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  1. Mary shrugged a little as she gently nibbled on Chris' little hand. "Not too sure. Any ideas?" She asked Jason as she looked at Chris. "Mm! My baby boy tastes so yummy!"
  2. "It's suppose to be bed time. But as usual he woke up again." Mary said and smiled at Jason and chuckled. "Our little sweetheart.. You just can't help but love him so much. Well, I guess we can do something to tire him out." She said
  3. "Cuddles it is then." Mary said as she snuggled with him closely.
  4. Mary looked at him lovingly. "Anything you wanna do, lovely?" She asked him. Lauren smiled widely as she nuzzled into her Daddy.
  5. Mary chuckled as she returned the kiss and held him close. "My little charmer.. Just like your Daddy." She said and smiled at him. Lauren simply giggled as she went to give her Daddy a hug. "Wov yoo." She cooed
  6. "Don't you still want to sleep, sweetheart? Bed time just started." Mary said as she nuzzled him. Lauren smiled and looked up at her Daddy with stars in her eyes.
  7. "Hey there, snookums." She said softly to him as she kissed his little lips. "My sleepy little boy." She cooed Lauren giggled some more as she admired her dress. "Pwetty.." Leia chuckled and nodded. "You're beautiful our princess Lauren."
  8. Mary softly rubbed his back as she kissed his head a little. "My little prince." She cooed and sighed happily. Leia smiled at Luke. "She certainly is. I love dolling her up." She said as she tied the ribbon around the back of her waist. Lauren simply cooed and clapped her hands a little. She was always easily managed unlike her future sister Lila.
  9. Mary gently took Chris back in her arms and kissed his forehead. She carried him to the bedroom where she laid down on the bed and laid Chris on top of her. Leia continued to cuddle their baby girl while Luke went to the bathroom. She had just bought a couple of new dresses for her and decided to try them out on her. She loved dressing up their little girl all pretty and girly.
  10. Mary soon finished her shower and dressed in her night gown. She went over and hugged Jason from behind and kissed his cheek. "I'm done. Do you want a turn as well?" She asked Lauren turned over as she reached for her Mommy with grabby hands. Leia giggled a bit as she took their baby girl in her embrace and kissed her. "Our little princess." She cooed
  11. Mary chuckled a little as she kissed him back. "Well I better shower. I'll smell much better afterwards." She said as she went to the bathroom and took a shower. Leia came in to check on them. "Did you two enjoy your nap?" She cooed as she smiled at them. Lauren giggled at the kiss and saw her mommy. "Mama.." She cooed as she waved at her.
  12. "I'd love to... But. I still need to take a shower. How is it that our baby can sleep so peacefully near me even when I haven't showered?" She chuckled softly. Lauren smiled at him as she nuzzled into him and cooed happily.
  13. Mary didn't want to put Chris down as she looked at Jason. "I can't put him down, my love.." She said Lauren slept for a while and then woke up a little and yawned. She saw her Daddy and gently patted his face. "Dada.." She cooed softly.
  14. "Thank you.." Mary said softly to Jason as she stroked Chris' cheek. "He's adorable.." She sighed a little as she cradled their baby and gently patted his padded bottom.
  15. "Awww.. Too cute." Mary said as she continued to hold and snuggle him. "Sweet dreams, my little darling." She cooed happily