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  1. "I'm not recording a movie. It seems like you was using me to make sure you adopt Remi"
  2. (I can't find it either? Doesn't matter) "He's their dad too. He'll have to learn. And we'll have to deal with the gagging" I laugh
  3. Nods as I give Chelsea a look because I'm not happy with how she treats me and I go into the bathroom and use it and my diaper is still dry as a bone.
  4. "Yeah I did. I got seven tickets. I got a family room for me, you, the girls and Harry and then another room for the boys. Unless you want to change that and put Harry in the boys room?" I smile as I kiss my wife
  5. I look at her and I just nod in unison knowing this wasn't part of the deal and Chelsea is using me. "Excuse me I have to use the restroom"
  6. (Where's our third roleplay gone?) "I know but I'm just not used to him yet. It will take time but I'll make the effort and talk to him. We'll make sure Ava and Harrison have an extra special birthday present each but only their daddy can have it" I laugh whilst hoping you know what I mean.
  7. "I know but we're in a worse mess now than we were and now we'll never escape and this nappy is disgusting!" I say as I hear your nappy filling up with messy poop My nappy also filling with warm poop.
  8. Looks at Chelsea and blushes "We're taking things slowly. I've helped look after Remi but Chelsea is helping me with everything"
  9. (You mean trousers. Sorry. I forgot the American word for trousers is pants lol) "I don't think we've got a spare pair. Check the diaper bag honey"
  10. "I don't want him here. It's too much trouble and too much tension. I know he's the twins dad and my dad but he's never been there and you've been there in good times and bad times. I'd rather they didn't come"
  11. I lift my bottom up for you to be able to slide the nappy underneath and bring the front over my front parts and it's taped up. "Okay baby boy your turn. Let's swap"
  12. I lay and let you diaper "Let's keep this a secret okay Chris"
  13. "Who are they" "You said they weren't allowed!"
  14. "We have a spare pair of underwear but they're Anas so sorry tommy it's a pull up for you"
  15. I kiss you passionately 'You can touch it. I don't mind cutie" I say laying naked after being powdered