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  1. What you really in her for
  2. You tell another kid that you faking it
  3. All hair gone except head they put big white diaper on you
  4. Make Fun of me ill show gets out doll that looks just like you puts diaper on it and puts spell on you be in diapers for rest of your life and you keep wetting your self and even sometimes poop evil laugh
  5. we remove last teeth then feed reaaly strong mussla rexler
  6. do you need diaper changed
  7. makes you pbj here you go and gives you baba of milk
  8. is annie hungry
  9. why she in diaper and in onies sucking on paci
  10. your mom called agin and yelled at me agin blaming me for you u being ab
  11. You got toys everywhere baby
  12. She's cute what's wrong with her
  13. Annie Is 13 she lives in children hospital she is sick she has rare disease that makes her have to wear diapers is also consistent care cuz she act like tollder
  14. Back home you playing with ur toys
  15. You find toys you want