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  1. I go to Aurora "come on honey it's bathtime"
  2. I put on a brave face whist trying to get the visitors attention and I try to write in the sandpit about what the robots are doing and I try to mouth that we are being kidnapped and that were actually 16
  3. I get cleaned off and then get dressed and head downstairs
  4. Looks at you stunned "you wore diapers? Why?"
  5. I look inside his diaper and wince "poowee baby boy that's a stinker. Let's get you changed" I hold my nose as I carry you to your bedroom wishing mommy was here
  6. (Oh my bad. He was helping you make the pancakes)
  7. I stop and start acting like a big boy, "Mom, come on, this is silly now, stop playing games"
  8. I see you asleep and pick you up and carefully carry you upstairs to your crib where I let you sleep
  9. I clean everything and bring justin the requested items. "Can you diaper him. I need to get cleaned up" I head to my bathroom to shower
  10. Laughs nervously "I can change myself. I hope that's not too weird. I have to wear action pants on set. Maybe you could come and watch rehearsals?"
  11. "I've had a few relationships but nothing serious before. I'm in a movie and, well I'll be honest with you Rachel. They said I'll be in my suit a long time and they've asked if I'll wear diapers. So they asked me to experiment with diapers to get used to them" We get in the restaurant and I pull your chair out for you to sit down
  12. "I've taken the diaper off in wiping his butt! Come and see if you don't believe me. You can take him to the bathroom while I clean up. Let's hope he's all finished"
  13. "You're a sweet young lady and I think you're very beautiful"
  14. Looks at you "hes just in his diaper!. You need the practice you'll be doing this a lot. I'm the uncle to your baby. You're the dad" I start wiping him clean trying not to gag "can you hold his legs he's wriggling
  15. "Pancakes please mommy" Tom gets the frying pan out and starts making breakfast. Freddie looks at Lisa, wanting some milk