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  1. im done with this account i love my girl

  2. nope

    What do you want to role play
  3. Haunted (open! )

    Thankyou momma my diapy feel nice and dry. If only we could help you too. He try's to explore into what was keeping her here as a ghost. The fast he figure that out the quicker he was out of this diaper.
  4. I can't believe I am asking a question this stupid and if don't want to answer it I totally understand.

  5. Haunted (open! )

    "Mommy can we help you?" Sucks his thumb. "Why momma still here and not up dar?" Points up, talking like a baby. He feels cold down on his privates, blushing he giggles and says. No furry down dar me to whittle." Try's to talk more babyish to help the plan.
  6. Haunted (open! )

    Takes a different tactic. "Mommy are you a ghost." Looks at her swallowing his pride, if he was going to get out of this he would have to play along.
  7. Haunted (open! )

    "Hey you watch supernatural?" Blushes because his girlfriend Watchs it with him. " In the show the ghost always has business that keeps it around." Looks at the ghost now fully visible. "Maybe we can befriend it and find out how to help it move on.
  8. Haunted (open! )

    "Olivia, help me!" He pleads as he pulls to the table once more. His wet but is laied on the table as a band of the same energy straps over him.
  9. Haunted (open! )

    "But I'm not a baby" "look I'm a grown man." Try to stand but the padding is just to thick. Falls on his but as he let's out a torrent of pee into the front of his diaper.
  10. Haunted (open! )

    He crawls for the door hoping to reach a bathroom. There was no way he was peeing this diaper. "Just a little more."
  11. Haunted (open! )

    "But I have to peepy " Let's out a gunt.
  12. Haunted (open! )

    "Olivia" pops his pacifier out. " I got to go." Tries to hold it. Tries to hide this fact from the ghost. "I had to much food at the party." Reachs around to his large diapered button hoping it would go back in. ".... I don't think I can hold it."
  13. Haunted (open! )

    "Mwaby we tan pwan an aspape." Looks over at her as he plays with his buttons. "I nont tink dis is da wight time for it dow." Bobby goes about his plan to blend in and see if the ghost lets his guard down. He crawls over to the plushy pile and picks out a cute fox and starts to dress him like he was. A diaper and tee he finally settles on.
  14. Haunted (open! )

    "you have any other ideas." "Mhmmmmh" he is silenced by the pacifier. Finally able to free his hands. He rubs the back of his diaper over his onesie. "Mmmmh" it felt strange but a feeling started to come over him, like he was meant to have it on. He starts to suck his pacifier. As he placed in the floor.
  15. Haunted (open! )

    "Sssss... ahhhh.... my ass feels like it's on fire but stuck in a pillow factory." He tries to get to the tabs but is still being held. "Olivia you having any luck?" Look I know your scared but maybe if we play along it will let us go."