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  1. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    I get her cleaned up and into a nice fresh nappy "there we go honey. Nice and clean for school" I say as I roll up the nappy and wipes and leaves you to get dressed
  2. Adoption or replacement private

    I nod and let's aurora sleep in my arms as I enjoy this time with her as I don't get much time with her because of school and work
  3. "My tummy full mommy but I'm sleepy" I say rubbing my eyes
  4. Family Road Trrip (Private with Danny and I)

    I laugh a little as we head to the checkout for the station and we all get through the barriers and head to the car hire place as we've hired a car for our trip. I pay for it and get the cases and car seats in and everyone gets in "you want me to drive honey?" I ask my husband
  5. Grandma's Baby (Private to Danny and I)

    "Yep now go and play and gwam gwam will be here if you need me. Go and have fun. I'll be just here honey"
  6. I look at you and nods knowing I'm going shopping however much I try and argue "Okay mommy" I say with a cute smile
  7. From big Brother To Baby Brother

    Tommy smiles as he gets put into the pull up style nappy. Lisa looks at her son "right then mister time to get you changed" I say as I pat the changing table
  8. F is for.... (Private for Danny and I)

    Looks at you "what! Just because we failed class we get stuck in diapers! Mom that's not fair. Those exams are really hard!"
  9. The Camping Trip (With Ishigreensa)

    Looks at you "I'm sure the store will wrap the items. We'll have to hide them somewhere the girls will never look" sniffs the air and looks to the back of the car "did someone pee their pants?"
  10. Big family vacation

    Danny hears his mommy speaking and looks up at her "we in Disney mama?" He says sleepily*
  11. Regression by Choice (Sephy and Danny)

    I pick you up and cuddle you "so what shall we do now honey?" I ask you
  12. Big family vacation

    Danny hugs his twin sister "Good idea honey. I will have Gabrial and Chris, you can have the twins, it's not a long flight so we should be there in no time" @Baby_James do you want to just do a prologue for the flight or do you want to roleplay the flight to our destination?
  13. (her or his back?) Danny lets out a burp and smiles happily "tankoou mama"
  14. Family Road Trrip (Private with Danny and I)

    Dan nods and picks up Dominic "You ready to see Mickey Mouse then Dom?" I smile at him as I grab my suitcase and help my dad with the luggage "have you got the passports honey?" I ask my husband
  15. Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    Looks at you, my diaper clearly dry "No I am nice and dry thanks" he says, clearly not intending to actually use his diaper "again"