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  1. Stacy is cheerleader and she is very popular with lots of friends she has sccert she wears diapers with boosters she try's to hide it if she found out her hole life will change
  2. I'll send you pic of her sleeping in crib sucking on paci
  3. Mom is she ready to go home
  4. you look your bBy
  5. You feel samll you think that could be diaper
  6. You been took to ur nursery
  7. It's goes back on
  8. Whatever you want to happen
  9. you wish to trade places with ur sister then lighting hits powers go out for while
  10. You take a diaper sefly with sister
  11. It fits your sister giggles seeing you in diaper
  12. You have one more choice you can go home Are stay here
  13. It was all choice the diapers and everything
  14. You take one try to see if it will fit
  15. Haley was really bored she stuck at home babysitting ur sister while she was changing her she thought how she look in diapers