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  1. "of course I do, I never like seeing you upset, I will do anything to know you love me, I am your brother, I am always here for you and I will always love you"
  2. "I mean it this time, please Aurora" I sigh " I cant do anything right" I sigh and leave the room, not knowing what I can do.
  3. "Sounds fine to me honey, any last bathroom breaks needed?" I ask the younger ones, knowing that Chloe is not needing help.
  4. "Its okay honey you are nice and clean now" I say as I tape your fresh diaper up and dress you lifts you off the table "Now go and play okay"
  5. "I promise I wont be mean to you again. I will make it up to you honey. Please"
  6. I get him undressed and sit him on his potty chair. "Do you have to pee or poo?"
  7. "Riley pooed and a man was in the bathroom so a steward let me change Riley in the first class bathroom"
  8. I grab the wipes and start to untape your soaked diaper, sighing with relief you just peed "Do you want to try using the potty before we get you dressed?"
  9. Stares at Mark "Was that you in the bathroom just now? You forced me to change your sons diaper didn't you" Hands him back to you and heads to the bathroom.
  10. Smiles at you "Did you use the bathroom in your diaper during the night?"
  11. "he went to get some drinks, so he should be back at our seats"
  12. "That's because mom wants me to, its not because I want to, and besides, Angel thinks I look cute" I smile as I rub his forehead and wipe his bottom.
  13. Looks at you "all babies do is eat, cry and poop 24/7, so its true" I roll my eyes and head to the car, where I anxiously get in the car.
  14. I wake up during the night and walk to the bathroom, I use it and wash my hands and walk back to my room, When I go past your room, I hear soft whimpering, I head in and whisper to you "honey are you okay, I am sorry I was angry at you. I promise I never mean to be mean to you. I love you"
  15. Smiles at you "Of course you can. I think I should invite Olivia over. I was friends with her mom at college. So it would be sweet for our little ones to be good friends too" I say as I go into the other room, and I grab the diaper supplies