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  1. I can't say what I need to say

    I definitely know what you are both are talking about it is like a large dark cloud is following you around and no matter what you do you can't shake it. It is there telling you to do bad things to yourself every hour of every day. I have also spent times in front of the computer listening to sad music while crying. Anyway I will pray for the both of you and wish you both the best of luck *gives you both big hugs*
  2. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Well I am glad that people donated since the 18th is my birthday so that would have been one horrible birthday present to have
  3. Something All Of Us Could Use

    Then who is on third?
  4. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    This is true. I was just talking in general instead of DPF, because it was still good before my time, and when I started joining it is when the pedos took over.
  5. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

    5. I could just open up the ark of covenant and imagine in my head your heads exploding since I have to close my eyes.
  6. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    I already am nocturnal since I work night shift and I can't drink any cups of coffee or I could have a seizure. That is also why I tell my costumers that I am half a vampire and I go home to sleep in my casket until I wake up at night to work again. The other half of me is a zombie because this is what I look like when my alarm goes off..... ^firefly likes to make friends on the Love boat
  7. Something All Of Us Could Use

    I just know that what is on second.
  8. Adisc Now 18+ Only

    Now I am not a sharpest knife in the draw at all, but there is no test on this earth that can effectively determine somebody else's adulthood because there are ways around every question and just about everybody lies on the Internet, and all it takes is one parent to file a lawsuit and this site could get shut down and multiple people investigated. If you deviate from the more concentrate answer of 18 and you just rely on the court of public opinion for what a person should have in order to be considered an adult then you will have a varity of different answers and the word "adult" will just lose all meaning. At the end of the day talking to a minor about a kink that is mostly sexual in nature is just playing with fire. So just don't do it.
  9. Something All Of Us Could Use

    I think it is all a matter of semantics. I think if you pee your diaper while in your pants your just peeing in your pants. I still think that if you pee your pants then your peeing your pants directly without a diaper. However, there are some people that consider their diaper like their pants so in that case they might be peeing in their pants. Now I am confused he he.
  10. Something All Of Us Could Use

    Well you are not cool unless you pee your pants.
  11. 4-letter Scrabble

  12. Punish the user above you

    I would punish you by pulling your heart out of chest and laugh manically as it sets on fire.
  13. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

    2 LOL now where is flying car.
  14. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^doesn't know the difference between port and the stern.
  15. A Question for Freddy Krueger

    Nope you would not die for real unless you or the other person did not adhere to the horror film rules like saying that you will be back or you had sex also during your dream. However I think Peter griffin makes a good point for all of us that wear diapers to sleep and poop in your dreams though....