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  1. i calm down and reach for the paper that fell to the ground
  2. "its from stress sweetheart" i say blowing kisses at you
  3. "you had an accident so i have decided you will be my baby girl ok" i say calmly smiling
  4. i keep crying as the report if my parents murder falls from the file the nurse's gave you before you took me home
  5. i snap breaking the trance "does mommy's baby girl want ice cream" i say smiling as i have you in only a shirt and a diaper
  6. i wake up screaming as i hallucinate hearing a gone shot "MAMA DONT DIE PLEASE NOT AGAIN" i yell crying
  7. "good girl want to get ice cream before we go home my best friend owns an ice fream shop and i have the keys" i say smiling "we can raid it for free"
  8. i snore cutely in my sleep drooking all the way to your home dreaming of life
  9. i reach back and do up your diaper kissing your nose "you want to legally become my baby dont you"
  10. "yes mommy that sounds great" i say closing my eyes fallying asleep
  11. "i had to move its 45 minutes away and traffic isnt moving" i look you in the eyes "you should imagine you're a baby and put on the diaper" i say using hypothesis
  12. "can we het thicker diapers that work better" i say sitting but quickly laying back down "too dizzy world spinning"
  13. i reach into the bag and pull out a diaper tossing it to you "put it on we will be a while" i pull out a second one and put it on since all my windows are so tinted no one can see in
  14. i cry embarrassed from this all that's happened