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  1. Hello and welcome to daily diapers I hope that you make a lot of friends, and I look forward to seeing you in the forum and in the chatroom.
  2. For some reason your username is making me think of the death and rebirth of Mr. Peanut. Anyway, Welcome to daily diapers I hope you make a lot of friends here on this site and I hope to meet you in the chat and the forum.
  3. Ah another person from the midwest I see. Welcome to daily diapers I hope you are able to find that special somebody you are looking for that eludes us all. I hope to see you in the future in the forum and in the chatroom. Have a nice day.
  4. Just a picture of me hanging out with snoopy


    1. Elfy


      Very cute :) Love the duckies!

    2. Spiderman


      Thanks elfy 😀

  5. So is this the sale where you express your love for belissmo diaper V2? 😍😍
  6. I just was sitting in one while watching super hero stuff.
  7. Well as soon as I got home from being with my family I put on a diaper and pooped it.
  8. I would have to say two days since I only have two days off during the week.
  9. I would have to say any baby powder that keeps diaper rash at bay However, since I have only tried Johnson and Johnson I will have to go with Johnson and Johnson.
  10. Well thank you for your review. It will give me something to look forward to when I eventually try the little rawrs.
  11. Well I have had other people diaper me and I have diapered then whenever my abdl friends that live in Wisconsin and California friends come to visit. I really enjoyed those times because they were with friends. So I would have to say I would like to have there to be other people change me and I change them.
  12. Well hello my fellow midwest friend. Welcome to daily diapers. I hope you have a good time and make lots of friends and I hope to see you in the forum and in the chat room.
  13. Could I do it. Yes absolutely I could. I have gone weeks without wearing diapers. Also, when I was younger I went nine years avoiding my feelings for wearing diapers. I just can't do it during the month of November because my birthday happens to be on 18th of November, and if my birthday happens to fall on my day off then it is the one and only time during the year when I don't have to earn my diaper wearing by doing errands, things around the house, and other things. You see for those people I have not explained this to. When I was a kid my mom used the bf skinner method of positive reinforcement by using bags of puzzle pieces to help with my behavioral issues caused by my ADHD. She would let me pick out the puzzle I wanted and put them in plastic bags. Then when I displayed the desired behavior I would be rewarded with a bag of puzzle pieces until I finished the puzzle. So I was having trouble encouraging myself to do things after I got off work because of how tired I was after working the night shift. So I decided to do something similar to what my mom did with me when I was a kid with my AB/DL desires by using my love of diapers to encourage me to do the desired behavior of doing an errand, something around the house, and most importantly doing something I wanted to do during the week but never got around to it in order to earn my diaper time on my days off. If I don't do the desired behavior then I don't get diaper time. It is as simple as that. This also seems to have the added effect of helping me to avoid the purge cycle by keeping my desire to wear diapers strong. Also, (and I know this will upset and make people disagree with me) it allows me to control my AB/DL desires instead of having it control me. I am sorry for this big mess of a explanation.
  14. I hate people that talk on their phone while driving. I encountered a person that stopped in the middle of the intersection while talking to somebody on the phone and I gave her a good honking, and was tempted to give her the middle finger. Needless to say they reminded me of something my dad said to me when I was a kid when he turned to me and said "Son you can't cure stupid." You know what he was right. Anyway, I am glad to hear that you sued that person for all that they are worth they most definitely deserved that and more because of all the pain and suffering they put you through. I am also glad to hear that you have come to terms with wearing diapers and I hope to see you in the forum and in the chat room some day.