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  1. doctorassspanker

    Dominant Daddy or Mommy

    Looking for a dominant mommy or daddy that will roleplay with me from time to time punish me and discipline me well like i need to be handled
  2. doctorassspanker

    Very wet bad baby girl

    Daddy should put you on his knee then bottle feed you and put you in bed
  3. doctorassspanker

    Daddy's Boy (Open)

    Just give him a good ass spanking and mouthwashing then give him a good enema hot and soapy such a naughty baby and gentle daddy
  4. doctorassspanker

    50 shades of grey

    Are you interested in playing?
  5. doctorassspanker

    50 shades of grey

    I want to play the role of Christian grey and want to have a sub I don't mind a boy or a girl who must've read the book or watched the movie
  6. doctorassspanker

    Suggestions for self bondage please...

    you could put 2-4 suppositories before wearing the diaper youll poop all the way , you can use genger root in the ass or pussy icy hot and lots more
  7. doctorassspanker

    RP Mommy looking to roleplay with baby boy

    i want this so bad am a teen boy i misbehave alot and i need to be taught a good lesson i pee my pants alot so i need a diaper if youre interested send me an email [email protected]
  8. am a daddy and i always force my lil to wear diaper and act lil i wanna try it with a strict man\woman [email protected]
  9. doctorassspanker

    Needs A Daddy

    msg me if you want am very strict and i make lil boys cry in a wet diaper
  10. doctorassspanker

    If You Been Bad Come Get A Spankin!

    am an adult ive been really bad i wet my pants and punshed my friend i stole money from a stranger
  11. doctorassspanker

    New here but not new to being a mommy

    are you interested in being online mom?