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  1. "Mommy, I still a big boy right?" Looks at her with a worried look. "I just a big boy in diapys, right?" Tries to hide his waddle. "Mommy?" "I gots to poopie!" He starts to squat as he feels a big messy load coming. He had always used the potty for that.
  2. Reachs out for her, his diaper crinkling on the changing table. "Mommy uppies."
  3. Daddy:: "Kids asleep?" He reachs out to you.
  4. "I don't wats to be big.." He says folding his arms. "I like diapys." Blushes
  5. "wow cool the moter olls." He puts up his hands. "just been out and about, hey why you going treating in the first place?" walks around the house looking at all the things in the room. "think anyone lives here?" runs his hand down one of the bookshelves.
  6. "Mommy I don't like the potty, I wants diapys." Folds his arms and pouts. "I wants to be baby no potty."
  7. Bobby Sneaks up behind her and shouts "boo!" Laughs and holds his sides. "God, Oley your such a baby. "Wow this place is huge." Bobby was in a hoodie, and scream mask. He had been out smashing pumpkins and stealing candy, and saw her enter the house. "You should see your face." Bob was one of her class mates and joked around with her all the time.
  8. "Mommy, they got a mad at me today." Walks next to her as they head to the car. "I was playing with my toys, and then I got a all soggy, and they put me in a pampers." Looks down at the ground. "Mommy?" "How comes I can't wear my diapers?"
  9. "Mommy!!" Runs to her, not seeing anything wrong. "I made a picture for you, it's over here." He waddle over to the table, in just a shirt and diaper.
  10. Momma I hungy din din ready?
  11. Trains!!!!! Smiles and looks down at them
  12. Sammy:: scratches up as water is poured on his head. "Hehe waterfall"
  13. "It's snowing." Giggles and plays with a wipe from the box
  14. Daddy:: rangles Jessica and heads of the bathroom
  15. Feels the cool wipe as it cleans his bottom. Giggles as he feel clean and fresh.