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  1. I go over to him "hang on little man you gotta flush the pee away first. And you gotta wipe your pp" Picks him up and rushes him back to the potty chair.
  2. "Do you like me changing your stinky diaper Riley?" I smile as i finally get you diapered and toss the soiled one in the trash and I wash my hands before packing up the diaper bag and dressing you. "Right. Your uncle Joe us picking us up soon. So shall we have some lunch? No doubt we'll have make another stop here afterwards" smiles as I wheel you out of the changing room
  3. Looks at you and nods "Mom my girlfriend drives so she dropped me home after soccer tryouts. They said I'm a natural. Hopefully I can make the team. I just want to make you proud of me" Sits
  4. Looks at you nervously and gulps "n-not the first time?" I say shocked "C-c-changing my brothers diapers! What if they er- what if their diapers hold nasty surprises?" Sighs and just nods. "What's the worst thing that can happen"
  5. I fall to sleep with Charlies diapered bottom in my face. I don't realise this though so what's the worst that can happen. The house goes quiet..
  6. "Mom don't make me poo my diaper. I'll be good l pro-" but it was too late as a lump of poop had slid out of Dans bottom and into his diaper. "Happy now! This is all your fault for making me wear these stupid things"
  7. Smiles at her "sounds like a plan. Can you get everything we need out please"
  8. "Fwies! And chicken nuggets please" Finn smiles and Dan gets some baby food out for Freddie.
  9. "What! Are you crazy. I don't need diapers. I was joking around" . (I mean I'll be changing my brothers diapers)
  10. Smiles at you as I wipe your butt clean "you sure do some stinky poops" I say as I now diaper you after I powder you.
  11. Looks at lilly my girlfriend "are you okay baby girl?" Kisses her. ------------ School finishes and I head home and catch you reading my file. "Mom! Are you actually reading my file. That guy is a creep. He asked me really weird questions.
  12. Looks at you 'seriously! I can do my own drink mom. I'm not completely stupid"
  13. Smiles at you "you fell asleep at 3 pm. It's almost time for dinner" "You look like you could do with a diaper change" Changes you quickly..
  14. "Ha you'll be putting me on dirty diaper duty next!" I just follow you around
  15. I nervously avoid my girlfriend as I head to the nurses office to get my soaked diaper changed.