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  1. She sighs and fallows slowly and just blushes a bright crimson red trying not to sniffle or cry from embarrassment as Zoey came back and grabbed her stuff from the employees room. She then asked"u-uh could i get a ride please ma'am
  2. Susan sighs picking up her sister and setting her on the couch covering her up and smiling"sleep here for now sis ill be back?". She then proceeded to go outside to get the dollhouse smiling and brought it down to the playroom
  3. Hannah just lets her in they don't really talk much as hannah is working from home and is finishing a document for her boss that she had been working on as susan grabbed the pink wooden doll house with a brown roof and little dolls inside it only has two floors as she thanked her and left. She put it in the trunk and got back in sighing feeling tired and buckles up and drives back to the house
  4. Lexie didn't want to go to work like this since she was treated bad at the office anyway and hated her job but didn't say anything about it not wanting another punishment. Zoey just lets the girl go to the bathroom waiting outside since she doesn't know the girl at all.
  5. She smiles and fake yelps She shook her head no nervously
  6. She just drinks it scared
  7. Lexie whines and yelps again but doesn't squirm or argue but can't stay still as she watches her skirt get thrown on the floor and is very upset but doesn't say anything. Zoey takes her to the bathroom blushing embarrassed about the whole diaper thing but at least kind of fits in with the store
  8. Susan smiles and pulls up to her friends house" ill be right back?"she says putting the car in park and unbuckles and goes up to the door and knocks. Susan then smiles as her friend opens the door"hi hannah do you have that doll house we talked about?"
  9. Susan smiles pulling out the baby wipes from the glove compartment and cleans the mess up quickly and finishes soon after"well all done?"she says finishing her own and says"ok lil sis lets go home?". She says buckling herself up and starting the car taking the long way home listening to music and smiles
  10. Lexi whined not liking the idea"n-no this isn't right it wasn't my fault?"she says quietly thinking back to the days she was bullied in school by the cheerleaders and looks away from them. Zoey did return with her glasses on and medicine and backpack with her drinking a small water bottle
  11. Zoey whined"m-my back hurts i cant help my medical condition?"she said nervously rubbing her sore back from laying on the hard wood. Lexie nods and just waits for the nanny to finish with her and goes zoey goes to the back to clock out getting her stuff and take some pain medication for her back
  12. There was a few juice boxes with a few cups of sliced peaches but no baby food at the moment as their is also bottles of milk in their but its cold not warm at the moment. Susan smiles and turned the air on and ate her ice cream smiling and lets her sister eat hers making sure she won't make to much of a mess before they leave to go back home.
  13. She pulls up to the ice cream shop and smiles"ok sis ill get you some chocolate and me vanilla?"she says getting the ice cream for them and gets her sisters in a cup. She comes out and hands it to her sister"be careful sis or do you want me to feed it to you?"
  14. Zoey was in pain from the hard wood service on her back as she tries to get off or have some sort of cushion under her back so the paub is lessened a little. Lexie looks confused but grabs the diapers and hands them to the new nanny but hopes she doesn't get spanked
  15. Susan smiles"little sis im sorry but no you must sit in the carseat for now until your a little older mom's rule not mine but its for your safety?"she said smilingcl genlty buckling her up but doesn't bother trying to show her how to use the buckle and goes to get in the front seat. She buckles herself in and asks"so what ice cream do you want?"
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