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  1. Aye Caramba! we should start a superhero league.

    You can climb up walls and I'll distract people by pulling pranks

    1. Spiderman


      Bartman it has been a long time coming.   Sure we can do that but the first thing you have to do is eat my shorts ;)

  2. Yes yes good citizens of diaperville I to go to the bathroom in a diaper while laying down one tap at a time.
  3. I would think most sane people would be against child abuse. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  4. Well when you have to take a shit you take a shit and I took that shit yesterday in my crinklz diapers. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  5. Not feeling to good today.   I thought I was going to be over this and I think this is so stupid.   The reason is in my blog that I messed up on somehow because I am technologically stupid so it is not showing up on the front or there is some other reason I am missing I don't know.


    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

  6. I am getting an error when I click on the link. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  7. St Ambrose University in Davenport Iowa
  8. I know this is going to sound stupid but if I had a record company I would them The Asskickers!!!!!! I know that sounds stupid he he Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  9. bake
  10. Non fiction
  11. Hello and welcome to daily diapers. I hope that you make a lot of friends and have a good time. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  12. Hello young man welcome to daily diapers I hope that you make lots of friends and have a good time. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  13. Dam it I was thinking of the same thing when I saw the title Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
  14. Depends are in isle seven commander in chief.
  15. goodbye