it could in real life, especially with this side of myself. I do my best though to keep in mind my obligation to readers to still tell a good story and not let my writing become too self-indulgent.
  13. minachan16

    Lost a Facebook Friend today

    Sorry to hear your friend is so thin-skinned. I'm excited for the movie, not for the movie itself, but for the youtube reviews that will follow. PureFlix has been a consistent stream of amazing review material for the last few years
  14. minachan16

    My Husband is an AB/DL

    This made me really sad to read. You are clearly going above-and-beyond in your role as a daddy, but it's clear you have a limit to how long you can perform in that role. Him expecting you to play daddy 24/7 is unrealistic to the level that he wants. Even if you feel you can handle it given your daycare experience, do you really want taking care of your fully-able husband to be your full-time job? But the most worrying thing about this is that he's not bending and turning a conversation about how he was in the wrong into how bad he feels about the situation. That along with threatening to leave you whenever you disagree... I really hate to say this, but this is abuse, and you shouldn't tolerate it. A marriage is not the same as a parent-child relationship, and he has to grow up and realize this. I wouldn't blame you at all if you decided to leave at some point in the future. You didn't marry him for this, and him pushing this on you is not healthy behavior. Honestly, I do hope you two manage to work it out, but it's clear to me that you have to sit him down, tell him how you feel, and not let him twist it around into making it about him being the victim. He needs to realize he's hurting you and be willing to work with you so that your connection both in marriage and as baby and daddy is stronger. Otherwise, it's just going to get worse. Best wishes.
  15. For ABDL diapers, I predict the diaper bubble is going to burst. All these boutique ABDL diaper brands are going to go the way of the dodo (so stock up while you can). I predict it will be down to 2-3 brands in a few years: probably ABU, Rearz, and Tykables in North America, though I predict Tykables will focus more on clothing than diapers and differentiate themselves in that respect. Can't speak international, but I do think the market will grow in Japan. As kids of the aughts come of age, the demand for cloth-backed diapers will rise, and will have equal footing in the market to accommodate them as well as the lovers of the plastic-backed. As far as baby diapers, well we're already seeing the effects with Kimberly-Clark scaling back production on their Huggies brand because raising a family isn't something on the mind of millennials. That will continue into 2020 with Pampers likely scaling back as well, but Luvs likely will not as it as seen as a cost-friendly alternative to the two and lower-income couples are still having kids. I 100% disagree with gender-specific diapers returning, especially in blue and pink. Millennials are NOT having that. I would also bet as allergies continue to rise, scented baby products will continue to be scaled back. Most, if not all, baby products will likely be fragrance-free within the next 10 years. ... sorry, I hope this doesn't depress anyone. This is just honestly where I feel the ABDL and baby diaper markets are heading respectively.