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  1. she growled "whencim done eating i am going home"
  2. she smiled at her because she looked cute
  3. she started to chew on her fingers
  4. Judy sat up quickly "my head hurts what happened"
  5. my email address is [email protected] email me and I'll send you a video @mark51669
  6. she smiled quickly eating hoping that it works and she will be returned to normal
  7. Addison had an idea "mommy can you light 16 of those candles and let me blow them out please" she asked giving her mom the puppy eyes (pm me)
  8. "i dont want sex right now"
  9. Addison pointed at the box of birthday candles from yesterday and smiled seeing there were 16 in there hoping taylor knew what she was thinking
  10. addison whispered into Taylor's ear "i think it was the number of candles on my cake yesterday that did this to us"
  11. she nodded still worried about judy
  12. she yelped and tried to hold still but was very ticklish so every touch her mom did was making her squirm and giggle
  13. she squirmed not wanting to hold still thinking if im going to be in diapers im going to make it difficult for mom
  14. addison blushed watching her sister get diapered not realizing she is next