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  1. "That as well." Mary said as she looked at Tony and sighed. "Hopefully he'll be okay today."
  2. "This is why we don't give Tony any caffeine.." Mary said as she watched Jason and Tony work. "Well, as long as it's not before bedtime. First, he wouldn't be able to sleep and second.. Well.. We all know what would happen." She said indicating Tony's proneness to bedwetting.
  3. "That's true." Mary said as she kissed Tony's cheek and went downstairs with him and got him some coffee
  4. "Well Tony just gets all teary and whiny. So they can't help it." Mary said and rubbed Tony's arm. "Sweet darling."
  5. "I honestly can't remember when he slept alone." Mary said. "Sometimes he'd end up with Thea or Chris as well." She said and looked at Tony. "I know you're sleepy, baby. But it's best you hold off till tonight."
  6. "More like he's finally asleep.." Mary said as she patted Tony. "Wake up now, my darling or you won't be able to sleep tonight as well." She said
  7. "Awww my poor baby... Maybe Dad and I should've been more strict with your sleep training back then." She said as she softly stroked his hair
  8. "Oh dear.. You don't look so good, baby.. I'm guessing you didn't sleep well at all." Mary said as she sat by his bed.
  9. Mary woke up that morning early. She kissed Jason softly before going to check on Tony. "Good morning, sweetie." She said as she entered his room
  10. Mary was fast asleep with Jason sleeping peacefully. Lila had a hard time sleeping too but eventually managed to sleep after a while.
  11. "That sounds amazing." Mary said as she headed to bed with Jason. Lila nodded. She kissed her father's cheek. "Night, Daddy. I love you." She said and went to her room for the night
  12. Mary nodded as she nuzzled Jason and smiled at him. "I hope it goes well." Lila smiled as she heard her father talk about her mother fondly
  13. Mary went over to Jason. "Do you think he'll be alright sleeping alone?" She asked. "Come to think of it, I don't think we've ever sleep trained him since a baby. He's always in bed with Lila and if not her than its always our bed." "I'm glad.. That you still love her even after so many years of her gone." Lila said
  14. Mary cleaned up quickly with Tony's help. Lila shook her head. "It's okay. I know how much you love Mom."
  15. "Sure I could use the help." Mary said as she started to clean up. Lila sighed softly as she nodded slightly.