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  1. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    I nod and I sit back and watch TV. "I will miss the family home when I return to college, but I have to go at some point"
  2. Adoption or replacement private

    I look at my daughter in law, awaiting a response but Tom decides to speak once he comes back from taking Freddie upstairs "she's had a few accidents, it's not permanent, but its just a precautionary move, nothing to worry about" I kiss my daughter and smile "Don't worry, she's still potty trained fully"
  3. Back to a baby (with sephy)

  4. Daddy time (private with Danny)

  5. Family roleplay

  6. The bratty stepdaughter pvt Danny

  7. Adoption or replacement private

    I sigh with a concern and look into my granddaughters eyes "Honey I won't be cross, tell grandpappy the truth" Tom looks at his daughter "Go on honey, tell granddad"
  8. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    looks at you "yeah I can wait until dinner, if that's okay? Was you and John planning to go out this evening? I can babysit. I am back to college in a few days, so I want to spend some time with them"
  9. The Diapered Cousins

    I come into the house to a lot of noise and shouting and I hear my aunt shouting at my cousins so I decide to go into the living room and sit with my younger cousins who are watching cartoons but I call up to my aunt that I am here.
  10. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    Looks at her stunned "Right, well, John can change his next diaper" I laugh as I go into the lounge to relax.
  11. Adoption or replacement private

    Terry tickles aurora and then feels something crinkly and looks at her "Honey, what are you wearing?"
  12. Assignments? I wondered what she meant but I head on over to the arts and crafts area.
  13. Paul and his Mommy (with Danny)

    "Should there be a reason? Now stop asking questions, and get out before I change my mind"