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  1. (Doctor) sits and listens. " does bobby have any boys his age to play with that could me instilling this need for pooping his pants?" Wrights down what she was saying. "any one in diapers as well?" "This could be the cause of this "infantile behavior." (Bobby) sits and says nothing feeling uneasy. His top of his chest started to get cold. "Mommy can I have my shirt?" Was he normal did he really want this? No it could't be, he was a normal boy, he wanted to grow up. Didn't he?
  2. (Joey) "yes please." Watchs her his eyes looking up at the counter top. "Mommy can we get ice cream from Jim's." It was alittle parlor on the other side of the park. "I want rocky road hehe." (mike) giggles and kicks his feet watching daddy get everything out. "Stinky stinky!" Puts his hand up to his face and hides his mouth. His brightly colored walls soon draw his attention way as he points to the clouds on the wall. "Clowds"
  3. ( mike) "park park" he smiles his face covered with milk and coco puffs. He reaches up for her as his pampers start to sag in the back. "Momma uppies?" The smell hits joey's nose. (Joey) he gets the toast out of the toaster and puts it on a plate. "Mommy will you butter it for me?" He sees his mommy trying to clean up the mess on the floor, as the other mess hits his nose. "Mommy, Mikey's messy."
  4. Starching out alittle and rolling over on his tummy he sleeps soundly filling his diaper.
  5. Covers his mouth blushing as he was not use to having spit up. He yawns and start to feel sleepy as he drifts off to sleep.
  6. (Doc) "no no I don't think that will be the case." "Now son, can you open wide for me and say awww?" He looks down his throut and checks his vitals. "Hmm?" "Ok" "i see." He asks his mother to untape the diaper. (bobby) he opens his mouth and says, awwww. After that he feels the cold stethoscope on his heart and chest. "Mommy says I not going to da potty right." "mommy thinks that cause I poopy too much there's something wrong." He watchs the doctor nod and speak. "But I'm trying I just don't gets to da potty in time so mommy wants me back in diapys" he points to the pampers. He thinks to himself how funny he must look wearing them and what a baby he feels like.
  7. (Mikes) hear the park and gets happy and slaps the plastic tray with his hands. Knocking the bowl on the floor. "Me par, me par....ooops." He looks down from his high chair. "Sowy momma." "We get icecweam too?" (Joey) "mommy do we have any more Cap'n Crunch?" Looks though the cabinets. He try's to read the boxs, even though he still was working on his reading. Joey waits and gets a bowl and the milk out of the frig. He can see mike is giving her a little bit of trouble. He hides a laugh as he see the bowl hit the floor. "Got a Lil excited there mike what's got you in a good mood?"
  8. (Mike) "Me go team park wig jus momma and daddy?" Clings to her as she rocks him. Normaly he was not the clingy type, but this time he was not in the best of moods. "Momma I hungry" he looks at her hoping they head to the kitchen. (Joey) "yes daddy, mommy already helped me clean up can I go get breakfast?" Reachs to him for a hug, truly sorry for fibbing. His stomach in knots at the thought of what could come if he did it again.
  9. Feels a lump in his tummy As he was never fond of doctors. What if he is wet and the the doctor thinks he should stay in them? His hands start to tremble, what if he stuck in diapers for the rest of his life? What if he as to be a baby, never getting to grow up. All theses thought race though his mind as a tear runs down his face.
  10. Let's out a loud burp and he covers his mouth, a lil bit of the milk comes back up.
  11. Sucks on his binki and says nothing as they head out the door. The enter a big building, it smells clean and like bleach. Does his best to be a good boy and not get into trouble.
  12. (Mike) "me go par..sniffles." "Daddy say no." "Buts me not do anyhting." Clings to her sniffling and crying. He really wanted to go. (Joey) "yes daddy I'm sorry" looks at him trying to not make anymore mistakes. "I thought mike was going with you and mommy."
  13. Takes a different tactic. "Mommy are you a ghost." Looks at her swallowing his pride, if he was going to get out of this he would have to play along.
  14. "Hey you watch supernatural?" Blushes because his girlfriend Watchs it with him. " In the show the ghost always has business that keeps it around." Looks at the ghost now fully visible. "Maybe we can befriend it and find out how to help it move on.
  15. "Mommy" Looks up not wanting to press his luck. "If I'm good for the doctor, can I have McDonald for lunch?"