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  1. ABU does good sampler packs.
  2. Things behind this movie seem very tight-lipped, and no sense judging what hasn't been revealed yet. I'll wait for it to come out, but it's interesting to see a movie with ABDL is a key point is coming down the pipe. Remember, guys, we aren't exactly this undiscovered kink anymore. I don't think they will use "men in diapers" as a shock point. I think this movie has more up it's sleeve than that alone.
  3. I would imagine they are a very small employer, maybe 2-5 people, and the cost is because they expect there will not be supremely high demand for their services, so they need to up the costs to cover employee pay. Overhead is probably non-existent since it's probably just the site and no physical location, and it's Wix so it's free, so it's just purely commute and service expenses. It's absolutely cashing in exclusively on the ABDL community exclusively, regardless of that whole "we are aware of different lifestyles" like they're a periphery demographic (because if you're incon, you know how to change yourself, and if you physically can't change yourself, you're likely getting home care or in a medical facility), and if it's a success, they could port the service out to other US metro areas. It's an interesting concept for sure and will be more interesting to see if it takes off. The only thing that worries me is the possibility of some creep calling them up, requesting the service, and taking things too far when they get there. EDIT: Okay, after checking out the site link, I'm not sure how much this business is on the up-and-up. One, it's uncomfortable with their choice of website design. If you are catering this service to adults with "alternative lifestyles", get the baby pictures off the site. It's creepy. Two, who is their audience? I reasoned entirely from their business model that this could only be for ABDLs, but they offer the service to children and babies as well? I know they say "background-checked professionals" but something about the fact that you are offering paid diaper changes to all ages just doesn't seem normal. Kids and babies have their parents or babysitter or some other well-known and well-trusted guardian to change them. Why would anyone hire a paid stranger to come in and do it? This doesn't make sense, and it doesn't quite feel right... be careful with this one, people.
  4. Oh my gosh, thank you for that share! I love Rachel Bloom and that was a really fun read. She's totally right. The act of pooping is the best. It's like when it comes out, that feeling you get is your body thanking you for emptying itself of all this waste so it can stay healthy, like "Congratulations on pooping! Have some endorphins!" whether in your diapers or the potty, pooping is the best!
  5. I've been working on starting my own YT channel. It's not explicitly ABDL, but it is aimed at ABDLs, and I won't say any more than that. If you want to be anonymous, don't link anything identifiable to the channel. Create a fresh channel off a fresh email and use fresh social media handles for it. And of course, don't show your face. Best to not show your house or anywhere around where you live. What I plan to do is create a drawn character and do the whole video through pictures of the character and video clips and pictures of what I'm discussing (similar to GradeAUnderA). Might be something for you to consider as well.
  6. Soft, absolutely. The mess may be terrible, but have you ever tried to push a hard log into a diaper? You are literally fighting the resistance of your diaper to poop in your diaper and you can hurt yourself straining against it. I would much prefer something soft, a pudding-like consistency, that just fills and shapes to the inside of your diaper and bottom. Best poop in the world coming out and filling up
  7. B if by myself, A if I had a caregiver there to change me.
  8. With all the ABDL companies making big pushes to essentially make all ABDL gear essentially sized-up versions of everything we had when we were really babies. I would love ABDL baby wipes, and yes I know there are adult-sized wet wipes, but what I mean is wipes that are bigger versions of the baby wipes they had when I was a baby, same designs on the wipes, replicas of the big plastic tubs, same wonderful baby wipe smell, much like how the SDKs are just sized-up versions of Pampers Baby-Dry diapers from the 90s, I want sized-up versions of Baby Fresh wipes. I would buy so many of these of they ever were made. It's the number one thing on my ABDL wish list if it were to ever exist.
  9. I can't in all good conscious root for Rapistberger, and I will never root for the Pats. Even if my beloved Pack loses to the Falcons, I'd still end up rooting for the Falcons in the Super Bowl. The AFC is gonna have a garbage championship contender this year.
  10. Very nice and lucky! You be good and you thank her for taking care of you!
  11. This is going to sound really weird, but I have a very bad problem with asking for things as a little, including and up to little time. This has caused a lot of frustration both internally and with my daddy. I want to be able to verbally express my needs to him, but I feel that by doing that, I'm just being a demanding brat and that it will cause more friction between us. I don't feel I should need to ask for these things because he knows I need them and I've expressed it to him many times already. For instance, I told him yesterday that I wanted to be little today, and when we woke up this morning, he completely forgot. I don't want to have to remind him. I want him to remember. I know this is selfish and that I shouldn't be afraid to state my needs, but I am afraid, namely because I feel if I ask him for it, he'll only do it as an obligation. His heart won't be in it because he doesn't really want to do it. Is there a way to make it easier to verbalize my needs as a little without making it seem like my daddy has to do these things for me?
  12. When I was a little kid, I would remember fiddling through the Sunday paper for advertisements for stores like Target or K-Mart to see the baby products pictures and fantasize about having them. This has stopped since I moved out of my parents' house and I have my own baby supplies now.
  13. I love smelling like baby wipes and baby powder from head to toe
  14. Happy holidays everyone! I'll talk to you all in the new year!

  15. Diaper changes normally occur in our bedroom. My fiance will take me upstairs and lie me down on the bed when he discovers I need to be changed. I have a changing mat, though he doesn't bother with it since it's always only a wet diaper and the risk of getting the bed dirty is minimal. Poopy diapers are not allowed in our house.