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  1. Danny

    We are going to Disney world! (Privet with Danny)

    Dan looks at his daughter "it's going to be a long flight honey so that's the only option we have. And you might be sleeping so we have to be careful. We don't want your diaper leaking"
  2. Danny

    First time full time (Privet with Danny)

    Dan looks at his sister and nods "okay then why don't we try that?" He says as he sees her reaction which is similar to his "okay but don't I need to put the wipes inside the diaper before wrapping the diaper up?" I throw the diaper so Indi feels better and starts wiping Poppys bottom which took a while.
  3. Danny

    Starting something new (Private with Danny)

    Lily finishes cleaning Ellen and powders and diapers her "okay now let's get you dressed and then you can see your mommy" Dan smiled and looks at Brook, he feels so privileged. He turns to Jackie "of course honey. Do you want me to massage your shoulders or your back? I can get you an extra cushion? Or a drink?"
  4. Danny

    Changing schools (Privet with Danny)

    Dan looks at Spencer "buddy it's okay if you don't have to go. The important thing is that you tried. I'll let you have some privacy" I say as I leave him alone and hears the girls "honey do you want me to start a bath for Blaine?" I ask Amber.
  5. Danny

    At auntie and uncle's (Privet with Danny)

    (Yes please. If that's okay. Thanks) Dan looks at you and nods "yeah sure. Is everything okay?" I ask as I head to get the items that Joann has requested for Cricket and brings them back "there we go sweetie"
  6. Dan nods and leaves the car heated and gets out and opens the door for Tammy. "The girls will be sharing and Harry has his own room. That should be okay, right?"
  7. Danny

    What would it be like to go back (Private with Danny)

    Looks at you and smiles "I think you're really cute and sweet. Can I kiss you? I don't mind that you like diapers. To be honest, I was nervous about coming over. I do kinda like diapers too. I just didn't want to say anything just in case you think I'm strange"
  8. Danny

    Starting something new (Private with Danny)

    Dan smiled and nods "it's going to be such a special baby. And we are going to love it with all our hearts" Lily looks at Ellen "okay honey it's your choice".
  9. Danny

    First time full time (Privet with Danny)

    Looks at Indi "so you use a diaper or the potty?" I open the diaper and coughs "woah baby girl that's stinky!" I say as I try not to gag although the stench is pretty powerful
  10. Danny

    Adoption or replacement private

    Tom and the boys just continue watching the television
  11. Danny

    Family Road trip (private with baby frost)

    Dan stays upstairs and relaxed, letting his wife have some time with the kids.
  12. Danny

    Changing schools (Privet with Danny)

    Dan looks at you and smiled "no problem. I've put the bathroom boxes in the kids bathroom. And the diaper are in the kids rooms. Blaine has her own changing table and I've bought her a potty chair and Spencer one too. Plus they've got those seats you put on the toilet. Looks at Blaine "honey. We should get you cleaned up and padded before any more accidents happen" Looks at Spencer "buddy do you want to try using the toilet?"
  13. Danny

    At auntie and uncle's (Privet with Danny)

    (You can be Harry if you want to) Dan smiled at the kids "honey they'll be back before you know it. We are going to have lots of fun. Me and your auntie are going to be a mommy and daddy soon and we are going to be looking after you until your mommy and daddy come home"
  14. Danny

    We are going to Disney world! (Privet with Danny)

    Dan wakes up, hearing everyone up and awake and hearing his daughter calling his name always makes him happy "coming honey" he calls as he heads into his daughters room. He sees Charlie and picks her up as he lays her on the table as he starts changing her wet diaper "you all ready for our big trip to Disney world?" I wonder if we have enough supplies as we are going to need plenty of diaper as the girls go through a lot each day.
  15. Danny

    First time full time (Privet with Danny)

    Dan looks at Indi "what does mom normally give you if you can't go potty?" I see how heavy Poppy's diaper actually is "wow. I'm surprised that diaper hasn't exploded, you must have really been concentrating to let all of that out baby girl"