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  1. I eat up and it tastes really good "Mom this is really nice" I smile
  2. I smile and help the girls with their faces which are covered in pasta and wipe their hands "why don't you go and play with Holly while the grownups eat?" Finn and Tommy had already finished eating and were playing with Finns cars
  3. Looks at you "You don't seem to be embarrassed anymore with your diapers?" i say as I finish washing my hands and I grab the diaper bag and your hand and we head back to the family
  4. (either, I don't mind, don't make a difference really lol) Looks at you and spits the dummy out "this is crazy, we aren't babies, you've got this all wrong"
  5. I help Aurora as she too is finishing her lunch.
  6. "its okay honey, now daddy needs to wash his hands and pack the diaper bag up and then we can head back to everyone. or can you pack the diaper bag while I wash my hands please"
  7. nods and i empty the frying pan of pancakes onto plates and place them in front of Lily, Liam, Gardenia and onto my place. "meats?"
  8. Looks at the nurse and then looks at you "whats going on? i am not a baby? we don't even wear dia-"
  9. "Good girl Ana" I say, knowing that twins are supposed to copy each other, but Ana and Aurora were complete opposites.
  10. Smiles "That's right honey, no more stinky diapers" John said. He was concerned for Aurora as she was using her diaper more and more.
  11. I try to help, but I think its best that mom does it as she knows what she is doing, I help Liam though and grab the plates and cutlery. "Want some help with the food mom?" I ask
  12. I sit with her and help feed her "is this better honey?" i smile at her Looks at Ana "you okay honey?"
  13. Smiles as you and I grab the wipes "Stinky girl" I say as I wipe you clean, not wanting to spend all day doing it, I grab the fresh diaper and lay it down and put it under you after removing the soiled diaper and wrapping it up and dumping it in the bin "that got rid of that" I smile as I powder you and get you into a nice fresh diaper.
  14. Liam and Dan head into the kitchen, closely followed by Lily.