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  1. Adoption or replacement private

    I sigh "we promised we would look after the boys, otherwise they might take them back"
  2. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    (Can you be Dannys mommy) Danny looks up "where's my mommy?" "i have a special treat for you" I smile and you know what it is.
  3. Adoption or replacement private

    "we promised when we adopted them that they would be safe and loved, and we told the adoption people our daughter would be good to them and look after them. I just don't know what to do anymore"
  4. Full time Mommy.(private me and Danny)

    "you wanted me to be a baby so you spiked my drink and food!" I say angrily and scream
  5. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    (she does still understand, she is still a teenager) I sigh and change her and leave her after helping her off the table.
  6. Adoption or replacement private

    (she isn't playing with them?) Tom looks at Lily "I don't know what else to do, she won't speak to the boys, she won't play with them and we are going around in circles!"
  7. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    "I know you like your diapers but I don't want them to affect your studies"
  8. Full time Mommy.(private me and Danny)

    Looks at you and pouts "you made me make stinky!" he tries to say angrily.
  9. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "Don't worry, Dannys mom is here to help change him, and I can get my own cute little man cleaned up" I say as I tickle your tummy "He's just upset because you screamed and woke him up, you must've screamed the poo out of him"
  10. Adoption or replacement private

    sighs and realises you aren't going to get on with them so I ignore what you said and just cuddle you (I want her to get on with the boys)
  11. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    I sigh hoping she isn't losing her brainy side and going back to toddlerhood "You're a very smart girl Aurora, keep studying hard okay. Promise me?"
  12. Full time Mommy.(private me and Danny)

    Danny woke up a few hours later feeling a little groggily and feels his diaper, he is about to say "where am I" where all he can say is "wee a I" he realises that his nanny has done something to his milk and there is no way he can speak like an adult anymore.
  13. Adoption or replacement private

    I cuddle you "Do you promise Grandpappy you will make an effort with the boys?"
  14. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    You scream so loud that you literally scream the poo out of my body and I stand trembling as Lisa enters the room with Dannys mom "my, my, looks like we have two stinky boys to change"
  15. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "But I need to poop right now"