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  1. Takes a deep and slows down. "But what am I going to do i can't go home like this." How am I going to work being a 10 year old?" "My life is ruined. Sits down on the floor.
  2. "Um Jen do I look like I'm ready to go?" "I'm in he body of a 10 year old, and if that was not bad enough I'm in training pants!!" Gets red in the face as he vents his frustrations out to the girl he just met.
  3. Is silent and then speaks. "Ok how does this.." points to his diaper; "take you way form the world?" What. How does it do all that?
  4. Look at me am a lil kid what the hells going on.
  5. Walks in and closes the door. He forgets to lock it as he was more focused on getting to the toilet. he pulls down his pant only to be greeted by a pampers grade easy up. The pulls it back up but the pants won't fit. He lets out a shocking cry as as 10 year old boy looks back at him from the mirror.
  6. Tries to let all this sink in. "Ok, your stressed, I get that." "But why diapers?" Why not just go out and have a beer like me?"
  7. "what's up???!!" " I come in to get my Switch and find my big brother wearing these." "That what's up." Sits down on the bed, a spare diaper lay next to him. Bobby takes a breath, and the picks it up. " So what's this about, did you get hurt at school?" "Why the diapers, and why do they have babies on them?"
  8. fallows behind her now only about the age of 15 his pull-ups riding up on him as the come to the family bathroom. "I think I can take it from here." He tells her as he walk into the bathroom and closes the door.
  9. "danny what are you doing with those?" He looks at his older brother in a big disposable diaper. It had been only a year sence his brother danny came home, and Bobby was so happy for him to be done with school. finally he was getting his best bud back. But danny had changed. It happened about a week into his stay at his moms place. Bobby accidentally walked in on him his but cutely adored with baby printed adult diapers. bobby said nothing he just looked in shock at the big thick diaper on his older brothers backside after all the were 25 years old. Well Bobby was 22 but who's counting. "danny?"
  10. What do you want to role play
  11. " well it's just getting hard to keep up with you and my butt feels alittle puffy." He pulls up his pants. " do you mind if we find a bathroom I have to go potty... I mean use the restroom."
  12. "No I don't I still have to get my gift." Heads back into the store a light rustling can be heard as he walks. He looks up at her probably no more than 15 years old. "Jen?" "Am I shrinking or was I always this tall?" His mind start to fade into the age he was becoming.
  13. "well I still need to shop for my gift that I'm taking to my baby shower." "would you like to help me find something"
  14. "Don't you need to shop more?" He looks at her cart wondering if she has everything she needed to get and also what he was going to get for the shower.
  15. He pulls his cart into the rack and returns to hers. "So, where too next?" As he walks next to her he had not noticed she was now taller than him. Robs normal higher was 5' 6 he was now about a 4' 4. "Wow you tall for a girl."